Everything Depends Upon Points of View  


Where do you begin? Where do you not begin?

          If there is a place from which everything can be seen …and from beginning to ending, all other points of view are meaningless.   

If there is such a place, short term and long term views are not only relative, they are irrelevant.

From a philosophical point of view, it could be said that this is the reason humans invented different “Gods”, but – and this is just in case, for those who are stuck in the point of view that the only “God” is the one in the minds of mankind – again, IF, there really is a “God” (by whatever other title or name), beyond the mind of man, such a view not only leads mankind away from “God” but also misses out on “God’s” point of view.

If the foregoing could be the beginning point of dialogue without argument, based on narrow points of view, perhaps mankind could discover the real “God” and not the invented one.

This is someones invention of God, is it yours too?

Fat chance! Language, with each word meaning too many different things to too many different people keep us trapped, each in the creations of our own mind. Is there an escape? Yes, but only through minds that are renewed. Otherwise we have the same lament as the one who wrote Ecclesiastes, which I have put in my own paraphrase below:

Life passes in a fog and attempting to understand it is useless; everything is nothing more than man’s excessive pride in his own opinions.

What good does it do anyone to think so hard over and over, sun up to sundown? All this effort to gain so little ground?

One group says one thing without understanding and another group objects without any attempt to understand …all because of vanity and, meanwhile, the earth continues to spin on its axis while orbiting the sun, appearing as morning to one group, but to another, which cannot agree because, from its point of view it is afternoon and neither group seeing that they are only points of view, neither having the ultimate truth it believes belongs to it exclusively.

The wind travels one way and then another, over and over. All rivers flow into the sea,
but the sea is never full.

All this is nothing more than tiresome words, yet can any of us stop speaking or thinking and all from such finite points of view? Who has seen the world from all sides and seen all parts simultaneously, even from the moon and beyond?

Chang your point of view.

Change your point of view, it’s easier than you think.

Therefore, who can say they have seen enough? Who has heard and felt the vibrations of the universe and can say, “I have heard all there is to hear and felt all there is to feel?” Who can be so arrogant?

What has been done will be repeated because nothing is original, but merely history repeating itself. Every idea has already been expressed and has been with us throughout all of history.

Accounts of historical events are constantly being revised, because they don’t fit into the thoughts of those who prefer to see them differently, how can dialogue, therefore, ever be meaningful?

It might be fun to try, but then that is only one point of view.




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Why Do It the Hard Way?

Fire these guys and let I AM get you where you want to go!

Imagine Life as a Flight

From Takeoff to Landing


 Why Do It the Hard Way?

(When the Easy Way Produces Better Results)


1) Taxiing to take off position on the runway: With the conscious part of the mind remind ourselves that the tendency of the conscious part of the mind is to focus on and be distracted by one opportunity at a time, often one which seems good, but leads nowhere.

2) Last Minute Engine run-up and checking instruments: Also with the conscious part of the mind. Humble myself and ask the superconscious part to take control and with its capacity to scan millions of opportunities, to show me which are the ones the conscious part of the mind could and should focus on to reach abundance automatically and quickly.

3) Switching on Auto-pilot: Still using the conscious part of the mind, ask: What now?


Sometimes distractions are in red. But they all can cause a disconnect.

Don’t forget that it is the conscious part of the mind that is so easily distracted by what seems to be an obstacle which the superconscious will easily overcome.

The challenge is that before you can know and understand the easy way, you first need the underlying principle which is the key to getting everything:




…and there’s only one thing you have to know FIRST:

Where is this Kingdom?

First Principle


Seeking and finding the “kingdom” which is beyond my intellectual understanding is the number one priority of this physical body I occupy.


Application: I declare this first principle as my intent; and since the conscious part of the mind is incapable of understanding “simple” things such as what keeps the organs and cells which keep this physical body operating such as breathing, the heart pumping, kidneys and liver functioning as filters, the digestive processes and so on – which the other-than-conscious parts of the mind handle perfectly and automatically – provided I keep the conscious part of the mind from interfering by making poor decisions which interrupt the flow, I further declare that the other-than-conscious parts of the mind are the connection to that which is continually creating and are dedicated to the pursuit of this first principle.


Thus the first principle is the only principle and everything else flows from and through the first principle.

The project doesn’t require work…only focus.

This is the point of THE PROJECT, the resurrected Jesus Project. It’s not about reading or learning anything; it is about engaging the resurrected Jesus. It is about forgetting what you think you know or have heard about Jesus, and who he was or is and putting your life on auto-pilot.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, an unregistered, non-profit and an integral part of THE PROJECT. YWL is a small group approach and the small group can be all in your mind.

You might like to read the true story about an attorney, the husband of a severely challenged psychiatric patient, who walked out of a small group meeting of six patients and their spouses,  telling them, “You really are crazy, all of you!” …slamming the door behind him.

What caused his outburst? They were all talking to the resurrected Jesus; the lawyer had been fine with that; it was when they began hearing Jesus responding to them that caused his outburst!

All six patients who were being treated by a psychiatrist and heavily medicated were off meds in less than six weeks and no longer seeing the doctor – who had shouted, “This is going to put me out of business, HALLELUJAH!”

What happened to the attorney? He returned a week later, apologizing to the group for having left so abruptly and angrily – explaining that he had been driving to a business meeting a day or so later and feeling desperate about his failing marriage and his wife not getting any better, mentally, and asking what he should do. He had to pull over and park, because Jesus told him to come back to the group and apologize!

Six of the doctor’s most dysfunctional patients and their spouses who contributed greatly to their dysfunctional families – REPAIRED!

When in doubt, stop and ask for direction.

The unseemingly auspicious beginning of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS – a small group of mental patients engaging the resurrected Jesus, but this isn’t about mental patients this is about YOU putting your life on auto-pilot.

Before you can understand or apply the first principle, you have to begin bypassing the skeptical, judgmental, logical, thinking, ego-driven conscious part of the mind.

We’re talking POWER here, nuclear fusion power! This is not religious, this is I AM that, I AM the creative energy, beyond anything you can think, binding with I AM that, I AM – within you, in a blinding flash of your own virgin birth.

I AM that, I AM – the VOICE that introduced itself, from the middle of a fire in a bush that didn’t burn, as the God of Abraham, the father of (in alphabetical order) Agnostics, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Taoists and Zoroastrians and every other person, religious or no, in human flesh, I AM that, I AM in YOU – you cannot comprehend it with the conscious part of the mind, in fact, the conscious part of the mind will resist such a concept as blasphemy and miss the experience.

No need to start a new religion…

But as many as will bypass the conscious part of the mind to receive this truth, to them I AM that, I AM becomes them and nothing shall be impossible to them. This is the power that the resurrected Jesus is saying, NOW, that “you will receive this power when the SPIRIT has overtaken you.”

THE PROJECT is neither religious nor anti-religious; THE PROJECT is you, being rejoined together again with I AM that, I AM – as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

If you have any questions about the foregoing article I strongly suggest you go directly to the SOURCE. Please visit www.youwithoutlimits.life which is an integral part of THE PROJECT or if you have any questions of the author, Brad Cullen. Please send an e-mail to brad@spiritualhealingsource.com

Several chapters of a forthcoming Brad Cullen book, The Project, “I AM that, I AM and will heal them” are currently being transcribed; the book is intended as an introduction to THE PROJECT and scheduled to be published late this year or early next year.


Before there was a Brad Cullen or anything else, I AM that, I AM


– bc – May 7th, 2017





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The Resurrected Jesus Project

“Before there was an Abraham, I AM”


You never have to hide who you really are…I AM

It is rather interesting that the “seeds” or children of Abraham, which include (in alphabetical order) Christians, Jews and Muslims and millions of others, as grains of sand, who “wear” different or no religious labels, who have all forgotten something they were told by I AM that, I AM to remember, that is, the God of their father Abraham was to be referred to as I AM that, I AM – or, as some scholars of the original language insist, I will be what I will be.

This introduction was made by a VOICE that emanated from the middle of a fire in a bush that didn’t burn.

What does this have to do with a “resurrected Jesus?” What does this have to do with YOU?

What has been made clear to me, by the resurrected Jesus who lives within me, is that:


1) Anyone who invites him to live in them, he gladly obliges.


2) How that manifests will differ from individual to individual.


3) Jesus in me says that inviting him to take over my life has resulted in the realization that before there was a “Brad Cullen” or anything else; I AM that, I AM.


4) The “project,” as revealed to me, has no leadership or hierarchy, other than I AM that, I AM (a genderless SPIRIT) will choose to guide and lead each individual who wants to be chosen to participate and others, so chosen, shall not judge or question the actions of anyone else; there are no other rules or principles.


Don’t guess, find out if Jesus is alive.

The title, The Resurrected Jesus Project, was a title given to me and has significance to me only because of my personal experience with Jesus in my life. It is not intended to have any religious connotation nor is it imposed upon anyone else.

I have written an article describing, in part, my experience – which is an introduction to The Resurrected Jesus Project and also an introduction, of sorts, to a book with the title of I AM that, I AM …and Will Heal Them which is also being written.

The referenced article/introduction is available to anyone who requests it, but please remember that it has to do with my personal experience and not intended to be a pattern for anyone else.


Before there was a Brad Cullen, I AM that, I AM


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