Priority of the Heart

Getting out of the box can be a challenge…depending on your box.

In a recent post I advocated getting outside the limiting box of 3rd dimension, “reality,” some might prefer to call the box, “this world” or “physical realm” thinking, and in order to get outside the box as a means to expand our individual minds, we have included a “heartfelt” method of prayer as an aid to help people who are trapped in their own closets.

Because our thought processes in, “this world,” or in, “3rd dimension reality,” have been programmed, both consciously and unconsciously, to take things in order, that is, step 1, step 2 and so on, we tend to apply this thinking process to the spiritual realm which may be the reason we cannot get our minds around the seeming upside down nature of things which happen outside the 3rd dimension.

In the realm of Quantum Mechanics, for example, we find that basic, established, “3rd dimension principles” of reality, even as simple as 2+2=4 and gravity, etc, simply don’t apply at all or must be looked at very differently or we’ll never gain entrance into the unbelievable arena in which the ability to be two places at the same time and where time, as we have been programmed to think of it, doesn’t exist, are just two examples.

You’ll know when you are done.

The following concept was introduced 2,000 years ago and is a perfect example of an order of something that just makes no sense to the “worldly minded,” but works magic or “miracles,” if you prefer, even drawing healing power from beyond the 3rd dimension into the lives of those in the 3rd dimension who are willing to apply it in a continuum, in other words, UNTIL it gets the desired results.

Here’s the concept/promise: Put the kingdom of God-I AM and HER/HIS/ITS righteousness in the position of number 1 priority and every other thing you think you want or need, will come to you automatically.

Now that’s a pretty wild promise and the one who introduced this seemingly “crazy” concept taught a method of praying that’s even crazier, to those trapped in 3rd dimensional thinking. In fact it is the only “prayer” or “meditation” that I know of which brings us into immediate “righteousness” or “right thinking” NOT in our own physical sight, but in the eyes of I AM that, I AM.

What do you’re prayers look like?

We offer a brief “meditation” or “prayer,” no less, that, as bizarre as it might appear, will be a spiritual missile which will enable anyone to transcend the limits of “this world” to receive whatever is wanted or needed, including, but not limited to physical healing and it comes directly from I AM that, I AM to anyone who uses this prayer as a means to get their priorities straight, again, UNTIL it gets the desired results.

If you would like to receive this prayer of healing, righteousness of I AM that, I AM and power, which will produce the faith OF I AM that, I AM, if that’s your desire, just type in PRAYER on the subject line of an e-mail; it will come as an attachment to the reply.

After finishing writing all the above, I heard the following words as if they were an audible voice: “If My people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their set ways, then I will hear, forgive and heal them.”

Find your own burning bush.

I knew these words were from some long forgotten memory, but I asked what this meant for me for, now, in this moment, and what was I supposed to do with it. I was transported into a vision of a burning bush – from which a voice was speaking to Moses:

“My name, to be remembered as a memorial for all generations, is I AM that, I AM.  

“Those who think the words, ‘I AM that, I AM,’ which come, now, through your mouth, are an act of arrogance or blasphemy are forgetting the name I have given for all generations and, therefore, judging and refusing to receive My forgiveness and healing and refusing to allow themselves to be called by my name, I AM that, I AM.

“Let them humble themselves and turn from such judgment and resisting the offer of perfect health, long life and abundance.”

I asked two more things, first, if this prayer would do all that and, second, if I should include the prayer in this article.

Use it for more than just pumping blood.

I received “and everything else” to the first and “let those who want it badly enough take the first step of humility to make their request known.”

I’ve called this the Prayer from the Heart.          The latest neurobiological study and research indicates that the organ of the human heart is not only an integral part of the nervous system and therefore the mind, but processes a variety of vital information in somewhat the same way as the brain. In other words, the heart is an electronic information processing apparatus.

The heart actually produces an energy field that is exponentially greater than that of the brain. While this information is not yet mainstream and, therefore, there are those who have not yet caught up, thus, academically, some will continue being taught otherwise – this has always been the case with well-meaning teachers who continue to use outdated scientific models long past their usefulness and thereby unwittingly lead a generation or so, astray with “advanced education” based on “retarded science.”

There is something more to what’s inside you.

Traditionally, the study of communication pathways between the head and heart has been approached from a rather one-sided perspective, with scientists focusing primarily on the heart’s responses to the brain’s commands. We have learned; however, that communication between the heart and brain actually is a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function. Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions). Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity. Moreover, our research shows that messages the heart sends to the brain also can affect performance.  Source:

A disclaimer is in order, the prayer from the heart is unique to me and a few others who’ve tested the results for themselves and continue to use it from time to time. This is NOT the only meditation or prayer which focuses on utilizing the heart, but it is unique in one specific way, you’ll readily see when you get it.


Before there was a Brad Cullen or anything else, I AM that, I AM.


P.S. I believe that the following is a needed add on: Please don’t request the prayer unless you are willing to practice it UNTIL it brings results. I AM being assured that it will usher in the NO CONFLICT zone for anyone who is not only willing, but who will also commit to following through and, in order to see dramatic results, you need to plan on practicing it for several days at a minimum.

I still use parts of it daily and even several times daily – I can attest, for me it ALWAYS works, because I ALWAYS use it UNTIL it does.




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Please come to the No-Conflict Zone

ONE way to find the path to CLARITY

All conflict is internal conflict.

Our thought processes in “this world” or “3rd dimension reality” have been programmed, both consciously and unconsciously, to take things in order, that is, step 1, step 2 and so on, but as one correspondent in the Seattle area puts it (my paraphrase), “How can you expect to think outside the box if thinking is the box?”

In order to function successfully in this “physical reality” we can safely say that one step at a time, one after the other, and other such thinking is the order of the day – a 24 hour day, another term limited to this dimension.

Is physical reality also spiritual? That’s certainly one way of looking at it, but if we want to escape the trap and limits of thinking one way only (the “box), we may want to adjust our programmed thought processes by asking that which is beyond the part of our individual minds so programmed, “What now?”

I have often shared the story of going to a lecture, replete with slides, presented by an astronomer in his 70s still employed, at the time, at some major observatory in California.

Bang!!! How big was it to create such perfection.

The slides were astonishing pictures transmitted from the newly, at the time, repaired Hubble telescope, of distant galaxies and quasars, interspersed with a slide every so often with large white letters on a black background, that declared, “WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

He was making the point that these photos from outer space had convinced many scientists that the Big Bang theory was bogus and some of these, including him, who had been life-long agnostics, had come to the place of a firm belief in God.

If you’d like the whole story I’ll be glad to send it to you, it’s partially about my conversation with him after his presentation and about the religion he had adopted and why and how he was both amazed and accepting of my revelation about the same religion and how I was instructed “not to go there.”

We walked away from that conversation with the bonding that came from the realization that we didn’t have to believe the same way, but were brothers in SPIRIT.


It’s night and day right now…

In this brief article I feel impressed to urge anyone who “has the ears to hear” to consider that duality and singularity are BOTH 3rd dimension mind traps in an attempt to express that which can neither be expressed nor explained. Physics takes us beyond the seeming conflict of duality vs singularity by using another term, “complementarity,” to express the concept that two contrasted theories, such as the wave and particle theories of light, may be able to explain a set of phenomena, although each separately only accounts for some aspects of both and either.

Ten years later, most teachers of science still teach the Big Bang as totally pure science when some in astrophysics and other sciences denounce it completely and yet others believe it is partially true.

I don’t know squat… I AM

It is rather nice that science comes up with a resolution to a seeming conflict by simply using a different term, again, complementarity.

How I wish some people who insist that they are “spiritual rather than religious,” but who are religiously stuck on either duality or singularity as the ONLY viable concept, could get beyond one pitted against the other when BOTH can be true when we are willing to get outside the box of either/or.

If you have 17 minutes to invest, you may want to listen to a telephone conversation that Ryan recorded and during which we resolved a seeming conflict between us that really didn’t exist. It also explains tons about our relationship.

Please go to the top menu bar (or, if you’re not reading this on the website – go to and click on Podcast and scroll down to podcast #31), you may be in for a surprise, but most certainly far more insight about what has made Ryan Bruce and Brad Cullen “click” for almost twenty years now.

Before there ever was a Brad Cullen, Ryan Bruce or anything else, I AM that, I AM and so are you – a particle of I AM, but of course that is also only if you are able to look at it as a possibility from one point of view. If it creates a conflict, you best leave it alone UNTIL you have clarity and we suggest one way of getting clarity during the podcast.



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A Great Teacher Once Said…

“What’s the Point of Calling Me . . .

Using this gavel can harm you in ways you’ll never expect.



…a great teacher, if you don’t apply what I AM teaching you?” This particular teacher said, “Don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged.”

What’s the point of putting quotation marks around what he said and extolling his virtues if I continue to judge? He also told a story that rather graphically illustrates that there is no point whatsoever.

If I will admit that I’m guilty of judging – and that I want to stop judging so that I’m not in danger of being judged, I’ve just taken the first step to getting free from judging and being judged.

Okay, Great Teacher, I’ve taken the first step, what’s next?



How do I not judge, isn’t it built in?

What I’m about to share are the answers I received, if you haven’t taken the first step, there is no point in reading any further. If you do freely admit that you continually come to conclusions and judgment about others and many things in life and would like to rid yourself of the habit, what I’ve been shown for me, may be a help. Otherwise, what is the point of reading any further?

A word of caution is in order, the first step is quite difficult for many, the reason being that human beings are in such a habit of judging all sorts of things and other people that it is difficult to become aware of how deeply we are enmeshed in the habit; the next steps are relatively easy, except for one major hurdle – we’ve been programmed by parents, teachers and others to judge and we have to acquire the habit of thinking in a whole new way.

Spiritual Healing Source

Ask…nothing else will be necessary.

The first clue as to how I received the answers I needed for me, is to ask the one who said, not to judge. Therefore, rather than read any further, the first suggestion I offer is that, if you take the words and the one who said not to judge seriously, then go directly to him right now and ask. You might want to pose the question in this way, “Should I read any further or do you have a better way for me?”

To help you facilitate getting your answer directly from the source, I’ll write no further unless you request what comes next. Bear in mind I’m just now learning and experiencing a lot of excitement and joy in the process, but again, the lessons are for me. I’d love to share them with you, but what’s the point if there is a better way for you and you get it directly from the same one who gave the answers to me?

That’s it for now, I’d love to hear about your experiences and/or share my own, but that’s up to you . . .




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