Podcast 1. June 4, 2010: Interview with Brad about removing emotional and mental blocks to healing.

How to Overcome Emotional and Physical Healing Blocks

Learn how how to recognize and deal with the emotional and mental block that prevent you from the automatic healing process inside.


Podcast 2. June 8, 2010: Dialogue with Brad about The Conditions to Spiritual Healing.

Podcast 2 June 8 2010 Spiritual Healing has One Important Condition mp3

Do you have the correct “Conditions” to receive your spiritual healing?  Listen to Brad and Ryan dialogue about how, what and why you need to meet this Condition.


Podcast 3 Jun 13, 2010: Dialogue with Brad about Which God?

Podcast 3 June 11 2010 Which God pt 1 2

When you pray, whom do you pray to? The many names of God that are used in the world can be confusing or even misleading.  Are you praying to the SOURCE of your Spiritual Healing?


Podcast 4 June 18, 2010 Seven Secrets to Spiritual Healing…. Secret 1

Podcast 4 June 15 2010 Seven Secrets part 1



Podcast 5 June 23, 2010 Seven Secrets Part 2

Podcast 5 June 23 2010 Seven Secrets Pt 2

God have mercy on me…..A sinner? No Way!


Podcast 6 June 27, 2010 Seven Secrets Part 3

Podcast 6 June 27 2010 Seven Secrets Pt 3

Do you have spiritual conflicts? Can you identify a conflict? Want to know how to find them, listen here!


Podcast 7 July 2, 2010 Seven Secrets Part 4 A

Podcast 7 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – A

Can you get even more faith, is there a measure of faith?  Maybe… but you have to act to get it!


Podcast 8 July 5, 2010 Seven Secrets part 4 B

Podcast 8 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – B

Know what God’s will for you in this moment, It really is that simple.


Podcast 9 July 9, 2020 Seven Secrets part 4 C

Podcast 9 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – C

Does your faith abandon you? Why…. Can you increase your faith? How……..


Podcast 10 July 12, 2010

Podcast 10 -1 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – D

Podcast 10 -2 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – D

This subject is so deep we had to break it up into two parts, make sure you hear both, the reward is huge….your freedom.

The mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles: Which is CHRIST IN YOU!

Podcast 11 2010 Seven Secrets part 5 – A

How do we make this into a reality in the NOW? By speaking it several times daily and allowing the one in us to do our talking.

Podcast 12 July 21 2010 Seven Secrets part 5 B


Without this secret you are stuck. You may think you know how to forgive but you are trapped without learning how to get rid of anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness once and for all time.

Podcast 13 June 23 2010 Seven Secrets Part 6


Some people began saying that I had “the gift of faith.” I corrected them and said that I did not have faith the way they were using the term, I just understood my authority in Christ and knew how to use it.

Use Your Authority and Use it Relentlessly Podcast 14 June 28 2010 Seven Secrets part 7


For those of you who don’t feel we went deep enough on some topics in the Seven Secrets posts or podcasts, here it is…. Way deeper, perhaps too deep for some peoples comfort zones. If you have a strong desire to know more listen to this… Podcast 15 Seven Secrets Revisited pt 1 and this too! Podcast 16 Seven Secrets Revisited pt 2


Are you ready for the Challenge? Listen to this podcast to know what it will take.  You are ready, you were born built for Massive Faith!

Podcast 17 August 6 2010 – 21 Day Challenge, Day 1


In this country called Faith, today is the first day of the rest of eternity.

Podcast 18 Aug 9 2010 21 Day Challenge day 4


Stop! No more of this charade! I WANT MORE FAITH…… not temporary faith that comes from singing songs and hearing a rousing sermon. I WANT MORE FAITH.

Podcast 19 Aug 12 2010 21 day challenge day 7


“I will be in them and they will be in me.” We can stretch his words to mean many different things, but I am being instructed to tell anyone who is willing to listen that the real Jesus is in me saying this, so you may want to be careful about judging it.

Podcast 20 Aug 15 2010 – 21 day challenge -Day 10


The essence of living in the power and presence of the SPIRIT-WORD- Creator and wielding His healing power and being instruments of His spiritual healing, not humanly trying to follow the instructions of Jesus, but having the same SPIRIT-WORD in you doing the very same things Jesus did.

Podcast 21 Aug 20 – 21 day challenge day 14


Now the way to stay in the Garden of Eden is by avoiding the mistake made by the original couple. Don’t eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What this means is when you are confronted by a religious/education snake telling you how to be wise …don’t buy it. Instead, immediately say: “Daddy I don’t know beans …HELP!”

Podcast 22 August 25 2010 21 day challenge day 17


All That Glitters is not Gold

How do we escape the same fate as the original couple? Go direct, NOW, to the only ONE who can save you from yourself.                         Podcast 23 August 27 2010 Day 21


This One Thing You Lack

This is it! The essence of everything …all boiled down to just one simple thing; get this one thing and then you have everything.

Podcast 24 Sept 1 2010 – This One Thing You Lack


Letting Go and Letting God, should you?

Tell them not to come to me saying, ‘oh God, if it be thy will’ …that is not a prayer of faith and will accomplish nothing.”    Podcast 25 Sept 5 Let Go Let God


Does God Love Gay People too?

The truth sets us free. For some it is soothing love and for others it is a slap in the face. If the truth ultimately frees us, how it does its job depends upon the recipient.

Poscast 26 September 9 2010 Does God Love Gay People too?


Do You Want the Real Thing or A Shadow of Reality?

Keep checking in with Him to make sure you are being directed by Him and not the false leader who is being led by the False Leader.

Podcast 27 Sept 15 2010 The Real Thing or A Shadow of Reality


Who Rules the Church God or Satan?

Am I saying that all churches are ruled by Satan? I mean, how could that even be possible, especially if they have a cross out front and a sign that says …we worship Jesus the Christ?

Podcast 28 Sept 19 2010 Who Rules the Church


Should you Move Beyond the Crusifixion of Christ?

“How to get beyond the banal faith of Christianity that expresses itself with the term ‘Christ died for me’ over to the empowering, dynamic faith expressed by the term, ‘Christ lives in me!’”

Podcast 29 Sept 23 2010 Moving on in Faith


The Big Question is: Should I Be Taking Responsibility?

Are my problems either caused or allowed by God, or am I just having problems – or am I, somehow, responsible for the problems and pain in my life?

Podcast 30 Sept 30 2010 Taking Responsibility


Dealing with Contradiction and Conflict

One of the first things we need to do in order to access Spiritual healing and healing power from the SOURCE is to confront contradiction and deal with it effectively.

Podcast 31 Oct 5 2010 Conflict and Contradiction


Are You Missing a Vital Spiritual Step?

Some would say that everything is spiritual. Is that an accurate statement? The answer to that question depends upon your point of view.

Podcast 32 Oct 8 2010 Am I missing something


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics…and Spiritual Healing – Volume 2

PRINCIPLESpiritual Healing of, and Healing Power over, physical disease is both an enigma and a paradox.

Podcast 33 Oct 12 2010 Other Dimensions


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and Spiritual Healing      – Volume 3

It will take a bit of time to bring all of the following to an understanding of how it all fits into “Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and spiritual healing,” but we will get there.

Podcast 34 Oct 18 2010 You don’t know squat


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics  …and Spiritual Healing – Volume 4

Did you ever notice that every time there is a big scientific discovery, one mystery may be solved, but it opens the door to countless other new and even more complex mysteries? Do you remember how we started down this path of mixing spiritual and science together? The catalyst for me was the boob, excuse me, U-tube video, “Everything is Spiritual.”

Podcast 35 Oct 21 2010 Mystery Solved part 1

Podcast 35 Oct 21 2010 Mystery Solved part 2


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and Spiritual Healing      – Volume 5

Since you made the choice, why do you want to blame God for the outcome? In order to come to the conclusion that this life we are experiencing, right now, is NOT a game of chance, but somebody has to take some responsibility for outcomes.

Podcast 36 Oct 28 2010 Where Would You Like to Start


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and Spiritual Healing      – Volume 6

There’s an old saying, “you better be careful about what you want because you might just get it.” Perhaps a better way of saying it could be that what you think you want may not really be what you want at all. Could that be true? …If so, how?

Podcast 37 Nov 1 2010 You can have whatever you like


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics…and Spiritual Healing – Volume 7

In part one, I was dealing with some rather violent reactions of a woman to my “taking authority” over the “Prince of the Air” – one of Jesus’ references to Satan, and in that particular context meaning Satan causes the weather.

Podcast 38 Nov 8 2010 Back to the Basics


Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics…and Spiritual Healing – Volume 8

Here, now, is why the second step isn’t contradictory, but rather it is complementary, that is, relinquishing control cannot take place until you take full responsibility.

Podcast 39 Nov 11 2010 Relequishing Control


Brad has just written, what to me is, one of the most powerful books he has ever written. His new book is called “The Unrecognized YOU …Discovered” with the subtitle of “What Now?”

Podcast 40 Nov 17 2010 Book Announcement


The Unrecognized You …Discovered – What Now?”  Let’s ask another question: Is what is in this book, so far, true for you? How about partially true? That is, are some things true for you and other things NOT true for you?

Podcast 41 Nov 23 2010 Book Exerpt 1

Podcast 42 Novemeber 27 2010 Exerpt 2

Podcast 43 Nov 30 2010 Excerpt 3


Will you open your mind to an alternative? One thing Ryan and I are both agreed upon is the need to get wisdom directly from the SOURCE …

Podcast 44 Dec 5 2010 Searching for Alternatives


Reversing the Process of Aging

If we would open our minds to a simple possibility we would also be able to see an alternative to aging other than death …which, of course is certainly one alternative, is it not?

Podcast 45 Dec 9, 2010 Reverse the Process of Aging

Podcast 46 Dec 13 2010 Reversing the Aging Process pt 2

Podcast 47 Dec 18 2010 Reversing the Aging Process pt 3

Podcast 48 Dec 23 2010 Reversing the aging process pt 4 A

Podcast 48 Dec 23 2010 Reversing the aging process pt 4 B

Podcast 49 Jan 2 2011 reversing the againg process part 5

Podcast 50 Jan 5 2011 Reversing the aging process pt 6

Podcast 51 Jan 8 2010 Reversing the aging process pt 7

Podcast 52 Jan 14 2011 Reversing the aging process pt 8

Podcast 53 Jan 15 2011 Reversomg the aging process pt 9

Podcast 54 Jan 21 2011 Reversing the aging process pt 10

Podcast 55 Jan 24 2011 Reversing the Aging Process conclusion


Is Christ the Same, If this is True then what about that?

Then I asked, “Where is Jesus Christ this moment?” …the words, again, left hanging in the air, to which finally, and again, came the same impatient sounding, loud sigh from the same guy: “At the right hand of the Father.”

Podcast 56 jan 28 Is Christ the Same?


How To Practice Faith

When we begin to practice anything without considering the essential fundamentals, there is always a risk of making a habit of something that is detrimental to what we think is our progress in the physical realm …which may be an even bigger problem than we realize.

Podcast 57 February 5 2011 How to practice faith part a

Podcast 57 February 5 2011 How to practice faith part b


The Roadmap to I AM Consciousness and ultimate faith

Becoming one with the Creator of the Universe …if you have ever struggled trying to understand Jesus’ words, “I and the Father are one” …and “before there was an Abraham, I AM,” struggle no longer, as this book will be your breakthrough into complete understanding, knowing …and just being…and away we go!

Podcast 58 February 10, The Roadmap pt 1 a

Podcast 58 February 10, The Roadmap pt 1 b


Beyond What to Whom …Bypassing the Final Obstacle

Podcast 59 February 23 2011 The Process of Becoming


To Be an Important and Integral Part of the Spiritual Healing Process…

The function of the brain is important in spiritual matters; it is the servo-mechanism by and through which our SPIRIT-PARENT accomplishes seeming miracles.

Podcast 60 March 3 2011 The Real You Can Train Your Brain


Ryan recently told me in an unrecorded phone call that he was tired of the “bovine waste” (my euphemism for the word he actually used) of my tendency to “soft pedal” my criticisms about organized Christianity.

Podcast 61 March 12 2011 Will the Reall Ryan Bruce Stand Up


What’s The Point? Let’s start there and then grow into something far bigger. Jesus said, “What is the point of calling me ‘Lord’ unless you do what I tell you to do?” Then he went on to graphically illustrate that there is no point whatsoever.

Podcast 62 What’s the Point in Calling Me Lord


I don’t know about you, but quite often I am trying to accomplish step two, or even step three and four and speeding right past the first step …and, by missing it, have missed the key to turning any part of the process into meaningful results.

Podcast 63 Getting Things in Their Proper Order


Let’s get radical here. WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD WE BE INVOLVED IN HEALING ANYTHING? If God caused it (oops, excuse me, allowed it) in the first place, what business is it of mine to take authority over it?

Podcast 64 April 25, 2011Who’s to Blame


What some miss, again, is that this is a discipline Jesus practiced continually each day; and several times each day. Can we begin to get off the notion that we are above Jesus in this regard? If Jesus had to do it daily and then some, doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to what he said about the matter instead of listening to a bunch of watered down claptrap about “praying” that accomplishes nothing?

Podcast 65 June 17 2011 Should you be worshiping Jesus?


Depending upon individual religious perspective an additional question might arise which is, whether we have to go to great lengths to get to the point of this SPIRIT-PARENT dwelling in us individually or merely accept the premise as an already done deal?

Podcast 66 June 22 Being Jesus


After further inquiry I now know the essence of this segment of Being Jesus: That’s what I mean, and ALL that I mean, by coining the term: it ain’t us doing anything, the ministry through us is Holy Spirit (by whatever other title or name) ministry. Taking personal and individual credit for gifts and ministry is pure and plain blasphemy.

Podcast 67 Being Jesus part 4


Religion is quite often the system by which a person begins to believe that there is something to this life other than what is physically evident. The challenge is that religion is often a huge block to the process of even beginning to believe that sonship is our destiny.

Podcast 68 Being Jesus part 5


The thought burning in me is what I wish the man had asked and that is: What is the spiritual elixir? I had no idea what I would have said to him …no, that’s not quite true, I know pretty much what I would have said to him, but what do I write now?

Podcast 69 Spiritual Medication


By going directly to the SOURCE, our/your SPIRIT-PARENT right now and asking, is this true, can I be re-joined with YOU, and begin this “eternal life” – I want it!

Podcast 70 But I Don’t Want to Talk About That


Millions of people who profess to believe in Jesus as being “the Christ” end their prayers with, “In the name of Jesus, amen” and some of these, if not most, don’t have a belief or even a hope that their praying will provide any meaningful results. Somehow, however, they go through the motions apparently thinking they’ve done the “right” thing.

Podcast 71 Your Virgin Birth


Let’s underscore it: literally believe enough, and then we will not tout “our” ministry, but rather when ministry happens and somebody says “we” did it, we will quickly and emphatically deny that “we” did anything …the very same SPIRIT-PARENT that did the works Jesus was famous for, did it, not I.

Podcast 72 Being Jesus part 9 Humility and Responsibility


Let me reiterate something he didn’t say to do, but to which I point all the time. He didn’t say to go to “worship services” and sit and listen to powerless, pointless drivel. He didn’t say to fall down and worship him either; no, he didn’t say that at all. He did tell us to believe enough to be who he was and do what he did and how to get to the point of believing enough …sadly not many seem to want to listen.

Podcast 73 Being Jesus part 10 To be or not


Where do you start Being Jesus? How do you start Being Jesus? These are the e-mail questions bombarding me.

Frankly, I was not intending to write anything this morning, but the term “reconciliation” came rushing into my mind and here we are …after asking Dad, “what now?”

Podcast 74 Being Jesus – Reconciling


“Remember that Jesus said ‘I and the Father are one, you have seen me, and therefore, you have seen the Father.’ You are still caught up in looking at your relationship with Me as a son in the physical, separate sense. You must get beyond this so that you can effectively communicate to others how they too will get beyond. Because this is who you are, that is, one with I AM …will you see this?”

Podcast 75 Being Jesus Is it Blasphemy


The great majority of the religious, who were around during the brief stay of the historical Jesus being here, physically, on this planet, were not favorably disposed toward him. In fact, we must not forget that it was this same “religious right” of his day that not only wanted him killed, but were, from one perspective, ultimately responsible for his death.

Podcast 76 Being Jesus Something to Remember


Saying, “in the name of Jesus” means nothing without these two ingredients. First we have to know what the “will” of our SPIRIT-PARENT is and then we have to carry it out in that presence and power …nothing else will do and, in fact, is the folly of Christianity.

Podcast 77 Being Jesus Reckless Faith


I’ve been hearing different variations of the story for over fifty years; ever since I first began to avow that I was a Christian (which I no longer do – in fact, I say emphatically, now, that I am no longer a Christian. I declare this to whoever is interested simply because Christianity, in all its multitudinous forms, practices many of the very things Jesus clearly said NOT to do).

Podcast 78 Being Jesus Curse the tree


Why stop short? There are marvelous solutions for every conceivable problem when I know Whom to ask and how to ask in a way that will get me the best possible answer for me for this moment (which probably won’t be the best possible answer tomorrow).

Podcast 79 Being Jesus Tapping into the Source


I stood and heard the same voice say, “Not now, tomorrow.” I wanted to confess right then and get it over with. I was both filled with joy for no longer having to put up with the problem with my jaw, and embarrassed for having been afflicted at the hands of spirits while also allowing demons causing my judgment and criticism of the one through whom I was healed!

Podcast 80 A humbling experience


Sacrilege? Blasphemy? How can it be anything else? …since I am stepping on everyone’s idea of what religiously constitutes the truth.

Podcast 81 The Strange thing about Truth


The fourth Dimension podcasts:

Podcast 82 Fourth Dimension Podcast 1

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How Can I know I’m Right With God:

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