My Eighth Lesson

Reality is a moving target

An Integrated Mind

A moving target is not impossible to hit. You just have to see it before it gets there.

What each of us thinks of as “reality” is a figment of our imaginations! The foregoing is a truth around which we must wrap our “fully integrated minds”* if we are to live out and into what will become our chosen purpose when we become wholly awake to it.

When we wake up to the fact that by changing our perceptions we can create a whole new reality that serves the purpose for our being in this dimension and stop being the servant to “things beyond our control.”

The first part of this lesson is that there are definitely things beyond our control, therefore this lesson isn’t some pie-in-the-sky design to control others or situations which, by attempting to do so, is a violation of third dimension laws and spiritual principles and that, again, by trying will merely keep us imprisoned in our currently perceived reality – and which is real only in the mind of each individual. What I need to get under control is the mind of this body-bag I occupy …and by control, I mean to make sure that my “fully integrated mind”* is focused on the purpose for which I have been chosen.

Okay that’s the first part of the lesson, are you ready for a change? How to create a new reality is the next part . . .

Spiritual Healing Source

Do you really need professional advice? Ask Source.

Just yesterday I had an appointment with a professional person based on some very clear guidance as a result of asking, “what now?” I received some advice (from this licensed, learned professional) that, from one perspective (his), sounded “good” and was so, from point of view of his perceived reality.

After an hour of dialogue, I pulled out my checkbook, something I had also been instructed by our SPIRIT-PARENT to bring along …and asked him what I owed him. His answer indicated that he felt he had received as much, if not more, in value, from our time together and thus I owed him nothing.

Two items of advice (legal and financial) which he had given me, I knew, from experience, were incorrect. However, I also knew that my experience was from about ten years ago, and, well, after all, his profession requires ongoing education and he probably knew better than I. This was how I began to rationalize my intention to follow his advice.

Do what it takes to hear the Adviser.

On the twenty minute drive back to my home/office I felt a considerable amount of tension – and asked what it was about. I almost slammed on the brakes because of what I heard …as if the voice was coming from the empty seat on the passenger side:


For the next two hours I had a delightful time of discovering how following the advice of this well-respected professional would be counter to my purpose for living in this third dimension-physical realm and the dimensions beyond.

In order to understand what I’m saying here, you have to get to the point of discovering your own individual purpose for life in this dimension and beyond; by “beyond this life” I’m not talking about the so-called “after life” …I’m bringing into

* Please see note at the end of this article

Connect to the Source

Do it whenever you notice disconnected.

focus the fact that the so-called “after life” is a parallel dimension ongoing this moment, in the NOW. This is a reality that can come only by revelation and that by a “fully integrated mind.”*

In other words, this is my reality, is it yours? My reality is all tied to being connected 24/7 with the SOURCE of everything and sharing what I get from this connection with anyone who has the ears and eyes to receive it.

Just now, I’ve been bombarded with what will be the topic of My Ninth Lesson …how to stop hiding your light under a bushel and the revelation I have been given of just what that light is and how to get it shining brightly – I can hardly wait to transcribe and share it with you!


*By “fully integrated mind” …I’m referring to all parts of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind of this body I occupy, connected with the UNIVERSAL MIND of our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT …this is both my reality and my purpose, with the ancillary purpose of sharing what comes to the conscious part of my mind with all those who are open to receiving it; …topics which are dealt with in detail in my latest book Integration of the Mind which is available from Amazon or can be obtained from your favorite book store or at a discount by registering your name and best e-mail address at:

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My Sixth Lesson

What Are the Steps to Applying These Ancient Words?

Spiritual Healing, Seek God First

Ancient words are not true until you believe them.

In the order necessary to make them come true today –

First, the words, accurately translated from the original language into an idiom understood by those somewhat familiar with the less than formal English used in North America:

“If you place your focus on the parallel universe, considered by many to be the abode in which the Supreme Being is in charge, you will find that everything you think you need and want will come to you automatically.”

Without making any moral judgment about what one person considers a necessity compared to another person, the point made in what was said just prior to the quoted part, in context, made it clear that it had to do with all sorts of things some austere folks might consider luxuries.

Automatic Everything, Focus on Source to Recieve

How many things are already automatic for you?

It doesn’t matter, because ALL those “things” and more will come automatically to those who have their priorities straight related to that other dimension considered not part of this 3rd dimension, physical “world.”

I have this to say, based on my own experiences related to what the necessary steps to having my own priorities straight and the benefits thereof:

I have the reputation for facilitating emotional and physical healings (I make no claim about being a “healer,” intuitive, energy, spiritual or otherwise), BUT once I understood a couple of things about spiritual priorities, the healings and other things came as a matter of course; therefore, I do have some rather strong feelings about the steps you may want to consider for having everything you think you need or want, come to you automatically.

Enter your first name and best e-mail to receive a free report on what these steps are exactly!

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My Fifth Lesson

What’s the Point?  More to it …You Might Be Missing the Point!

Spiritual Healing Source

Just do it, don't ask questions.

There’s often a point in every child’s life when a parent’s answer, “Because I said so,” no longer works, because the child comes to the conclusion that the answer is ridiculous.

There’s also a point, much later in that same child’s life when, upon reflection, the awareness comes with full force that the answer may have seemed ridiculous, but there was a whole lot of wisdom behind it …and while, at the time, the answer was inadequate to satisfy the child’s curiosity, the point arrived at with this new awareness is the beginning of questioning one’s own judgment and conclusions.

Each of us are fairly certain we know certain things and we cling to these as inviolate truths, until an awareness comes over us that WE WERE WRONG!

Here comes a different perspective …we weren’t wrong, but we were looking at what seemed to be, at the time, a ridiculous answer, from a limited viewpoint.

There also comes a point of awareness for every parent; that the time has arrived to give thoughtful and meaningful –to the child- answers if we want to have them maintain a modicum of respect for our opinions.


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