Connecting to I AM

The Crux of the Matter

Can all these monkey's be right, how about righteous?

How many times have we heard that “all religions lead to God” (?)

Is the quote true or false? What could be important is to begin to realize that it is both. What may also be important is to understand what it is that makes it both true and false for you (is such a thing possible)? After all, true and false is a dichotomy and it is impossible for anything to be both, right? Well, maybe not.

What I’m hearing at this moment is that it is accepting that both the truth and the false of any proposition is the beginning of connecting with the SOURCE of all on a much different and exciting level.

If we can accept that everything has some truth to it – and somewhere between 5% and 95% true, we can begin to see that the other side of the equation is that everything is also either 5% or 95% false, depending upon the percentage occupied by truth.

If the foregoing can be digested, we begin to see how “both” is not only possible; it just is, exactly what it is …partially true and partially false.

The foregoing obliterates all silly argument. What is the point? The positions you and I may hold onto with all our strength are meaningless.

Here is the truth: For you, at whatever stage you happen to be in your relationship with Spirit, it may be totally different than my relationship with the same.

Therefore, our perfect, completely loving, Parent sees your needs and my needs in the light of His/Her universal truth and which, because of our individual, current limitation of being able to see each other’s true position in relationship to our SPIRIT-PARENT we simply don’t understand each other.

Let's follow Brad, out there on the ledge, or is it edge...?

That makes us wonder “why” we are hearing something different from each other.

Get it? I hope so, but then, maybe it is best for you not to “get it.” Words that have become my guiding principle are these: “What’s that to you? You come follow Me.”

Go and do likewise. I do not need you to agree with me, you would most likely be far better off if you don’t desperately hold onto a need for me to agree with you – or, for that matter, even understand you. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

To folks who tell me they are followers of Jesus, I will point out that he is recorded as having said: “Love your enemies.” That would seem to preclude the need to slap me around or provide other severe “correction” because of what I happen to believe.

When we can begin to “see” things as “both” rather than dichotomously (mutually exclusive and separate), we can begin to know universal truth.

True and false, bad and good, are terms that can only be spoken out of a place of judgment. Some pretty interesting historical figures, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, for example, said to not judge and if we do we too will stand in judgment.

Jesus, Muhammad and Moses, LIKE IT OR NOT, have the same root.

Does your belief mean you own them?

I have all sorts of challenges with Judaism, Christianity and Islam – because none of these three religions, at least in my puny brain, reflects the essence of what each of the three guys purportedly said.

I have no difficulty enjoying and embracing the words of all three men, but the interpretations which some put upon the words of any of the three have a tendency to make me shudder!

If we look closely at just these three so-called “major religions” (in alphabetical order), Christianity, Islam and Judaism …we can begin to get a handle on something.

Each was founded by a single man, or so WE’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE …and it just ain’t true!

Jesus, Muhammad and Moses are the three guys accused of perpetrating the crime of foisting these three religions on mankind. Let’s unravel some stuff here by simply asking one fairly simple question. Which one of the almost 40,000 known, bickering and differing sects of Christianity do you think Jesus founded?

If you hesitate to agree that it was “criminal,” please note that I’m merely writing from the perspective of how many wrongful deaths and other atrocities have been perpetrated in the name of all three religions.

God said to kill them, all of them, "leave none alive"...God said.

While Moses did admit to killing an Egyptian overlord to stop him from killing a Jewish slave, both Jesus and Muhammad spoke against killing …and we have to remember that it was Moses through whom the commandment came, “Thou shall not commit murder.”

Ah, what the hell, we just need to define murder a little more clearly, right? Hmmmm, maybe American Jurisprudence and its “justifiable homicide” comes into play here, what do you think?

While neither Islam nor Judaism is quite as fractured as Christianity, the somewhat significant different divisions in both Islam and Judaism far exceed the number “officially” stated as “major.” Both number in the hundreds of different groupings or sects …and in one respect they are just like all the different sects of Christianity …each considering itself the “right” or chosen one rather than any of the others.

Now ask upon what each bases its thought of supremacy over all the rest?

What just came to me to state, right now, is that both Jesus and Muhammad, believed in the Voice that emanated from a burning bush who/which told Moses it was “I AM” speaking to him. This “I AM” who said it was the name to be memorialized for all generations, by the Children of Israel. Hmmmm – didn’t seem to last long did it …please don’t forget that Jesus said to a group of religious leaders in his day, “before there was an Abraham (or Moses) I AM” ah …and I too! More about this little tidbit reserved for those who write asking about it.

If we too can accept that this I AM, just possibly, was the beginning of a consciousness of a Spirit Presence and representation of a Supreme Being (by whatever other title or name), then just perhaps we’ll also be open to seeing, again, just possibly, that all three religions have the same root – and it wasn’t anyone of the three men who founded their respective religions, but rather that all three got their direction from the same SOURCE …I AM!

As I am wont to often exclaim, HOLY MACKEREL, what if this is true!

Is it time for a change yet?

Let’s not walk away from the thoughts; I mean now, what if all the foregoing thoughts are true? Just possibly, now, don’t feel like you have to rush into anything. But, my dear friend, if you’ve been stuck sitting on the same pew for years (or know somebody who is) – maybe, just possibly, this will help. ASK our SPIRIT-PARENT to reveal to you what to do with this possibility which, right now, may seem like crazy ranting and raving.

That’s the start! You begin RE-connecting with SPIRIT by asking appropriate questions. What is appropriate? If you don’t know …that probably would be a good place to start.

That is, what should I be asking?

Here is something I feel might be important to consider: Ryan and I not only approach things differently, we process things differently. Sometimes we tussle over minutia because we tend to see things from different perspectives. Here’s the thing: WE TRUST each other, because we have the same SPIRIT-PARENT by whatever other title or name; neither of us attempts to impose his will on the other. When we get fed up with one another’s thought processes, we finally ask, “Did you ask Daddy?”

We are not attempting to foist our belief system upon you. We are just sharing that knowing our (your) SPIRIT-PARENT intimately – instead of through another person, no matter how spiritually elevated others may deem her or him – is far more exciting and opens the door to true abundance and abundant living far more than depending upon somebody else to tell us about HER/HIM/IT.

A drum I’ve been beating on for years is that the word translated as “ask” by KJV translators, in many cases, actually should have been translated as “command” or “demand.” When we ask our SPIRIT-PARENT (whom both Ryan and I refer to as “Daddy” or “Mommy” or “Daddy/Mommy” …merely because we both ascribe to what we both consider this “perfect” SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE as having what we conceptualize as embodying perfect egoless states of both “female” and “male” without being pulled down by any of the emotional baggage that we may unconsciously attribute to one or the other) and then begin to demand and command everything else get out of the way – we are engaging in the “how to” of reconnecting.

You're not the little lion, you really are the big lion.

A bit of redundancy, by way of personal application: What I do, after knowing what question I need to ask …is to begin demanding and commanding to receive the answer. Some people have difficulty with this idea because of the hold over them of a religious tradition of approaching “God” with respect and awe.

I view it differently. By “commanding and demanding” – what I am doing is taking authority against and over all interference in the way of receiving what the SOURCE has already indicated a desire to give me. Therefore, any spirit-agents, thoughts, emotions, other people, ideas …WHATEVER which may be in opposition to my receiving – I’m saying “get lost.”

I keep demanding and commanding to get answers from our SPIRIT-PARENT until I receive.

In our view, it is usually best to avoid “why” questions. Because asking why leads to getting the ego involved in a quest for knowledge and not hearing clearly what is actually being “broadcast” by SPIRIT.

Wait a minute, I’ve been asking Daddy what is needed for some to get past their reticence to get past refusing to ask and begin expecting to get anything from our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE – let alone get into the next phase of commanding and demanding that all obstacles to hearing clearly what is being broadcast from the “kingdom” or “other-world” …or any one of a dozen other terms you may prefer to that …a couple examples: “somewhere beyond” or “heaven” realm where the Creative SOURCE rules and has its Being?

There are many things to consider from many perspectives, but the only one I am supposed to deal with here clearly, without being oblique, is for those of you who fit the category in the immediately foregoing paragraph. All others, if you want my personal beliefs and feelings about the matter, write me: and let’s have some dialogue.

If (only) the above referenced paragraph does fit you, here is what I am getting you should do:

FIRST AND FOREMOST: It is my experience (and all of the following may not be “rules” for you) that I got nowhere in this business of “reconnecting” until I got off to a place in total isolation – with no outside interference. That means no radio, music, TV, other people around …NO distractions! I found that driving my car to an isolated place was a perfect place to begin when I couldn’t find privacy in any other way.

SECOND: Without a commitment to forget “time” and be committed to spending hours (if necessary) until I SENSED I was breaking through and actually hearing …as with lacking in absolute privacy, I got nowhere.

THIRD: It wasn’t until I I became desperate enough to follow what I call Jesus’ prescription for breaking through …meaning knocking, demanding and expecting to get answers that I began breaking through. I literally began pounding on the dashboard and yelling that I wanted HIM and only HIM (at that time I still had the mindset of a masculine “Father”) and whatever “HIS” better good was for me. I can only tell you that it was honored. I DID HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH …and that breakthrough resulted in my knowing the presence and power in my life for all sorts of “supernatural” influence about which I have written extensively.

Note: Publisher, Ryan Bruce insists that people need what he calls a “leapfrog” experience and the reason he gives away my first novel, Leapfrog, …because it shares many different facets of “reconnecting” by taking factual incidents, again, out of my personal experience and putting them in fictional form in order to disguise actual persons and places.

NOW THEN: Once you are alone and without any distraction or time constraints:

Really, go ahead, let it hang out!!!

Start asking from the place you honestly feel you are. What, for example do you do if you don’t even believe there is such a “Supreme Being?” Perfect! Start there, admit it …for example you may want to say, “I’m not even sure that I believe in YOU.”

After all, if an all-knowing, all caring creative Being really is “out there” He/She/It already knows whatever you believe or don’t believe anyway – so, what are you afraid of? Go, let it all hang out.

Later, you’ll come to the realization that “out there” doesn’t quite express it …but it took me awhile to get to that point. One of the reasons for writing Leapfrog was to share how many people got there much more rapidly than I did!

Now let an exciting thought be expressed. What if you hope it is true that there is a Creative Source that gives a rip about what you need and want, say that. What if you feel foolish? Say it.

Just be honest about whatever you are feeling. Whatever it is, don’t fake it. Nobody ever develops a meaningful relationship with someone else unless he or she is willing to be “real.”

Go ahead, accept yourself, we do. 🙂

Does “God” (by whatever other term or name) need you to be honest? Well I certainly don’t believe so (and that doesn’t make it so), but YOU need to be honest within yourself.

YOU need this because it is a first step for you to accept yourself just the way you are, whatever that may mean. In order to grow later, both in your relationships and as a fully integrated person, you will find that continuing to walk in “baby steps” (expressing thoughts of personal inadequacy need to be replaced at some point, with statements of the truth about which you are not yet fully aware), will hamper your progress, but as the old saying goes and is true, as far as it goes, “you have to crawl before you can walk.” However, there just needs to come a time when you get beyond crawling.

By the way, there is an entire behavioral psychology, therapeutic approach which utilizes physical crawling for those who didn’t get enough as infants and, because of this developmental lack, bypassed an important part of the maturation process which happens, so the theory goes, organically through crawling.

Before you scoff too loudly, it has produced some rather amazing results for some who needed it. If you are emotionally arrested, what the heck …try crawling around on a relatively soft surface such as a carpet and see if, all of a sudden, you don’t begin to have a gradual growing experience. They say it can’t hurt.

That’s it for here. If you want more “Brad Cullen stuff” about “reconnecting” for you personally, write me and let’s talk – otherwise I trust you and our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT will work everything out in a way that is just perfect for you!

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