Out of Bondage, into the LIGHT

Just shift your point of view...NOW you're free.

Just shift your point of view…NOW you’re free.

Understanding the Meaning of Two Religious Terms

Can Bring You Out of Bondage, into the LIGHT …and



Without further preamble, the terms are salvation and sin. You probably thought you left these terms behind a long time ago and all the religious stuff you attached to them …not realizing that you are imprisoned by them because of all the conflict they are STILL causing within you.

e·van·ge·list: noun; a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching.

e·van·ge·list: noun; a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching.

Surely you remember them put together in the fashion of “being saved from your sin” and the myriad arguments and explanations that different, learned religious teachers put on that one.

I began reacting about seventy-five years ago to the question, “are you saved?” …this when I didn’t have a clue other than to think, “Saved from what; and what the hell are you talking about?”

In the original language, the term translated as “salvation” or “saved” STILL means the same thing – Get this and you get your free pass out of jail; “Joined together again (with the ONE who created you in the first place).

When aligned correctly, they join together...again.

When aligned correctly, they join together…again.

Focus for a second on the word “again” and you’ll be ready to leave prison. “Again” means you’ve been there before, got it? Therefore, joined together again, means going back to being a part or particle of the CREATIVE POWER you were long before your birth into the human body you are occupying.

Now, the other term in the original language translated as “sin.” Which term simply and accurately STILL means missing or being separated from the same CREATIVE POWER of which you were once (and still are …once you come out of the mental prison) and that is an active particle of CREATIVE POWER.



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Jump for Joy!

Can you get there just by doing this?

Can you get there just by doing this?

We often hear that the secret to personal growth and the ability to think in expanded ways is to think positively and feel appreciation and gratitude. These are, indeed, excellent tools, but which can also lead us astray.

While positive thinking and feeling appreciation or gratitude are definitely powerful practices, they can turn us against getting the gift of insight that can come through any painful experiences or negative thoughts.

IF RATHER THAN RESISTING them or being in denial, we welcome them as friends we can shift them into a place of creativity and healing.

Get into the zone, any way you can.

Get into the zone, any way you can.

We can do this and get into a zone of power, healing and overcoming disease, discomfort, negativity and limitations by simply confronting the discomfort and beginning the healing process by going “inside” and asking: “Okay, what is it that I can gain from this?”

Resistance and avoidance strategies fail to acknowledge the reason why these thoughts, pains and feelings arise. Instead of alleviating negativity, if anything, they perpetuate it.

While and, again, it is true that positive thinking and feelings of gratitude and appreciation boost energy and even improve other physicality, such as breathing, heart rate and even the immune function, this knowledge tends towards our having a negative approach toward negative thoughts and experiences, including the pain and discomfort of disease by just wanting to be healed or delivered instead of absorbing whatever lesson there is to absorb.

How do you know if it's good or bad, when you haven''t seen all the cards?

How do you know if it’s good or bad, when you haven”t seen all the cards?

It’s natural to want to only have only positive thoughts and feelings. It’s also natural to see any negativity including pain or “bad” experiences as the enemy of our dreams and goals and thus to fear and avoid them at all costs.

IT IS ALSO NATURAL TO SCOFF AT A “CRAZY” IDEA such as welcoming such negativity as “friends.”

But hold on, where I got this crazy notion was something in the Bible written by the half brother of Jesus, a guy by the name of James. Here’s one version of it:

“When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends and jump for joy!”

(James 1:2)

Strength and beauty formed under great pressure.

Strength and beauty formed under great pressure.

There seems to be quite a bit of clinical evidence that whatever we resist or avoid gets stronger, because we help build its strength and importance by pushing it to a level at which it can avoid confrontation and healing. Another way of saying it might be; by denying it or just lamenting over it we are pushing against it and allowing it to avoid exposure to the LIGHT where positive energy can overcome it.

When we avoid negativity or thinking about pain or even deny that it exists, the causes go unnoticed and they get stored in the other-than-conscious parts of our minds and continue to bother us and get even more deeply rooted in us subconsciously.

Simply accepting pain, disease or other negativity as a “gift” doesn’t bring it to the LIGHT either, but if we begin to TRUST in another part of the mind, which we call the superconscious, to provide solutions and answers and learn to get the part of the mind we call the conscious part (which, the conscious, is aware of all kinds of physical, 3rd dimension, “evidence” and comes up with judgments or conclusions) to relinquish its control to superconscious by asking the question, “Okay, what can I gain from this” and expect a genius response …and be willing to wait just a little while for it, you will receive your gift.

There is something waiting for you, just open the box.

There is something waiting for you, just open the box.

This takes TRUST …the essence of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS – a small group approach to getting healing and emancipation answers via collective consciousness AND beyond.

A facilitator often starts off a new group by simply asking, “Why are we here?” Then, with whatever responses this question evokes, goes “inside” and silently asks, “What now?” and the fun begins!

Get your free copy of the updated Handbook for Facilitators. We’ll even help you start your own small group (where everyone is a facilitator).

Write Sekou@youwithoutlimits.life or doug@youwihoutlimits.life



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Quasars Are the Brightest Objects in the Universe

This is an artists rendering of a quasar. Look for the real quasar...within.

This is an artists rendering of a quasar. Look for the real quasar…within.

Moreover, quasars are not only extremely bright …they emit more energy than a billion of our suns.

Go to http://www.space.com/17262-quasar-definition.html to learn far more than you ever probably ever want to know about quasars.

The reason I feel compelled to write this brief article has to do with what I’ve been “given” as a daily, morning exercise to help continually bring the conscious part of the mind of this human body I occupy into alignment with what I prefer to call the superconscious part which I address, affectionately, as “MEGA-me” …the part of the mind that connects with the UNIVERSAL MIND.

Long-time friend, associate and co-founder of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, Mark Kennedy, a.k.a. Ryan Bruce who is the CEO of SHS Publishing in Vancouver, B.C. (publisher of Brad Cullen books and articles), refers to the superconscious which resides within him as “Master Mental Processor.” We both prove our flexibility by giving you the right to call it anything you wish …or ignore it.

Before you try, know.

Before you try, know.

This may seem to some as totally superfluous (if not “crazy”) information, but if you are looking for a way to get beyond any particular obstacles in your life, I’m being nudged to write this for YOU.

Back to quasars and the “morning exercise” …quasars appear, according to some astronomers and physicists, as a “part of the creative process of entire galaxies.” This is also a part of the input that has made many scientists question, if not completely discard, the notion of the “Big Bang theory” as a meaningful basis as to the origin of the known universe.

That the theory is still being taught as basic science in many classrooms, along with other out-dated information, might be just one indicator of just how ineffective what passes for our “basic education” system may well be.  

          The morning exercise is simply a fun way I’ve found for incorporating meditation and prayer time into an important emotional/mental do-over for me, via a symbolic “infusion,” at the cellular level, with this LIGHT “captured” from quasars.

If you feel that you may be drawn to such a bizarre-seeming way to break through into the LIGHT, “as he is in the light,” write me.

brad@spiritualhealingsource.com or doug@youwithoutlimits.life


YOU WITHOUT LIMITS also has a PDF copy available of a free handbook for small group facilitators; this is beginning to receive raves from around the globe – just ask and I’ll send it along as an attachment.

We’ll even provide you with all kinds of helps to start your own small YOU WITHOUT LIMITS group …also FREE and without any interference. If you want our input you get it …otherwise you are free to go far beyond the limits we or any other group of human beings may attempt to impose upon you.

Mark/Ryan and I refer to this as the Leapfrog Dynamic, everyone going far beyond where we are and many taking us further along our journey by leaping way over our heads and leading the way further toward the LIGHT!



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