Getting the Hang of Thinking with the Whole, Integrated Mind

Is this science or abstract guessing?

Is this science or abstract guessing?

Neurobiology …that branch of science that studies the nervous system, tells us that the minds of these body-bags we occupy are comprised of not just the brain, but of every one of the billions of cells throughout the body; each having its own transmitting and receiving capability through what neurobiologists refer to as neuro-transmitters.

It has also determined that the physical organ we call the heart actually has more than fifty times (some people have been measured with an output of 5000 percent) the electrical output than does the brain …PLUS it has thinking ability of its own; therefore, as well as pumping blood throughout the body, it has the power to infuse each of the cells throughout the entire nervous system, of which the human mind is comprised, with positive emotions.


This is a thinking device.

This is a thinking device.

The heart, therefore, is a healing apparatus as well as a blood pump. AMAZING, correct? “As a man thinketh in his heart” may contain far more truth than just to be dismissed as some ancient sonnet.
Further: Research has proved that the other-than-conscious parts of the mind can process information multiplied millions of times more quickly and in-sight-fully than the conscious part of the mind – which also serves to prove the reason that our education system …in a word, SUCKS; because it approaches learning by attempting to store information in the ego-driven conscious, the so-called “aware” part of the mind.

Is Brad a Neuroscientist or just connected.

Is Brad a Neuroscientist or just connected.

We’ve come up with a simple way to engage the other-than-conscious parts of the mind in a way so that you can activate the WHOLE mind …the concept was introduced in the Brad Cullen book, Integration of the Mind, © 2014 SHS Publishing, Vancouver, Canada.
Even though the book was written in bite-sized chapters …some of the essence is missed by a lot of people, for the very same reason, i.e., they approached reading it with the conscious part of the mind – quite understandable!
To help people assimilate the concept of operating in and with the power of a fully integrated mind, the CEO of the publishing company and I, the author, developed a series of two introductory online, live “workshops” (so-called, because we all have areas in our lives that “need a little work”). These workshops provide easy to learn exercises that are aimed with one goal in mind: Learning to keep the conscious part of the mind from interfering with the other-than-conscious parts of doing what they were created to do.
Speaking of Creation, if you happen to believe that there is a MIND that is beyond the capabilities of the mind contained in these body-bags …part of the “workshop” will help you access your own concept of that MIND (call it whatever you believe it prefers to be called) as well. AMAZING, what?
We call this YOU WITHOUT LIMITS and we give away a copy of Integration of the Mind to each participant and the workshops are FREE. Join in the fun, visit:

The reason we give these rather than charge for them is quite simple. The process is still evolving, yet we have been so enormously blessed with better health and material abundance since we’ve begun to practice the exercises and principles ourselves, that we felt compelled to share and bless others.

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Agreeing with God


Should take ancient wisdom seriously?

Those who insist upon a particular name or title for that which no one can possibly understand, with the conscious mind, may want to consider what my close friend and advisor, Lahti, has to say and, yet, I boldly refer to “IT” as our SPIRIT-PARENT without any need to further explain except that “IT” is the essence of the complete, perfection-potential of the feminine and the masculine aspect of humanity which does not exist in the human expression in perfection. To use “Biblical” terminology, “There is not one human who is good, only _ _ _ is good.”

Lahti, wrote in his human “incarnation” – “He who speaks does not know, he who knows does not speak.”

In the Tao Te Ching, my friend Lahti wrote:

The “Tao” is too great to be described by the name “Tao.” If it could be named so simply, it would not be the eternal Tao.

Heaven and Earth began from the nameless (Tao), but the multitudes of things around us were created by names.

Can you see below the surface of what he is saying?

We desire to understand the world by giving names to the things we see, but these things are only the effects of something subtle.

When we see beyond the desire to use names, we can sense the nameless cause of these effects.

The cause and the effects are aspects of the same, one thing. They are both mysterious and profound; at their most mysterious and profound point lies the “Gate of the Great Truth”.

May I be wise enough to say nothing further, but rather to know …and yet burning inside me with the urgency of the twelve of us agreeing around our table that I write to you, to get into agreement, that is, perfect alignment with your very own concept of “IT.” For at your depths you know and cannot speak or explain this concept and every attempt falls short, because every language known to humanity breeds confusion and chaos.

Now then:

Agreeing With God

This is someones interpretation of God, is it yours too?

There are any number of ways to express what we are about to say – some call it “alignment” which is an excellent word, but alignment does not do justice to what we are about to say. Agreeing with God captures the essence.

You have a unique concept of God and this is why it is so important to get into agreement with your concept of God.

Have you understood, thus far, that we are not making any attempt to persuade you to get into agreement with our concept of God? We are being told, right this moment, by your concept of God, to encourage you to get into agreement. Agree with God; agree with YOUR concept of God!

Find out what you can do once you get into agreement.

This means, above all, to trust your concept of God and we are being sent to you to explain something that has caused you to be limited when you have been designed to be unlimited. You see, all your limitations and what you lack stem from this one single issue: you have not been agreeing with your concept of God. You have been led astray by those who have been insisting that you agree with their concept of God.

Is it any wonder that you feel out of place? You are out of place – and we have been sent to tell you that all you need to do to be in that place of perfect agreement is to, right now, in this moment, tell your God that your desire is to be in complete agreement and to ask how you are to do that.

We are here to help you only for as long as you want and need our help. We are sent by your concept of God, to encourage you to get into agreement with your concept of God.

In Freedom,


VideoCast: Agreeing with God

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Keeping it Really Simple

Are you the flower or the refection?

Things seem complicated only because we are all different …and uniquely so, yet we are continually comparing ourselves to others and wanting to be like them, sometimes to our own detriment, but sometimes contributing to our own growth and progress.

It is here that each individual must find her or his own path without worrying about someone who is being divinely led down a completely different path. One of my favorite quotes: “What’s that to you? You come and follow me!” (To which I’ve declared an unequivocal YES)!


Where can you obtain knowledge of this world?

Albert Einstein, so we’ve been led to believe, had one of the sharper minds of the twentieth century. If this is true, then we can take two things from him that will help us immensely improve our own individual minds along the same course as his without sacrificing our own essence – the “two things” . . .

“The only thing that gets in the way of my learning is my education” and “Imagination is more important than knowledge . . .”

The primary aim and force of some systems of education is adding to somebody’s reservoir of information or knowledge …and I call this our cognitive reasoning trap which sometimes gets in the way of, or perhaps better said, interferes with our learning, which takes place BOTH in our conscious and other-than-conscious parts of the minds of these body-bags we occupy; and in BOTH is the primary place where the imagination to which Einstein refers has its existence.

The above thesis is argued against by some on the basis that it is “duality” when the mind is all one. The point of my thesis is NOT that the mind isn’t one, but that it is made up of several parts …parts that scientific research with all its brain mapping, and neurobiological studies has yet to get beyond surface understanding.

I believe (which doesn’t make it true for anyone else) that the reason science cannot get beyond a surface understanding is that it is looking in the wrong place!

Want to find your key? This is a good place to start looking.

The purpose for writing Integration of the Mind [©2014 SHS Publishing, Vancouver, Canada] and for forming YOU WITHOUT LIMITS “Workshops” is to bring all these parts of the individual mind into a harmonious existence of cooperation, love and non-resistance, TOGETHER.

I like to think of this as empowering the mind through BOTH the complete integration within itself AND in connection with the collective minds of all living things on the planet – and, hold on to your seats; AND connected with that other  UNIVERSAL MIND WHO/WHICH has its existence beyond any and all our ability to measure or  understand collectively or individually.

If the foregoing rings as possible truth for you, perhaps you may want to consider getting involved in a YOU WITHOUT LIMITS “Workshop.”

Let’s keep it simple …the group process we use in YOU WITHOUT LIMITS “Workshops” has been dubbed “A Miracle Factory” by some because seemingly minor, but persistently stubborn ailments such as allergies – all the way to major debilitating diseases such as professionally diagnosed cases of asthma have “disappeared” during this group process; as well as the same with minor, but limiting thought patterns – all the way to major debilitating mental problems such as professionally diagnosed cases of psychosis. The process began “accidentally” within the milieu of a psychiatric practice, under the experimental direction of a layman …the psychiatrist, with an M.D. after his name, becoming an avid believer in the process for those patients who were highly motivated to be free from dependence upon him or the medications which he was licensed to dispense.

The simple truth is that we are all different and the process isn’t for everyone …none ever is. It might be for you and you’ll never know until you give it a trial.

That’s why the first two introductory sessions are FREE and might just be enough for you to find whatever it is you want.


“In both my business and personal life I have found that your organization’s workshop approach helps me think “outside the box” (and) has had a profound and measurable effect on sales as well as employee and sub-contractor (and my own) productivity.”

“An important side issue, for me, is the confidence with which I now approach communicating with my five grown Children.”


To talk to a live person:

In the U.S. call 954/975-9513 In Canada: 604/283-1760

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