Why Virtual Reality Workshops?

Why are you asking why?

This article was prompted from three (now four) e-mails opened early this a.m. (just after making several notes I asked, “what now,” and received a nudge to go to my inbox and, sure enough, there was a fourth), which was from a friend who received the invitation to attend a workshop from Ryan Bruce, publisher of Brad Cullen books and sponsor (and webmaster) of the website, which carries my (Brad Cullen) articles about spiritual topics.

The first three basically asked, “Why should I take you up on the offer to participate in one of the pilot project workshops?” The fourth was merely a comment that it would be intriguing to see what kind of results the invitation garnered.

Because it is science...that's why.

Here’s the answer: The latest scientific research into some of the workings of the human mind have been exciting to Ryan and me because so much of the research confirms things we have been saying, from our own experiences, for the past 17 years of our collaboration.

Let’s enumerate some of what the research has demonstrated point-by-point and what the Virtual Reality Workshop (vrw) could (no guarantees, of course) do for participants to make positive changes that they desire …not only emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but even physical improvements:

1. There are myriad ways to simplify our lives and make them far more satisfactory …some are complicated, long range and costly …Ryan’s and my position has steadfastly been, find what works for you and go for it. Utilizing our imaginations to change negative realities in our lives has proved extremely beneficial for us and a vrw is merely an introduction to the process of becoming happier and more productive. The latest research confirms imagination is a key and vrw is one possibility for you.

2. Neuroscientists increasingly agree that the reality which exists within each of our minds differs from the reality in the imagination of everyone else. Therefore, from my humble, non-scientific point of view, it is time for each of us to take control of our own imaginations to create a better reality …Ryan and I both attest that our realities have improved immensely on our journey together and we’ve witnessed the improvements in countless others.

How fast can you move in Virtual Reality?

A vrw may help you, how will you know, if you don’t try it?

3. Nobel peace prize winner, Eric Kandel (do yourself a favor and Google his name) won the prize in the year 2000 for demonstrating that a single nerve cell from a sea slug can be taught to become more curious about its surroundings …and when it does – IT CREATES NEW NEUROPATHWAYS which allows it to send and receive an ever-increasing amount of information with other organisms. In other words, it develops an increased ability to IMAGINE.

Will a vrw do this for you? How will you know if you don’t try it? If a single cell from a ridiculously simple organism can take on mind-blowing powers, imagine what you, you who has unlimited potential can gain!

4. We’ve been talking a lot lately about what researchers are proving related to the functions of all parts of the human mind. I’ve taken the view that the human mind is composed of three basic parts with myriad sub-sets in the three: The Conscious, which is our thinking and planning part, which in our lives, moment by moment, can hold only about four bits of information, in the memories we consciously bring into view, but only for brief periods. We tend to believe that we are conscious of hundreds of things at once …neuro-researchers have proven this to be untrue.

"Accept no ones word for it." Challenge everything through experiment.

The second part of the mind, according to Brad Cullen’s (hereafter bc) non-learned, non-scientific) hierarchy), the sub-conscious, for which Ryan coined the term, “Master Mental Processor” (mmp), is recording all this stuff which is contained in our memory banks (more unscientific terminology from bc), but our conscious minds (without some specific training and help) cannot access.

The third part (again, ala bc) is the super-conscious which is our direct connection to what I refer to as our SPIRIT-PARENT and others may refer to as Infinite Intelligence, God, and whatever other terms or names each of us might prefer to use to indicate that “something” which is beyond or above our ability to even begin to understand – again, a current bc belief which you may not necessarily share.

A vrw can be an interesting tool to get all three parts and their subsets to integrate into one whole that makes this life far more satisfying and simple …again, how will you know unless you try it?

5. Neuro-scientific research has also proven something that may have seemed obvious to many of us and that is that all of us have selective memories. Ten eye- witnesses to a crime or even an accident often have ten WIDELY differing memories as to what happened; which, again, proves what the researchers are saying from a scientific basis, that is, when we have intense negative feelings and prejudices about anything, such as fears, worries and doubts we need to remember that the feeling has less to do with what is going on presently and more to do with the feeling we had at the time of some past incident.

Nice slogan...want to know how to do it?

Another thing proven by recent research is that the human mind prefers to record and place negative feelings above positive feelings such as, joy, happiness, peace and the like, as a mechanism for self preservation; in other words, to protect us in the event of future dangers. This can, rather obviously, be a veritable, mental cesspool, producing tension and stress – stress and tension, another scientifically proven source of all sorts of emotional and physical discomfort and even disease.

Can a vrw help you begin to sort out which memories and feelings to keep because of their value and which you need to replace because they are doing you harm? Ryan and I believe they will help, but how will you know unless you try?

Now I want to add a whole bunch of other research-engendered thoughts, but my dear friend and publisher, Ryan Bruce gets a bit upset with me when I go on and on about anything, but the above referenced three e-mails asked why and hopefully this will give you a taste of what I told them and what you may be asking.

Try a vrw …you might like it. If not, you can move on to something else.


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The New You, Part II

– So …The Question IS:

Yes Brad that's me...

How do we get the conscious, thought-processing-part of our individual minds into a loving relationship with the automatic processing part of our mind …that part which regulates the natural functions of these body-bags we occupy, such as breathing and the beating of the heart, without thinking about it, including but not limited to the ability to heal these bodies, when/if we don’t interfere in some of the crazy conscious AND unconscious ways in which we do that?

A dialogue on the phone with publisher Ryan Bruce, yesterday, unraveled a huge mystery for me. I’ve mentioned before that, in our seventeen year history of working together, I have often noted his superior (to mine) conscious intellect; I’ve often referred to him as one of the brightest, most well-organized people I’ve ever met.

So how come, I’ve asked myself, many, many times, does he seem so slow to understand what, to me, are simple things that work for me …particularly in what I refer to as the spiritual arena? He can seem, to me, to be stubborn and arrogant about his resistance to what I’m seeing.

I’ve often stated that we process things differently and, until the phone call yesterday, I never had a clue as to one reason he cited.

We often share what we get during our separate early Morning Prayer and meditation times alone. What he shared with me yesterday was earth-shaking because it opened the door in the conscious part of my mind to understanding something over which many people apparently stumble related to what I teach and share about transcending; meaning getting beyond my own challenges – the causes for which I am unaware.

There can be only One...correct answer Brad, mine.

One of the mental/spiritual tools I use and recommend for transcending mental/spiritual blocks is something that Gospel writer Luke reported that Jesus taught and which was confirmed (from a different point of view) in Mark’s Gospel; that tool is, continually demanding and knocking UNTIL I get the answer.

I don’t know or even care about the reason this tool is so effective for me in breaking through challenges in certain instances, I just know that it VERY effective.

I don’t know whether it is the sub/unconscious part of the mind OR our SPIRIT-PARENT …OR a mixture of both that brings about the breakthroughs. It simply doesn’t matter to me …all I’m concerned with is the result.

One difference between Ryan and me …and which we’ve both known for a long time: I tend to view our SPIRIT-PARENT as being separate from, or beyond all parts of the mind, as I categorize them. Ryan, along with millions of other folks, thinks of my view as “duality,” whereas he tends to view all parts of the mind as unified or “one with SOURCE” in some sort of seamless way. To me these are merely different points of view over which neither of us feels the need to argue, but I do detect an occasional tension within me over it.

Well of course it's a sub, Brad!!!

Here is a difference between how we currently see things that I was not aware of until yesterday …I think of all the subconscious (which, for reasons that will immediately be clear, I will no longer refer to by that terminology) parts of the human mind as powerfully superior to the conscious part …a concept that scientific research has proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

What became apparent to Ryan, during his meditation time yesterday, was something he understood previously, but I didn’t – to Ryan, the prefix “sub” (conscious) indicates inferior. To me it simply means submerged or below the surface and, as I just indicated, I consciously consider that the other-than-conscious-part(s) of the human mind as being powerfully superior to the conscious part of the mind, but NOT infinitely so (as is our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever other term or name – “Infinite Intelligence,” seems an apropos title at this instance).

Hold on there Brad, superior is as superior does.

In other words, the other-than-conscious parts of the mind, to Ryan, ARE infinitely superior and thus equal to and with God, by whatever other title or name; and why is the distinction important to me?

The reason this is important for me (currently) to make the distinction has to do with how I employ the knocking and demanding tool and the reason it is so effective for me.

Now, get this: Ryan had a conversation with that other-than-conscious part of the mind – which from now on we will both refer to as “master mental processor” (hereafter mmp) – which (the mmp) admitted to Ryan that it had been blocking him from receiving or achieving several things.

Ryan asked the mmp why it had been blocking his progress in a couple of areas and the mmp told him the reason was because of what Ryan told me was “separation anxiety” on the part of the mmp due to its fear of separation at physical death.

I’ll leave it up to Ryan to editorialize about however my interpretation, of what he shared, differs from his interpretation, but when he discovered that his conscious mind and the mmp were not in harmony, he began consciously working at coming to an agreement with the mmp to bring them into alignment in those various areas and into singularity of purpose. I talk enough with Ryan that I have no difficulty understanding what he’s talking about here …how about you?

In, Is a New Improved Model of YOU Possible and Will You Allow it? …the previous article, which Ryan posted on Sunday 10/5/14 and to which this is a second part, I talked about the “language barrier” and if you listened to the podcast, which accompanied the article, on 10/5, you may have heard what I referenced above as a bit of tension regarding our different points of view – THEY ARE ONLY AND JUST THAT …differing points of view.

Brought to you by Singularity

Which point of view is the correct one? If you pay attention closely enough to what Ryan said; you’ll see a key to something …the issue of singularity AND duality. The way I deal with that issue and, with which so many people enjoy bringing up with me, is that I don’t know squat, but I assume that so many people who insist upon bringing up the point are far smarter than I.

I also assume, however,  that since my point of view and the tool referenced above works for me (and Ryan admits to using it on occasion) that both points of view MAY be correct …and just as the tension between scientists in the newer Quantum Physics camp and the older Classic (or Newtonian) Physics camp resolved their differences by realizing BOTH/AND are correct – just that data and experiments must be understood on the basis that the results appear different when applied differently. Neither is right or wrong or correct or incorrect, simply different.

Rely on your "MMP" for health or just get an automatic pill dispenser.

Here’s the difference …one reason the knocking and demanding UNTIL (the point of breaking through) tool may work so well for me is because, ONE, I do believe (which doesn’t make it true) that our SPIRIT-PARENT is infinitely and inexplicably more powerful that any parts of the human mind, but that, TWO, the human mind can access the SPIRIT-PARENT through persistent use of the tool …hold on there’s more:

I also believe (which also doesn’t make it true, at least for anyone except me and those who happen to share my point of view) that part of the effectiveness of the tool has to do, in large part, with the fact that it is also aimed at the mmp to release its blocks in cooperation with our SPIRIT-PARENT as an automatic function …just as it keeps the body I occupy regulated and in perfect health …AUTOMATICALLY.

I consciously and lovingly instruct the mmp to be in constant cooperation with our SPIRIT-PARENT and it assures me that it is in total agreement, without exception. Do I claim to understand this process? No I do not; neither do I concern myself with even wanting to understand.

Now then, what difference does it make – particularly if this entire subject seems off the wall to you from your point of view?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter …and since I don’t know squat anyway, I’ll simply continue dealing with issues and people who come to me for help the way I get help …that is, by engaging BOTH the mmp AND our SPIRIT-PARENT in the way that works for me …and Ryan and others who have a different point of view will continue helping people who come to them, from their points of view.

If that's all you want, then both is always the answer.

It doesn’t matter since the evidence seems to indicate that BOTH streams of thought produce results for those who believe that either or both are possible.

Now, as the true story in the previous article about the rather amazing results during the aptitude testing at the mental health hospital indicates …by instructing the patients to approach the test in the way they would if they were “normal” made all the difference in the world as to the rate of success, just imagine the difference in results that await you if you will accept the possibility that BOTH Ryan’s AND Brad’s different seeming approaches about ways in which to attain rather dramatic improvement to LIFE and perceived reality are available.

Now consider that the repeat of what was the final paragraph in the former article is a joint effort of Brad AND Ryan AND those who participate without need of argument:

“Spiritual Healing Source will be introducing a brand new Brad Cullen book …Integration of the Mind and a work book called The Companion in the next few weeks along with a brand new website called www.lightchoiceworks.com* [no, we are not discontinuing www.spiritualhealingsource.com] and some exciting, but very practical personal growth services including FREE online, webinars called Virtual Reality Workshops.

* www.lightchoiceworks.com is under construction and while already online during the assembly of the content it is not yet even partially functional.

Those of you who subscribe to SHS will be receiving an invitation to participate in a pilot Virtual Reality Workshop via a conferencing telephone system. If you are not a subscriber and would like to receive an invitation to participate, please write ryan@spiritualhealingsource.com and simply type in the subject line PLEASE INVITE and you will be sent an invitation to register. The workshop is FREE.

Each workshop is limited to 12 callers for maximum participation and on a first come first serve basis, therefore the pilot project may extend for several weeks to accommodate everyone who would like to participate.

New Podcast: 116 – The New You part 2

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Do I Really Have a Choice?

Does it matter what you choose?

The answer to the title question, just as the answer is to most questions related to living -and having the power to choose- is HUGE …and that answer is both “yes” and “no.”

We’ve been told that “God has created us with a free will” – well, if we’ve been programmed to believe that, we’re in for a shock. Because EVERYONE I’ve ever met responds automatically (in other words reacts rather than chooses) to all sorts of triggering mechanisms.

In other words, choice is an excellent ideal to pursue, but when we are fixed in an opinion …no matter how ridiculous that opinion may seem to others, we react in defense of that opinion and are not operating from a place of free will at all; we do everything in our power to maintain and defend that opinion … and that’s only one example.

What if we are programmed to react out of fear at the sight of spiders, snakes, alligators, bees or whatever (someone may argue that they have allergic reactions to bees –just for example– so their fear of them is justified …and no argument there, but doesn’t it underscore another point at which both free will and the power to choose are non-existent or, at the very least, sorely limited)?

You can turn it all around.

How about some habits that we may not like, but over which we seem to have no power to overcome? We can include anything, but let’s not ignore things such as reacting with impatience or even rage over something we have absolutely no ability to control such as traffic or, perhaps, just how somebody else is driving …on the surface this seems silly …maybe so, but part of the human malady is wasting energy, reacting with negative emotions over situations we are absolutely powerless to change.

The fact is that we do have the power to choose, but we have to get to the point that we can access that power – if you are willing to accept the foregoing sentence as the truth …the next question is in order: ARE YOU READY TO MAKE THE CHOICE TO GET RID OF YOUR FEARS (AND ANY AND ALL OTHER REASONABLE JUSTIFICATIONS INCLUDING ALLERGIES) OR OTHER DEBILITATING AND VERY REAL DISEASES CONFIRMED BY QUALIFIED MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS …OR ANY OTHER CAUSES?

Ooh, now we’re meddling aren’t we?


Well, let’s meddle a bit further, how did you answer the question in bold typeface above, did you declare that you are ready to make the choice?

Can you even make these choices for yourself?

So, after examining some things you’d like to change, but thus far have not been able to access the power to follow through, are you ready to admit that perhaps you may have been created with a free will, but there are some areas of life in which it certainly doesn’t seem so?

If, of course, your personal belief system dictates that God, by whatever other title or name, determined your status in life or allowed it for whatever purposes that are known only to God …then, from my point of view, there is no reason to read any further, because you don’t have any choice in the matter …and I certainly have no business meddling with such a belief system.

It’s your choice, do you want to read further and see if there may be an easier way to approach accessing the power to choose differently in many areas of life that aren’t working as well as you like?

What if there is a way that is a proper fit for you and your belief system …that brings about optimum health, optimum prosperity and the ability to make a contribution to others that, up to now, has eluded you; and it is available in a simple way that brings about these things automatically – and overcomes habits that you desire to no longer have control over you?

Don't miss the point, read it twice.

We’re talking about a collaborative project of Ryan Bruce and Brad Cullen called Virtual Reality Workshops which is based on the material we compiled for a pilot project for member companies of a business association. The following is a sample:

Missing the Point

Just because a vast majority of the world’s population believes something to be true may prove many things, but not necessarily that it is true.

I recently read a fascinating study revealing a variety of ways how public polls are influenced either negatively or positively and was amazed by a list of books that took up 23 pages of bibliography, which the authors of the study included and freely admitted did not all support their data.

Their introduction to the Bibliography seemed intensely and confidently candid as well as persuasive to their points of view: “Polling science, such as it is, is a contentious and intensely politicized field. No reader should assume that any author listed herein agrees with the views expressed in this study. We are presenting these references to those readers who would like to review our data and the conclusions we derived from it, to arrive at their own conclusions.”

Are your results just a predictable?

One example I found compelling me to agree with the point that data derived from polling is easily slanted one way or another had to do with a house-to-house poll conducted in a residential area near Dallas – Fort Worth by twenty pollsters about global warming.

What proved noteworthy, to me, was that the pollsters all received the same instructions with only one variance. In order to reduce the possibility of the poll providing slanted results, all twenty were instructed to read from their information the following: “In order to assure that this poll produces an unbiased result and accurately reflects the opinion you give, I will read the questions exactly as they are written without any deviation.”

What varied in the instruction was that one group of five were told that the questions would produce a 30% negative result, that is, approximately 30% of the people polled would indicate that they didn’t believe in global warming. Another five of the pollsters were told that the results would be evenly split; that is, approximately half would voice the opinion that the data was fact and half would opine in the negative. A third group of five was told they could expect a 70% positive result. The final group of five was told that the poll was designed to get an overwhelmingly positive result.

What can you possibly control with Virtual Reality?

The results proved only that whatever the pollsters were led to expect would be the result achieved …the last group obtaining 94% of the people they polled believed firmly in global warming.

The point of this, to me, isn’t about global warming or even about the accuracy of opinion polls, but how the perception of reality was affected by the expectations of the pollsters and how those expectations were transmitted unknowingly.

Many things impact what we perceive as “reality” …what we expect is one small, but powerful example – what goes on in that other-than-conscious collection of parts of the mind contained in these human body-bags we occupy and what Ryan recently coined as the “Master Mental Processor” is an array of programming collected and stored from birth (or some would insist that the collection of programming began at conception) from experiences, teachers, parents, siblings, religious and scientific dogma, cultural influences and so on – all perceived individually as “my reality.”

When seen for what it is, some of us, who believe in a free will and always having the power to choose, make a decision to change the programming and convert it into a much improved reality.

Sometime in the coming week you will be receiving an invitation by e-mail from Ryan Bruce to attend, by phone, a Virtual Reality Workshop …it’s FREE and has some other free bonuses attached. Please be on the lookout for it.


New Podcast: 115 – Do I Really Have a Choice

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