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I Am a Graduate of the College of Believing Nothing is Impossible.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is the sponsor of the online, interactive College of Believing Nothing is Impossible and its course, Believing 101. The inspiration comes from the words of I AM that, I AM which were quoted as coming through the mouth of Jesus, “Nothing shall be impossible for anyone who believes enough.”

This college has no professors or academic leaders; we are all co-learners and co-creators.

As the course points out, it is important to understand the context in which the quote is made; –because once the context is understood– the first step to actually bringing any individual to the point of believing enough to make everything possible is relatively easy.

All you need to see in the dark is a little light…ask for it.

One segment of the course entitled, Seeing Around Corners, which just a very few years ago was something deemed impossible by any rational person in the “reality” of this physical realm we refer to as the 3rd dimension, but is now not only technically possible, rather it is already a rapidly expanding reality because of satellites which have brought us Google maps as a prime example of one of the many first steps.

Seeing in the dark was also considered impossible just a few years ago, but was overcome through night vision goggles and other rapidly improving technology, the point being that it is easy to believe that both being able to see in the dark AND around corners are possible now that the technology is well established.

Now let’s step off the edge of what we are already forced to believe is possible because it is something already seen and experienced as a result of technological advances; let’s jump into the abyss of those things which science is just beginning to say are more than merely possible, but rather are probable.

Perhaps you can live forever by doing this…but is it really living?

For example, it is now predicted by several branches of science that extending the lives of humans to age 150 and beyond is no longer some fantasy of a wild-eyed, long-haired visionary or stories about people in India and remote reaches of the Himalayas reaching “unbelievable” ages, NO! We’re talking about “pure” science, including but not limited to the western Medical variety.

Now, let’s look at something from an ancient text that, if viewed from one perspective, makes extending life pointless. “Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity!” In today’s plain English, “Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.” If you want to allow a state of depression to overtake you about the meaninglessness of extending life, read the first 12 verses of Ecclesiastes (or Kohelet in the Torah).

If, however, extended life can mean giving us time to get our “acts together” regarding the individual purposes for which each of us came to this planet, we needn’t get “down” about the vicissitudes of life, of which there are many and none of us escape them. Hopefully, this article will bring new meaning to what getting our acts together, on an individual basis could mean for YOU.

I have to learn to do this?

However and especially for the person who is ready to believe nothing is impossible (ahead –or even without the aid of– technology and science) can view everything as possible with confidence, not from wearing rose-colored glasses or smoking dope, but from a “KNOWING” that comes about as a result of becoming an over-comer of all obstacles, without limits.

Getting to the point of being able to believe enough, which in turn makes everything possible, is simple and even can be automatic, but requires using a different part of the mind we refer to as the superconscious, rather than the ego-controlled, reasoning part of the mind, where logic and skepticism are birthed and to which we refer as the conscious part of the mind of these human bodies we occupy.

Introducing: The Radical Revolution against Aging and Death, HINT: It’s all about not only extending this life while entering the “kingdom of heaven” within, NOW, AND, without dying – EVER!

We’re about to share an interesting, but well hidden (by religion) truth found in the Bible, no less.

By the way, in order to begin accessing the superconscious part of the mind, you may want to try the College of Believing Nothing is Impossible, which is one way, please note we are not saying the only way. Get the introductory sections of the course free and see if you want to continue, still freely as a co-learner and co-creator, send an e-mail to doug@youwithoutlimits.life, just type SEND in the subject line – the two introductory sections will come as attachments in the reply.

Hmm…there seems to be some valuable stuff in this book.

Now then, let’s expose the truth which has been hidden by religious dogma, again, which is right out of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. An accurate translation from the original language of Hebrews 11:5, 6:

“By faith Enoch was taken away so that he never died. His body was not found, because God brought Enoch into His presence while he was alive and still in bodily form and so that he avoided physical death altogether. The reason Enoch found favor with God in this manner is that before God brought him to Himself, Enoch stayed in close friendship with God and was a pleasure to God for it.”

Now then, with this kind of fellowship with God it is possible for anyone to please God and for anyone to have this kind of belief; all he or she must do is to trust that God rewards anyone who comes to Him, diligently and habitually wanting to have an intimate, loving relationship with Him.

Isn’t it time you made a new friend?

You are being offered friendship with God. You can’t become friends with someone you approach like a servant or employee OR someone you shut out emotionally. If God is saying, I love you and want to be your friend; it requires acceptance and emotional openness and honesty.

Sitting on a pew or standing, listening to some powerless human preach about God, or worse, taking that position behind a pulpit or on a street corner, is not walking with God in the kind of friendship that Enoch had. In order to get to the same place as Enoch, you gotta be willing to be a friend.

How do we become friends with anyone? One answer might be, mutual respect, honesty and being open emotionally, willing to share our most intimate, inner secrets.

Before backing up the comment that this truth has been hidden by religious dogma, let’s give a bit more scriptural background from Genesis in the Bible or Bereshith in the Torah 5:24 “Enoch walked with God and then was no longer, because God took him.”

This is not necessary…you can stop it NOW.

How several religions have messed this up is by supplanting the term in the original languages, including but not limited to Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi and Sanskrit, which referred to a parallel, ongoing alternate to the 3rd dimension that means no beginning as well as no ending, NOW; and mistranslated into English as eternal life and began teaching that eternity or eternal life means life after death of the physical body or, life after life, instead of what it literally means which is LIFE instead of dying.

Walking with God today is just as possible as it was in Enoch’s day. Just like the quote from the book of Hebrews states, you have to come to him directly, wanting to have a relationship with him …and overcoming the thoughts instilled in us by religious teachers that such a relationship is impossible because they have planted doubt that it IS possible.

There it is, you don’t have to experience physical death – now, isn’t it  worthwhile to extend life UNTIL you get to the point of believing nothing is impossible because you trust God to reward you for wanting a close relationship?

This is an abstraction I can’t be friends with.

Start by talking to God directly and stay away from teaching that scoffs at such a notion and finally: Release all preconceived ideas about what/who is God – and consider that the beginning of intimacy with anyone is to admit we don’t know how to begin, but “I’d like to be friends, what is possible between us?”

This idea just entered my mind, and I checked it out as to the source, since it entered a bit forcefully as if coming to me as an urgent message from a friend …and it is!

If you treat anyone as an intellectual abstraction, does it lead to friendship? Does making reference to “the Universe” qualify as an “intellectual abstraction?”

The argument could certainly be made that it is a good start to get away from a religious perspective, but we’re not talking about religion we’re talking about friendship.

Since religion is a curious mixture of both emotional and intellectual exercise, is it possible that thinking or feeling about a person as a sex object doesn’t lead to a close, intimate relationship as a true friend and isn’t that, somewhat, on a par with the object that religion makes of God?

Just points of view, but there is an inner urgency that there is truth contained in the analogies.

I welcome your comments and/or questions as to anything I haven’t made clear as to what I mean because I’d really like to be your friend too, rather than simply have you react to what you think I was saying rather than what I actually meant.

More than one potential relationship was stalled by getting into an argument that went something like this, “you said” and getting all caught up in how the listener took something rather than what was intended.



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Worldly Wisdom Focuses on Balance

Hold onto that feeling…for sustained success.

Sustained success in business, sports and life on this planet, in general, depends upon managing our activity by balancing between short term and long term objectives – which involves TIME.

Time is an essential ingredient of 3rd dimension reality, which according at least one physicist, who meanders, on occasion, into the philosophical, also insists is NOT reality, but rather an illusion.

Another point of view about time is that it is a construct for measuring and describing what we, who are trapped on this planet, are forced to deal with as “reality” – spinning, as it does on its own axis and thereby causing the illusion of the sun rising, setting and rising again, which somebody referred to as one day.

Somehow this doesn’t make things simpler for me.

Later, somebody devised mathematics and thereby we came to dividing a day into segments of hours, which segments are further divided into minutes and seconds; and conversely multiplied them into weeks, months and years.

The statement by some physicists that this reality is an illusion is based upon knowledge awakened by the relatively new physics referred to as Quantum Mechanics; which renders both time and math, as measured in the 3rd dimension, as non-existent.

We regular-type earthlings can easily also understand one part of the illusion because we now know that the sun doesn’t rise or set, but that the phenomena is merely the result of the particular point upon which we are standing on this world has come around to the place where the sun becomes visible.

We came up with terms such as trajectory and transit to describe the sun’s movement across another illusion which we refer to as the “sky.” Such modes of expression keep us trapped in our thinking.

Chang your point of view.

Oh what perspective can do…!

This brings us to the place of having a dialogue about the evolution of human intelligence (and lack thereof, when you consider the silly things we tend to argue about simply because our observation points are different). Don’t forget our favorite pet cat named:


When we think in terms of the broad expanse of the known universe called “space” we are still trapped in concepts such as 2+2 = 4 and measuring time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

In other words, folks, getting off this planet and going to Mars and beyond seems like a huge step, until we stop to realize that the farthest reaches of even the known universe is measured in billions of light years.

Space…here we come! Wooohoooo!!!

Before we get all excited about such grand knowledge, we pause to reflect on the fact that those whose minds are capable of estimating this expanse which measurement requires both time and distance are the same ones who tell us that the “reality” of time and distance is an illusion, which we must remember, is only one point of view.

Some physicists came to this conclusion on the basis that they also have proven that a single particle in quantum can be in two places, millions of miles apart, at the same time! What makes this somewhat easy to understand for us mortals is light; you know, the source shines there, but is seen here or vice-versa.

Now that we are so smart, how come we still can’t see around corners? Here kitty-kitty-kitty . . . (putting the bowl of food down for Perspective).


Visiting here soon?

The foregoing is an excerpt from a section of the online, interactive course, Believing 101, released by the College of Believing Nothing is Impossible; where we look at things from a spiritual perspective that takes us beyond the limits of human knowledge and wisdom – we are all co-learners, there are no human teachers and leaders as we delve, together, into the arena in which all individual human wisdom is seen simply and only as one very narrow point of view, what else is possible?

To receive more information about how to obtain the course, please write doug@youwithoutlimits.life

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You Have the Clarity of Jesus, the Wisdom of Solomon . . .

How much can you absorb by just reading? Maybe it’s time for an experience.

…and others and all at your disposal and so do I – not by reading and learning from the words they purportedly spoke to others thousands of years ago, for situations not nearly as complex as those which each of us face on a daily basis in this “post modern” world in which we live.

Muslims, who miss the wisdom of their Prophet for today, miss it because they study and misinterpret ancient texts. Jews, who miss the wisdom of Moses for today, miss it because they study and misinterpret ancient texts. Christians, who miss the clarity of Jesus for today, miss it because they study and misinterpret ancient texts; the list goes on and on and incorporates every religion known to mankind.

Are these audacious words of an unlearned man (me) meant to imply we cannot learn from ancient texts? That question misses the point because we are able to learn from ancient texts, but what we learn puts us in the same trap about which the man reputed to the wealthiest and wisest in history warned with a different question, “What profit is it to a man to gain the whole world and, by so doing, lose his soul?”


Did Albert really say that…Does it really matter who said it if it’s true?

Here we go with interpreting, but if we expand the foregoing quote to apply not only to material wealth, but intellectual knowledge, we readily become aware that the premium placed on education whether about the arts, philosophy, religion or science is misplaced.


“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”


…excerpt from the interactive course Believing 101 available at the online College of Believing Nothing is Impossible sponsored by YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, an unregistered non-profit www.youwithoutlimits.life.

Get more information about the course and how to apply for a full scholarship for you and/or somebody who may want and need to expand their ability to believe and imagine, TODAY. Write doug@youwithoutlimits.life



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