How and Why is it . . . . .?

Go ahead, eat from whatever tree you want…

We believe this, but not that.


          How is it that many of us “eat” the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and thus believe we know the difference between “right” and “wrong” and “good” and “bad” when we are told NOT to eat of that tree?

We were told we could eat of the fruit of every tree in the garden but NOT that one.

How then did we get to the point of judging when we were told NOT to judge and how come we don’t freely eat (as we were told we could) of the fruit of the tree of eternal (no ending AND no beginning) life and thus enter and remain in that LIFE right NOW? Why do we refuse to believe that?

When we are able to answer these two questions we are beginning on a path of spiritual transformation, realizing we’ve been led astray and all we have to do is change our fruit-eating habits.

You can have it all…for free!

We suggest you devour the fruit from the flagship course of The College of Believing Enough that we’ve labeled Believing 101.

You can receive all eleven modules, one-at-a-time and each containing some rather startling information that many have found, by applying, can begin removing and overcoming obstacles created by limiting beliefs that originated where?

Please share the good news that the course is available freely, just as it was given.

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Easy, no matter what you believe . . .

Every tree has roots, so does wisdom…

As a matter of fact it is this easy if you take the first step. What I’m about to say isn’t religious, but it has its roots in the Bible and there is a metaphorical way to approach it – and it IS easy. You do not have to believe anything; you just have to take the step.

First you get the root: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will guide you.”

Trusting someone or something with whom/what you’re not acquainted is tough; so I asked, just now, how do I present this in a way to make it both simple and easy for someone regardless of their religious or anti-religious persuasion?

In other words I trust the process enough to take the step without understanding how or why it works and neither do I worry about it.

One of the reasons things are complicated and difficult has to do with how the conscious part of the minds of these bodies we occupy have been programmed to put up obstacles and the good news is that there is a way to get around the obstacles.

No more religious arguments please!!!

Religious beliefs have us arguing with one another about who the “Lord” is and whether he/it/she is accessible and if so how to approach her/him/it.

If we are willing to approach the above quoted proverb usually attributed to a Jewish guy by the name of Solomon, without attaching any religious connotation to it and for just a moment treat it allegorically instead of as a religious principle, it will fit right in with whatever your religious or anti-religious (two sides of the same coin) programming happens to be.

There is a part of our minds we refer to as the superconscious part of the mind that keeps our hearts beating and other organs functioning, in spite of what we do with the conscious part by decisions and thought processes that produce conflicts and stresses that are more than just a little detrimental to our health and prosperity.

What’s your frequency?

Scientific research has established that, again, what we have labeled the superconscious has the ability to be in sync with the same vibrational frequency that controls the entire universe. Again, you don’t have to believe it, you simply have to take the first step by acknowledging it.

Some of us have found that when we simply acknowledge the superiority of the superconscious when compared with the limitations of the conscious part of the mind we can break through into a “zone” that the conscious part of the mind is simply incapable of even comprehending.

– Before there ever was a Brad Cullen I AM that, I AM – and so are YOU!

If you would like to find out more about what I believe about the historical significance of the words I AM that, I AM and the experience I had which started me on this path, let’s interact.


You may also want to visit our three platforms and OR, if you prefer interacting with publisher/webmaster, Ryan Bruce, to get his history and experience related to I AM that, I AM:


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Judging Anything

…The Impractical Side

Should you even ask?

When we look at anything or anyone and place upon it or them the label of “good” or “bad,” we fail to see the existence of what lies hidden beneath what we see and perceive as “real” with our physical eyes.

Further, we fail to see what it or they look like from another point of view and beyond that, we fail to see the potential for being the exact opposite for how we’ve judged it or them.

“Judge not that ye not be judged,” has an esoteric quality that has many of us believing that judging itself is “bad,” when it is simply impractical and we become trapped in its web.

Once we get in the habit of asking, “what else is possible” we’ve created a vastly expanded universe for ourselves.

What else is possible?

When we are caught in the maxim of “what you see is what you get,” it is time to see differently and it is relatively easy when we practice the processes that enable us to see things from a different point of view and begin to see possibility rather than impossibility.

We created The College of Believing Enough and the course Believing 101 as one means of helping people, as the course introduces the concept to believing enough from an ancient promise that if and when we believe ENOUGH, nothing will be impossible to US.

Those who complete the course should be able to see around the corners of fixed objects and see in the dark without technological aids because it is no longer “them” doing it; and that’s the point.

Consider this challenge from one who some people call the greatest teacher who ever lived: “You cannot add one inch to your height by worrying” others who are purported experts at translating from the original language insist that the intent is a metaphor and better interpreted as “You cannot add one hour to your life by thinking about it.”

Hmm…let me think about that.

Take your pick inches or minutes, the conscious part of the mind, which thinks, worries and judges has us focused on all sorts of things that distract us from possibilities – during an interview over the phone today, Brad Cullen said: “What people need to understand is that they’ve made the weakest link of the human mind, the conscious part, into God.

Publisher, Ryan Bruce, exclaimed “I hope you wrote that down somewhere.” The primary core of Believing 101 is to practice a very simple process over and over 1) Acknowledge that “I” can’t do the impossible; 2) Turn it over to the ONE who can and 3) decide to follow instructions.

This same “greatest teacher” is quoted as saying that you can enter eternal life or “the kingdom of heaven” NOW, in this moment, without dying ever, but not by trying to figure it out with the conscious part of the mind, which interferes with the process; it simply cannot be understood.





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