Integration of the Mind – Part Sixteen


When I was a child, these were my icons of worship, now I have none.

This morning I was given another glimpse into the “why” of the makeup of my Board of Spiritual Advisors through the means of their own individual expressions to me – it is rather difficult, at times, to write about what goes on in our meetings together, but this morning’s gathering gave me a new perspective.

‘J’ is the one I am quoting in the above sub-title and who said that it could as easily be said in reverse, that is, “yesterday is useless and tomorrow is unimportant” …Mo expanded upon it by saying that I needed to grasp the fact that we are having this conversation now, in this moment.

Zoe added, “You must remember the things we have in common: People have made us historical icons of worship relegating us to what we may or may not have said in the past with scholarly notes about what we meant, when often …and I believe I am speaking for all of us, we didn’t fully grasp many of the things we were saying or writing at the time.”

Delusions of grandeur or a reality that happens every day? Would you accept?

“How about people blaming us for their individual interpretations of the religions others have accused us of having started? I think accused is a perfect word to describe it; are any of you willing to deny that with regard to your own personal expression?”

These latter two questions from Lahti started the discussion moving in a startling direction, for me, begun by Yogi:

“This brings us to you, and all others who begin to grasp what you are writing related to our influence on you. I, as the most ‘Johnny-come-lately’ of us all, nevertheless, have the benefit of historical reference, but you think of your past as having miniscule influence on the overall scheme of things. I want you to think of what has brought you to this point, not to dwell on the past, but to see it in the light of our choosing you for this particular task.”

Jere, looking, I guess, on what must have been the startled look on my face, said, “Well, well, Yogi got your attention, I see.”

“Are you trapped in your own thoughts of unworthiness again?” This question from Sid, smiling benignly at me; he quickly added: “You need to consider that all of us are and were humbled by our own illumination in the context of our relationship with and to whom you refer as our SPIRIT-PARENT.”

“Wait a minute,” I practically gasped, “are you all united in what I am seeing here?”

My question brought about more smiling, knowing nods, from each of the ten, while Jere’s expression still looked more like a grimace, that is, someone forcing a smile all the while gritting their teeth …I think I described it in an earlier segment as looking akin to an infant with a gas pain; yet he was nodding his head quite positively and approvingly.

What now? Should I just keep this meeting for my own reference or share it as part of this series?

“It is perfect as is, those who are able to grasp the significance of it will be greatly moved on their own path of enlightenment, what the ten are showing you is not to shrink from the purpose I AM has given you. The ‘glimpse’ you say you have been given is to help others break loose from the ties that have bound them to their own religious and anti-religious preconceptions …your sacrifice of looking foolish is small in comparison to what all ten have gone through. They are telling you, one and all, that, in their minds –and this is the point I have given you as the primary purpose for this book– they are no better than you. You think that they haven’t committed murder and adultery in their thoughts? What and where do you think was the point from which their ultimate humility and, therefore, illumination was derived? Do you really believe that there have not been those who have revered you as a saint? NO! You know better …now continue sharing what I have given you.”

This drove me, figuratively, to my knees, still sitting here facing the monitor and slouched in my chair and now back to the Board:

They are all laughing at me …yet in a most approving manner …and I have never felt any more loved and accepted by any group of people; they are fading from my immediate vision now, as I know clearly what I must do.

Turn my attention to YOU:


You see, this book is about you, today, right now; what you are supposed to do with YOUR life …what you think of me and/or my journey is irrelevant. I have shared enough personal shortcomings for you to know that I am no ‘saint,’ yet I am compelled to neither defend my shortcomings nor make light of them.

Please don't make an Icon out of me. It won't benefit either of us.

I have said this many times before: I have the freedom and I do mean to FREELY utter the term “I AM” because I AM connected to the I AM, both personally and profoundly and it is not ‘i’ saying it, but ‘i’ allowing I AM to speak freely through me.

The glimpse I have referenced in this segment as to the “why” of my group of ten personal advisors is that, just as I know it is sheer folly to think of me as an icon of worship – so does (present tense) each of my advisors.

What follows now, in subsequent parts of this book, are tools that have been helpful to me on the pathway into the life IN THE LIGHT. What is important for YOU is take hold of those you know are for you …and to begin the discipline of putting those into practice as you are shown how to modify them specifically to fit YOU and to discard all those that you are shown are not for you.

How will you know the difference? My group of advisors has just assured me, right NOW, that you will know, just as they knew in the past what was right for them, but different for each – and just as they discovered for them in the past and each are discovering for themselves in the NOW, is time for YOU to discover the REAL YOU and that time is not contained in the past and it is not contained in the future. Both yesterday and tomorrow are useless and unimportant.

If you feel a need, a compulsion, to argue this final point, say after me: Interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Repeat this out loud until it fades into the unimportance it deserves for you.

Coming up: Integration of the Mind – Part Seventeen…Tools for the reintegration of I AM in You

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Integration of the Mind – Part Fifteen

"Captain, I can't give it anymore power...she's breaking up". "I need more power Scotty!"

Super Awareness …shifting the paradigm (continued)

I woke up from a dream this morning …I was the captain of a rather large ship and there was an instrument control panel in front of me just below the wide windshield on the bridge. On the left side of the panel was a huge red button that had a label underneath it that said: Engineer Override. What the dickens does that mean, I muttered, half asleep.

I forgot all about it until just a few minutes ago, while sitting here wondering what this segment would bring after sensing that I was to continue where I left off in #14.

I was sitting here reflecting on some tension I was feeling in my shoulders and upper arms. Then, realized that my conscious mind had taken over and I was trying to figure out what to write …I know better – what now?

So I knew that I was supposed to go to my Brad Cullen inbox …sheez Louise, 84 messages …the tension just increased and I’m trying to battle it consciously …the dream came rushing back with the words, “now you know.”

I was attempting to override a subconscious reaction, that is, the tension, by consciously willing myself to relax. Wait a minute; my subconscious is trying to tell me something and using the tension to do so, what is it?

“You’re responding to a habit of being overwhelmed by the thought of going through all those e-mails, some of which are simply junk …let I AM lead you.”

Yes, this can be cleaned up...easily. Ask Source.

“Gladly” I just said aloud – in this particular e-mail program (one of three that I use for three different purposes), there’s a “toggle all” instruct which, when I click on it, automatically puts a check mark alongside each one of the 15 messages on that page – I clicked on it and then allowed SPIRIT to show me which ones I should uncheck to read in a minute or two after I deleted all the rest.

I knew immediately which ones to keep and clicked on “delete” and the others were gone. Five pages in all and while only a few messages were deleted it was finished in seconds …what a great system I said aloud, gratefully.

I went to the remainder and knew immediately that I was to open the one on top of the list:

Hi Friend,

There is a war raging inside you. Your desires, your beliefs, and your drive PULL you toward your goals; toward abundance; toward inspiring achievements. But as soon as you start to make any progress …Your mind PUSHES you back! More than a temporary roadblock, your mind actually PREVENTS you from reaching your dreams. No matter how badly you want to change – to improve who you are, what you own, and what you stand for – your subconscious mind simply won’t allow it.

How’s that possible? Because the subconscious mind is STRONGER than your goals, beliefs, passion… and even your actions!

You want to increase your income without sacrificing your family or your free time.

You want to expand your sphere of influence and make a bigger difference in the world.

You want to stop engaging in destructive behaviors that sabotage your happiness, and replace them with life-enriching choices, but your subconscious mind says “NO”… making you feel stuck. Leaving you to wish, hope, and settle.

But settle no more, because today there’s a NEW simple way to put an end to this internal war.

Make your mind say YES! …and to create the life you deserve for yourself — You must first learn how to ALLOW YOURSELF to become successful.

Don’t read any further, this is the same message I have been giving and you have been sharing, is it not?”

If your not Captain of your ship...who is?

“Holy mackerel,” I replied with gratitude and excitement, as I realized that while this was a “sales pitch” for some expensive human “success” program, I had just been shown which part to keep for the purposes that are for us here today.

Back to the dream and what I’m supposed to learn from it: The conscious mind is often referred to as the captain of a ship and the subconscious as its crew. As with all analogies, this one has its shortcomings, but I see, in this case, that the Engineer is the subconscious, the technical expert and is trying to get my attention using very noticeable tension to get it.

I asked, what now, again, and was led to the next e-mail on the list of 46 remaining after deleting seven of the original of this particular grouping; another sales pitch …and of all things from one of the people who uses the captain for the conscious part of the mind and the crew as the subconscious – again, an analogy that sounds good, but has some holes in it.

I like to give credit where credit is due, but I’m sensing some resistance …what now?

“What is new under the sun? What is it that you have not known from the beginning and this is yet another reminder? Focus on the “Engineer Override button” and what it means for you.”

Can you imagine controlling all that power? Get help, ask Source.

Oh my, the first reaction is one of overwhelm …how do I articulate such a vast understanding? I’m seeing and sensing a broad panoramic view …then I see the simplicity of it! We all have heard that the subconscious is vastly more powerful than the conscious – having the capability of processing millions more pieces of information per second than the conscious.

I was just now instructed to go back and read what I had transcribed in Parts 12, 13 and 14 …in other words I already have written the answers to my question in the foregoing paragraph, “how do I articulate such a vast understanding?” – And here is the key piece of information, from #12 …I am ready to receive it, store it and act upon it.

“What Lahti has just said,” Mo continued, “is the perfect order in both senses of the word. That is, the command and the order of the steps that will bring you to self-realization which will have you no longer ‘hoping it is true,’ because your personal subconscious will align itself with our SPIRIT-PARENT when you both surrender or ‘die’ to the nonsense of hoping and begin to trust that it will follow your command to ‘get it done! That may seem harsh, but it isn’t intended that way.”

I can fly this thing, really, I can!!! Oh crap, I'm in trouble!

Trust …the issue I shared with somebody in a response to an e-mail just yesterday and I didn’t have a clue that it was “I” that was in desperate need. As captain of the ship or director of my life’s movie, I have the responsibility for the finished product – what is it that I want? What is my chosen purpose? To be completely in and of the will of our SPIRIT-PARENT because I trust our SPIRIT-PARENT to only want or “will” what is absolutely for my better good and for the better good of all those with whom I interact.

My command, as captain and director to the engineer, that part of me which is, oh so, much more powerful than the part of me that is “aware,” knows when “I” am off course or straying away from my declared purpose.

I MUST INSTALL AN OVERRIDE BUTTON FOR THE ENGINEER DOWN IN THE BOILER ROOM. I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THE COMMAND TO GET IT DONE, that is, to make sure that everything I do and am …is tied to the purpose I have declared …and that is, to be in and of the will of God.

When I am consciously commanding this body-bag to relax, I am interfering with the engineer doing its job – the tension I was feeling earlier is the engineer trying to give me a message …there’s a CONFLICT and if I’m smart and really aware, I’ll realize that the engineer is far better equipped to handle the issue and to do so automatically. It will not disobey my command, and in order to stay on course I need to let go of the power controls and allow it to do what it is far better equipped to handle.

I love me!!!! lalalala!!!! Sing out loud!

I love you, subconscious, I appreciate you, I trust you – install the button …get it done! Thanks sheez, what a relief! I don’t know about you, folks, but I get it and it’s high time. PEACE!

How does it get any better than this? I have a SPIRIT-PARENT controlled engineer handling every detail of my life automatically. I just now called a meeting with my Board of Advisors and thanked them profusely for meeting privately with my engineer …they gave me a standing ovation for releasing the controls so my engineer can do the job he is eminently equipped to handle.

Interesting point of view, no? I have this point of view.


P.S. I haven’t a clue as to what’s next, but I’m being assured there is still more to go on this journey. Thanks for being along for the ride.

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Integration of the Mind – Part Fourteen

–Super Awareness …shifting the paradigm–

Unite the mind, then remove resistance to your Healing.

In the past several hours, since I finished writing the previous segment, I’ve had the enormously satisfying, relaxed and peaceful attitude that I needn’t worry about anything because everything I need has already been provided.

What I mean by the foregoing paragraph is not something new for me, but it is a brand new point of view …a result of entering into a partnership with my personal subconscious mind – I’ll explain the reason I refer to it as “my personal” subconscious a little later.

I have this feeling not in some future, pie in the sky, religious view, but an inner knowing that everything already exists right now and I have a way, in the NOW, to tap into it, a way in which I simply was previously unaware.

You have to open the drawer to see the light inside.

This is a shift in paradigms …from a sense of needing something specific, but that I couldn’t see on the immediate horizon. Because of this shift in my basic paradigm everything is available to me just as easily as going to a file cabinet that contains all the important information in the universe and opening a drawer to find whatever I need.

The paradigm that has been controlling me, for as long as I can consciously remember, was that in order to learn about anything I had to spend a great deal of time in concentration and study in order to absorb whatever.

What prepared me to be able to trade in this old paradigm was something I was given to understand and have written about for several years that is not true – an untruth which some people repeat often and which, just be continually repeating it, renders them to be helpless and hapless victims to circumstances rather than being overcomers.

Here’s the statement: “God allows everything to happen to us that happens” and by which they mean both the good and the not-so-good. My almost continual retort has been, God allows me to breathe, so what?

Two healing modalities, available to you if you are willing to be healed.

Let’s unravel this by using breathing as our example of how simple it is to change this written rule that sounds good on one level, but on another level which perpetuates helplessness rather than exposes our right and ability to tap into creative, healing power.

I’ve had awareness that my breathing is an automatic process that goes on just about in spite of everything else – although, there are certainly things that impede the kind of breathing that provides optimum health …stress being one of the major culprits or obstacles. We all have heard that stress restricts breathing.

Just two of the many systems that place emphasis on breathing for healing and the reduction of stress are Yoga and Reiki …back to this point in just a moment after a true, but short story.


This is about how I “accidentally” discovered breathing as an aid to healing. A woman who was brought to me in the summer of 2005; she had been asthmatic for several years and also suffered from periodic anxiety attacks …her husband phoned and said he had been told that I had the “gift of healing asthma,” which I emphatically denied, but he practically insisted that he bring her to me …if I was willing to help, he had added, seeming somewhat, to me, like a challenge of sorts. I told him I would call him right back.

Is this the only solution for severe asthma? As Source.

I called him back after I received a “yes” and told him again that I didn’t have a gift of healing, but that his wife could be helped and to bring her.

When they arrived a few days later, after driving 2000 miles from the Chicago area to Portland, Oregon, where I was living at the time, I silently asked what to do and was told that she needed to practice taking several deep breaths to counter her anxiety – something I had not heard previously, at least consciously, but have read about since. She was overtaken by a severe attack of anxiety shortly after their arrival which was what prompted me to ask our SPIRIT-PARENT, again, what to do.

I explained to her what I had received and told her to take a deep breath. She told me she couldn’t do that because the impurities in the air would kill her. What now? I asked silently.

What I got in response frightened me because of the implications; after all, she weighed only about eighty pounds, and her breathing sounded like an old car rattling badly, I was afraid she would die before they were able to get back home …but I told her what I had just been given to tell her:

“Okay, I guess you are going to have to drive all the way back home because I can’t help you if you are unwilling to follow directions.”

What's preventing you from crying out?


It was more like a loud, desperate scream and it apparently took every ounce of energy she had to say the words. She gasped and took several deep breaths in an obvious reflex-reaction to her outburst – the anxiety left her …the asthma was soon to follow; totally healed.

I’ve never received those same instructions again; come to think of it I’ve never had anyone with asthma come to me again and I am most certainly not proposing what happened specifically to her as a system for curing asthma or anything else. I was “told” what to do and I did it …simple as that.

That couple, in their seventies, corresponded with me for several months afterward, sharing all sorts of things that were happening in both their lives which they described as “miracles” as they began to trust God more and more. End of story.


Choose a box to work with, or work with all of them.

Under the old paradigm I might have been easily persuaded to take a course in stress management as a means to improve my breathing, since I do know of people who are in limited health because their shallow breathing contributes to the steadily worsening of any number of physical conditions attributed to stress.

I mention Reiki and Yoga quite often, simply because I know people who have been helped enormously by these two systems particularly …and want to point out, as I have said numerous times previously, I am not in competition with these or any other systems …whatever works for you is perfectly fine for me.

Under the new paradigm, introduced in parts numbered 12 and 13 of this series, I now see how to build upon the concept I have of automation, that is, “put the kingdom of God in the primary, number one, position and everything else, both material and spiritual comes automatically” – something Jesus put forward and which I have written about for over twenty years.

I didn’t realize, however, that I had such a powerful tool at my disposal and how to use it to help the process of expanding this arena of living and getting those things I had previously described as “needed” automaticallythis tool is what I refer to as “my personal subconscious” and I call it this to distinguish it from any universal “energy” or “vibration” that science tells us exists throughout space and within each of us individually and which we can tap into to an ever-increasing degree.

Subconscious is waiting for you to interact.

What my Board of Advisors showed me was that I didn’t have to go through some conscious ritual to meet with them, but that I could simply give a command to my personal subconscious to meet with them whenever it was appropriate as a means to keep me connected with our (theirs, mine and your) SPIRIT-PARENT) 24/7 – the command was simply, “get it done …this is our life and purpose,” (I was to instruct it) (that is, staying connected and controlled by SPIRIT) and that the conscious part of me was to be in a perfect, loving partnership with my personal subconscious, and to make this “being connected” with our SPIRIT-PARENT the top priority of “our” life.

I saw that I needed to express gratitude, love and acceptance toward my personal subconscious, not as a separate entity, but again as a partner …an integral part of the mind of this body-bag I occupy – and, to be redundant, the individual mind, don’t forget, is made up of every cell and organ in these body-bags we occupy, and the aware, cognitive, reasoning part we refer to as the “conscious” is only a miniscule, albeit important part.

My Board of Advisors explained that my personal subconscious, unlike the conscious part of the mind contained in this body-bag I occupy, doesn’t even need reminders or calendars – just relax, breathe deeply and TRUST it to do its work, once I’ve commanded it to do whatever and/or change the orders as I see fit.

If this sounds too simple and easy, you may want to do a little research on just to what degree the personal subconscious (we all have one) is more powerful than the conscious mind as far as keeping things on track AUTOMATICALLY.

Perhaps the struggle at which we must persevere is merely giving up struggling, could it be that simple? I’m finding it so.

We have, within each of us, the perfect partner, the personal subconscious, which is awaiting our command to “get it done.” First, however, we need to be clear consciously about what it is we want it to accomplish; more about this coming up.


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