Tell the World What You Believe, Hold Nothing Back! Pt 2

SPIRIT Shockwave, Breakthrough – Part Two

The Power of Spirit is unlimited.

…So Then, Just What Is YOUR Truth?

So, last time out, I basically said that it doesn’t matter what you believe. Is that true for you? I spend an inordinate amount of time griping about the complicated systems designed by human beings that purport to bring about physical and emotional healing.

It was pointed out to me, this a.m., I do the very same thing. Over the past five years I have shared enough stuff on this website to bury any and all simplicity for which I clamor.

Within the last few days I witnessed two people being healed – one a lady with allergies, the other a 47 year old guy who talked about his frustration of being dyslexic his whole life and not being able to read.

When we ask ourselves, am I really ready for this?

The same simple remedy worked for both. I asked (silently) what I was supposed to do and in both instances received quite similar, simple, instructions.

I’m not going to share what those instructions were, because somebody is sure to turn it into a system. What is the point? IT WAS A MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR EACH. Both the lady and the man are NOW exclaiming how much better their lives are and in both instances a deeply grooved pattern of belief was disrupted …“I am allergic to” and “I am dyslexic.”

In both instances the seeming “miracle” took place because they realized their authority to get past it and how to combat it if they ever get lied to again. The lie takes place in the mind with the thought, “Oh no, it’s back!” In neither case did I express the crudity that I’m about to express …but I have expressed it in the past to emphasize this point: “BULLSHIT! It is not back and each of them knows how to deal with it and will.” In other words, the change shall be sustained.

Their former belief, which was true, because they believed it was true, was obviously a lie with which they had lived for many years – it matters because it kept them in bondage. Their new truth is only a start and they both realize that “I” didn’t do anything except to pass on what I got which, in their particular cases, was quite similar.

Will you break the chain of your belief?

I feel compelled to repeat a response I sent to a longtime friend this morning who forwarded a brief “daily devotional piece” to me, written by a Roman Catholic priest in the Franciscan order, extolling the virtue of the last paragraph:

If I have a calling, Den, AND I do — I am chosen because I choose to be chosen, you dig? This paragraph encapsulates anything and everything I can do for everyone – just a beggar telling other beggars where I got food …so they can go get theirs!

“Walter Brueggemann has given his whole life to understanding the Hebrew Scriptures, and is my favorite Old Testament Christian scholar, hands down. I think he is a prophet himself. In the end, he says that the only consistent pattern he could find in the way God works with God’s people is that there is no pattern!

We didn't need all those rules anyway. There's only one that counts.

“There is no one image of God in the Bible. There must be at least 50, I would think. God is always breaking God’s own rules to get to this person, to change this situation, to transform this event. If you are honest about the text, this should be clear.

“You do realize, I hope, that every time God forgives, God is breaking God’s own rules, and saying relationship with YOU matters more than God being right! I would base my life on that assertion.”

(ME TOO …and, in fact, I do base my life on that)!

Now, I feel compelled to add that the truth about the many facets of “God” by whatever other title or name, AND found in the “sacred” writings of the Qur’an and the Vedic scriptures and those of many other religions, as well as the Bible, and quoted by innumerable learned scholars of each.

I repeat and it is quite simple …if what the priest said so eloquently is the truth for you, then, isn’t it time to quit hanging onto any belief system, or any particular writer or teacher?

Sometimes relying on a codified belief system is limiting. Is it time for a change?

I’m just a beggar chosen because of one simple thing I learned by asking our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT what the difference between “many are called, but few are chosen” (?) The answer came gently, but forcefully:

“I choose everyone who chooses to be chosen.”

As I hope you realize that two different people just decided to take the first step and choose to be chosen to have a direct relationship with BWOTON …and if you don’t know who that is, go back and read Part One.

Just continuing to keep it simple, hopefully you will do the same!


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Tell The World What You Believe

“Tell the World What You Believe, Hold Nothing Back!”

SPIRIT Shockwave, Breakthrough Part One A Brand New (and fun) Brad Cullen Series

I don't think I want to know everything Brad!!!!

“Okay, then,” I answered, “What now?” You see, what I believe (about what I believe) is that it doesn’t matter what I believe! Unless, that is, it helps someone else know that what they believe doesn’t matter either!

I knew my life was on a whole new course about 15 years ago when I wrote these words in “my” first published book (of a spiritual nature) Unlocking The Treasure Chest of God’s Gifts;* ”…what I believe today doesn’t matter, because I will believe something different tomorrow or next year.”

*Republished in 2010 by Ryan Bruce’s company SHS Publishing as Unlocking Your Treasure Chest©

All Hail the Great and Mighty BWOTON

The answer I received from our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT (by whatever other term or name …you prefer); my little joke, which didn’t go over very well the first time out of the box, was to make an acronym out of By Whatever Other Term Or Name – BWOTON …I had a rather cartoon-like vision that the name would take off in the minds of some religious crazies and they would go around chanting “BWOTON, BWOTON” and insisting that it was the only “proper name” for God.

The whole idea came from something a Jewish Rabbi connected with the Jews for Jesus movement, in the San Francisco Bay Area, had told me back in the late 1980s …that the argument of Evangelical Christians against Jehovah’s Witnesses insistence that the only name acceptable to God was “Jehovah;”

“Evangelical Hebrew scholars” (he practically spat out the term “scholars” to demonstrate his disapproval) “are all wet when they say that ‘Jehovah’ is incorrect and that the proper Hebraic pronunciation is ‘Yahweh’ …this is ludicrous” he said in his heavily accented New York, Yiddish-flavored English. We became fast and furious friends and “worked” together in “healing and deliverance,” particularly among the gay community, whenever I went to the Bay Area on business.

How can 4 letters cause such confusion and disagreement?

“Both are in error,” the learned Rabbi continued, “the Hebrew symbols (here in English characters) YHWH was inserted to signify that this particular name was so holy and sacred that it was never to be pronounced!”

Which is why, in my sick sense of humor, BWOTON is so hilarious. Imagine people going door-to-door, leaving little pamphlets, which say that the only proper name for God is BWOTON. My imagination knew no bounds; I even envisioned huge ornate edifices with signs over their doors: “The Holy Temple of BWOTON – his name must be honored for all time.”

Let's worship BWOTON together!

Here’s a symbol in Hebrew YHWH (referred to, by the way, as the Tetragrammaton – and if you want to drive yourself crazy I urge you to go on Google and type in the word “tetragrammaton” and read what all the different linguistic experts have to say, DIFFERENTLY,  that it really means. I’m comfortable with what the Rabbi told me …but I hasten to say that it is merely an interesting point of view, among (if you take the trip to Google-land, designed to drive you crazy) hundreds of other interesting, expert points of view.

Let’s keep it simple, just follow me into the most Holy Temple of BWOTON, may his name be honored for all time, and worship Him alone.

Okay, enough silliness, when the first Treasure Chest came out, I received e-mail from people all over the globe telling me that crazy little book changed their lives beautifully and dramatically. People were using it as a medium for discussion groups …church pastors were getting fired over it – some well-meaning folks have even suggested that it was Treasure Chest that caused the political target to be placed on my back.

The only question you ever need to ask...What Now?

What I’ve been shown, in that regard, was that I could have easily avoided the political/legal problems I endured for a few years had I learned the lesson I finally learned of asking our SPIRIT-PARENT (BWOTON – giggle) “What Now?” …and how this brand new series got/gets its start. AND that had I avoided it the lesson wouldn’t have had such a profound effect. In other words, I am reminded to have nothing but absolute gratitude and joy over what seemed, at the time like a terrifying experience!

Ready everyone? If you insist upon following the new religion of Brad Cullen, Ryan Bruce and some others, apparently just as crazy, here’s your motto –repeat after me– “It doesn’t matter what Brad Cullen or anyone else believes” …and that is, IF BY “BELIEVES” YOU MEAN the intellectual importance you place upon anything you learn in this dimension that doesn’t come directly from our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT (period). The only value what I have written ever has is if it leads you to the place where you meet the truth that is YOUR TRUTH for this moment …right NOW (period).

What now?

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My Twentieth Lesson

The “NEW Religion” In Which You Fit

Does it matter? Do your beliefs rely on God?

Each and every moment presents dramatic, life-changing choices. They come as a simple matter of asking our SPIRIT-PARENT, “What now?” Let’s back up …what if you aren’t sure that there is a SPIRIT-PARENT (by whatever other title or name) who cares about you or what you are doing with your life?

BINGO …this is the first presentation of a life-changing choice! You simply get honest with yourself and everything in the universe. Here’s what I mean: I have eleven individuals who, under the direction of our SPIRIT-PARENT, guide me, moment-by-moment, through every decision consciously and unconsciously.

When they were first introduced to me by Jay (you may know him by the popular English and a host of other languages as Jesus, or some prefer the Hebraic Y’shua …once you know Jay intimately, he may tell you, as he has told me, that it doesn’t matter what you call him or even what you believe about him.

Brad are you calling on a myth? Or did it work?

My relationship with Jay began when I first yelled to him, “Jesus, if you are real, take over my life, I need help.” He did …now, that’s the experience that a few other daring souls and I have had …and through a series of revelations and experiences I came to believe intellectually and emotionally in his continual presence.

During the first several years of that relationship, Jay taught me that it was okay, when I felt a distance between us, to start all over and drop all pretenses of believing and yell all over again: “Take over my life, I need help!” He’s always obliged, sometimes in the strangest ways, but he has never failed.

When Jay brought the others along, making a current group of 12, including the consciously aware “me,” I, quite frankly, had a tough time believing. The first one he introduced me to as living right NOW, was Muhammad, yep the guy that wrote the Qur’an and started the religion Islam, meaning “submitted to God.”

I'm sure there is an easy religion you can pick.

Talk about taken aback! What Moo has told me about present day Islam and how it is practiced and what Jay has told me about present day Christianity and how it is practiced is the basis, NOW, for an “easy to believe religion.”

A year ago, I found it rather hard to believe and told the both of them that …now the conference table is filled with quite a collection of what seemed imaginary characters who have become real and introduced by Jay as LIVING in the now with him and me.

Therefore it is a religion into which I invite anyone who isn’t satisfied with their present “status quo.”

Everyone is a fellow member; whether you know or believe that yet is basically immaterial …everyone is not only invited, but already a member!

What amazed me and turned my religious world upside down was all eleven of the others had as much difficulty as I did with something that has become central, NOW, to my intellectual and emotional belief system. The others in our little group of twelve had as much trouble as I had about accepting their and my equality with Jay. It was Jay that introduced the concept to all of us. All twelve of us acknowledge and recognize only ONE leader among us …our SPIRIT-PARENT.

Do you have to believe what I believe? Absolutely not! In fact how can any of us even know, let alone believe what each other believes? This isn’t about believing, it’s about connecting with one another and our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever other title or name.

Just exactly what, does submitted mean?

Again, you needn’t believe in my little group ask our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT if you should even have your own group with the ones HE/IT/SHE selects for you …publisher Ryan Bruce has his own – others prefer having none it is YOUR mind, after all, get what is best for you, but if you don’t ask if you should even be open to the idea, it is highly unlikely that you will have the experience.

Those of us who have had the experience find it enriching from myriad points of view. One thing Jay advised me about was to be sure I made it clear that each of my group is submitted to the presence and power of our SPIRIT-PARENT (by whatever other title or name) and that they are charged with keeping all parts of the mind of this body I occupy, submitted to our SPIRIT-PARENT 24/7.

Jere just suggested that I remind everyone that it was Jay in his appearance as a third dimensional human being who was quoted as saying “God is a SPIRIT with whom to be connected in Spirit and in Truth” …and, “God is neither male or female” (but rather the perfect composite of whatever anyone believes is the best of both in Spirit form.

See the amazing things you can learn from your own personal “imaginary” advisors Ryan already posted this, but the group is telling me to repeat it here and with this the series is complete. Can this become a book? Ryan says that he hears from SOURCE that I will be far too busy with our SPIRIT-PARENT’S business to format it into a book – and, after all, he is the publisher:

The Choice

Anytime we blame others and complain about our situation, we are choosing to be victims. By playing the victim role we are choosing to remain stuck in the situation about which we are complaining. It is virtually impossible to allow seeming “miracles” to enter our lives when we choose to play the role of a victim.

By choosing to re-join the CREATIVE FORCE (by whatever other title or name) and, by the way, the original words MIS-translated into English as “salvation” or “saved” meant “joined together again, complete” …or as we might (literally and correctly) say today in English, “re-pairing finished” which means we can take up our rightful places as the co-creators of a whole new and perfect reality!

The End(ing)

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