What if this Means THAT?

How rich is your memory bank?

Over the last several weeks a passage buried in my memory bank has kept reverberating around in the conscious part of my mind – I finally asked this morning, what/if anything I was supposed to do with it.

I just typed the first few words of the passage into Google, I was fairly sure it was in Hebrews, in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, but it is in Chronicles, the last book of the Torah.

A picture came into my mind of three people whom I love deeply who have been chronically suffering from (I practically stumbled over the words “Chronically” and “Chronicles” and just now asked, “is this the connection I’m supposed to be making?”) maladies which are to be proving resistant to medical treatment.

Almost anyone who has been speaking the English language for any length of time knows the word “chronically” means persistent and recurring over a long period.

Who are your advisers?

Here I’m talking with my “imaginary” group of ten historically famous men, including Jesus, thought of by many as, “Christ the Lord,” and Moses thought of by many as the writer of the first five books of the Torah; and Muhammad, thought of by many as having transcribed the Qur’an as dictated by the angel Gabriel and Siddhartha Gautama, known to many as “The Lord Buddha” and Lao Tzu, thought of by many as the author of the Tao. I’m supposed to be sharing this and I suppose I’ll be given light as to the reason a bit later on in the writing.

Here’s one version of the passage in English:


“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal them.”


My imaginary group and I have an agreement: We want only the desires and purposes of I AM that, I AM which according to the Torah, was the VOICE that introduced itself from a burning bush as the God of Abraham and according to the Christian Bible Jesus said, “before there was an Abraham, I AM.”

Beliefs that create bars can be let go of.

This isn’t to be about “the group,” but what was interesting is not just that all ten were in agreement, but that Muhammad and Lao Tzu asserted, respectively, that Allah is I AM that, I AM, and the Tao is I AM that, I AM.

What this piece is all about is the above quoted passage and how it is being interpreted in the NOW with help from the referenced, again, “imaginary” group of ten related to healing of physical bodies.

The key to healing, for many, and recognized by practitioners across a wide spectrum of healing modalities, including, but not limited to so-called “western medicine” is for patients to realize that resistance to letting go of, that is, releasing limiting beliefs –and to some that requires “humbling themselves” to accept what they have believed and preached to others as truth– is the primary cause that keeps their conditions chronic!

The VOICE from the middle of the fire in a bush that didn’t burn, confirmed by Moses, TODAY, said, “I AM that, I AM and this is my name to be used by all future generations.”

If you “miss” God, there is someone willing to take his/her/it’s place.

What if the reason for chronic illness is just that simple? That is, the resistance to believing and/or even allowing the words, “I AM that, I AM,” to come through the suffering mouths, is the resistance, “the sin” (which from my studies of the words in the original languages, translated thusly, actually means to “miss God)” is simply to refuse to be called by and to speak the name the VOICE said was God?

What if this Means THAT?


If this does mean THAT, then the fulfilling of the promise of “I will heal them” may be as simple as to humbly ask, “Are these words, ‘I AM that, I AM,’ that important? Is that YOUR name and should I begin allowing you to speak those words through me?”

As I and my publisher Ryan Bruce have been saying “forever” don’t trust our words, go to the SOURCE, directly.


Before there was a “Brad Cullen” or anyone else, I AM that, I AM.




Interested in getting more? This will be the introduction to a forthcoming book . . . I AM that, and Will Heal Them under the longtime authoring partnership of “Brad Cullen and “Ryan Bruce” which has been self-publishing for the past seven years under our brand:





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The Metaphor of a Locked Door

What locked doors are in your life?

The Door Opens to Freedom


          I woke up to these words, “Something always leads to something else, ALWAYS,” a little after 3:00 a.m. this morning.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I had a clear image of the door, and the thought was that I can’t get to something else until I get through the door.

The door is made of heavy steel and the lock is a thick deadbolt. Knowing this, hopefully, makes us ready to look for alternatives rather than breaking down the door!

The answer really isn’t all that difficult, just ask for the key! Whom do we ask? The challenge is that the conscious parts of our individual minds have been conditioned to “breaking through” closed doors, breaking them down by working harder.

When you ask, it will be given.

The key to this door is the ANSWER to the question, “What else is possible?” We’ve been told that the subconscious part of the mind is the doorkeeper, who won’t readily give up the key and we have to learn to bypass it by hook or crook.

We’ve been sold on all sorts of programs such as self-hypnosis, subliminal tapes, brainwave entrainment, making declarations and decrees, goal-setting, etc. These all work to a degree and for some people, but wait a minute; this particular door is still locked.

What if it is the conscious part of the individual mind that is the door, locked with skepticism, doubt, judgment and people telling it that it is impossible to open the door without breaking it down and the answer is to try harder?

In other words, what if thinking (and that is what the conscious part of the mind does) is the door?

Automatic Everything, Focus on Source to Recieve

Your door can be automatically open.

What, again, is the key? The ANSWER to the question:

“What else is possible?”

Here is an alternative plan that may work wonders: Simply ask the part of the mind that WANTS to give you the answer to the question – in other words, which/who will, HAND YOU THE KEY!

What if the part of the mind which holds the key isn’t the subconscious or unconscious, but is the part of the individual mind which is connected to the Universal Mind? We call that part of the mind the superconscious part.

The superconscious part isn’t there to keep you from anything, so trying to trick it or bypass it to get the key, when it already WANTS TO COOPERATE WITH YOU is, at the very least, counter-productive and at the worst is destructive!

Here’s the alternative plan: We call it using the fully Integrated Mind with each part working cooperatively with the others, and the conscious part, humbly realizing it is the least powerful and which needs to intentionally place the reins of leadership into the almost limitless superconscious part of the mind, which is connected 24/7 with the MIND that is unlimited and voilà! The Integration of the Mind. . .

The next challenge is once the key is inserted and the door opened, a number of possibilities will be given to the conscious part of the mind to pursue. What now? Which among the many do we choose?  www.youwithoutlimits.life


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Planned Trip Into Outer Space Cancelled!

Spiritual practices are scientific experimentation.

I AM that, I AM amused by the following warning quoted in an article about the various theories of the multiverse:

“In a well-known 2014 paper in Nature on the topic, scientists George Ellis and Joe Silk warned against what they saw as a troubling new trend in theoretical physics: the acceptance by some in the field that a theory, if it is elegant and explanatory enough, does not need to be tested experimentally. They argued instead that to be scientific, a theory must be falsifiable—an idea based on centuries of tradition.” Source, http://www.astronomy.com/news/2017/01/what-is-the-multiverse

What I found so amusing is what I call the conscious mind trap of some scientists, basing their thesis on an almost religious adherence to what they admit is an “idea based on centuries of tradition,” while others are venturing into the unknown and improvable of what I call the superconscious part of the mind.

You mean this theory can’t be proven either???

I go back to 2007 during which I attended a community college lecture and slide show of photographs taken by the, at that time, newly repaired, Hubble space telescope.

The lecture was presented by an astronomer in his seventies, still employed at some well-known observatory in Southern California. The subject was: We Don’t Know Squat.

He had been a life-long agnostic, a word, which he pointed out, was from the Greek and which is equivalent to the Latin word ignoramus, both meaning, simply, we don’t know.

The slides were spectacular photos of distant galaxies and quasars, which according to him, cast serious doubt on the Big Bang Theory of a constantly expanding universe and supposedly proven by the red light shift, another scientific theory and both still taught as fact in most advanced science curriculums.

“Many scientists,” he cited several with PhDs after their names, “now publicly state their belief in God, certainly not very scientific,” he pointed out, drily.

What waits within you to give guidance?

The reason I find the referenced 2014 paper amusing (how about laughable and downright silly?), has to do with these two scientists, who pose “redshift” and the “Big Bang” as being fact, calling the multiverse fanciful? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Let’s get into the world of religion into which the subject astronomer had leaped and his very logical reason for having done so, which he shared with me in a chat after the lecture. He had been challenged to ask God if this religion were for him and he received a definitive “witness within” that it was.

He shared how his wife of fifty years, a devout Methodist, who had often expressed her disappointment that he wouldn’t attend church with her, actually preferred his being an agnostic to membership into what she considered was a “cult.” He expressed his approval of my own experience which differed from his.

My experience, having responded to the very same challenge and receiving a different answer, was that I was not to judge it or any other religion as being true or false, but I was not to participate in any of them. I further told him, to his surprise, that I found much of the teaching of what he had adopted as his “faith” as inescapably true and, again, just now, realizing it as another violation of the instruction I had received not to judge as false or true.

Do you choose or does it choose you?

Perhaps I should preface this with, “for shame,” because a few years after I had received my answer, in my advanced age of fifty-something, I entered a formal study program to become ordained in one of the largest Christian denominations of its kind in the world; which made it even more difficult to extricate myself to the position I had been shown in the earlier “inner witness” that I was to neither judge nor take an active part in any established religion.

What may be notable here is the fact that the founder of the newfound religion of the astronomer and millions of others, who refer to this founder as a “prophet” received almost the identical instruction when he had asked God, “Which religion should I join.”

I have never put the sequence together before this moment! That is, becoming ordained by a religious organization after being “instructed,” in rather dramatic fashion, to not take part in any of them.

This along with all the pronounced and not pronounced judgments in which I’ve engaged, it is little wonder I find it so easy to beat on my chest and refer to myself as a miserable sinner!

My-oh-my, I’m reeling at my own laughable ignorance; that I would presume to share spiritual truth with anyone else – and suggest a “space” trip into some alternate, scientifically unproven universe?

Your journey begins now.

Actually, where I was going to suggest we go was just a short venture outside the “reality” zone of the 3rd dimension into what is referred to by some as the “kingdom of heaven” and others, “eternal life,” or NOW, meaning the “spiritual” thought of no beginning or ending, from which the English term “eternal life” is derived in Greek.

I actually took a few thousand people on such a trip in a Brad Cullen book, The 4th Dimension © 2012 SHS Publishing, Vancouver, B.C. -you can obtain a free e-version at our website, www.spiritualhealingsource.com, just click on the books tab on the upper menu bar some well-read types actually think it is well-written, you can come to your own conclusions.

To me, as well as Ryan Bruce, CEO of the publishing company, and a few others with us have been on such a space trip in the last two years, that I consider anything I’ve written in the past as passé; but then, isn’t that a conclusion or judgment hatched in the conscious part of the mind of this human body I occupy?

One of the joys of this trip is that the fear of questioning anything and everything has been overcome.

For example, I just asked our elder brother, Jesus, if what he had indicated so clearly to me is still the truth, for me NOW. I was somewhat surprised at his answer, which was basically that it is true for all those who want to adopt it as their truth as well. Here it is, taken directly from something I wrote during the last several months:

I’m so happy and grateful now that Jesus has told me that what I believe about him doesn’t matter, because he directs every part of my life and is even now changing the paradigm that has been subconsciously ruling and limiting me in the past.

I’m laughing so hard that I’m about to fall out of my chair – what Jay just said to me (not what I wrote) IS the trip and, therefore, the flight plan that was in the back of my mind, for the trip I was planning, is canceled. The new flight plan, just filed, is labeled moment to moment, destination already there.


Before there was a Brad Cullen, I AM that, I AM – a particle of I AM with YOU.

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