What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 11

If Going Directly is the Answer, Why Advisors?

Does your spiritual advice come from outside or from within?

Increasingly I’m getting e-mail asking, in a variety of different phrasing, the question posed in the title of this chapter related to “my Board of Directors” or “Spiritual Advisors.”

One rather loyal reader, Eric, in Toronto …who gets his own direct revelation, asked essentially: “Or is this just fiction by Brad Cullen to make a point?”

Since Eric and a number of people with whom he is associated have read my only (to this date) novel –based on true events– Leapfrog, and agrees with the publisher that the book is foundational, as a means to understand the message Brad Cullen has been given to share, I put a double meaning on how he was using the word “fiction.”

Eric and his group have invited me to Toronto next month to share with them – a first such invite I have accepted in over 18 years and seems to be the door opening to many such sharing* with other small groups in the near future.

Where will you go without a leader?

One of several reasons for even considering accepting this invitation, initially, is that this group has no human leader. It is what attracted us to one another, their Leader is my Leader …the one I refer to as our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT.

*“Sharing” means exactly that …a group of individuals sharing what each of us is getting, at that moment, from the ONE LEADER …our SPIRIT-PARENT.

…I have been forewarned, by Eric, to expect to be challenged by several people in the group about my ten “spiritual advisors.”

It seems, therefore, quite timely, RIGHT NOW, to move into the mode of “pattern interrupt” and to quit thinking and ask “what now” to get a response that may help many who are wondering about “my advisors” – one fellow, in the western part of the U.S. has referred to my explanation related to my group of ten advisors in a rather positive manner as, “your committee approach.”

Is there a leader within you?

Since that comment came from a recognized and even famous, in some circles, author and teacher, who is well-connected to a well-known Christian (no less) institution …his reference to “my committee approach,” in a positive and appreciative vein was not only surprising, but certainly well-received …again, WHAT NOW?

“One response to the question that makes sense to all of us,” Jay said just now, “is that the reason for this particular group of ten is that we all acknowledge the very same Leader.

Is it significant that Jay answered me just now and that I am seeing my “Board” sitting with me at the conference table?



I feel the need to share that those words jolted me into standing up and pacing the floor for a moment and looking at group who are watching me carefully and obviously prepared to say some things. So I sat back down . . .

Some call this scene fiction: "literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people". Some call it truth.

Yogi said, in his usual gentle manner, “Your response to Eric was perfect …that is, ‘it isn’t fiction,’ was perfectly stated.”

I went, just now, to my sent file to remind me what it was exactly that I had said to Eric, the following are the exact words:

…My antidote (for me) that stops me from struggling with somebody’s thesis is two-fold — one is to go DIRECTLY to my closest friend and elder brother, and ask: “What now?”  Meaning, how do I respond? In this case, I’m getting to tell you to treat whatever I am saying as an interesting point of view for the particular moment I wrote it — nothing more and nothing less – and to answer one question directly and that is, no, it isn’t fiction, for me; …that does NOT mean it has to be worrisome to anyone else (period). Note: To be precise, I did change the punctuation here and there so that it makes better sense here, in a slightly different context.

“What I’m getting to tell you, this moment,” Sid spoke authoritatively, “is that both you and Eric and every other individual who trusts our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever title they bestow” [upon HER/HIM/IT -Brad’s later insert, again, hopefully for clarity-], “intimate or no, enough to go directly for answers and waits expectantly to get those answers for her or him is a beloved child of God and needs no human being purporting to be a spiritual leader to act as a medium …”

“And that certainly goes for all of us sitting around at this table,” Mose interjected, and even more forcefully than what Sid had just spoken.

“Yes, and you mustn’t forget that even though our friend and brother Jay invited us all, we are nonetheless a product of your imagination,” Baba added.

“Okay,” I practically stammered, after being somewhat stunned by Baba’s response, “doesn’t that make the question of whether this is fiction a bit more pointed?”

Remember when your imagination was your best friend? Make it so again.

“You must not forget the thesis given you to share,” Baba continued, “that is, imagination makes for virtual reality which is better than what most people perceive as actual reality; this is the truth you must share.”

“I want to say here,” Zoe was looking thoughtful, “that it mustn’t be assumed that imagination devoid of getting input directly from God, and again, by whatever other title or name, is somehow ‘spiritual’ in the positive sense, otherwise every ridiculously lustful though or aggressively ambitious fantasy, on its own merits, could be considered spiritual.”

“…and that is pure poppycock,” was Moe’s contribution.

“Let’s all encourage our brother here that he is quite accurate when he refuses the label of fiction as the word relates to us,” Lahti, said.

“People have levied that accusation in my direction, and you have discovered that, almost by default, Brad, the same thing that thousands of others have discovered …I am very real,” Jere said pointedly for my benefit.

Who sits at your table? Whomever you invite.

“Well, Jere,” that may be true,” Jay, interrupted, but you have to admit that some of your appearances have not appeared to be human …and, from that point of view, fiction is not necessarily a negative label as it relates to you.” Jay jostled Jere playfully with a hand to his shoulder while saying this to him.

“Look who’s talking, and, in fact,” Jere responded, pausing to look around the table, couldn’t the same be said about all of us? – I don’t know why I get so defensive every time one of you guys throws that at me – hey, wait a minute, defensiveness is uniquely a human quality, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Good one, Jere,” Moo replied, “not one of us at his table can deny an avowed appearance, alleged by some ardent fan or another, whether in apparition form or otherwise”

We all laughed at this …and immediately we all became silent for several minutes.

So I asked them which one of them wanted to take on the chore of explaining why they were so important to anyone else when any individual can go directly to the SOURCE.

Did you have any imaginary friends? Have some again.

“You’re missing the point,” Sid spoke up almost immediately, “we are in your imagination – it is true that, based on what you want to accomplish in your life, Jay assembled us for you. We are your reality and because our values are your values and you have instructed the subconscious part of your mind to gather with us continually to stay on your primary purpose in life – which was our primary purpose in each of our manifesting in our human experience and still is in these appearances to you.

“Our SPIRIT-PARENT has directed you to share your experiences with all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Even if somebody else sees and likes the makeup of this particular group of advisors, we wouldn’t appear to them in the same way,” Jay added.

Moo concluded with: “All you have to do to see this clearly is to consider that millions of Muslims and Christians, who think they are following Jay and me, have an individualized mental picture of what we not only look like, but our essence and meaning …and the same goes for each of us who appeared before the introduction of photography because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of artist’s renditions of what all of us look like.”

Those words from Jay and Moo seemed to have put the finishing touches on this meeting; …WHAT NOW?

“You will actually be sharing something next that you have been sharing for the past twenty-five years, but in a brand new way and for which I will transcribe the exact words and many will come into a deep understanding because of it.”

Who do you imagine they are praying to?

#12 is coming right up and what it will do for many of you is to show you how to DECIDE to break free of your limitations and be joined together again with the Creator of the universe and it is so simple yet so profound I want to rush right into it now – but I don’t have the words yet, just a general “knowing.”

I AM sitting here with all sorts of marvelous emotions, filled with gratitude, excitement, joy, anticipation and wonder – I am being nudged to close this segment with the following and suggest you may want to commit it to memory:

“I am in and of the will of God. YOUR presence and power are upon me. I have and want nothing else …and no other thought or feeling shall have a permanent place in me …I AM.” I’m also being instructed to say: At the same time I have the freedom to know that I want an ever-increasing awareness of Your presence and power – and You have given me the faith and belief that is what Your desire for each of us is as well.

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What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 10

-Shifting Energy to That Which Produces Life-

Are these a choice or a point of view?

“What have you really won, if the point you win causes you to lose the game?”

I have been up for two and a half hours – vaguely troubled and what has been bothering me the most …is the fact that I don’t know what has been troubling me. I finally asked “what now” and Jay shows up with the question above.

Again, “What now” …and my thinking immediately turns to: Okay, so what about Vibrational Frequency Reconstruction …I mean what is the point of the title change you introduced yesterday? Is that what I’m supposed to be considering?

The answer came immediately: “Exactly.”


So, just now, I find this little gem: “Not long ago the rate or frequency of the vibration given off by the Earth was thought to be constant. When scientists at NASA began measuring this in terms of hertz it was at 7.8, but recently the relative constant has been at 11.2 and has been measured as high as 14 and appears to be speeding up. At the same time the strength of gravity is dropping at a significant rate and magnetic north is moving rapidly. It has been impossible to detect the magnetic north and south of the sun since 1995.”

When seeking the secrets, should you look outside or inside?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.  -Nikola Tesla


What is it that I am supposed to be seeing in all of this?

A friend, who is about as off the wall as I, and whom I trust that he gets his “stuff” directly from SPIRIT had sent out the following circular to his rather large e-mail list, received in my inbox just this moment: Surely it’s no coincidence that Dr. Mercola’s most recent article (released today) is about everything that I’ve been sharing with you all for the past month and a half or so. We live in the time of the Apocalypse, beloved, the UNVEILING OF TRUTH, and this truth (if we can receive it and walk in it) will affect us in spirit, soul AND body. – D


So I sent what I have received thus far to him with the question, “what does this have to do with that?”

What limits do we create we think in singularity points?

His immediate response was: Those who are willing to receive and walk in the truth are growing up vibrationally. The earth is also growing up – the change in the Schumann Resonance seemingly evidence of this.

Well, I don’t pretend to know anything about the “Schumann Resonance,” I’m not even consciously aware of ever having heard of it before, but I can only imagine that it relates somehow. I feel no inclination whatever to do any research, and here is a point I feel guided to make: As I said, I trust the SOURCE from which David gets his stuff; from his reference to Dr. Mercola, which I feel no inclination to even look at, what he (David) is focusing on, at the moment, is diet.

Since, you may be asking, since I feel no inclination to do anything with David’s missive or Mercola’s article, why did I include the link and what David said? The reason is simple …I asked and was told to include it. So, apparently, it is for somebody tuning in to what I’m getting to say right now.

Now then what about the subtitle of today’s piece, that is, “Shifting Energy to That Which Produces Life” (?)

“Diet and no diet (fasting) are a means by which you shift energy so that the mind is receptive to vibrational influences. A person who gets satisfaction for hunger and appetite impulses from too much and/or the wrong kind of food will have her/his senses dulled. In that, you see, the inclusion of your exchange with David was appropriate.

Waiting for Heaven or Living Eternity...NOW.

“Overcoming the expectancy of physical death and entering into the parallel universe where eternal life, is ongoing in the NOW, depends upon matching vibrations with spiritual food rather than physical, but increased awareness of spiritual is precipitated through the decrease of dependence upon food.”

“It will be through this change in focus that the shift in energy will allow the Reconstruction of Vibrational Frequency and thereby make a change in the molecular structure that represents physical life as opposed to physical death.”

Holy mackerel, I’m being told not to concentrate on things like “Schumann Resonance” or the specifics of any approach to diet, but to just leave it to every individual to COME TO THE SOURCE for direction for her/his specific needs and they will be met individually; seems as though I’m being brought to that place of repeating an old theme: GO DIRECT which brings newness of life.

New Podcast: What Jesus is teaching me part 10

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What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 9

-Flipping the Switch of Absolute Simplicity-

Switch on to get connected to Source.

The tendency of all human beings is to complicate things – we’ve been told things such as “God is love” and we’re not satisfied until we’ve drawn up a list of twenty different kinds of love.

Jay gave me an illustration this morning that helped me immensely. “You walk into a room in the dark and all you have to do is flip the light switch and the darkness is gone.”

Okay, I could see that, I guess the pun is intended, although unintentionally, -if that can begin to make sense to anyone else- “what now?” Jay nodded approvingly as I said the words aloud.

Immediately I was given the following title: The Secret Formula and Chemistry then directed to do a little research. “Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed; the investigation of their properties and the ways in which they interact, combine, and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances” … or, at least, so says one dictionary.

What now? I heard the same term I had received several days ago which meant nothing to me, at the time, and which I was told to file away and that it would become a vital part of my understanding about bringing the physically dead (appearing) back to life (appearing). That term is Vibrational Reconstruction and it appears that NOW is the time to begin dealing with it.

Jay just assembled everyone at the conference table and they’re all looking at me, smiling at my bewilderment, and Yogi started off by saying: “You have not had any trouble believing something I did in 1952, which caused quite a stir, but you also wondered how and if you could and/or even should make the same thing happen in your own human manifestation and also if it were something you should pursue.”

Follow the path to truth and wisdom, many have walked here.

Those words startled me because I had forgotten, consciously, all about Yogi’s experience, witnessed and reported by those in the news media. The following quote stands out in my mind from what Yogi had said over sixty years ago: “Those who have come to Self‑Realization Fellowship truly seeking inward spiritual help shall receive what they seek from God.”

“Now then,” Lahti said, “You see the formula. Yogi’s experience in human form came directly from God. Our being here with you is to assure you that all the wisdom of the ages has one SOURCE …our SPIRIT-PARENT and that is the formula.

“It is the reason you are a vessel of healing on this physical plane, you have learned not to get caught up in any particular formula or system and to give all “glory” to God. That is the formula for you.”

Baba said, while laughing: “The fact that Jay has brought us all together as your Board of Advisors, as you sometimes refer to us, is to help you stay focused on the formula: All truth is swallowed up in one understanding and Yogi’s quote says it all. If you looked carefully enough at all the volumes of stuff that I wrote, you’d probably find something you’d want to quote as well.”

Many hope to find their answer here without looking to Source.

“That could also be said about what Brad has written,” this from Moe, “it’s just that who needs to pore all over anyone’s writings, when everyone has direct access to the SOURCE?” We are all laughing together at that quip.

“In that,” Jay interjected, “I can say that I’m quite happy I didn’t write anything.”

“Of course, Jay,” Moo responded, grinning broadly, “there are those who insist that the whole of what is considered sacred Jewish and Christian Scripture, including what I wrote, was inspired by you.”

“I feel the need to comment that until Jay brought us together to be with you and help you along in your journey, that I felt much the same way, although I would not have articulated it quite in that way. There is no doubt in my mind that Baba, Yogi, Moe, Moo and I put Jay on the same kind of pedestal that you have placed him on, Brad, it wasn’t until Jay insisted to us that we were all his brothers and that we were equal with him and you, that we were brought into the same consciousness.”

Jay looked over at Jere and told him, “That was quite a speech, my friend, but now look at what you’ve done to our brother Brad, you’ve got him in a mental box in which he is dazed.”

Brad is on our hit list and we're gonna get him for what he says!

Mose boomed his comment from down at the end of the table, “Yeah, Jay, but that is quite simple to overcome, ‘what now?’ …eh?”

Indeed, what now? “What is going through my mind, guys, is what bunches of Christians are going to do with this when and if Ryan publishes it. This is scary stuff to people who are stuck in one point of view” …I had felt somewhat confident even if shaken a bit when I had blurted out these words.

“The antidote to that, Brad, is to quit separating yourself from Christians, if I, while practicing some of the disciplines of the Hindu tradition, could call myself a Jew, a Buddhist and a Muslim so can you,” Moe replied.

“Those are key words, Brad, remember them, and remember also that,” Jay paused “…and let me say this emphatically, I myself told you that it didn’t make any difference what you thought about me, past or present, or even what you called me, that our SPIRIT-PARENT has guided you to the place of realization that I AM all things to all people that I might win them, not to me, but to the SOURCE of everything.

Tune into your song, ask for it.

“Now then,” Jay continued, “let’s get to vibrational reconstruction so that you can begin to process what is going on here.

“Let’s change the title to Vibrational Frequency Reconstruction and then it will make a lot of sense to wide variety of people.”

I’m not quite sure what is coming next, but it’s gotta be a “doozy” and I’m going to get a blast from my dear publisher, because he’ll want to see whatever is about to unfold do so this very moment.

Frankly, Ryan, I’m ready to sit back and simply ponder this whole meeting I’ve just experienced and read back through what I’ve recorded. Perhaps, instead of wanting to rush ahead and get it all, you could get some benefit from reading it over again as well …hint, hint.

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