Neutralize the doubletalk in your mind


What double talk? This is what an atom looks like…I think. 🙁

First, a little chemistry: A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat –that’s how your body self-regulates a steady pH level in your blood.
The above, minus the title, was swiped off a well-respected, medical website and it is doubletalk or “dt” and closely related to “bs” because it ignores several key factors.

It is partially true and as with all partial truth, when you use it as a foundation, it contains a lie, a potentially deadly lie, thus the foundation is faulty and the building will ultimately collapse.

Then there is more “dt” both in a study about coffee that is in opposition to the findings about the direct health benefits from drinking coffee published by the respected Mayo Clinic which, in the watered down version on the Internet, has a telling last few words (more dt): “Further research may, of course, alter these findings.”

Another Study states: “Caffeine is often the primary focus when the negative health effects of coffee are discussed. But there are a number of significant chemical compounds present in coffee, other than caffeine, which also have strong effects on the body. Some of the more common active constituents include chlorogenic acid, caffeol and diterpenes.

Is it science or maybe a little witchcraft?

“Many health conditions that are aggravated by coffee are still affected by decaffeinated coffee, despite the lowered level of caffeine, due to these other phytochemicals that remain in decaf coffee after the decaffeination process.

“Current studies suggest that, for people who are sensitive to coffee’s effects, decaffeinated brews may still exacerbate their health problems. Therefore, the healthiest option may be to eliminate both regular and decaffeinated coffee from the diet.”

The “dt” that is obvious in the latter Study is the term “health problems” …which health problems? Because the Mayo Clinic Study talks about coffee reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, type II Diabetes, liver cancer and some other scary stuff.

The only way to eliminate all the “dt” and “bs” from your mind is to take control over the health of your own body, by being sensitive to the fact that you are unique and what may be good for me is not good for you and vice versa.

No, no…not this table…the one with Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual legs.

Plus the fact that nutrition is only one of four legs that maintains the level of the table upon which your Vital Health rests; and research, no matter how scientific, is biased towards and affected by conditions both general and specific that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Further, the results of any and all kinds of tests, whether administered by experts in any given field or self-administered, are subject to literally thousands of different variables that render them practically meaningless.

Your body is an individual chemistry laboratory; it is affected by YOUR emotions, YOUR beliefs and by what you drink and eat and the environment over which, in many cases, you have no control other than how you react to it, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

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Jesus Christ! It’s a Lizard!

Lizards can do this too?

And the 4th Phase of Water only 1½ minutes for you to see and believe – since I realize you most likely won’t take the time to read the foregoing, 5 page, scientific article (from my point of view it isn’t necessary, but that’s only one point of view), let me just assure you that it points to water being a significant part of LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE.

A piece I also wrote and dubbed “Zero Nutrition” (a misnomer) in order to underscore two facts: 1) You can live for months without food under certain conditions (a fact proven and published at Harvard), but 2) only a few days, at most, without water.

For several years the team of Brad/Doug and Mark/Ryan, have been putting out articles about anti-aging and reverse aging with no little, albeit friendly, tension between us. We do agree that good drinking water is an integral part of living longer.

Hungry…get your fill.

Mark/Ryan digs deeply and minutely into almost any and every scientific study he can get his hands on, while I disdain the intense study of anything.

My motto is whatever works for you, do that; if it doesn’t work try something else. Mark/Ryan’s modus operandi is to tell me why any particular thing works or doesn’t work; admittedly I learn much through him and a prime example follows.

I told Mark recently that I couldn’t explain it and it didn’t matter, but that I can control hunger simply by drinking water.

“But that’s easy to explain,” he chided, “eating habits create the secretion of stomach acids at whatever time the body is accustomed to eating, this triggers the sensation of hunger and by drinking water the acid is neutralized and so is the feeling of hunger.”

Many breakthroughs come with fasting.

Did I really need that Reader’s Digest version of how the digestive system works, from a scientific perspective?

No, but I’ve been preaching the spiritual benefits of fasting for over 40 years and, for me, physical side benefits always occurred as well, and maybe this tidbit of information about why drinking water reduces hunger might have won over a few more converts.

For several years, both Mark and I have been running long distances; for me 22 miles is the longest, his is more than twice that. We’ve had arguments about the kind of nutrition that is required.

I finally told him during one conversation that he could say whatever he wanted, I know I can go without any food for well over 40 days and still do a five mile run, and most certainly far more easily than I can on a full stomach. Mark has an explanation for that too.

It’s never to late to start running…!

nJust to prove we’ve been beating the drum of anti/reverse aging for many years, here’s one from 2010 it’s the first in a series of ten articles devoted to how you can reverse the process of aging in which I beat up on both science and religion for being stuck in their individual points of view.

One thing Mark and I agree upon, everyone should have a reliable source of information that provides the best alternatives so that each person can decide what works better for them to have control over their own lives and health in all four areas; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

To this end we are compiling information from a wide variety of reliable resources and putting it into a buffet of information in LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE.

Don’t violate your prime directive…stay on purpose?

One other thing that this process has convinced me of and Mark wins yet another argument: If we provide information by which people can build their health.

When health improves the body tends to heal itself quite effectively; this is more stuff proven and published at places like Harvard.

One last thing, what is the point of perfect health and living longer if you have no purpose? When someone discovers their purpose, that is, what they are meant to do during this sojourn and then building Vital Health comes “naturally” and it is necessary because they want it and need it to carry out their purpose for living.

Perhaps that is why I always start out with what my point of view is about the spiritual side of things and the need to discover your purpose. Once you know what it is you’re meant to do, you will be able to imagine living a very long life, because you will believe you are supposed to; do it full of Vital Health.

Please visit:





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Making it Simple

To Get Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Riches

It’s time to move into your birthright.


  1. Find the part of the mind which is connected 24/7 to the Universal Mind (by whatever other title or name) and everything else comes to you automatically.


  1. Don’t listen to those who say it has a physical location outside yourself because it is BOTH within you (and them) and beyond either your or their ability to understand.


  1. Now that you know where it is, ask your Teacher within, “What now?”


  1. Follow instructions for NOW; don’t make up silly rules about tomorrow.


  1. What the Teacher within tells anyone else is for them.


The same five principles in a nutshell, translated from an ancient text:


Sometimes it’s simple.

“Don’t have anxiety over what you should eat or drink, for this is what people who are caught up in the physical realm worry about. Your teacher within knows what is better for you; so go to where he or she is and ask; and whatever else is good for you to have will be added as well.”


The latest neurobiological research suggests: Self-defeating thinking patterns can all be attributed to an ego controlled by the conscious part of the mind rather than the subconscious, as has been believed for over a century. This is a truth which cannot be readily understood because the part of the mind that understands, the conscious part, is the part in which the ego resides, and the conscious part of the mind is always vying for control of the human psyche.

If you have any habit that you want to overcome here’s a simple exercise: Simply declare, “I” (the conscious part of my mind) “cannot overcome this, but YOU” (the other-than-conscious-part of the mind) “can overcome it, get it done please.”

You don’t have to do it alone.

This bit of wisdom comes from an ancient text married to the latest research into the mind.

If you need to understand all the foregoing before you are willing to attempt the exercise it is simple proof that your ego is what is causing your problems, ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.

If you happen to be religious, I can help you incorporate your religious belief system into making the above work for you, without disturbing your religious sensibilities. Click here for my bio.

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