What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 3

Suspend all Judgment UNTIL You See as a Child Sees

If you can imitate this face, you will suspend all judgement.

After hearing the word “authenticity” first thing this a.m. and realizing immediately that I had to engage Jay as part of asking our (Jay’s, my and your) SPIRIT-PARENT, “what now” (…and did so) – and then I received the subtitle to “suspend all judgment” – I was a bit bewildered.

Jay asked me, “How else do you expect to enter the better dimension where there is no beginning and no ending, where death as you think of it, and that is your major obstacle” [how I think of it] “cannot exist? Remember that only the childlike find the way.”

Then Jay shocked me further …he said, “let’s bring everyone to the table.”

“You mean,” I asked, “the other nine you’ve invited to help run my life currently?”

Pick your idols carefully. This one belongs to Ego, let him have it.

“That’s exactly what I mean, because you need to understand what this is all about …you have written about imagination and visualization, but you’ve done it from your adult mind, which you hold on a pedestal. All ten of us understood that the only way we could possibly hear directly from our SPIRIT-PARENT is to break through, out of conscious analysis, into what our brother Sid referred to as enlightenment when he had his breakthrough.”

They are sitting around me smiling lovingly and understanding completely what I’m going through at this moment. Jere, I swear, has the widest grin of all – “We are a product of your childlike, playful imagination, allowing us to visit with you,” he said, his mouth then  returning to that intensely sober pursed look as if he had just sucked on a lemon.

Wait a minute! I’m remembering something that happened to me while I was transcribing Leapfrog …the novel “I” wrote – a question that comes up repeatedly, is if the book is, as one lady asked, “Fanciful or real.”

My stock answer to that is everything in Leapfrog was based on actual events and actual people; I just changed the names, the geography and the sequences of events around.

Sorry Brad, "Novi" is a place...your girlfriend is just a place in Michigan. Oops spoiler alert.

In the last part of the book which I labeled an “appendix” is a purely imaginary e-mail interview between a fictional freelance author (based also on a real person) by the name of “Jeanne Stockwell” and me. All the content is factual …including my spirit name of “Sunno,” which SPIRIT informed me, means to be simultaneously frivolous and fierce – a “playful warrior” and Jeanne’s “Novi” means “seeker of meaning and ultimate truth” these names came to a woman and me in Anchorage, Alaska while she was interviewing me over a period of about four weeks around the year 1989 – all the stories in the Appendix are my own personal experiences and, again, only the names and places have been changed, everything happened exactly as reported.

We asked SPIRIT together, about what the names meant and were provided the above answers.

We were also told that, in my conscious “adult” mind, I tended to be deliberate and calculating and in bondage to my conscious theological and Bible training. This is only one of the many reasons Ryan Bruce refers to Leapfrog as foundational reading to what it is we have been given to share.

Can you Jump over Yourself? Leap...frog...leap!

It is also the reason that the “pattern interrupt” question of “what now” is so important for me. There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about my being deliberate and calculating …it is what I tend to be both as an author and as a business person – I love and honor that about me – you could call it my “natural energy” in this third dimensional physical plane and it is a useful talent, BUT it inhibits me from hearing/experiencing SPIRIT for emotional and physical healing and spiritual insight.

I’m finding that I am feeling hopeful, right now, that what I’m saying here makes sense to readers and encourages those who have not read it to take advantage of downloading a free digital copy of Leapfrog, so they know what the dickens I’m talking about. It’s easy, just go to the SHS website and click on the tab “Books” on the top menu bar then scroll down and click on the blue LEAPFROG link just beneath the picture of the cover.

Ryan insists that there are two “leapfrog” experiences …the one I talk about, which is when people learn how to begin interacting with our SPIRIT-PARENT directly and they leap way over my head …the other “leapfrog” experience is when they begin hearing directly and get beyond all sorts of religious belief systems that limit them, depending on past experience, no matter how valid.

Can you eat? Not without maturity, growth comes direct from Source.

“This,” he said in a recent phone conversation, “is when they can begin to understand what you are saying – not to get hung up on what you are saying, but to shift their dependence from reading you or going to anyone else for so-called spiritual food …which is strained baby food in comparison to what can be obtained directly from the SOURCE.”

“I think I speak, somewhat, for all of us,” Baba said, looking around the table for confirmation, “each of us wrote and spoke what we heard directly from SPIRIT and for people to make a code of beliefs out of what I wrote, when, for me, I was interpreting what I was hearing as to how anyone could hear the voice of the SOURCE for them and not to get hung up, as Ryan said to you, on what I was writing. Jay has had to correct me about my interpretation of his appearance on the physical scene and which people who have made a religion out of what I wrote and insisting that I was a special prophet – well,” he hesitated for moment, “all of us at this table were prophets in that we were simply saying what we were getting directly from SPIRIT.”

“Yes and in that you are engaging in prophecy as well – as anyone can if they simply want God to speak to them and through them, that’s where it starts …with the desire.” Zoe chimed in.

You have to pound hard to break your rock of beliefs.

“Well, that’s certainly how it started with me,” I agreed, “I also have seen so many people, just as I related in Leapfrog, who continually knocked UNTIL they experienced a breakthrough …I hesitate to make a formula out of knocking and demanding, but is that what your experience was as well?”

All ten nodded their assent thoughtfully, and then Moo said something that was overwhelmingly significant: “Since you have cited Jay as your primary resource for your adaptation of knocking and demanding and there will be many who blame Brad Cullen from however they have interpreted your writings – don’t forget that there are those who blame me for their silly interpretations of what I wrote in the Qur’an fifteen hundred years ago …it simply is unimportant what any of us has said in the past. The point for all of us, regardless of the dimension in which we currently find ourselves is, as Zoe said, to desire our connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT in this moment, right now, and which you have so aptly referred to as eternal life, SPIRIT will do the rest.”

Mose settled it for all of us as he stood over Moo from behind him and placed his hands on his shoulders – “perfectly stated, my brother,” he said, to which several around the table, including Jay, said, “Hear-hear!”

What is this? it is "I AM".

Since Mose is reputed to have written the first five books in the Bible, I’d say this is a great way to finish this chapter, wouldn’t you agree?

Think about it, it was Mose’s story about the burning incident in which we first hear the words, “I AM” spoken by the voice purporting to be the God of Israel, saying this term was to be a “memorial to all generations” and Jay many hundreds of years later getting the revelation that before there ever was a Mose or an Abraham …I AM. Many of us in this age are getting the same revelation …realizing that we are ONE with the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE …yes, joined together again, the meaning in the original language, of the word translated in English often as “saved” or “salvation.” Pretty exciting wouldn’t you say?

I’m getting a vote of approval for this segment from all around the table …see you next time in What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 4 …I’m wondering, how does it get any better than this? Ryan will say, “I don’t know, but it does because the SOURCE is in charge.”

New Podcast: What Jesus is teaching me part 3

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What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 2

PLEASE STOP! If you have not already read “Big Question” and carefully so, please do so now. Without this as a foundation you will not understand who this Jesus is that is teaching me.

Just scroll down to read the Big Question.

What propelled me in the direction of paying any attention to Jesus today, yes, listening to what he has to say for me personally, was a rather obscure, for many folks, passage from the New Testament …Hebrews 13:8. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Is “my” Jesus the same Jesus as your Jesus? My Jesus is telling me to write to you this moment that he is not the same and it is not important. What he is also telling me is that what is important is that you have an intimate relationship with your Jesus so he can tell you, when you get upset with something I have written: “What is that to you? You come and follow me.”

I keep having glimpses of the reasons ‘Jay,’ as he has given me permission to call him, introduced me to nine men, historical figures all, who are among my ten spiritual advisors along with Jay.

I have no need to defend my understanding of what he is telling me, because he has told me that my understanding is skewed at best, personified by my oft-stated assertion that “I don’t know squat.”

Change your point of view, its easy.

He is reminding me, this very moment, to suggest that you do something that will be a powerful tool for you to use as a means to not get stressed over any part of this treatise. Anytime you find that what I have written “rubs you the wrong way,” simply say: “An interesting point of view, I have this point of view” and express that point of view to your Jesus and ask him if the point of view you just expressed is serving you in whatever way is best for you.

In that way you’ll have a chance at understanding what I am learning without corrupting whatever it is you are supposed to be learning, which is the better path for you. This tool, IPOV (interesting point of view, etc.) helped me to begin listening to what others were saying without getting all caught up in my emotional reactions to my own ridiculous interpretation of what they were saying; a huge relief, to say the least.

I have shared in previous writings that it was Jay who introduced me to Muhammad as being alive and also willing to talk with me; something I resisted at first. It was Jay who referred to each of the nine others, upon introducing me, as his brothers and close friends. Sharing this bit of news, has won me few friends …IPOV, folks, IPOV.

Four of these, Moses, “Mose” to me, Zarathustra or Zoroaster, “Zoe” to me, Lao Tzu, “Lahti” to me and Siddhartha Gautama, “Sid” to me, are all antecedent by several hundreds of years to Jesus; whereas the other five “advisors” have one thing in common, they all, in their human manifestation, had much respect and reverence for Jay, in his manifestation in human form, as being far and above what their contemporaries thought and felt about Jay (Jesus).

One God, many manifestations.

Yet, now, one in all of the five just referenced in the foregoing paragraph, PLUS the other five which names include, Muhammad, “Moo” to me, Baha’u’llah, “Baba” to me, Saint Germain, “Jere” to me, Mohandas Gandhi, “Moe” and Paramahansa Yogananda, “Yogi” to me and, again, ALL TEN, proclaim their equality and brotherhood.

If you have some emotional/intellectual challenges with this as a concept, take it up with your Jesus, Jay has instructed me to lay this on the line and I am doing so.

Aha! I’ve wanted clarity and I have just been given a phenomenal insight to Jay’s reasons for taking me in this direction. Yogi and Moe, contemporary to one another and both Hindus, were outspoken in their reverence and respect for Jay while they were both in their physical manifestation (“in the flesh”), a relatively short time ago, and they were also both noted for applying, in their lives, the teachings of Jay (found in the New Testament, no less), and teaching others who would pay any attention to do the same.

One God manifest in all souls.

I have read and talked to enough Muslim scholars to believe that Moo thought he was preaching and writing about the same God Jesus proclaimed.

Clarity just arrived from a much unanticipated source. I felt the nudge to Google “Baha’u’llah and Jesus.” I just finished reading a scholarly article, “Behold the Man, Baha’u’llah On the Life of Jesus” by John Cole.

John Ricardo (“Juan”) Cole is an American academic and commentator on the modern Middle East and South Asia. He is a Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. The depth of what my friend Baba believed about Jesus, according to Cole’s article, would put any avowed Christian to shame! Juan Cole is thoroughly steeped in Islamic and Hindu views and has many books and articles to his credit to these intriguing topics.

http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jrcole/ will provide a rewarding journey of knowledgeable insights to the Middle East and Muslim and Hindu thinkers related to some rather surprising views about Jesus and the authenticity of the New Testament – this guy, John Cole, is flat out exciting me!

Jay is saying, “enough of all that, let’s get it on.”

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The Big Question

Are my problems either caused or allowed by God, or am I just having problems – or am I, somehow, responsible for all the problems and pain in my life?

Don't like what you have, blame the maker.

The foregoing question is funneled into four apparent possible answers:

ONE: Everything is caused by God.

TWO: Everything is allowed by God.

THREE: Each of my challenges is just “one of those things.”

FOUR: I, somehow, bring all the crap in my life onto myself.

We’ll look at a fifth possibility after we get started down the road a bit, but let’s look more closely at the four we’ve enumerated so far and ask, why it might be important to know which one is correct?

One reason it could be important to know is that if we are beginning to have a desire to overcome whatever challenges we are having in our lives, knowing the cause may open the door to the cure.

Perhaps God should be reprimanded?

Just looking at our problems from the vantage point of possible causes can often provide cures. If you believe that God either caused or allowed your specific problem, that is, numbers one or two, above, you will tend to believe that it’s up to God to fix it. Well, if God caused or allowed it for some undetermined (to you) purpose, then how on earth can you fix it or get it fixed via some expert human help?

Are you not, one, under the scenario of God causing or allowing whatever, either a victim of God’s deliberate action against you or, two, a victim due to the fact that He didn’t protect you from it?

I get blown away by people who tell me that some disease or another in their lives is God’s will. Then they go on to tell me that their doctor said such and such related to it. Of course, the glaring question, the BIG QUESTION: If it is “God’s will,” why on earth go to a doctor to get whatever fixed?

If you are willing to just consider the possibility that number four on the referenced list is true, that is, you somehow brought about the challenge all by your lonesome; you may begin to see the way out or around it.

Are you ready for a fight?

What if the cause is some unknown enemy? That’s the numero FIVE I said we’d get to …we have arrived! Wouldn’t it make sense to find out who or what it is? If you take anything out of the Bible to mean something, what about one writer’s insistence that what we “struggle” with or, as another translation has it, “We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but principalities of darkness” – of course, some put an “evil” connotation on the word darkness – in the original language it is simply saying that we are in the “dark” meaning that we cannot see these “principalities” meaning “rulers” over certain arenas in this 3rd dimension we call the physical plane.

Here is where, if we let it, the Bible, in the original language, can really teach us something; and I insert “original language” simply because of all the claptrap religious teachers put on the various English words that don’t let us see what the intended meaning is/was in the first place.

The book or the source of the book?

Then we further obfuscate the truth with a bunch of silly arguments over whether the Bible contains truth or myths, half-truths or stuff better left in the past to whom it was written in the first place – or that we need a metaphysical dictionary to interpret these odd English words – my apologies to anyone who insists upon this latter – in many cases, Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is a spot-on equivalent to the literal meaning of the original text, well now, that is from my point of view.

Therefore, at least and yet again, in my view, it is a long stride better as an indicator of what a particular word meant in the original language than some crazy interpretation one or another religious writer or teacher may put on some English word that doesn’t mean what that word meant when it was translated in the first place.

To all the above there is a marvelous answer …get our head out of books, no matter how “Holy” and listen to what the “SPIRIT of Truth,” the “Word of God” is saying today!


The three sects of Abrahamic monotheism. You don't have to pick one.

To this end, we are going to embark on a brand new series, the title of which will be somewhat misleading only because of the interpretation of what some people think I am saying with the name “Jesus” in it. “My” publisher has already indicated a commitment to publish the series as a book – although the CEO, Ryan Bruce, has already suggested a different title. We’ll settle that out later.

Meanwhile, referencing the Bible, again (please get out your favorite version), please go, right now, to Hebrews 13:8 …universally all translators agree that the reference, in the original language, is being made to Jesus as the fulfillment or “coming” of the long awaited promise of “The Messiah” in Jewish lore. It just came to me to say that Christianity is nothing more than one of the many modern forms of Judaism. Ooh, that’ll raise some hackles.

My retort is, so what? Nothing ties Christianity to Judaism as much as this single key issue of whether Jesus is the “Messiah.”

Pick one, they lead to the same destination.

Now hear this: I AM NEITHER CHRISTIAN NOR JEW; nor Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or an adherent to any other religion (period)!

If you are a Jew and refuse Jesus as “your” Messiah, welcome aboard! If you are a Muslim or Hindu and, as many of those who belong to one of the many sects of Islam or Hinduism, who think of Jesus as a great Prophet, welcome aboard! If you are partial to one of the many religious groups which think of Jesus as an “Ascended Master” …welcome aboard! If you are of one of those whose beliefs make it necessary for you to refer to Jesus as Y’shua, then welcome aboard.

Purely for the fun of it, I lifted this old, old quote off the Jews for Jesus website:

“Most portrayers of the life of Jesus neglect to point out that Jesus is in every characteristic a genuinely Jewish character, that a man like him could have grown only in the soil of Judaism, only there and nowhere else. Jesus is a genuine Jewish personality, all his struggles and works, his bearing and feeling, his speech and silence, bear the stamp of a Jewish style, the mark of Jewish idealism, of the best that was and is in Judaism, but which then existed only in Judaism. He was a Jew among Jews; from no other people could a man like him have come forth, and in no other people could a man like him work; in no other people could he have found the apostles who believed in him” . . .

To which I say: Yada, yada, yada, etc. Who cares!??! This is not the Jesus to which I am referring.

Can you separate the man from the spirit? Can you separate the Jesus from the Christ?

The Jesus I’m referring to is the one who is the “same yesterday today and forever” – if you need to add “The Christ” either as a title, which it is literally, or make it part of his name, that is, “Jesus Christ,” welcome aboard. If you are of any label which you feel is “dumped on” by the rest of society, welcome aboard.

I, Brad Cullen, being in and of the Jesus I am writing about, exclude no one. If, for you to be comfortable, Jesus has to be referred to as a prophet …go ahead and add that, Jesus, The Prophet, because he is that to me as well. If you have to add “Ascended Master” every time you see the name Jesus – he is all that and more to me. If you think of him as some poor Mexican kid whose parents put the label, “Jesus,” on him – you know, they pronounce it “hay-soose” …he’s that too!

Read the reference again, aloud, so that you hear it! Again, he is “THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER” …and what you believe about him isn’t going to change that. Now for the title of this new series, soon to be a book: What Jesus Is Teaching …Today.

Jesus is all things to me – an “Ascended Master” who lives in me and speaks to me in the same presence and power of our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT Who is willing to speak to and through anyone. He is our (your and my) elder brother, the “First Born among many” brothers and sisters of which I AM one.

From the same Bible, which you have to admit created all this unnecessary confusion in the first place (that’ll tick off a few of my brothers and sisters), but if you’ll get your heads out of your butts and the “Book” and realize that it is the Book in which one of Jesus’ disciples, John, purportedly wrote this – and this is accurately translated from the original language: “In the beginning, the complete expression (sorry folks, “Word” is poppycock; you simply cannot take the word in the original language which means the complete, creative, outward expression “of God” and attempt to make the English word, “Word,” convey anything like what is meant.

Can Spirit become man? How about you?

For now, we shall just leave it that this creative SPIRIT part of the “Godhead” which created the universe (and Brad Cullen sez, STILL IS) became that Jewish guy we know as Jesus. In that very same chapter that our dear friend Johnny wrote, says quite clearly (again, sorry, but it has to be said), in the original language, that as many as receive this truth, again, that the SPIRIT which created everything became a man, we too have the power and authority to also claim to be joint heirs with Jesus. Get it? I sure hope so …it has taken a lot of hard work to get this far.

First segment (then chapter) coming right up. I hope you’re along for the ride… what Jesus is teaching (me) TODAY!

“But, Jay,” I argued, “why on earth would you be directing me to write another book? I just finished one and haven’t even completed formatting it for commercial publishing yet.”

As if he didn’t know everything about this, I kept on telling him what was bothering me and the reason I was resisting. I have several other projects that are looming …one is extremely close to my heart and gets launched in Toronto, Ontario next month.

This is a rather daring group that somewhat apologetically refers to itself as a “house church” …and also as a “fellowship,” numbering around thirty, including those who are of an age to be “legally” designated as children, have invited me to be with them and share.

It's OK Brad not everyone is Christian.

The host family and I are being led down some rather quirky paths together –  exciting paths because we have only clues, some are relatively clear, some are opaque as to what we are about to do, again, together. These paths include business as well as my jumping back into the fray of meeting with people who refer to themselves as “Christians,” something I have avoided for years somewhat akin to a plague.

These folks have been reading Brad Cullen stuff for over two years and know quite well that I refuse any religious label, but particularly “Christian.” As with all labels that one simply means too many things to too many people to communicate anything meaningful to anyone. Jay has me on the path of being all things to everyone so that those who are ready for what I have been given to share are not put off by any label, (PERIOD).

I love this family and they love me and have officially adopted me into their family; this is not a big thing, they love EVERYBODY!

I’m told that the book is necessary for what is coming next and since Jay and our SPIRIT-PARENT will be guiding each sentence, there is no reason for my resisting. I mean, how does it get any better than this?

New Podcast: 105 – The Big Question

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