Tell the World What You Believe – Part Nine


To get the best answer...ask what to ask.

Asking the wrong question will not produce a correct answer – unless, that is, we are willing to look at the question from a whole different perspective …then voilà’ – in plain English, there you have it, the answer!

Here’s a wrong question with which to provide an example – well, let’s back up a bit, my publisher and webmaster, for several years, Ryan Bruce, asked me with no little exasperation, can’t you come up with a different example?

It is a proven fact that once the human mind believes in anything sufficiently it gets changed to conform to the belief. The example that Ryan was fussing about was my proclivity to use the story of Roger Bannister to prove the point. I use it for the reason that it helps people in the mind-trap of skepticism escape it; there’s a big IF to that one, which is IF they want to take the first step toward believing a simple premise that Jesus introduced, “NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO BELIEVES ENOUGH!

"I'm not a Christian!"..."Neither was Jesus?"

The foregoing quote is an accurate translation from the original language.

Of course, as soon as I introduce the name of Jesus, the religious mind goes in one direction, the non-or-anti-religious mind takes it in an entirely different direction. This series, however, is about what Brad Cullen believes which I fully admit had its genesis in the religion called Christianity.

I have refused to be called a Christian or by any other religious label for many years, for the simple reason that Christianity unwittingly promotes unbelief; another thing about which Ryan fusses at me is that I continually (habitually) use the excuse that, “the reason I refuse to be called a Christian is that the term means too many different things to too many different people to communicate anything to anyone.”

What I’ve said, also repeatedly, about the Roger Bannister story is that if you can just start there in understanding the power of believing ENOUGH (the operative word), you can grow in believing enough to get to what Jesus said was possible for any individual.

If we go back to 1953, 99% of the experts believed that what Roger Bannister did in 1954 was humanly impossible. In 1953 99.99999999999% percent of all people believed what the experts were saying. One year later, 1954, everyone was forced into believing it and the feat has become commonplace.

Your facts have no effect on my beliefs.

Of course, I can tell you that Ryan is most likely fuming over me taking forever to get to the point – but that’s only because he, like the rest of you, who already know where I’m going, ALREADY believes enough to do some of the things Jesus said we could do …and which most people, including devout Christians, don’t believe are possible for them.

So, what is the point? Ah yes, asking the wrong question doesn’t produce a correct answer UNLESS we are willing to look at it from a different perspective …and here, drum roll please – is the question: “Why can’t God do such and such?” Brad Cullen’s answer is God can, BUT the issue here is quite different: Because the question, as posed, simply locks us into our mindset, whatever it means. Brad Cullen insists that such a question is “closed loop” meaning that it will lead the questioner to conform to whatever preconceived belief and point of view he/she already has (period).

Here’s an exercise that will help bring belief further along than what we’re currently able and prepare us to take a fresh look at something I’ll pose in the next segment:

Write down every question that goes, “Why can’t God____________?” …that is, all the things you firmly believe are impossible …fill in the blank with them and, if you’d like to challenge me with any of them, by all means have at it, send directly to me: or just fasten your seat belt and anxiously await #10 …that’s next.


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Letter From a Friend

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops”…and free Business/Personal/LIFE Coaching

By: Bert Marambe

I’m currently in a skilled nursing facility after just having all the toes amputated off one foot due to the foot having become infected and the infection went right into the bone. I’ve been released to a nursing facility and the staff, including R.N.s, physical therapists and occupational therapists, cannot believe the attitude I now have and the rapid recovery that is taking place.

The surgeon, Dr. _____ exclaims she cannot believe the pace of the recovery and suggested I tell my story and put some pictures on her clinic’s website so that other amputees can realize what is possible with just the change of attitude.

I had told the two founders of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS that I was a new man physically, emotionally and mentally …as never before in my life. I’m full of appreciation for life, and filled with an indescribable love for everyone …the changes in me have wrought changes in my family as well …I told my two friends that it was because of them – one of them quipped, “Well, Bert, lose a few toes and gain a life.” I’m going to get somebody to ghost-write a book with that title about the transformation of a man from Sri Lanka stumbling into understanding how to begin living without limits!

They have been urging me to get involved with YOU WITHOUT LIMITS for almost a year …and I was always in too much of a hurry to go nowhere to listen to them …until I was forced to listen by losing a few toes and not being able to hurry anywhere.

The staff here, again, is saying things like they have never seen such rapid recovery in a case like mine or such a positive attitude in the midst of all the pain, I tell them it is the application of the principles of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS that these guys not only teach, but live.

The Three Guiding Principles and OATH for:

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS Coaches and Facilitators

●        Sustained changes take place only in individuals who are motivated to change. This is without regard to any system, modality or therapy …any system will work for an individual who is motivated to change. YOU WITHOUT LIMITS coaches and facilitators recognize and acknowledge that YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is not superior to anything or anyone else.

●        YOU WITHOUT LIMITS business/personal/LIFE coaches and “workshop” facilitators “don’t know squat.” They depend upon insights that come from Universal Consciousness (by whatever other title or name).

●        YOU WITHOUT LIMITS coaches and facilitators don’t take any personal credit for individual results that take place during workshops and/or coaching. They recognize and acknowledge that each individual is unique and potentially powerful in their own right – and whether they believe in or depend upon a SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) “beyond” them is neither the business nor the concern of the YOU WITHOUT LIMITS coach and/or workshop facilitator.

Note: YOU WITHOUT LIMITS coaches and workshop facilitators do not charge for their services. We ask only that you be open to donate to them what you feel right about donating …and if you are unable, we understand and there will never be any pressure upon you to pay anything.

We do ask only that you be fair and consider the fact that they are sharing their time and dedication on your behalf, without regard to money.

New Podcast: 138 – Letter from a Friend

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Tell the World What You Believe – Part Eight

I AM Presence & Power

You must trust what you're told, don't learn the truth...or else!

As with so many of my other present beliefs this one came from the Bible. What I found intriguing when I first discovered it, in both the Old and the New Testaments, in the Hebrew and Greek, is, to me, the seeming willful ignorance of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other religious teaching – of the significance of something in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and only a little less direct in the Qur’an and other writings, considered to be sacred scriptures by other religions, relating to the I AM, as introduced in the 3rd chapter of Exodus.

Out of a burning bush in the desert, this is the exchange that Mose reported:

“Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, ‘What is His name?’ what shall I say to them?”

“And God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM.’ And He said, ‘Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.’”

Here’s the significant part to me …what I AM said next was that this is to be his name from then on to memorialize this incident.

Careful how you talk Brad and Jesus, you might find yourself in trouble.

Many, from different religious persuasions, including, but not limited to Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, just don’t get it.

Then, in the New Testament, Jay made the statement, “Before there was an Abraham, I AM.” I’ve already pointed out and consistently done so, for well over fifty years, is Jay saying that the words that came out of his mouth were not his own, but rather the words of I AM, by whatever other title or name, being spoken through him (Jay).

If we reflect for a moment on the foregoing paragraph, we see quite easily that Jay was not saying that he (again, Jay), was/is I AM, but that I AM was and is the SOURCE living in and speaking through Jay.

I began to pay attention to what Jay said/says about that being the destiny of every individual who chooses it! All of a sudden Jay’s words, just before he (in the Bible’s terminology) ascended …or the word can also be correctly stated as transcended beyond this 3rd (or “physical”) dimension, which we’ve been programmed to believe is “reality,” began to make sense to me.

Seriously Brad, now the police are here because of your blasphemy!

Listen up! “When the SPIRIT …or I AM presence, overtakes you, others will no longer see you, but they will see me.”

See who? I AM who was/is not merely the motivating force within Jay, but that he had disciplined himself to do and say nothing, except what I AM was saying through him.

Some people think I’m being blasphemous when they ask the mundane, “how are you?” and I answer, “I AM.” I wrote the book Being Jesus to demonstrate this point. Yes, I admit that it is heresy, DELIBERATE heresy, but the blasphemy is when others reject what I have said in the past, and saying now, is a very simple truth.

It is the very same truth that caused some early disciples of Jay to exclaim, “This is just too much” and turned away to follow him no more; and for three of the four Gospel writers to quote Jay as saying: “Whoever speaks against the Son of Man” (referring to himself) “will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit” (I mean the same thing by “the presence of I AM”) “will never be forgiven – meaning simply that such person is cutting her/himself off from operating in the presence and power of I AM.

All sorts of interesting and different (from what I have just expressed) points of view are expressed as sacred law and/or doctrine about whether a person who has violated their version of the “unforgivable sin” is “damned” to an eternity in the fires of hell or, the milder version of that particular belief, will be banned from ever entering the gates of heaven.

Something Jay was quoted as saying and is nodding in approval at my repeating it this very moment, ended all argument for me:

One of his close buddies asked him, “If somebody wrongs me, should I forgive him seven times?”

“No, forgive him seventy times seven!”

To late Brad, you and your group will have to be burned for heresy.

I began to see two things that are equally still very important parts of what I believe to be immutable building blocks for operating in the presence and power of I AM. I cannot hold anything against anyone, no matter how abusive or heinous I feel are the things they have done to me or others. Since that is a principle that Jay laid down, wouldn’t I AM operate by the same rule?

My point of view, therefore, is that we miss I AM by miles when we insist upon judging or coming to conclusions about others being unforgivable by God. I saw that I needed to knock off all judgment of others. Do I fail in that? No, not ultimately. I do, however, fail momentarily and often by reacting to others with anything else except the love and forgiveness of I AM within me …and Jay declares that it is part of the human condition, and that he had the same challenge when he was limited to being in one of these human body bags.


Part of what I believe, therefore, is that each and every religious point of view is heresy to a different point of view. It has become so easy to just let different points of view go (forgive) by taking the Russian philosopher Justan Ipov’s way of dealing with it; Just-an Interesting Point Of  View (which may or may not differ from mine) and repeating that over and over (“interesting point of view, I have this point of view”) until the tendency of this human body-bag to get embroiled in wanting to argue and therefore become anchored more strongly and desperately to whatever different point of view I have.

There’s more …later,


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