One (of the many) Thing(s) Missed by Science

and Why

Science is defined by scientists. How do you define what you do?

Science, by definition is the study of things that have their existence in the physical realm. Scientists by definition are, therefore, trapped in the part of the mind that understands only what they can measure by physical means which include, of course, instruments that take them far beyond the five limited senses of humans.

Physics, a branch of science, requires of its practitioners a far greater imagination, has brought us beyond the limitations of the kind of science which says that 2+2=4 and what goes up must come down …a simplified form of some of what Isaac Newton proposed.

In the reality opened up to us through Quantum Mechanics things are still understood by the measurement of physical properties that exist within that dimension, referred to many as the 4th dimension – but the conception of both math and gravity are modified greatly.

All this swallowed up time…

What is missed by many is that BOTH space AND time simply doesn’t exist in the way the conscious “scientific” part of our minds are programmed to think. In fact, the so-called space time continuum and also defined as unification can, therefore, also be termed that time was swallowed up by space.

What makes that easy to understand and proved by scientific measurement, a particle can exist in two different places separated by millions of miles and simultaneously or, “at the same time.”

Rather than go any further I suggest you go back several years to the comments I made both in writing and in podcast(s) and see why I have so much confidence in my ignorance; because when all is said and done, I still don’t know squat, however – well, just have a look and a listen:

In Freedom,


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What is TRUTH, What is REALITY?

“Bring Every Thought Captive”

Should we create a thought trap? Captive to Light and Love…

There are a number of ways to look at this ancient quote, but I suggest, if you’ve been brought here right now, perhaps it’s so you can see the quote from my point of view, which can be summed up by this edict:

Stop relying on the thought processes of the conscious part of the mind as the only way to arrive at what is YOUR ultimate truth and reality!

The following is in a code that can only be deciphered by those who have the capability to access the unconscious flow of their own mind AND beyond, by whatever means which works best for them personally and individually.

If you can bring yourself to the point of awareness that using ONLY the logical/skeptical conscious part of the mind is what puts limits on you and, if you are willing to acknowledge that there is another part of your mind that is vastly more creative, and to which the following ancient quote makes reference, “Bring every thought captive to the mind of Christ,” and now use the conscious part of your mind to breathe in deeply what that unconscious flow is saying to you (and of which you are unaware “consciously”) and, in other words, allow creative inspiration to take over so that you are open-mindedly skeptical which is the Integration of the Mind.


Truth is just a perspective.

Another way of expressing the foregoing is that I AM that, I AM can be captured in the sense of experiencing without fully understanding; some might prefer, I AM that, I AM can be apprehended, but not comprehended.

What follows is a zone that can be referred to as dangerous. The reason is because of what I have to share about apprehending I AM that, I AM is from the point of view of my own personal perception about what is ultimate truth and reality, for me, but not necessarily for you.


My point of view, if understood and accepted by you, as “only a point of view, can be a beacon of light to expand your own point of view to the point where you are able to share it with me and so we can have pure dialogue in an atmosphere of love and non-judgment.

The reason I throw the word “dangerous” into the mix is that, according to my admitted point of view, above, everyone’s personal experiences are different and, therefore, your point of view, by that very fact, cannot help but be different.

Be careful where some truth takes you…

Therefore, for you to be swayed, one way or the other, by anyone else’s point of view may lead you into seeing something you are not adequately prepared to see and thus could end up in a dead-end place of darkness for you.

Proceed with caution may well, therefore, be appropriate advice, because our individual beliefs are based on our individual perceptions of our individual experiences, according to our five senses during the years between conception and to a point at approximately age 5-6 years after being born into these human vehicles AND are vastly different than our perceptions of the myriad experiences which are unique to each of us and which happen in the years that follow after age 6.

If, however, there is a place to which we can both go, safely, together, to explore truth, as equals, with different perceptions and beliefs, calmly and openly expecting that your and my perceptions related to this place of perceived safety will be at least somewhat different, we will have some interesting common ground.

Are you ready to proceed? Click on and simply type READY FOR MORE in the subject line and send.  Need hints to decipher the code?  Help is on the way.


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One Question Makes “IT” Happen

Do double negatives confuse you too? What if they’re on purpose…ask.

Once you reach the point of NOT knowing that it cannot be done you’re ready to do what you’ve been meant to do from the beginning.

If you can bring yourself to the point of believing the foregoing, you are ready to ask the one question that will put you on the path of doing and being what you, personally, are meant to be and do.

Basically, the only time anyone is capable of this kind of belief is as a little child. Perhaps this quote will help us: “Except you come as a little child you cannot enter.”

This is because, as a little child, we haven’t as yet been told that what we believe is impossible and, therefore, have not reached the point that we agree and begin to speak the deadly words, “I can’t” from which sprouts the statement with broader application and wider judgment: “It cannot be done.”

That is why, when we come as a little child, we can enter the emotional and mental realm where nothing is impossible.

This is the way…

Here’s the one question; “How can I come as a little child, Daddy?”

Once we receive the answer to that trusting question, we’re ready to ask, and keep asking each childlike step along the way, “What now?” The question cannot be asked from the know-it-all state of an, “It cannot be done,” ‘adult’ skeptic; not because it is impossible, but just because of the adult mindset.

The remedy is simple, not easy for an adult, but simple, begin asking the one question, once again: “How can I come as a little child, Daddy?”

An integrated mind is one that has BOTH the open receptivity of a child AND the skepticism of an adult, joined in loving cooperation, believing that there is a place for both and being able to reach out to the part of the mind (and beyond) that has the ability to blend both states into a place of discerning what is appropriate in order to co-create for eternity.

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