At Which Point of Departure

You may need some help choosing your path…Ask.

If I’m questioning the validity of my current journey I may want to look at what was the real point of my departure, what was the motivation for my leaving the old path to get onto the new one?

In other words, if the question I ask is, how did I get here and it leads me to a review of the steps along the current path only, have I learned anything of value?

This bit of musing brought me to a HOLY MACKEREL point of awareness. No wonder I have repeated the same failures over and over!

This is rather easy to look at when being critical of somebody else’s behavior; the task is a bit more daunting when the focus is on my own life.

Believing deeply in the concept of forgiving others and the need to forgive myself – I don’t spend a whole lot of time feeling guilty for some of my past foibles; I know I’m forgiven by who/whatever created me and I also know that the joy of being forgiven began as I began to release everyone from my judgment of their wrongs, whether perceived or actual, against me.


Missing one piece can immobilize you.

The final piece of that puzzle fell into place when I was able to forgive them even if they hadn’t forgiven me. In other words, when I realized I was being judged by them, they are forgiven because they don’t understand. I’m not responsible for what they say, think or do, only for me. “Forgive them for they know not what they do” weighs heavily upon my consciousness.

Back now, to the heavier task at hand, what was the motivation behind various decisions to seemingly change paths – “seemingly change,” only because it almost always was the continuation of the same old path with some new shoes that caused blisters, the pain of which caused me to NOT look at why I was wearing new shoes.

If I’m being a bit obscure with the metaphor of “new shoes,” think new jobs, new businesses, new wives, new friends, often without resolving the issues of the motivation for leaving the old behind.

After the newness wore off, the shoes broken in sufficiently to no longer cause blisters –the awareness would come upon me that the current shoes were no better or even inferior to the old.

I should be terrified, I suppose, at finally coming to the point of looking at my own contribution to the failure of relationships, but and yet again, I forgive and am forgiven. My only regret is taking so long to wake up!

Sometimes distractions are in red. But they all can cause a disconnect.

What now? MOST CERTAINLY NOT MERELY A REVERIE OF THE PAST! Not even a review of the various steps or, perhaps, better said, missteps along the path.

Since my chosen purpose in this particular lifetime (hmm, are there others?) is to strive to be in a continual state of awareness of my connection with BWOTON and share with others what that means for me as it is revealed, it is clear to me, at this moment, that the missteps along the pathway were caused by the breaks in that awareness (period).

While forgiveness is a big issue and an integral part of that connection; when forgiveness becomes routine or part of a ritual that, in and of itself, is a break in the connection causing the missteps, could it be the primary point of departure?




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Nommos, the Power of Words

We fight a war of words because those who want to cause mental abuse and madness want you to believe that sticks and stones can break bones but words can do no harm.

These words are not harmful until they are directed at your character to destroy your confidence.

Words like blades…cut.

It is the bullets of words that are responsible for character assassinations.

The power of words is unimaginable. A few words followed by silence is capable of causing much collateral damage.

The wordsmith is able to use his craft to demonize you and create an image of disdain in the minds of others.

There are words that can bring hopelessness to your door like vultures to a dying corpse.

Words in the hands of your enemies who have invaded your weaknesses can drop words like nuclear bombs.

Words such as don’t move can paralyze the obedient.


These words have power too…use them more often.

Words have a devastating impact based on your state of mind. If your mind has tenants such as fear, low self esteem and the dust of self pity, then the words such as death and hell will make you do evil to get saved from these words that can be like clouds, if you would just observe them rather than accept them.

Now then, remember that all such words can render no permanent damage it you will accept them by simply acknowledging them as someone else’s point of view which has no power to control your emotions or your will.

Acceptance in this manner is far superior to resisting which only causes the powerless to gain strength.


Sekou Kwame Rameses

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Now Hear This!

This is official. I AM

I AM has authorized me to tell you the following (unfortunately, you are free to ignore it or refuse to believe that it applies to you): 

Stop exercising your rights and begin exercising your authority! The difficulty for many of you is that the information about your authority has been distorted to the point that even those who understand they have it, don’t know how to employ it or who and what stands in the way of them taking their proper positions of those to whom such authority has been granted.

What I AM is saying, to those who have the ears to hear; authority is a force to which rights and freedoms rate a distant second place. The puppets, under color of law and directed by their unseen puppet-masters, would have you believe that rule of law is your master and that they are the lawful guardians.

The challenge for you is the foregoing is true IF you don’t know how to exercise your authority rather than your “rights under their laws.”

Do you need rights if you’re I AM?

Until you know who you are, you will not begin to understand the authority that comes with that knowledge. Remember you don’t earn authority it is given by I AM that, I AM.

You also must understand that with authority comes responsibility and those who refuse to accept responsibility, but use their authority apart from responsibility soon learn some painful lessons.

Are you any closer to knowing who you really are? Do you want to know? Is the thought of knowing who you are, also means taking responsibility, with which you’ve never been saddled previously, troubling?

The good news is the fact that you are troubled means you are taking it seriously which is a sign that you view responsibility correctly. Authority brings about enormous privilege, but history is strewn with the carcasses of those who grew fat enjoying privilege absent of taking responsibility.

Rearrange the words and you will know “who I AM”.

For some of you to really begin to understand your true identity, you need to refuse to look in the mirror or at any photographs upon which the image of your physical manifestation has been imprinted. For others who have certain professional status it will be far more difficult.

What are the obstacles to discovering who you are? Anything and everything you take pride in or has produced feelings of guilt, but which you think of as “you” will impede your progress toward discovering who you really are. This signifies that ego is an awareness of your manifestation as a physical entity, as you; and the feelings associated with it no matter whether those feelings are weighted to the positive or negative side of the perception scale, simply contribute to the problem of misidentification.

Knowing who you are and the authority that goes along with it is of such inestimable value it needs to be pursued with great desire. It is buried deep within you and covered with layers of misinformation. It is up to each individual to find it, but the beauty of the search is that I AM that, I AM must lead and direct and you will not be misled.

It will take desire; an unnatural desire, which means the pursuit requires an honest declaration that you don’t care enough, but are willing and want to.

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