The Mind IS the Body …the Body IS the Mind

…and now then, what is the function of the brain?

You mean all my thinking is not contained in this piece of meat?

The point of the Brad Cullen book, Integration of the Mind© published and copyrighted by SHS Publishing, is threefold and the point of view behind YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops,” that is, science tells us that:

  1. Everyone of the, literally, billions of cells contained in these body-bags we occupy, from the tips of our toes to tops of our heads, contains a neurotransmitter which receives and transmits information along the entire nervous system which comprises all parts of what we refer to as the human mind, both conscious and other–than–conscious. These parts include, but are not limited to the brain.
  2. The function of the brain is to process all the signals or vibratory messages, if you prefer, sent by each of the cells.
  3. The other-than-conscious parts of the mind have the ability to process multiplied millions of bits of information and that multiplied millions of times faster than the conscious or cognitive – critical thinking part and, in fact, if not trained to do otherwise, the conscious part of the mind slows and impedes what the other-than-conscious part is apparently designed to do. This partly because the conscious part of the mind draws conclusions or judgments based on partial or perceived truth or “reality.”

We have access to other levels of the mind...when integrated.

What science has not yet proven, but many scientists suspect, and some of those strongly believe, that there is a Universal Mind (call it what you will) from which the minds, contained in these body-bags we occupy, can receive and use, once we learn to get the critical thinking, judgmental, conscious part out of the way.

I prefer calling this Universal Mind, HER/HIM/IT, our SPIRIT-PARENT …for myriad reasons –all of which I am willing to share with anyone who is interested–or, to be blunt about how I really feel, has the ears to hear and/or eyes to see– and all that takes is a willingness to look at a point of view that may be different without adjudging it “right” or “wrong” …and the willingness to get beyond the need to argue with a point of view that may seem totally different than the one to which they currently have.

Additionally, what I (call me “that crazy Brad Cullen” if you want), refer to as the Collective Consciousness is the combined consciousness or MIND of the millions of living beings on this planet which all are connected to Universal Mind (by whatever other title or name) but are NOT the Universal Consciousness or, as I refer to HER/HIM/IT our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever other title or name.

Some refer to the immediately foregoing point of view as “duality.” So be it, unless you get your mind around my current point of view, you won’t understand why I am so hung up on what I wrote in the Integration of the Mind or why I AM equally hung up on …the group process employed in the YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops.”

- bc

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The Essence of Taking Risks to Reach Goals

When we take risks, sometimes we win and sometimes we learn.

Will you take the chance?

When we take risks, others will offer their opinions. They don’t have a clue what is going on in our minds that have brought us to the place of taking risks to reach our goals.

Taking their opinions above our own is just plain silly. We listen carefully to what they say, because there may be a nugget of truth which can add value to our own opinion and we thank them for offering it. We value, however, our own adjusted opinion above all others so that we can win …and not merely learn.

We don’t take risks when we don’t believe we can reach our goals, this is where confidence in the SOURCE of our goals becomes of optimum importance. If a goal doesn’t fit us it is most likely because it is somebody else’s goal.

Before you take the chance, get guidance.

The primary tool of having confidence in any goal is to ask the question, is this goal for me? If it is for me I will be shown – as a risk taker, I expect to be shown BEFORE I take the risk. Once shown I believe in the SOURCE which I call our SPIRIT-PARENT to lead me through and around every single obstacle.

The single biggest obstacle to accomplishing what I have been shown, and is for me, is not believing sufficiently in the SOURCE which, again, is what I refer to as our SPIRIT-PARENT to direct me and guide me which:

  1. Allows fear of rejection of getting what I’ve been shown is fitting and the best thing for me by our SPIRIT-PARENT and HER/HIS/ITS total willingness to give me that in total abundance.
  2. I allow the opinions of others to have higher priority than my own adjusted opinion.
  3. I allow my joy and gratitude of, and for, being connected to our SPIRIT-PARENT to wane; forgetting that joy and gratitude are the primary points of connection.

Have you met joy and gratitude yet?

With regard to (3) above, many of us wait for something to happen before we have joy and gratitude, because that is what we are programmed to do …the parental instruction is ringing in my ears, “say thank you, dear” after receiving a gift.

Those of us who have learned to practice expressing gratitude and joy as a means to connect with our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever other title or name, in the midst of feeling disconnected …whether that is just a feeling or actual is beside the point, it breaks through all the distractions that keep us from getting into the zone where we can feel, hear and sense the presence of SPIRIT.

Publisher Ryan Bruce and I are committed to sharing tools that help increase our joy and gratitude as a precursor to receiving …and there is no risk, other than being outside our comfort zones. It reminds me of the story of the wayward son who was afraid to return home – only to find out that his Dad was running toward him to fully restore him into the family.

Unlock your gratitude with your's key to your success.

If you need it, here is a starting clue: Think of something you already have for which you are grateful – and instead of merely allowing your feeling of gratitude to well up inside you, direct your expression of gratitude toward the SOURCE of all good things.

People who commit to this as a practice exercise and begin to do it often are amazed to discover that feelings of happiness and joy are triggered. Go ahead, risk it; it is between the SOURCE and you and nobody else need know what you are doing.

Others will begin to notice that you have a whole new attitude about life; continuing the practice increases abundance in every area of life including, but not limited to better health and the confidence that you can get and do everything that you are shown is for YOU!


New Podcast: 145 – The Essence of Taking Risks

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Tell the World What You Believe – Part 18


One door closes, another one opens.

This e-mail came into my inbox this a.m., to which I added the comment below it;

The results that you are achieving are a direct reflection of the image
of yourself you are holding. Improve the image and the improvement will
automatically be reflected in your results.
- Sandra Gallagher – President and CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute

[my comment is]: I AM so glad that I AM and the continual improving result and image of myself are truly beyond the pale of “my” ability to hold an image of anything except I AM which is a direct reflection of I AM …and this is my simple religion which supersedes that of the Dalai Lama, the self-declared “simple monk” (by which, in his language, he means a man who is a brother to all other men and dependent upon their gifts of mercy) and who (the Dalai Lama) is the object of the religious worship of many who refuse his simple utterance of his being a mere monk.

How many barriers can you run though, if you believe?

…and this is not unlike those who refuse to accept the mantle of equality with Jay who declared/declares that we ARE equal …IF WE BELIEVE – by saying “I AM” we prove our belief in action. The refusal, he is (present tense) saying, “is blasphemy …avoid it, blasphemy is religious poison.”

To make this even clearer, we must remember the words “Before there was an Abraham, I AM” and, therefore my religious duty, as I see it, is to proclaim: “Before there was any exalted thing or being (religious or otherwise) I AM.”


So then, to cap off my religious beliefs coupled with my deep interest in sharing with people just how I got from wherever to this:

Are you ready to change your systems?

The challenge about systems is that by adopting ANY system we replace an existing paradigm which was limiting – with another paradigm that is still limiting …just in another way.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops” takes the person, who is ready to make the leap, beyond the limits of all models, systems and paradigms. The primary questions one must ask her/himself is do I really want to be without limits and what exactly does that mean to and for me?

Certainly such a prospect is not comfortable …for it takes us out of all existing paradigms, preconceived and predetermined ideas (derived from culture, education, influence of parents and other authority figures including, but not limited to religious leaders and teachers).

This is an escape to taking total responsibility for everything that happens to and around me with only ONE Teacher and Leader; …the essence of what the following historical figures taught and lived while occupying human body-bags; in the left-to-right order of their pictures below: Baha’u’llah, Jesus of Nazareth, Lao Tzu, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Moses, Muhammad, Paramahansa Yogananda, Saint Germain, Siddhartha Gautama and Zoroaster.

Each of the above men, including Jay, insisted that he is not the Leader and Teacher, but merely one of many spokespersons for the ONE who IS. Jay is the one who brought these other nine together in my consciousness. It is Jay who insisted that he not be held above any of the others and each of them resisted this idea at first and on one basis: Jay is the only one who purposely sacrificed himself for all of humanity. As I have stated many times over the past twenty years – “I didn’t say it, he said it, therefore, if you want to take issue with it take it up with him.

What Christianity has done with this concept is anathema to what Jesus said/says related to this: How he puts it today for those willing to accept it: “This was to be the sacrifice to end all sacrifice.”

There you have it: The religion of Brad Cullen in a nutshell. I AM not a bit lonely in my belief system nor am I uncomfortable or threatened if you think this makes me a total nut case.

The End

New Podcast: 144 – Tell the World PT 18

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