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What Prayer is and isn’t…

What is prayer to you?

What many people consider prayer to be is a far cry from Jesus’ teaching on the subject. Some, perhaps most, people think of prayer as petitioning God for whatever …and certainly Jesus included that in what he taught.

On closer examination, however, the emphasis of his teaching is not so much petitioning God for anything, but rather overcoming the obstacles in our minds that are in the way of connecting with the SOURCE and thereby walking in light rather than darkness.

According to Jesus, seeking and knocking until making the connection is the key to faith …and, in fact, the act of seeking and knocking is faith. This simple action gets us past all our silly arguments about what is the proper definition of faith by going to our perfect SPIRIT-PARENT …impudently and persistently until we have that inner confidence that we are connected was the core of Jesus’ teaching.

Religious teaching and traditions about prayer that ignore this truth are myriad …but nothing is more remote from what Jesus taught than approaching the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) with “respect and reverence” –  nor is less effective.

The favored endings of many, “in the name of Jesus, amen” are good examples of missing the point. “Whatsoever ye ask in my name” (quoting the “good” King James Version of the Bible) needs some translation into modern vernacular in order to get to the essence of what Jesus was saying (at least in my opinion, for whatever that is worth). In the original language (not forgetting that Jesus spoke in Aramaic, a derivative of Hebrew) the “name” of Jesus was referring to his character and authority.

If this is true, then speaking in Jesus’ name, means being in his character and authority; one thing that will help us to bridge the gap into effective, meaningful, results-getting prayer is to have it dawn upon us just what the “character and authority” of Jesus means.

Try this on for size: Jesus’ character is best exemplified by the fact that he wanted only to please his perfect Daddy …[note: the more austere “Father,” while firmly imbedded in the minds of many as the “Biblically correct” way to approach God, widely misses the intent of intimacy of Jesus’ words in the original] Jesus’ authority is best exemplified by the fact that the SPIRIT who created everything (this according to John 1: 1-3) became the man, in the flesh, most English speaking people refer to as Jesus (this according to John 1:14) [note: many insist upon using the Hebraic “Yeshua” rather than “Jesus” and I fully understand and even sympathize with their reasoning, I just feel led NOT to make the distinction and I prefer pleasing the ONE who leads me rather than pleasing those who are led differently. [Jesus said, “What’s that to you, you come follow me.” Enough said?]

Therefore, operating and praying in the name of Jesus (or Yeshua, if you must) means operating in the presence and power, and desires and purposes of our ONE AND ONLY PERFECT SPIRIT-PARENT, the creator of the universe and everything in it, living in us to do HIS/HER/ITS creative work.

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Experiencing SPIRIT …Personally

How do you experience Spirit

So …just how important is experience? There are those who discount experience completely — saying things such as (just for example), “faith needs to be based on the Word of God” …by which they mean the Christian Bible, “and not on personal experience.”

How about if we allow that “they” may just be partially correct? Which implies that “they” may NOT be correct at all; let’s throw a curve into the mix. What if it is true that the old saying that there is no such thing as absolute truth and that truth is quantifiable only in percentages …that is, it may be 95% true, 5% true or somewhere in the vast expanse in between the two.

How about it doesn’t matter what “they” say and it doesn’t matter what Brad Cullen says? Where, then, are YOU going to get YOUR answers for the most important (to me) issue in life?

If there really is another dimension, an unseen dimension, above and beyond this physical existence; a dimension some refer to as the “spirit realm,” others the “kingdom of God” and yet others “heaven,” or one gaining in popularity, “the other side,” then isn’t it vital that you get your information from a reliable source?

I submit to you that there is only one reliable SOURCE for information about SPIRIT. I admit to you that I did happen to find the introduction to the SOURCE in the Bible, but it took personal experience for me to acquire it. Reading the Bible was merely and only an introduction. The introduction came from the words of Jesus… “The SPIRIT” (he used a variety of terms, including “the helper” and the “Holy Spirit”), “will lead you into all truth.”

To supplant SPIRIT with “the Bible” as the source of truth is a gross perversion and needs to be called that. At the same time I must honestly say, again, that I received this introduction from the Bible. But once introduced, I have found that written works other than the Bible have provided me with deep insights into the spiritual realm as well as the Bible. My challenge to anyone who has ears to hear it is that you will never understand this paragraph until you have personally experienced the phenomenon of visits from the “Helper” and “Guide” into all truth.

Jesus’ primary instruction as to how to go about getting such visits is clothed in metaphor – this “Helper” and “Guide” WHO Jesus likened unto an extremely close friend and an over-indulgent parent – is activated by impudently (a lack of awe and respect) and persistently (not quitting until you have had the experience of a visit) “knocking” and “seeking” for HER/HIM/IT (according to Jesus there is no male or female

In the kingdom of SPIRIT).

…You may want to visit …go to the top menu bar, scroll right and click on “podcast,”  then scroll down to podcast 5 and listen to the personal experience of Ryan Bruce and how he received his visit  …and even dare to try what he did.

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Our Destiny

What is Your Destiny?

For several years the focus of my writing has been the fact that Jesus said we could be who he was as a man and do what he did while he walked on this planet. Further, Jesus said that any individual who believes sufficiently would perform not only the same miracles that he performed, but also greater miracles and more of them, if we believe enough; this, he said, is our destiny.

A quick comment about believing enough and how you get there: Many of you already know that my favorite “eye opening” example to believing enough has to do with the difference between the years 1953 and 1954. In 1953 almost everyone knew (“believed”) that it was impossible for any normal human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. Proof of the validity of this widely held belief was that nobody in recorded history had ever done it!

In 1954 Roger Bannister was the first known human being to have clocked a mile in less than four minutes …since then, thousands of runners do it every year. Why? Because they believe they can …and it really is that simple. Let this simple truth break down your mental barriers to believing enough that you really can do the things Jesus said you can do, if you believe enough. He said nothing is impossible if you believe enough and that’s the truth, but only if you believe it!

How we do this is by recognizing that Jesus did NOT perform any miracles and neither will you. “The Father in me does the work, not I” is how he put it. Those of us who have had the breakthrough into healing power, spiritual healing and other spiritual phenomena don’t do the work, our one and only perfect Dad does the work and therefore we can and should say, “I” didn’t do anything… Dad does the work …how simple is that?

Continued “success” in walking in the presence and power of SPIRIT is dependent upon acknowledging that HE does the work, not I. Now, perhaps, we are ready to “see” the meaning in, “It is no longer I, but Christ.”

We simply cannot see this if we hang onto our religious traditions, but there is a way to get past them if we are willing to change our minds …actually a better way to say it is, if we are willing to allow our minds to be changed by SPIRIT, GOD, the SOURCE, …referring to this entity as Her, Him or It and by whatever name you will, but simply follow Jesus’ instructions about how to do this and you’ll arrive at the destiny he promised.

NOW HEAR THIS! Allow is the operative word. Nobody is ever forced to “be like Jesus” in the miracle working venue. However, we must be willing to break through our own mental barriers to getting to the primary criterion for getting to the point of that breakthrough. The obstacles to doing so are quite simply our religious traditions about who Jesus was and is …and where Jesus is right now …how can what we believe about Jesus be an obstacle to doing what he said?

That really is a legitimate question. But go back to the statement that preceded the question, in fact, let’s repeat it: The obstacles are quite simply our religious traditions about who Jesus was and is and where Jesus is right now.

First, are we willing to even acknowledge the origin of our beliefs? How did I get to the point of believing what I believe about Jesus? Now, is it a valuable exercise to question not only the origin, but the belief as well?

What is even a more valuable exercise is by directing your question to the SOURCE of everything. The mind of man cannot begin to give you guidance into the realm of SPIRIT …not ANY human mind, including (but not especially), your own.

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Then there is “Extreme Faith…”

Are you willing to jump off the ledge?

There are certain things I love to ridicule …one in particular is the proclivity of preachers to talk about the so-called “scriptural definition of faith” found in the “faith chapter” (Hebrews the eleventh chapter)

“…Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Why is this tendency of preachers to quote this passage a subject of ridicule by Brad Cullen? Primarily because it is a meaningless, intellectual, dullness of narcotic proportion, when compared with the faith which Jesus called us to – and which he referred to as “God-faith,” the faith that is so potent it can kill a tree, no less. Then let’s look at the “faith” that is also found in the same chapter of Hebrews …in fact, let’s go there now and see if we can soak up this bit of “extreme faith” and see if you can begin to agree that comparing it with repeating over and over the above referenced “scriptural definition of faith” doesn’t prove that the definition is a bit lacking in real depth and spiritual strength and power …here it comes:

It was by faith that Enoch was taken to heaven so he would not die. He could not be found, because God had taken him away. Before he was taken, the Scripture says that he was a man who truly pleased God. Without [this kind of] faith no one can please God. Anyone who comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who truly want to find him [with HIS own method of death avoidance].  [Brad’s amplification]

The religious love to refer to physical death as “God taking someone home.” This passage puts a whole different “spin” on God taking someone “home to be with HIM” (by faith, don’t forget), and instead of dying.

How far do you want to take faith? Let’s go to extremes! “Heaven is NOW, the kingdom of God is NOW; living in extreme faith means realizing that death has been abolished and our perfect SPIRIT PARENT lives in us to do HER/HIS/ITS work in the presence and power of SPIRIT …NOW!

For an amplification of “Extreme Faith” please click on the links below — first the one at the left (part 1)   then part 2 at the right

Podcast 15 Seven Secrets Revisited pt 1 and don’t forget to return and click on  this too! Podcast 16 Seven Secrets Revisited pt 2

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What’s it to you, anyway? If you’ve wandered around on our website …and caught the different array of articles, different pictures and differing opinions and/or listened to Ryan Bruce and I wax eloquently, albeit sometimes argumentatively, one could ask reasonably how I dare write on the topic of keeping anything simple? I mean, Ryan and I both have proven to be a couple of complicated cats and the website reflects that.

The simple truth is that what I really care about, passionately, is healing power and spiritual healing for YOU. Yes, you can have healing power that you wield on behalf of others and you can have spiritual healing for you. All you have to do is want it badly enough to be willing to do something simple to get it. I mean, that is fairly simple, isn’t it?

Looks simple right?

We’re currently doing an interview podcast series via telephone. Ryan is on the western seaboard of North America and I am on eastern end of things. What’s that have to do with anything; and how does it indicate simplicity? The subject of the series is “Seven Secrets” which I wrote. What has been exciting for me, during the process, is how Ryan and I both are constantly brought to new insights simply through our dialogue and something else that is far simpler.

Let’s cut to the chase for YOU: Instead of trying to learn seven secrets of acquiring healing power for others and spiritual healing for you, I offer you a shortcut. Stop arguing for whatever limitations you’ve accepted from your religious traditions and upbringing as applying to you and do one thing …only ONE simple thing. Begin believing the truth that nothing is impossible if you believe enough. That thought didn’t originate with me, Jesus said it and you can make it true by simply being willing to begin believing it, today, right NOW.

However, you can also render the thought as having no value whatever by refusing to believe it …still simple enough?

How on earth can you begin to believe that nothing is impossible when you are carrying around enough traditional religious baggage in your mind to start your own church? Step one, is to be willing to give all that junk up, just let it go. What junk? Everything you have in your mind that keeps you from receiving healing power for others and spiritual healing for YOU right now!

Here’s how. Listen to what Jesus said to Peter and apply it to you. Peter wanted to know something about his fellow disciple, John.

“What’s that to you?” Jesus asked Him, then said, “You just come and follow me.”

How do you apply that for you? Forget anything and everything you have learned from anyone else. Here’s the shortcut to bypass everything and receive everything from Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Talk to him, right now. Just say: “Jesus, if you are real, take over my life, I want you to be in complete command over every area of my life, right now.”

“Right now,” by the way, means tomorrow and always. Ryan Bruce has referred to this as the “Brad Cullen approach,” I guarantee to you that it is exactly my SOURCE for writing this little article for YOU.

Get past any and all junk; just go directly to Jesus and keep going to Jesus until you realize that he is in you in his healing presence and power.  There it is, utter simplicity and to the utmost.

What if you don’t believe in Jesus? Good heavens, millions of people believe in Jesus and do nothing he said anyone can do if they believe enough. Believing enough simply means wanting healing power and spiritual healing badly enough to go to him. I did, just now, and he told me to write this now for you.

Forget about what I did, what’s that to you anyway? Go directly, go now. I’m going to complicate things just a bit. Who and what you have been told about Jesus really means nothing, what he said was that everything he did and said was not his doing anyway, but his SPIRIT-PARENT doing it and speaking through Him.             That’s the simple truth. Get it for you. Stop talking and/or arguing about Jesus and just be Jesus, you’ve just been given the formula. USE IT …and really now, isn’t it fairly simple?

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How we look at things, perspective…..

What is your Perspective?

…tends to make them the way they are and what this means is that we need to take responsibility for what is, because we created it …just as it is. Scary thought, what?

Let’s carry it to extremes …what we believe and what we refuse to believe make whatever true. People receive healing power for others and spiritual healing for themselves simply by believing that it is possible. Others walk away without receiving anything because they refuse to believe it, rendering it untrue for them.

This is the essence of why Jesus said so often, “Your faith made you whole” …and why those of us who are involved in the spiritual healing process understand at our depths that we didn’t do anything …the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) in us does the work   … “we” do nothing.

Our perspective, often dictates circumstances. Changing our perspective is simple. We merely need to understand that it is possible and be willing to look at it through a different window and once willing …to CHOOSE it.

Jesus said that nothing is impossible if you believe enough. What we fail to realize is that when we choose to refuse to believe …we’ve just rendered it untrue for us while others around us are enjoying the truth.

But then, that is merely my perspective.

Looking at it from this angle can be somewhat scary (if that’s the way we choose to look at it) …or looking at it from this angle can be totally rewarding and exciting …as we live in health and prosperity because we believed the SOURCE was willing to provide it and we were willing to receive it.

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What About Disagreements?

Disagreement is like stones, arguing with the clouds

Disagreements are intellectual and have nothing to do with the unseen (with physical eyes) or spiritual realm. While that may sound a bit arbitrary or even arrogant, it is based on a simple perspective, a perspective based on experience brought about by healing power and spiritual healing which was brought about by persistently applied faith. We’ll come back to the importance of perspective, but first…

Please be careful, how you judge the foregoing …there is a system (persistently applied faith) at work here and if you try to apply something that is true and that works well in a different system, it doesn’t necessarily hold true in this system.

One of many illustrations which are amusing to me and at the same time which proves the immediately preceding paragraph and which underscores the silliness of disagreement is the man born blind who Jesus had reportedly healed.

Several religious guys who were in sharp disagreement with what Jesus did and when he did it were questioning the man rather intensely in order to trap Jesus in and by their legalistic religious arguments …so says the narrative.

The erstwhile blind, but now-seeing individual, finally got tired of their leading and manipulative questions …”look,” he said, “all I know is that once I was blind and now I can see,” and thereupon made his exit in the middle of their single-system (and therefore blind) argument.

What is the deep-seated need of the religious to disagree with the facts that fly in the face of their religious doctrine, and which leaves no room for the seeming supernatural or at least in “the correct” way which meets the demands of their teaching?

What difference do their arguments and questions make? I get e-mails daily from individuals who have no idea just how much their questions expose the fact that they are motivated by fear; fear of what? What difference does it make that we apparently have disagreement? I refuse to argue and here is that apparent arrogance raising its ugly head again …Once I was blind and now I can see. You can argue until you are blue in the face and ask questions which you believe prove that I must be “wrong,” or is it merely to assert that you hope you are “right?”
We are all one in the SPIRIT …we don’t just wish we were one, the asserted truth is, “We are one,” but don’t forget the qualifier …in the SPIRIT! This is a truth that is far beyond our ability to intellectually understand anything. We are not ONE in the physical realm …far from it. Therefore, what difference does it make who seems to be correct and who seems to be incorrect? We are both/all correct …just a matter of difference in perspective.

Now we can go back to the beginning and hopefully see why perspective is so important. When we look at things from a perspective grounded in a particular kind of training which works quite well for things in a particular system we are blinded to things which work well in a different system, but simply do not apply within our training.

Which bible is correct? Is the Rose without Thorns?

Here comes a curve …you’ll swing and miss (a sporting metaphor) if you don’t understand the dynamic… it comes directly from several English translations of the Bible and therefore we are talking about several perspectives, but which may not fit all views, get it?

In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from the physicians.

And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians.

And in the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa became diseased in his feet, and his malady was severe; yet in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but the physicians.

And Asa is diseased — in the thirty and ninth year of his reign — in his feet, till his disease is excessive, and also in his disease he hath not sought Jehovah, but among physicians.

In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from the physicians.

In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was diseased in his feet–until his disease became very severe; yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord, but relied on the physicians.

In the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa developed a disease in his feet, and his disease became increasingly severe. Yet even in his disease he didn’t seek the LORD but the physicians.

So we have redundancy, what? Remember the opening paragraph of this treatise …a system is at work and that system is persistently applied faith, the perspective comes from the results of that faith. King Asa appears to have persistently applied his faith toward physicians and what seems to be implied was that his faith brought about a particular result …his death.

Here’s a change-up (a baseball metaphor, which may not be at all in tune with the previous sporting metaphor); my point in all this may not be what you are thinking – and more seeming arrogance is that the system of persistently applied faith, referenced here, means faith that is directed toward the SOURCE of ALL systems.

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Are we to be Christ-like in Word and Deed?

Being met more than halfway…

This is actually going to be about whether healing power and spiritual healing is God’s work …or our work,  but first let’s tear into the challenge that being “Christ-like” is a contradiction in terms for many reasons …a dichotomy of huge proportions, a dichotomy that gets in the way.

Part of the reason the foregoing is true, is our misapprehension of who and what the term “Christ” means and where and how the man Jesus fits into our reasoning about that particular term; theological concepts, all, and which get us mired down into human argument and which, this argument, gets us nowhere.

From a purely historical perspective Jesus was a man. From a religious perspective the history becomes clouded and the argument begins. Theologians differ and they argue over their differences. One of the more “fun” theological statements is, “Jesus was all man and all God.”

I shall now muddy up this doctrinal water with the most outlandish question I can think of. What does it matter what I believe about whether Jesus fits the above referenced theological model, if I put no importance upon what he said? Furthermore, isn’t it a bit ridiculous to revere who Jesus was and ignore completely what he said?

…And, for all those who want chapter and verse, I can refer them to where it is recorded that Jesus was the one who made the point in the foregoing paragraph not I.

“What is the point of calling me, ‘Lord,’ if you don’t do what I say” …is how he put it. What is amazing in my way of thinking was the context in which he said it and how he underscored it with a graphic illustration which indicates that there is no point whatever in calling Jesus, ‘Lord,’ unless we do what seems impossible in our “human consciousness” to do. Again, chapter and verse is available to those who want to argue the point from a purely “biblical perspective.”

Okay, let’s deal with why it’s a silly argument, albeit from my limited point of view. Let’s first take a common term to many Christians and, which term, is the cause of major confusion. “Jesus Christ.”

“Christ” is actually from a Greek word which was transliterated from a Hebrew word that refers, basically, to someone who is anointed by God’s Spirit. Christians, including those Jews who have become convinced of the messianic claims of Jesus, believe in the New Testament references of Jesus being the “Son of God.”

Many Muslims also believe that Jesus was anointed by SPIRIT, but as a prophet and that as somewhat equal to Mohammed the author of the Qur’an. Many religious types believe that Jesus was a great teacher and prophet, but disavow the concept of deity expressed by the term “Son of God.”

What happens when we meet half way?

My challenge, again, is so what? What difference does it make who or what Jesus was or indeed IS (present tense) if we refuse to heed what he said and perhaps is saying through these words right NOW?

Now then, if this point (that it makes NO DIFFERENCE) is nailed down sufficiently to move on – let’s look at the specifics of who and what those of us who believe whatever about Jesus are supposed to be according to what Jesus said, relative to healing power and spiritual healing and see if we can’t get ready to MOVE in that direction.

Is healing power and spiritual healing the work of the SOURCE (“God,” if you prefer) or is healing power and spiritual healing OUR work? I can speak with some authority on this topic only because I have seen, personally witnessed all kinds of diseases and other physical limitations being removed …and was sufficiently involved so that other people wanted to give me the credit for the “supernatural” change in those who’d had asthma, cancer, diabetes, emotional disturbances and a host of other maladies, including unbelief, and which to which I had to say, “I didn’t do it …it wasn’t me” …and yet “I” was the physical instrument through whom the manifestation occurred.

For those who have read Treasure Chest and other books and articles I have written on the topic know that there are all kinds of credible witnesses to these incidents …such as those with the designation, “M.D.” after their names and also know that I consistently have said, and repeat right NOW, that “I” am nothing special… YOU too can do what I have done, because “I” did nothing – and I did nothing in exactly the same way that Jesus did nothing.

But it was the work of Jesus and it was Jesus who said it would be the work of anyone who believes enough. But you will never get to the point of being involved in healing power and spiritual healing if you refuse to believe that it is possible.  The first obstacle to overcome is to see that believing is a choice. You can begin to believe and you can do so right now. Now the question is, will you?

The title of this, Being Met More than Halfway, came from seeing the relevance of Jesus’ story about the prodigal son – as you recall the father met the young man more than half way – you’ll be met more than half way if you will just say yes, I want to believe, HELP!

There are all kinds of healing methods available that work, we’re not talking about methods here, what we are talking about here is a breakthrough in consciousness… a breakthrough into the possibility that nothing is impossible if you believe enough …and please don’t forget that Jesus said this, not I!

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More on Prayer

The Missing Link

What I so often forget, in my verbal meanderings about healing power and spiritual healing is the way I am prepared to be a vessel for either and both …praying in the manner in which Jesus taught us to pray. I continually badger people, who really want to get involved in the spiritual healing process, to pay attention to how Jesus said to get the kind of faith that gets rid of all kinds of obstacles, because it is the “missing link” to why so many religious people miss out.

Religion says this is the missing link

The key to being Jesus (a real stumbling block to the religious and to which I arrogantly say “Get over it!”) and doing the very same things he did, both of which Jesus said we would be as well as do, IF we believe enough, is getting past our religious notions about how to pray and pay attention to what HE said about the subject. The key, again, HE said, is much prayer and fasting and, therefore, what kind of prayer would seem to be important, would it not?

Currently, Ryan Bruce is interviewing me about an updated series I wrote called Seven Secrets, posted on and the recorded interviews are accessed by going to the top menu bar and clicking on the tab, “podcast,” then scrolling down until you get to podcast #4 …and patiently waiting for the interview to begin. Hidden in one of the subsequent podcasts is the REAL missing link for the religious which I much too lightly brushed over.

If you are beginning to struggle less with the concept that Jesus really did say that we will not only do what he did, but actually BE who he was as a man …then listen up – because here is where you can learn something to get connected to the SOURCE of everything. Relax, take a deep breath and stop fussing about me being so arrogant, because this is for your own good …what I said (I think it was in Secret # 4-A) should have been emphasized far more than it was.

The missing link is not merely ignoring what Jesus said about praying, but coming to the realization that what he taught about praying is HOW he, himself, prayed. If the “Son of God” and all the other precious terms you feel are so important to declare about Jesus, then listen up. If, again, “the Son of God” found it so important to pray in this manner, do you think that you could quit arguing with me about it (you cannot believe some of the e-mail I receive on this topic, especially from professional clergy), and just receive this bit of truth?

The missing link is not simply failing to pray in the manner Jesus taught, but failing to realize that what he taught was what he did …and the key to being involved in the process of healing power and spiritual healing – both of which are one of the many results which come about from being connected directly to the SOURCE …just as Jesus was.

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Even More on Prayer….

Jesus Didn’t …Why Should You?

Will he receive his healing?

Not once …ever, is it recorded that Jesus prayed for anyone to be healed …so how do we get to the piousness of some who ask others if they can pray for them. Where does that come from? Can it be effective? Well, yes, Of course, if you believe enough, according to Jesus, nothing is impossible.

Some people, particularly preacher types who have witnessed some seeming “supernatural” happening which they believe I caused, will call me and ask if I will come and pray for some person’s healing. Almost invariably my response is “no, if you want someone to pray over them, you go ahead and pray for them.”

The truth is that they don’t need me for anything, but the point I am making with my refusal is that I am not called to pray for anyone. If they need spiritual healing I can accomplish that, because I don’t do that either …the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) does the work and anybody who believes enough can be the facilitator of healing power and spiritual healing, but and, again, the SOURCE does the work.

That is the way it was with Jesus and why he never prayed for anyone, he was merely the medium, so to speak …the facilitator of the SPIRIT-PARENT who did the work.

A fair question is, can’t it also be the SPIRIT-PARENT praying for someone’s healing and, therefore, isn’t my argument silly? Of course, nothing is impossible if you believe enough and certainly many people think my arguments are silly anyway …guilty as charged!

The fact remains that the reason some people are so willing to pray for others is they, then, don’t think they have to take any responsibility for the process of healing power and spiritual healing. Sounds like double talk, until you realize that they lack the faith to do anything besides mumble words ending with, “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen” …thinking they have done a marvelous spiritual healing work. Well, maybe some actually have – but, if we’re honest, we have to admit that the preponderance of much so-called prayer results in nothing and people wonder why.

That’s the point. Get past meaningless prayer and get connected to the SOURCE …and confidently, with real faith, watch healing power and spiritual healing take place …NOW!

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A Whole Lot of Shaking Going on

People often wonder why their “prayers” go unanswered. Jesus promised that, “Whatsoever you ask in my name, believing, it will be done” (period).

Millions of people pray for things every day and finish their prayers by mouthing the words, “in the name of Jesus amen” and still nothing happens. Why? The reason nothing happens is that the condition of the promise is not met. They simply don’t believe enough. Many people compound the problem by adding to “in the name of Jesus,” – “If it be Thy will.”

Are you open?

Are you open?

Why am I able to speak and pray with such authority and get results while others cannot? Because I never pray until and unless I know beyond any doubt, that the thing for which I am praying is God’s will. In other words I am nothing special… I just understand and operate within the system and therefore effectively bringing into existence on the physical plane what God has already decreed is His will from His realm in SPIRIT. So can you! Jesus said any individual who believes enough will do the same things he did and more. Why? Because the SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE does it and it is HER/HIS/ITS will to do it through you!

Before we go any further, one of the primary challenges in the healing power and spiritual healing aspect of this website —

— is making sure people don’t get hung up on what Brad Cullen is able to do. That isn’t the issue, but then again, it is. People who know me understand that the last thing I want to do is start a Brad Cullen, cult-like following, but if you will carefully re-read the foregoing paragraph, you will see the implied message that Brad Cullen can do things not many others can do UNTIL they have their own breakthrough.

One of the first considerations of this breakthrough is to remember that there is a system under which the spirit world operates and how it influences the physical plane – i.e., our lives on this planet.

The system is governed by principles or laws that must be understood and followed if we are going to operate in the authority that Jesus promised, that is, “I give you authority over all the works of the evil one.” The reason most folks don’t operate in the presence and power of I AM, healing diverse diseases, casting out demons, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, raising the dead and so on, is they believe they cannot. Or, they ignore the law governing such things.

Boiled down to basics we can state the dynamics of the law in this way: Unless the conditions of the prevailing law are met, we have no authority to heal or do anything else on a “supernatural” level.

As an introduction to learning one of the important conditions …I am urging you, right now, to click on read nothing, but rather go to the top menu bar and click on the “podcast” tab – then scroll down until you see Podcast 9 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – C – click on it and listen carefully and prayerfully to Ryan Bruce interviewing Brad Cullen.

Then what? That’s an individual thing. Write me: or better yet go directly to the SOURCE of everything and ask. Need help with how? Write me.

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About Fasting

If you are resisting the thought that fasting is important as a meaningful vehicle toward acquiring healing power to help others and receiving spiritual healing for you, consider this important point: You are resisting it because you have a mental block toward it. Asking why you have the mental block is a circular question, that is, it is a question that will have you running around in circles in your mind …never receiving wisdom from the SOURCE.

This man knew the power of fasting can move a giant obstacle.

You can find all kinds of educational information about fasting, including its health and healing benefits from any number of resources. If you are considering fasting as a means to have a breakthrough in the realm of healing power and spiritual healing, and its necessary companion, which is results-getting prayer …meaning prayer that increases faith for being able to do the seemingly impossible – you know, those things which we tend to think of as miraculous or supernatural – and which Jesus promised you’d be able to do if you believe enough, NOW HEAR THIS: These educational resources for gaining knowledge about fasting will lead you to even more circular thinking …leading nowhere, at least as regards to the subject at hand, that is, healing power and spiritual healing.

Fact: Some people have been healed of any number of debilitating and supposedly incurable diseases simply in, and apparently by, the process of fasting. I say apparently because fasting wasn’t what healed them!

What brought about their healing was the commitment, an act of faith, yeah, doing something to get closer to the SOURCE (“God,” if you prefer) of everything. In other words, fasting, to quote Ryan Bruce on a recent podcast [ Podcast 8 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – B ] is an effective tool for spiritual growth, “I don’t know why,” he said, I only know that it works.”

Here is a Brad Cullenism: Like so many other seemingly “good” things, fasting, if it doesn’t lead us to and connect us with the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) is (ultimately) worthless.

Back to the health benefits of fasting: I have seen many people get their healing, seemingly as a result of fasting. Do not get caught up in any health benefit, including weight-loss as the reason for fasting …accept health benefits as secondary, an “add-on,” so to speak, NOT the primary reason for fasting (period).

If you want Jesus to be your example, consider the obvious reason for his forty-day fast and his continued fast of “I have food about which you know nothing.” Here is the reason and please make note:  Jesus fasted to overcome any and all dependence upon physical things, because Satan has ruler-ship over the physical realm, including food, sex and booze. Satan is the “god” of this world – and the one thing that has helped many of us, more than any other, to break free from his dominion over our lives, is fasting.

It has also given us the faith to effectively say “take a hike” to his helpers …and they go.

That’s it, Wow! Thank YOU, Dad!

Now then, if you want some general rules of safety and health that will protect you from the so-called dangers of fasting – write me for specifics for YOUR situation or, better yet, go direct. Need help with going directly to SOURCE? Write either of us for our suggestions – hopefully they’ll be helpful, albeit second hand: or

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Who, Me?

Call Angels to do the work you cannot.

If we can begin to glimpse the truth of what Jesus said about us, that is, if we believe enough, we can be who he was as a man and we can perform any and all the miracles …and even more than, he performed – then, perhaps, we need to take a serious look at the following little gem in a whole different light:

Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?”

First, let’s do a little math, a legion is 6,000 and, therefore, twelve legions is 72,000 – here is the different light you may wish to consider. Jesus could have, but we can and should.

It wasn’t within Jesus’ purposes to have more than 72,000 angels rescue him from what he had been sent to do.

Once you discover your divine purpose, that is, the reason you have been sent to occupy the body-bag in which you reside, you will be aware that you have angels at your disposal to do the work that needs doing; and that work cannot be done “in the flesh.”

People are amazed, that is, those people who are not busy denying it, (and how many times must I repeat that this is not self-aggrandizement) at the seeming supernatural things I do, including wielding healing power on behalf of others and the whole process of spiritual healing.

Well, duh, “I” don’t do these things. Angels are at your disposal too, for accomplishing the will of the SOURCE of everything in you – so, as in all things spiritual, you cannot call upon them in any amount unless and until you know the purpose for which the real you (not the ego-thriving body bag you occupy) has been sent here.

If you want to have angels at your beck and call you need only know your real purpose and not be distracted by the things of this earth. Angels will help you keep that focus as well.

Do you want to know the purpose (specific, not general) for which you have been sent? You get that directly from the SOURCE of everything.  Do you want some suggestions for you personally? It is, after all, an individual thing.

Write me.

Remember, Jesus could have, but you can and should.

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So …Which IS it?

You can be free of this useless, circular question forever; the challenge, however, is that it takes faith to be free. Hopefully, in the process, we will be able to see that we have to get rid of another useless riddle; and perhaps, in the process we’ll be able to become aware that all riddles are basically useless in the spiritual realm because, like their cousins, conundrums, riddles engage the brain. The brain is a tremendously useful tool in the physical realm, but because of its close association with the ego the brain, along with brain exercises (such as riddles and puzzles, though amusing and useful in the physical realm) can lead us away from faith. Please note that I am not saying that the brain cannot be part of the faith process.

Do you need this for Faith?

To emphasize this point let’s look at what Paul, in his dissertation on a seemingly (therefore, perhaps not) obscure topic of speaking in languages not learned by supposedly natural education, said: “I thank God that I will speak with both my mind and my spirit, and I will sing with both my mind and my spirit.”

Unfortunately the topic of “speaking in tongues” has become so controversial that we miss what should be at least two of the most important parts of his thesis. Here they are (a worthy digression by the way):

“For anyone who speaks in a ‘tongue’ does not speak to men but to God” and “I thank God I speak in tongues more than you all.”

Note: Please remember that “tongues” in this particular passage is making a dual reference to real languages, with real syntax, and “angelic” languages which cannot be understood nor dissected. I was just given this double meaning by SPIRIT, so I refuse to argue about it. I was also told that it was a “worthy digression” which, if you question the worthiness, I, too, questioned “getting off the track,” so to speak.

Now then, back to the topic at hand, how can we know the difference between faith and presumption and what is being said by, “the challenge, however, is that it takes faith to be free.” (?)

Very often I just put what I get from SPIRIT in words with which I am comfortable without using any particular established English translation, but in this instance I was instructed to quote directly from the Amplified Bible and …Jesus’ half-brother James put it this way:

“If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

“Only it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering (no hesitating, no doubting). For the one who wavers (hesitates, doubts) is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.

Double Minded

“For truly, let not such a person imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord,

“[For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].”

Our lives can really be made to be so simple …the promise is that God will give you the information you want for you, for today, but you have to go to him in faith to get it. Therefore the answer to the title question, So …Which IS it? (faith or presumption) is available to you, but you are not going to get God’s wisdom by arguing …and I will suggest to you that you are not going to get God’s wisdom for TODAY, NOW, for THIS situation, necessarily, by reading something written as a corrective to somebody else thousands of years ago. The above quote in James was written almost two thousand years ago …so we need to see the fallacy of taking my suggestion farther than how I intended it.

That’s it …I exercised my faith to go to OUR Spirit-Parent SOURCE and received wisdom to quit now. That is, someone could argue, how I interpreted the message with my brain. So then, how will you interpret it for you? You can discuss the point with me, which only God knows whether that would be productive for you …to get God’s answer, go directly to the SOURCE.

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Getting Past Dry Spells

I woke up “dry” this morning …nothing to write, no faith, nada, zero. The publisher wants an article and wants to do an interview for a podcast. I cried out to Dad and had assurance: Sure enough, He’s still around. But nothing comes to me to write.

Need Water? Look to the Source!

Maybe I’m washed up as a writer, came the fiery dart; then another, who cares what I write anyway? Who am I to write about anything of spiritual content …oh, oh, finally I see it. I’m under attack! I send an urgent “radio” message back to home base: “Daddy I’m under a huge attack, what do I do?” Still silence, nothing but gloom. Then I finally hear it – I have only one thing to offer anyone. It is what I have been chosen for.

If what follows doesn’t “resonate” with you, it means only one thing: You’ve come to the wrong website, this isn’t for you. You see, Brad Cullen (a pseudonym, don’t forget …and the reason for it) is a chief of sinners, supremely qualified for that title, if you haven’t been led here, I’m supposed to suggest that you leave.

You see, finally, just now, I heard Dad reminding me that he is sending a whole host of angels to bring in a brand new and huge group of people to this website, a group of people who are hungry for the truth, a truth about which I am uniquely qualified to write …and here it is: If I, again, a chief of sinners, can not only write effectively about healing power and spiritual healing, but also have the wherewithal to function in the presence and power of the ONE who actually performs the healing, then anyone can. So, if you are an “anyone,” a fellow sinner, “saved by grace,” you belong here, because it is here you will receive the really good news about the only true path to righteousness there is, for the likes of you and me.

Here is a little hint about the “why” of the pseudonym, and whether you can identify with being here …an excerpt from “About us” (a tab on the top menu bar of Click on “About Us” to get the full story:

“Obviously, I had no idea that the book (Unlocking Your Treasure Chest) would become as widely read as it eventually did. In the middle of writing it I became embroiled in several personal, political and legal challenges, some of which were beyond my control and some that were a result of my own mismanagement. I was certain that these challenges would take the focus off the content of the book and put it on my growing negative reputation, the scope of which was becoming embarrassing and even somewhat frightening. Particularly when failed businesses (yes plural) and failed marriages (also plural) were factored in, I became conflicted. On one hand, I felt deeply that the message which was being “given” to me should be directed at Evangelical Christians, but I also knew that failed marriages, particularly, are looked at askance in that milieu …so; remaining ‘anonymous’ was a simple decision.” (until replaced with “Brad Cullen”).

Now, according to “my” publisher, Ryan Bruce, Brad Cullen is an, “Internationally recognized author of several books about spiritual topics, particularly related to physical and emotional healing,” isn’t that, after all, pretty impressive? Yeah, well, it’s true and there are quite a few people who can and do attest to the resident power behind not only what I write, but the fact that their lives have been dramatically changed by interacting with me, including being healed.

That’s not the point! The point is that “I” can do nothing, what gets done is accomplished by your and my SPIRIT-PARENT, the SOURCE of everything – and that you have been brought to this website because your destiny is to live, operate and function in Dad’s presence and power, giving all credit to Him as well. You are to be full of faith and full of His Spirit and to learn how to enter this place of power, this righteousness in which you have been brought here to manifest.

If you are ready to leave behind religious tradition and tune into healing power and spiritual healing, direct from the SOURCE of everything, you may have found the right place.

How do you know if this indeed is the right place for you? Demand to break through into knowledge that comes direct from the SOURCE! Once there, you will recognize that you are on spiritually equal footing with your brothers, publisher, Ryan Bruce and author, Brad Cullen co-chiefs of sinners and whether you have been led here to be co-chiefs with us.

Jesus’ half-brother, James, wrote: “If anyone lacks knowledge he or she need only demand, in faith, that God give it …and keep on demanding it until he or she gets it. That’s your first assignment, start now. HINT: If you feel totally unworthy to be a part of healing power and spiritual healing …you are uniquely qualified to begin this journey with us.

Need a little help? Listen as Ryan Bruce and Brad Cullen talk about how to go to DAD and get everything you need. Click here: podcast #17.

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Church …and why I don’t attend.

Why don't I attend?

In the past ten years I have seen many men in traditional church pastoral roles come into the truth we have been exposing in this little book – only to get such heavy resistance from wives (less true when husband and wife are “co-pastors”), other family members and members of the congregation that they sadly turn away from the truth.

They give themselves over to rationalization and self-justification that only serves the ends of the enemy. I believe if some of these would face the truth squarely and simply announce to God that they need His own Holy Spirit’s guidance as to what to do,

He would show them how to rest in His own presence and power to “move on from the elementary principles of Christ to perfection” – instead of making excuses and trite little doctrines to hide behind as to why they continue to do what he expressly said not to do… and for why they cannot do what he said true believers could and would do.

Does “moving on” necessarily mean leaving the traditional church? I don’t know the answer to that question in general terms. I know specifically that I have heard the call to “come out of her.” I have also heard the call not to judge or criticize the traditional church. I also know that I have left situations (in church settings) from which I could and should have learned lessons that I have had to learn in the new situation. I have also stayed in situations when I should have left. The key to operating correctly is really quite simple:  Follow the promptings of Holy Spirit!

If I am angry and bitter about how people have treated me and leave because of it …I have not learned the lesson Holy Spirit has for me. I need to learn how to be “delivered” from this so that I am free to hear Holy Spirit’s guidance to be in His presence and power whether I leave or stay …leaving ahead of this means delaying the lesson and having to learn it in a harder way. We will deal with this in a later chapter.

Make no mistake about this. Jesus called us to love our enemies …I have had difficulty loving my own family and friends because of my expectations of them instead of trusting God. Leaving before loving has created personal disasters for me. Staying when God was prompting me to leave has created much complacency and lack of faith.

I have often seen “house churches” which are infected by the same religious spirit that oppressed the church from which they split away. Meeting in homes is not the antidote for the poisons that have crept into the traditional church unless Holy Spirit himself governs such meetings.

For those who are seeking truth for their own lives and have restless feelings about their own church involvement and would like some scriptural reference and perhaps some historical perspective …here goes:

Where Do You Attend?

Some suggested reading is the 17th chapter of John’s Revelation, the last book in the New Testament. Digest the entire chapter carefully and prayerfully – ask Holy Spirit to remove any preconceived notions. Most certainly do not take a message that was given to me unless Holy Spirit confirms that it is also for you.

Reformation scholars believed and wrote that the Mother of Harlots in this passage refers specifically to the Roman Catholic Church. Whether this is merely intellectual justification to shore up “Protestantism” is for each individual to find out for her/himself. There are convincing arguments, particularly based on some of the symbolism found in the passage that are rather astounding, but it should be noted that my own take on the symbolism is that it applies even more so to Protestantism.

What I saw when I first began to look at this chapter prayerfully… was that the word “mother” of harlots seemed to jump off the page at me. Immediately I saw that if the Roman Catholic Church was the harlot, as so many protestant scholars hold, then the daughters …her protestant offspring “daughters” – were much craftier and much more seductive than the mother.

I am neither asserting the above to be true or untrue. I offer it only as a steppingstone for awareness.

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Bridge to Believing …Enough
“Nothing shall be impossible to you, if you believe enough.” The operative word, here, is enough. The context of Jesus’ statement had to do with the failure of his own hand-picked, twelve closest followers, to affect the cure of a small boy who was experiencing seizures. When they asked him why they hadn’t been able to do the task, his answer was double-edged, you don’t have enough faith and if you did have enough you could do anything.

I never cease to be amazed at the energy of some people in refusing to believe at all, let alone enough to make any positive changes in their lives. In a recent podcast Ryan made the statement that both science and the Bible seemed to prove that my reference to the example of Enoch avoiding death (by faith) could be a template for our own faith was basically distorted.

Since the reference to Enoch comes out of more than one place in the Bible, Ryan’s position related to the Bible being proof that my thesis is skewed is a bit out of sync. So let’s move onto his statement about science. One example is that Duke University in Durham, North Carolina since the 1920s has been at the forefront of scientific experiment related to the power of belief in producing significant and dynamic changes. In one recent article about the program at Duke, the primary point was that believing something actually tended to make it true.

The Folks at Duke believe, shouldn't you?

I challenge anyone who tends to disbelieve (some do so almost violently) some of my seemingly outlandish statements about faith and belief to enter: Duke University, psychic research in the Google search engine and see what comes up – The piece entitled, “You’d Better Believe,” is an excellent place to start, but only if you are willing to believe scientific research into this “magic of believing” arena …it is, after all, your choice.

People all over the world are receiving healing power and spiritual healing through a variety of different methodologies …the first challenge of course is to get past unbelief that it is even possible.

Jesus was amazed at the unbelief of those in Nazareth …what the religious of today fail to see about this remarkable statement is twofold: One, Mark reports that Jesus could do NO mighty works there, nada. Two, is that Jesus made a wide circle around Nazareth from then on, avoiding the district of his birth entirely. What is interesting about this, to me, is that one of the stated reasons for the people in Nazareth not believing is that they thought they knew him …the son of Joseph the carpenter. “Who does this guy think he is, anyway,” Mark, in his Gospel, said that the level of unbelief astonished Jesus.

The Brad Cullen statement about this is a corollary question: Is it possible that the reason so many people who say they believe in Jesus Christ can do nothing he said believers in him could and would do is that, just as with Nazareth, they think they know who he was/is …and further that they don’t believe enough? Is it possible that this is the reason for the absence of the presence and power of Jesus in church? (That is, he is making a wide circle around the Nazareth of this day).

I make no claim to have any healing powers …yet I have been an instrument of spiritual healing for people who want healing and are willing to believe. But wait a minute, folks, Jesus made a statement that he didn’t have any healing powers either – it was his Spirit-Parent in him who did the works …yep, same-same with me and anyone else who believes enough in the willingness of our Spirit-Parent in us to heal anyone who really wants to be healed …so, then, perhaps the bridge for YOU to believe in the possibility, first of all …just that much, just in the possibility …could be your bridge to believing enough.

Jesus said, nothing is impossible if you believe enough, the scientists at Duke University say, “you better believe it” …do I hear an amen?

If your challenge is that you do not believe enough and you’d sincerely and seriously like to overcome it, write me and let’s talk about it. If you’ll believe in the possibility, you may just be amazed at what our SPIRIT-PARENT will do for you when we approach the SOURCE together on your behalf.

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Superior Knowledge

Does Knowledge Grow on Trees?

“Real knowledge” is just as dangerous as “perceived knowledge,” both “practically” and “spiritually” speaking. Perhaps we had better define our terms if we can expect to communicate effectively.

Can we call knowledge that is based on scientific proof the knowledge that we consider to be “real knowledge?” My vote is no! NO! Hopefully my “no” has been emphatic enough to draw your attention to something very important.

Our exalted system of “higher education” is founded on scientific knowledge that has been scientifically proven false by what I will call “subsequent science” …I like to point to certain milestones to prove one of my seeming bizarre points of view. Some of you who have been hanging onto some of my writings that, at first glance, seem just plain crazy, will sigh with a “here we go again” at the redundancy with which I continually carry on my diatribes.

In order to help some skeptics breakthrough into seeing the need to believe in possibility as a means to increase faith I continually bring up the year 1953. Why is (or at least should be, in my, oh so, humble opinion) 1953 such an important milestone?

Because it was the last year that everyone everyone knew for a fact (believed) that no normal human being would or ever could run a mile in less than four minutes. Since 1954 it is now the standard minimum for track and field training …because 1954 was the year Roger Bannister broke through the supposed four minute barrier. Literally thousands of runners now do, annually, what had been considered impossible for hundreds, if not thousands of years to ever do.

Jesus said nothing will be impossible for anyone who believes enough. I have been urging folks to just look at this one example (the year 1954) when we discovered previous knowledge to be inferior and so many runners now do something for one simple reason: they believe it is possible and, therefore, enter a training discipline to prepare to do it.

In just the last five years subsequent science has proven former science to be all wet in several major arenas. There are people all over the world performing documented miracles as mind blowing as bringing someone clinically dead back to life. This gives new meaning to some words spoken by Jesus: “Even if someone were raised from the dead they won’t believe.”

What about you? Are you ready to believe …and in what …and to the point of doing something about it?

Our suggestion on this website is to get superior knowledge. The kind of knowledge that you can get from the SOURCE of everything …a great question is: How do you go about that?

The Brad Cullen approach is to follow Jesus’ instructions: Pound on the door of the one he introduced as our perfect SPIRIT-PARENT and begin demanding that you know Her/His/Its purpose for your life. Tell your SPIRIT-PARENT you want only Her/His/Its best for your life, whatever that may be.

That’s superior knowledge and it is superior to the knowledge that you get from subsequent science …which is exciting to watch unfold, but inferior in content because twenty years from now it will be proven wrong and meanwhile you will be operating on superior knowledge from your own personal connection directly to and with the SOURCE of everything.

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Brad on Diet:

Danger “Don’t Try This At Home”

Does Brad really need to lose weight or just get a shave?

We have all seen movie or video clips of some crazy stunt or another with the warning to not try duplicating it at home.

I was on a rather long walk this morning looking for clarity about an issue and the faith to carry out whatever it was I felt directed to do. All of a sudden I “heard” the words “share the history.”

What came next was such a departure from what I had been focusing on that I had to really “check it out” so to speak.

It also is a departure from something I have avoided writing and talking about for many years …because I have definitively had the prohibition not to – and that I was to simply point to others who feel that it is their calling to do so.

Today I tell you that I’m supposed to share something about nutrition; and I understand with total clarity that I am also supposed to share a warning – but first the personal history I am also supposed to share, whether this is for you, is for you to find out from our SPIRIT-PARENT.

When I first felt the “call,” years ago, to begin teaching others about how to grow in the kind of faith it takes to get dramatic results, the kind about which Jesus coined the term, “God-faith” or “faith of God,” or some other variation depending upon who is translating or interpreting from the original language; I began to immerse myself in the red letters …you know, the words of Jesus, exclusive of any comments by whichever Gospel writer it was quoting him.

My first wakeup call had to do simply with a conversation Jesus had with Martha, who was griping because her sister wasn’t helping her prepare some food for a gathering: Jesus told her that her sister was concentrating on the important task of paying attention to what he was saying, and besides Martha was making it all way too complicated with too many different dishes …when one, perhaps two at the most, would have been plenty.

From that I saw how silly church “potluck” suppers were, with many “Martha” types getting involved making such affairs even more complicated and taking our minds off important issues onto eating .

I resolved to simplify my diet just to get my focus off food. I began to see (for me) that I didn’t need to worry about a “balanced diet” as prescribed by those with advanced knowledge and even degrees in nutrition, but to understand what Jesus meant by his response that he had food “about which you know nothing.”

I also had a clear understanding that I wasn’t to teach this, but rather to “live” it and basically to keep it to myself.

The next historical marker for me was seeing (really seeing for the first time) an episode Matthew recalled about the incident involving a child who was having seizures and the boy’s dad coming to Jesus with him saying that he had brought him to his disciples and they couldn’t cure him.

Again, in Matthew’s version, Jesus called out to his disciples that they were a bunch of faithless perverts (literally, in the original language) and proceeded to “rebuke the demon causing the seizures in the boy” and which departed and ended the problem, the result being that the boy was “cured” immediately.

Later, when they were alone with Jesus, the disciples asked him why they had been unable to get rid of the demon. Jesus basically told them because they hadn’t prepared by praying and fasting enough – which would have given them enough faith – and with that kind of faith nothing would be impossible for anyone.

This gave me an understanding that, in order to be able to do what Jesus said anyone will be able to do what he did, including getting rid of demons with just a simple rebuke, as Matthew relayed the episode, takes the same kind of fasting and prayer in which Jesus engaged.

I began asking if I should begin fasting and it seemed that I was being led in that direction. I began asking what kind of praying it would take to be prepared to deal with things like demons.

The foregoing is the historical backdrop to gaining “God-faith” and understanding the authority anyone can acquire to deal “successfully” which such things as well as entering the realm of being a vessel through whom our SPIRIT-PARENT performs his healing and other “works” …just as Jesus said, “It is not ‘I’ that does the works, but my father who lives in me.”


Here is the warning I will give in advance of what Ryan Bruce and Eve have dubbed the “Great American Pea Diet,” which I have been on for about eight weeks and with which I have lost twenty-five pounds so far.

Once I had fasted (gone without ingesting any food or supplements, juices or even beverages such as coffee or tea -nothing but water- for long periods (I’m talking weeks here), I came to the realization that I didn’t need food …any food.

I once went for four years without eating anything but fruit and vegetables. No meat! I had attended a food combining seminar hosted by a physician friend of mine, during which the four cancer specialists from the University of Southern California who put on the seminar, talked about the fact that our bodies will produce sufficient protein without eating any foods noted for protein, including dairy products, but also legumes and certain grains.

I still remember a paper they provided about some of their studies proving that chickens can be deprived of all calcium in their feed and they would maintain healthy beaks, combs and other parts supposedly dependent upon calcium intake because the chickens when deprived of calcium start producing their own …which started the experiments proving that protein deprivation causes the human body to produce its own protein!

Well, big deal, I remember thinking, I had already proved to myself that I don’t need any food – so experimenting eating vegetables and fruits absent of any measurable protein was a “piece of cake.”

Again, I did this for four years while running from five to ten miles almost every day and never felt better. Each meal I had was always just one vegetable or fruit …remembering the “Martha lesson” I had received, but again I kept this to myself and certainly didn’t feel any legalism about it – I knew I was free to eat anything and enjoy it whenever I wanted to.

I did feel that our SPIRIT-PARENT had me in training for something which also proved to be true. That’s the history and all of it that I am supposed to share right now …and now comes the warning:

Without anymore history about why the “Great American Pea Diet” I am going to share some nutrition research …but here’s the thing: as good as peas are nutritionally, I guarantee that the only way for anyone to be able to stand the diet is to genuinely not care about food and know that they don’t need food, because just the thought of eating ONLY peas bores the dickens out of most folks.

First of all, here’s the diet, 800 calories a day. I generally get up between three and five each morning and have one piece of fruit – a banana, apple, pear or orange. = one hundred calories more or less.

Generally at about six a.m. I go for a walk or a swim for an hour to an hour and a half. That’s not included in the diet, but it is what I do and I’m just sharing it to let you know that I have tons of energy on just 800 calories.

The other seven hundred calories is made up of a 2 lb bag of frozen sweet peas I get for less than two dollars at the local Wal-mart. I do not cook or even thaw the peas. I cut the bag open and pour about one fourth of the peas into a bowl and twist the bag closed with one of those little plastic ties.

Now then, the way the diet works best for me is to doctor the peas up differently each of the four times a day I eat them. Sometimes I use a zero-calorie spray imitation butter with zero calorie hot sauce – careful, now, these aren’t low calorie items they are ZERO calorie and you need to carefully read labels!

The next time I may use oregano, ground ginger and minced onions. Next time I may use thyme, cumin, garlic and so on. Sometimes I do add a bit of salt. Once in a great while I “cheat” by using two tablespoons of a medium picante sauce I also get from Wal-mart that lasts forever and only adds 10 calories. The other spices have no measurable caloric impact. So, some days, the Great American Pea Diet will be 810 calories.

Just peas alone will make a dent in your daily dose of vitamin requirements. Peas are loaded with A, B-1, B-6, C, and a supersized serving of osteoporosis-fighting K known for maintaining bone health and helping blood to clot to prevent bleeding.

If you want to go by RDA standards, the content of K in the diet provides 200% per day, frankly I don’t give a rip, but felt I was supposed to add this little tidbit.

I lifted the following from some article on the Internet, I can’t find the thing again to give it credit, but here goes: “Peas are high in fiber and low in fat and contain no cholesterol. Plus, they’re a good source of vegetable protein. A 100-calorie serving (about 3/4 cup) has more protein than a 1/4 cup of almonds or a tablespoon of peanut butter. No wonder peas were favored by the ancient Egyptians, who buried them in their tombs for use in the afterlife.”  (my note, so imagine the benefits of seven times that!)

Moving on, peas also contain a unique assortment of health-protective phytonutrients. One of these, polyphenol, recently came to the forefront of research with respect to stomach cancer protection. A study has shown that daily consumption of green peas lowers risk of stomach cancer (gastric cancer), especially when daily intake of approximately 2 milligrams or higher of the antioxidant polyphenol. Since one cup of green peas contains at least 10 milligrams of, it’s easy to see how the Great American Pea Diet fares in this regard.

The unique phytonutrients in green peas also provide us with other key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Included in these phytonutrients are some recently-discovered green-pea phytonutrients called saponins.

NOW GET THIS: Due to their almost exclusive appearance in peas, these phytonutrients actually contain the scientific word for peas (Pisum) in their names: pisumsaponins I and II, and pisomosides A and B. When coupled with other phytonutrients in green peas – including phenolic acids like ferulic and caffeic acid, and flavanols like catechin and epicatechin – the combined impact on our health may be far-reaching. For example, some researchers have now speculated that the association between green pea and legume intake and lowered risk of type 2 diabetes may be connected not only with the relatively low glycemic index of green peas (about 45-50) and their strong fiber and protein content, but also with this unusual combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

Okay, folks, I will say, No wonder Daddy told me to share this and no wonder I feel so great, right?

Look, I got on this diet because I was sick and tired of carrying around a huge waist line and saying I needed to get rid of it. I finally asked Dad if I should go on a diet and, well, the rest is history.

Do some research on the kinds of vitamin/mineral supplements you want to include – there are far better resources than I for such things. I’m supposed to share what I shared, and remember my caveat: I learned this for me and the reason it is so easy for me to stick to it, is one: I know I don’t need any food, but dang it all I love to eat spicy stuff …and, two, because I have a ball spicing up the Great American Pea Diet with bunches of calorie-free spices (with the one exception noted). I have the added benefit of knowing this diet provides EVERYTHING I NEED and I’m not bored with it.

I’m not recommending anything here, but to check in with Dad. Do that and the rest will be your history.

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What are you afraid of?

“For The Thing I Have Greatly Feared Has Come Upon Me…”

Well now, why did I awaken with these words this morning? Some people might recognize the source as being from a book some scholars say is the oldest one in the Bible, Job. Some people, some scholars, hmmmm that implies that there are others that don’t agree. Is this point worth pursuing, Daddy? If so, what now?

Well, the answer I’m getting is “yes.” If you ask our SPIRIT-PARENT and get that the point isn’t worth pursuing, you may as well not bother reading this piece. However, I’m instructed to write it and here goes:

Job, which some of these same scholars peg at having been written between six and seven thousand years ago and which, again, some (not all), say that Job predates Moses who, thus, couldn’t have possibly written it (and, as I hope to prove), so what?

If the scholars who insist upon the authorship of Job being other than Moses …and they make quite convincing arguments that this is a fact, then much of the commentary about Job based on the premise that Moses is the one who wrote it wouldn’t seem valid, would it? Seems like a valid question, is it? If so, what now, Daddy?

The point being that, if the quote purportedly out of the mouth of Job, can stand by itself as a truth, that is, based on no little evidence, that the title at the top of this article is an undeniable fact, then why worry about its origin? Why is it even necessary to quote? This is particularly so when we see that there are those who make the argument that when we “greatly fear” anything, that is, focus on the thing we fear, it tends to come into our reality – negative faith, some might call it.

It has been several years since I have seriously read or discussed Job, so why did I wake up with these words ringing in my ear, Daddy? Is this from You? Ah yes, I am assured …the question I should have asked in the first place.

Should I delete all the foregoing references to Job? I’m getting no. If you ask and get something different then, again, why read any further?

I immediately recalled a conversation I had with a woman yesterday, who was on her way to a doctor …she’d had recent diagnostic tests and was quite fearful that she has early warning signs of having cancer.

An amusing (to me) part of her conversation was her saying that she knows I repeat a “mantra” (her word) several times a day about getting better and stronger and younger every day; “I prefer,” said she, to grow old gracefully.”

I didn’t feel led to say anything to her, but oh how I would have liked to say, had I thought of it at the time: “This is growing old gracefully? Living in fear and spending all your time focusing on a constant terror of getting cancer? But I didn’t, again, because I wasn’t led to do that.

Here’s something worth considering: The book of Job, as with so much of the Bible, is intriguing because there are enough different slants on what different scholars have on all the different meanings contained in the many different lessons these different scholars say is contained therein; this makes Job one of those topics about which somebody could reasonably say that you can make it say whatever you want it to say – because all these different scholars and their varied and often opposing views seem to do exactly that.

What I am saying, which obviously doesn’t necessarily make it true for you, is that when we greatly fear anything it does, with scientific fact to back it up, tend to come into our “reality.”

A more recent quote is coming to mind, written from an author more recently -about nineteen hundred years ago- said that fear comes from a spirit and that spirit is not God, for God gives us the mind of our SPIRIT-PARENT.

In a recent podcast Ryan stated fairly clearly that he believes that what I have termed “enemy agents” don’t necessarily come from Satan. Ryan didn’t argue the reality of enemy agents; he just made the statement that we don’t know where they come from.

I don’t feel the need to argue the point. Ryan admits to their reality because he, as I, has seen them manifest. It is in this kind of discussion that I generally drag out some credible eye-witness testimony, to prove the existence of such, but let’s just leave it at the point that Brad Cullen and his publisher Ryan Bruce agree on this point: They are real regardless of where they come from and should actually be called, because the latter we just don’t know.

Having said all that, let’s go back to fear and that, if you want to use the Bible as your source, you can drag out a quote that the enemy agent called fear isn’t given by God, but is actually one of these enemy agents.

Any reasonable person understands that some fears are also reasonable responses to very real dangers. The point of all this long winded, rambling diatribe is the same point made over and over on this website: Go directly to the SOURCE. If we are experiencing fears, or for that matter, exuberant joys …don’t let them be the determining factor of what we do, let them be the triggering mechanisms to take it to our SPIRIT-PARENT to ask, what now?

I had an e-mail the other day from a woman who pointed out that she was “directed by the Lord to go to a doctor” in the pursuit of overcoming a medical problem and through the doctor she had what almost must be considered a “miracle.” I fully agree. Her first response wasn’t to go to the doctor, however; her first response was to ask our SPIRIT-PARENT how to respond.

That is faith and from the same author of 1900 years ago that we referenced above, “When we act apart from faith, we sin” …the actual definition of the term “sin” means missing God.

All that for this: Go directly to the SOURCE …do it now. That’s where this article came from and, of course, it may just be for me.
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Brad’s Five Rules for Effective Prayer

Here are my five rules, for me …I know you go directly to the SOURCE, please do so and get confirmation and/or correction for YOU, and if you feel so-inclined please share.
1) Never pray for anything until and unless I know it is God’s will for THIS situation.
2) Never pray for anything until all the conflicts that stand in the way of God’s perfect will are dealt with.
3) Stop listening to those who say there is no adversary, I first tell our SPIRIT-PARENT I want Her/His/Its will unto the death of any and all desires and preconceived ideas. I want the will of SPIRIT (period).
4) I keep demanding clarity UNTIL I know exactly what I am supposed to be praying for in this situation and if I’m shown that the adversary, or one of its agents has set up a stronghold in me, I get rid of it, by declaring I’ve been give authority over it which I have because the Creator of the universe has given me authority and I want only the will of the SOURCE!
5) I, then, allow the gratitude to well up in me in the knowledge that our perfect Daddy/Mommy always hears AND answers me …which leads to expectancy which I don’t have to conjure up because it is THERE!

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