One Key to Accelerated and Sustained Learning


No need for a key, the super conscious is always openThe reason I have been so slow to learn some things, earlier in this life, is that I didn’t realize that I had been trapped into using just a small part of the mind of this body-bag which I occupy.

You see, I’m a spirit occupying a human body, rather than a human being with a spirit as I had been taught. This distinction alone has freed me to think with the giants of thought.

I’m even able, now, to understand Einstein’s theories of relativity! This has me wondering if my purpose for coming here may be to help other spirits learn that they too, once they have the simple key, can learn anything they want and also how to express it (not that everyone will “get” it) anymore than they “get” Einstein …and, of course, not everyone is interested in understanding Einstein.

So, just what is this simple key?

What is possible when you’re not trapped?

This simple key is understanding that the cognitive, thinking, “aware” part of the mind, while a marvelously beautiful instrument, is a terrible thing in which to be trapped and by which to be LIMITED!

This realization IS the key to open the door to the almost unlimited super- conscious part of the mind which is the highway to the MIND which created, is still creating and IS ALL, without any limits and this MIND is far beyond the almost unlimited, superconscious part of the human mind.

Having the key was useless until I learned where my lock is and how to insert the key. One important clue, for me, was to realize everyone learns in different ways by different means. With this clue I learned I had the master key and could insert it into all kinds of different locks.

-Brad Cullen





No need for a key, the subconscious is always open.

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What is the Fundamental Difference?

To get the answer you have to go in a different direction.

We claim to have ONE (definitely NOT the only) path to living in abundance and perfect health that works for US. Our path is based upon a very simple concept that is basic to many paths; that is, the mind is not what you think it is.

What you think is a product of the conscious part of the individual mind which has been programmed to believe it is the master and must always be in control and why we call it ego-driven.

No difference, so far, from any of several personal development systems which basically have the same premise; learning and remembering to ask for help from beyond the conscious part of the mind BEFORE engaging in anything for any perceived purpose. If you are willing to begin there, you may be ready for the FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE:

Learning and remembering that two of the three other-than-conscious parts of the individual mind contain insidious traps because they continually provide a “closed loop” feedback stream to confirm what the conscious part of the mind believes it already knows.

Many more parts to confuse you with.

These two other-than-conscious parts are the subconscious and unconscious parts. When we came to the place of accepting the possibility that these parts are an integral part of the trap and that tapping into them as a solution to limitation gave only partial escape or relief, is when we began developing what we have come to refer to as YOU WITHOUT LIMITS. The basic of which is to get beyond the conscious AND two of the three other-than-conscious parts of the individual mind to a third part which is the door to getting beyond the individual mind altogether.

Before we get to the third category of what we refer to as the other-than-conscious parts of the mind of each individual, the following true story may be helpful – it will seem self-aggrandizing only if you fail to “hear” what is repeated several times: anyone can do the same thing, anyone meaning YOU!

Whether you have the desire to do the same thing depicted in the story, specifically, is NOT the issue.

The issue is to get to the point where you can do and be anything YOU want to do and be, hopefully, to get to the point of being ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN so that you might help bring them to their LIGHT, the LIGHT that works for them which also means not drawing any conclusions or preconceived ideas or judgment about specific religious implications in the story – here it is:


Don’t Get Just a 2nd Opinion;

…Get a Whole Other Mindset


Sometimes it will tell you a lot, sometimes nothing.

How does one get a different mindset and why may that be important? Getting a second opinion reveals a possible dependence upon getting professional opinions in the first place; a habit, from one point of view, which can be deadly.

Can we say that there is little value in getting a second opinion from somebody who has been trained the same way in the same system?


I have the unique privilege of having worked with a few doctors who trusted me to work with some patients for whom they had no medical answers.

I tell a true story about two brothers who owned a medical clinic. They were somewhat unique in the fact that they received their training in two different, but widely accepted approaches in western medicine.

One had an M.D. after his name the other D.O. – the M.D. was a heart specialist and the D.O. specialized in back problems and was noted as a skilled, even gifted, back surgeon. You may want to Google the differences between D.O. and M.D.

A good guess can take you in the right direction.

The end of the story is the D.O. walking with me through their clinic and stopping at a back-lighted x-ray that showed before and after pictures of a patient who had been healed of scoliosis – “tell me that isn’t a miracle,” he said while tapping the glass panel with the back of his hand. She had been the first patient he’d asked me to see, which had led to many more “miracles.” Previously, he had been adamant in expressing his belief that the ONLY cure for scoliosis was surgery.

The beginning of the story was when I was invited to their church to speak on a topic not many people want to hear – except that I had a certain amount of credibility within the denomination which their church was affiliated. The D.O. invited me to his home for after-church dinner and his brother was there too.

They were both dedicated and inspired Bible teachers; two of the most thoughtful, open, non-judgmental men I’ve ever met and, as board directors of their church, had been an integral part of the decision to invite me to speak

My answers to two questions seemed pivotal in their asking that I stay in town at their expense using a spare office in the clinic. My stay lasted over six weeks.

The two questions were, did I believe that all diseases were caused by the topic of my talk? Did I believe I had any special gift or powers of healing? My answer to both questions was an emphatic “no” – and to the latter, I added that I simply understood the authority that everyone can operate in once they understand how to access it.

Is it your time for a miracle or surgery?

To the additional question, why did I believe that most people don’t know how to access this authority? My answer was then and still is today; “because they don’t believe they can.

“What is important to realize is that just because they don’t believe it, doesn’t mean they don’t have it …it simply means that not believing they have it is all that is blocking them from accessing it.”


Want more? You have my e-mail address, or you can get a brief summary of the scientific research that is the basis for this FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE, simply go to, click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail (we promise not to share it with anyone), in the comments box, type or copy and paste SCIENTIFIC SUMMARY – it will come as a virus free attachment. Some folks think I’m a bit overboard in manipulating to get them to visit the YWL website, okay, but I’m so excited to get this information into your hands, I just can’t help myself – forgive me and do what you gotta do.


Brad Cullen


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A Prime Example of the Trap

 of…The Unconscious Part of the Mind

If you just look for the glitter you may miss the point…

As soon as you repeat the following you’re trapped: “All that glitters is not gold.” Why is merely repeating this “wise old saying” a trap? Answer: Because gold is one standard of measurement of wealth of the world and King Midas stories abound which indicate that gold is a foolish measurement from any number of points of view. By repeating this old saw, you’ve activated the unconscious part of the mind to “lock onto” (like a heat-seeking missile) a false target.

To give us another perspective, we remember the old proverb, “What profit is there to a man who gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?”

Depending upon what the unconscious part of the mind locks onto with this 2nd bit of wisdom, we have yet another ridiculous standard.

Some say setting goals is the path to success…Brad says, there is a better way.

I mean, which shall it be, brothers and sisters, gold or your soul? Depending upon our individual religious and anti-religious (two sides of the same gold coin) programming, either can have us in a trap.

Yet another unconscious-part-of-the-mind-trap is goal-setting. Wow, this is fun! …in just a few paragraphs I’ve taken on three very sacred cows; gold, soul and goals. Here is a question that will clearly show the trap of setting goals: “Where do you want to be in one year, two years and five years?” This one activates another mental trap – the conscious part of the mind.

Conventional wisdom tells us if we are to have an effective business plan, for example, setting these time-based goals is essential.

We can easily dispense with this bit of “wisdom” if we want to look at it from one point of view of what it means to be living in the present or “NOW.”

Living in a “practical” sense, (another term which keeps us in the same unconscious mind trap) dictates that we do a little fence-straddling here. In other words, gold, soul and goals all have their place, balance is what we need, correct?

Isn’t balance like; accepting to less than perfect choices.

Instead of “balance,” in any traditional sense, how about a whole new view of ourselves by tapping into the wisdom available NOW that two of the three other-than-conscious parts and the conscious part of the mind are simply incapable of doing except in tandem with what we call the superconscious part of the mind?

Take the 2017 challenge, in which the suggestion is to leave behind any New Year’s resolutions which you will forget in just hours or maybe days anyway; get a whole new perspective about how to live life multi-dimensionally NOW; and best of all it’s FREE! Go to, click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail address (it will never be shared), then in the comments box simply type or copy and paste: 2017 CHALLENGE.

It will come to you as a virus-free attachment in an e-mail; no cost or obligation, just a life changer if you feel you might be ready!

You may also want to request a brief explanation of the science behind the four parts of the mind: Conscious, subconscious, superconscious and unconscious. You may be in for a surprise.


NOTE: The trap(s) is/are everything in the mind except the superconscious part, which is connected 24/7 to Universal Mind, by whatever other title or name.



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