Getting to the Point of Being…


It's not as easy as it looks.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

As for the actual method of working, like all fundamental things, it is simplicity itself. All you have to do is stop thinking consciously and ask for help from the more powerful part of the mind and the more POWERFUL MIND, by whatever other title or name, about anything and, instead, follow instructions. What could be simpler?

What if you are unable to “download” any instructions? The answer is the same, STOP THINKING WITH THE CONSCIOUS PART OF THE MIND, ask for help from the more powerful part of your mind and the more POWERFUL MIND and just show up trusting and knowing that even if you cannot distinguish between the two or as yet do not believe in a separate “more POWERFUL MIND” …things will unfold simply and perfectly; again, that’s it!

It makes no difference what you deeply desire; improved health, finances, relationships, overcoming or getting beyond a perceived obstacle, whatever it is, just stop thinking about it, and breathe in CREATIVE POWER (a verb, NOT a noun) that is all you have to do.

It's not as easy as it looks.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

I did exactly this in preparation for writing this; I had just gone through a little exercise I was given about eighteen months ago, by a group of ten advisors, which helps me bring the conscious part of the mind of this body I occupy in alignment with this unnamed CREATIVE POWER and from which/who (or whom) the exercise came in the first place …along with an admonishment to stop passing judgment on ANYTHING …a tall order for me!

The reason I bring up this latter issue (passing judgment) is that many, by passing judgment or coming to negative conclusions (an act of the conscious part of the mind), about the turn Brad Cullen writings and their publisher, SHS Publishing, have taken over these past several months and thus created an obstacle to receiving any benefits they could have received.

To emphasize this point, some of those who have been the most vocal in their negative conclusions, apparently forget a commandment of the Leader they say they follow who said, “Don’t Judge” and who also provided a clear and loving warning of the consequences of failing to follow this edict …that is, being themselves in danger of judgment.

In fairness, without judging, some may have been following their Leader, who for whatever reason, wants to either protect them from us or protect us from them …we don’t claim to know which and that is part of the fun of being free from judging.

Does YOU WITHOUT LIMITS have any benefit to you? You can start the most important exercise right NOW. Ask! If you get a “yes” please visit …if you get a “no” you are being directed elsewhere …save us both a lot of challenging moments and go wherever you are being directed and we’ll stay on the path we’ve been given.

What can you create?

What can you create?


Now then, if you would like to take a look at this particular path to see if it might be beneficial in helping you design the life you want, unless you are already living EXACTLY as you are meant to be living, consider the following:

All skyscrapers, highway bridges and other major building projects were first constructed in the minds of the architects and engineers who sketched and designed them. All engines and other complex mechanical devices were first built in the minds of their inventors.

The point in reviewing this truth is that, when we decide to change our lives into what we want them to be; we can relatively easily do this …by first designing them in our minds with the conscious part of our minds in alignment with the more powerful part of our minds and beyond that to the more POWERFUL MIND.

Stop wishing, it's harder than it looks.

Stop wishing, it’s harder than it looks.

In other words, if we think we are victims of circumstances this is exactly what we have designed our lives to be …by default!

We formed YOU WITHOUT LIMITS for the specific purpose of helping us remember that we really can be extraordinarily creative beings when we learn ways to overcome self-imposed limitations …and the truth is that ALL limitations are self-imposed. Don’t even try to believe this is true, just follow along and it becomes a reality without having to change anything except what we allow the minds of these human bodies we occupy to think and say (period).

To get this down where we live …in the past, before I began putting this truth into practice, I allowed thoughts and words to escape my mouth such as, “I’m just not able to do that, I wish I could, but I cannot.”

Where I had to stop this insidious “wishing” monster, in its tracks, was at the point of examination. I’ve learned to stop it with a question: “Is this something I really want to do?”

How many things do I have to stop to be Without Limits?

How many things do I have to stop to be Without Limits?

STOP! Get this point and you get everything …why on earth do you want to wish for something when you have the power at your fingertips to CREATE? I’M about to impart a truth that too few are able to get because of their religious programming. I’m going to quote something Jesus said; forget what your religious programming or anti-religious thought processes have messed you up with about who/what Jesus is or was. Repeat this quote out loud and listen carefully as they become YOUR words:

“I, of myself, can do nothing, it is not I who have done the works you’ve seen, neither are the words you’ve heard me speak, mine. You can do everything you have seen me do and the same words of SPIRIT can flow through you as they have through me.”

Note: I have long made a practice of NOT cluttering up what I’m given to write with references. If, however, you are of a mindset which insists upon chapter and verse, I’ll be most happy to provide it.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is simply YOU with the realization of your connection to a far more powerful part of the mind encased in the body you occupy; connected with others in a small group setting, experiencing an expanded collective human mind …AND BEST OF ALL, connected with the more POWERFUL MIND which is beyond the ability of humans to fully comprehend, let alone articulate properly.

An important thought to consider …when we first began designing machines by which to fly …we believed they had to be filled with gas or made of extremely light weight materials. The takeoff weight of a 747 is now between 750,000 to a million lbs. depending upon configuration.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS …small groups exploring ways to help one another go beyond former, self-imposed limiting beliefs.

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The Secret is in NOT Knowing ANYTHING.

In Other Words, Understanding NOTHING!

Can you achieve this, it's not as easy as it looks.

Can you achieve this? It’s not as easy as it looks.


We (the author and the publisher) of Brad Cullen books and articles have been instructed to form an unregistered, non-profit organization called YOU WITHOUT LIMITS. We have also been instructed to freely admit that we are the ultimate examples of what those who think that they do know and understand, what it means to be blind and leading the blind.

In addition to receiving instructions to freely admit that we are the ultimate examples of academic (referring to education in and of the 3rd Dimension) ignorance, we have also been given instructions to freely give away the secrets given to us for YOU WITHOUT LIMITS in the same way we have received them – WITHOUT CHARGE.

This leads us to a true story. It begins with a phone call from a man to whom I had given some advice a few years previously. He had come to me looking for a job …at the time I had been the Vice President, Director of Agencies for a company which marketed life and supplemental health policies throughout much of the U.S.

Is there really no such thing as a free lunch?

Is there really no such thing as a free lunch?

I had suggested that he go to the local general agent of one of the major, nationwide life insurance carriers – I made a call telling the agent who I was and that I had an excellent recruit for him; a guy in his forties, who had just sold his business, had loads of successful business experience and thought he might want to be a Life Insurance agent. As expected, the general agent told me to send him right over.

What I had told the man, a long time friend, were several reasons I felt that a career in Life and Health Insurance was an excellent choice for him and that a G.A. for a major carrier would not only provide excellent paid training, but help him go through the licensing process and get him started without the kind of investment it would take him by starting on his own as an independent agent, which he’d be with our company.

It had been a good decision for both him and the G.A. Two years later, I’m in the training business and my old friend called and asked if I’d have lunch with him and the G.A.

How can we make this more intuitive? Is there a way to teach nothing?

How can we make this more intuitive? Is there a way to teach nothing?

It was an interesting conversation. The G.A. wanted to know what I would charge to develop a training program for the agency. I told him I’d rather put on a demonstration with several of his agents and he could pay me what he thought it was worth after the fact. If we wanted to take it any further, after the fact, I’d provide a written proposal based on what I’d learned about his people and his agency and he’d be dealing with a known quantity.

He told me, “There’s no such a thing as a free lunch, how much do you want for the demonstration.”

“I beg to differ with you, you’re picking up the tab for this lunch, that’s a gift to me and I’m willing to put on a free demonstration, that’s a gift to you and the two aren’t connected. I get a free lunch and you get a free demonstration. There are no strings attached on either side.”

He said he’d have to think about that …I said it was entirely up to him, but either way I was getting a free lunch. My friend called me about a week later and we set a date for my free presentation which went very well.

You will find what you're looking for in the gap.

You will find the knowledge you’re looking for in the gap.

The next call was from the G.A. “How about another free lunch?”

I came back with something like, how about this time, I pick up the tab and he said, “How about let’s set a date and then we can argue about it after lunch?”

Just now, when I was instructed to start writing this story, I really didn’t get the relevance, but now I do.


The G.A. greeted me warmly and after our lunch orders were taken, he handed me a check for fifteen hundred dollars, saying: “You were right, about one thing and wrong about something else.” To which I simply indicated for him to continue.

“You spent a couple of hours with twelve of my people …all of whom now have a better attitude and each of them are getting increased business, but not one of them can explain specifically what they learned or what you did that made the difference.”

If you can't buy knowledge, where can you get it from?

If you can’t buy knowledge, where can you get it from?

“…and how do you want me to respond to that?” I asked, “…and I assume you are also going to tell me what it was I was both right and wrong about.”

He laughed, “Lunch is free for you both times; I have an account here and I have already instructed that the bill go to my office so you were right about that, for you, but it wasn’t free for me, neither was your demonstration, about that you were wrong. If you cash that check, I will accept a comprehensive proposal for a training program for the entire agency. If you don’t cash the check, this will be the last time we meet.”

“Wait a minute, I’m not sure I understand and I don’t really need to, but I do want to get something clear …you are insisting upon buying my lunch twice and paying me $1500 for what I did for your agents and you are telling me if I don’t accept the payment you won’t consider a proposal from me, is that what you are telling me?”

“You’ve got it.”



Here’s the relevance for me …and which could be for you, if you want it. We do not charge for what we give and that which we have also been given without charge; those are our instructions. It is interesting to me that I was prompted this morning to tell this particular story. There are times people insist upon giving us money – we always accept it gratefully as being from the very same SOURCE from which we receive our instructions.

You can access all the knowledge in the universe, no charge.

You can access all the knowledge in the universe, no charge.

That G.A. never heard from me again because I knew I couldn’t give him what he wanted even though he was willing to pay for it; what he wanted was to know specifically what I had done for those twelve individuals he put through my demonstration session.

The truth was that I didn’t know specifically what I had done, because “I” didn’t do it. All I did was introduce them to that which would help them accomplish what they wanted to accomplish.

That’s all we do with YOU WITHOUT LIMITS and there’s no charge! You may want to ask why I didn’t introduce the G.A. …he wasn’t open to the introduction …are you?


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Quasars, Imagination, Enlightenment and Reality

There is a lot of energy to tap into, are you ready?

There is a lot of energy to tap into, are you ready?

Until just recently astronomers had no idea about quasars other than that they were distant points of mysterious lights beyond what was then considered to be the outer limits of our universe.

Since the repair of the Hubble Telescope in space …much is now known as a measurable fact rather than mere theory. Quasars are now known and measured to be as bright and with as much energy output as all the stars in our own galaxy, the “Milky Way,” combined! In other words the brightness and energy output of over a few million or so of our own star, the sun.

What scientists almost unanimously believe, with a few variations, is that these quasars which are at the center of distant galaxies are the CREATIVE ENERGY which exploded into and thus “created” each of these galaxies.

There are others who would help you access the light. Jesus is one of them.

There are others who would help you access the light. Ask your own burning bush.

Quasars make for a fascinating medium of imaginative “enlightenment” of creativity. I don’t even try to understand it, a few of us who are “crazy” enough to “do” decrees related to I AM Presence and Light have been talking/wondering if it is possible that quasars are somehow representative of the many spirit facets of the Hebrew (here in English characters) Elohiym …which some believe the I AM which spoke to Moses out of a burning bush was also a part.

When I recite the decrees given to me, I imagine or pretend I’m capturing some of the light from a distant quasar, having it form a circle 60’ in diameter and then return to the quasar making an “eternal” loop. I do this while taking deep breaths also imagining I’m breathing through my heart.

See it, add emotion, speak it, until...

See it, add emotion, speak it, until…

I relax deeply between each breath and between each decree – stress, as we all know is an impediment to the “natural” healing processes engendered by all the healing arts including, but not limited to Yoga and Reiki.

What has been amazing to me is that when I do this I’m filled with feelings of joy and gratitude …a feeling of enlightenment that I can neither explain nor articulate. I do share “my” decrees with anyone who feels they might benefit from them.



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