Introducing you to the REAL YOU…

The Light of the World Within

The light of the world is inside you.

”Before there was a Universe, I AM” …if we’re willing to peel back the layers of darkness and see the LIGHT we will, WITHIN.


When the above thought, Introducing you to the REAL YOU, The Light of the World Within,” hit me upon waking this morning, I was curious about where it would lead. Now almost eight hours later I understand where it goes and chills are running up and down my spine.

I wrote something the other day entitled “All questions are NOT empowering; In fact, some questions are disempowering” …I felt guided to file it away for future use.

I think the article will have a big impact upon anyone who reads it because, in addition to providing a simple and effective way to avoid asking questions that have the potential to bring about results which have the power to bring about what you do NOT want, it also will provide a couple of examples of questions which are empowering and engender the kind of faith that produces seemingly supernatural results.

So far, it’s all free…

It has long been the practice of Author Brad Cullen aka Doug (my “given” name) Ferguson and Ryan Bruce, aka known as Mark Kennedy, to make gifts of everything written and/or published by

We have been admonished by many people that we would have had far better results with our mission had we charged something or, at the very least, made a simple way of donating so that people could participate in furthering the outreach while placing value on the gifts.

As always, we believe in freely giving what we have freely received. On the other hand, just like everything else in this 3rd dimension reality, it does take considerable time and money to produce books, articles, training programs and other items of value; and to maintain our administration center in Nevis, W.I.

Please see and rest in the fact that we can help you accomplish many things!

Because of this suggestion about asking for donations, we have recently made donating simpler via Pay Pal and other credit card processing mechanisms.

Every time…

This is the first time, after years and years of giving out free copies of books, courses and articles, that we’ve ever requested a donation for a single publication.

Here is how this will work, if you would like to receive your own PDF copy of The Secret of Asking Appropriate Questions for Maximum Results, simply ask if you should give and how much (we’re not going to check, that’s between you and whom you direct your prayer/meditation) then go to: Then click on either of the Pay Pal donate buttons and follow instructions.

Then click on the “Contact” tab on the menu bar and fill in the information, then in the comments box simply type in QUESTION ARTICLE and you’ll receive it as a virus free attachment to an e-mail.


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Everybody Talks About the Importance of doing it

But do you know what the word actually means?

OK, so I don’t know what it means…can I come out of the corner.

 According to an article with a video from John Hopkins Medical in a series about healthy aging entitled Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on It, the opposite unforgiveness is a huge contributor to any number of health issues such as high blood pressure and heart attacks and blocks healing of myriad diseases all leading to premature death!
Importance we assume, but something that came to me while working with a psychiatrist’s patients who were of a particular religious belief system, was what the word forgive meant in the original language and in which provides the most effective way to get maximum benefits from forgiving.

HINT: If you say, “I have forgiven her/him/them, but I cannot forget what he/she/they did” …according to the original language, you have NOT forgiven and not only is unforgiveness hanging around creating all sorts of emotional, mental and physical challenges, but according to one context in which it was used in an ancient text, you can’t live in the power and presence of God’s forgiveness that has already been provided.

Has that registered in you? God has already forgiven you for anything and everything, according to the original language of the text, but if you haven’t forgiven others you cannot live in the power and presence of God’s forgiveness.

Forgetting while remembering

Having a bad memory can be helpful after you forgive.

Okay, so let’s get down to what the word means and how, TODAY, you can forgive and be forgiven. The word in the original language is actually two words the first meaning to send away with force and violence. The other word means to release, let go – allow it to leave.

The following is an accurate translation into today’s English: “When you stand praying toward God, if you are holding onto anger and unforgiveness against another because of harming you, form a picture in your mind of taking that unforgiveness and anger and lifting it into the air with your arms and throwing it violently down into the sea. Let it go; for if you do not send it away forcibly and release it, God will not hear your praying and you will not live in his ‘forgiveness.’”

If you are causing yourself emotional, mental and physical harm by judging others, especially if you believe in the ancient warning, “judge not or you will be judged,” you have just found the way of escape to Vital Health, forgive in the way it was written thousands of years ago.

If you know of somebody trapped in believing they can’t forgive AND forget, you may want to click on this link for a remedy:

Also you may want to register in advance for our upcoming course LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE



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Neutralize the doubletalk in your mind


What double talk? This is what an atom looks like…I think. 🙁

First, a little chemistry: A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat –that’s how your body self-regulates a steady pH level in your blood.
The above, minus the title, was swiped off a well-respected, medical website and it is doubletalk or “dt” and closely related to “bs” because it ignores several key factors.

It is partially true and as with all partial truth, when you use it as a foundation, it contains a lie, a potentially deadly lie, thus the foundation is faulty and the building will ultimately collapse.

Then there is more “dt” both in a study about coffee that is in opposition to the findings about the direct health benefits from drinking coffee published by the respected Mayo Clinic which, in the watered down version on the Internet, has a telling last few words (more dt): “Further research may, of course, alter these findings.”

Another Study states: “Caffeine is often the primary focus when the negative health effects of coffee are discussed. But there are a number of significant chemical compounds present in coffee, other than caffeine, which also have strong effects on the body. Some of the more common active constituents include chlorogenic acid, caffeol and diterpenes.

Is it science or maybe a little witchcraft?

“Many health conditions that are aggravated by coffee are still affected by decaffeinated coffee, despite the lowered level of caffeine, due to these other phytochemicals that remain in decaf coffee after the decaffeination process.

“Current studies suggest that, for people who are sensitive to coffee’s effects, decaffeinated brews may still exacerbate their health problems. Therefore, the healthiest option may be to eliminate both regular and decaffeinated coffee from the diet.”

The “dt” that is obvious in the latter Study is the term “health problems” …which health problems? Because the Mayo Clinic Study talks about coffee reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, type II Diabetes, liver cancer and some other scary stuff.

The only way to eliminate all the “dt” and “bs” from your mind is to take control over the health of your own body, by being sensitive to the fact that you are unique and what may be good for me is not good for you and vice versa.

No, no…not this table…the one with Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual legs.

Plus the fact that nutrition is only one of four legs that maintains the level of the table upon which your Vital Health rests; and research, no matter how scientific, is biased towards and affected by conditions both general and specific that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Further, the results of any and all kinds of tests, whether administered by experts in any given field or self-administered, are subject to literally thousands of different variables that render them practically meaningless.

Your body is an individual chemistry laboratory; it is affected by YOUR emotions, YOUR beliefs and by what you drink and eat and the environment over which, in many cases, you have no control other than how you react to it, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

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