Become one with a killer?

Do you mean literally Become one?

Do you mean literally Become one?

I well remember when I adopted a certain religious belief system, after insisting almost my entire life that I was an agnostic (the Greek equivalent to the Latin ignoramus), the new people with whom I became associated denigrated scientific knowledge almost to the same degree that they denigrated religious beliefs that weren’t aligned with how “we believe.”

Any philosophy or religion that was seen as different from “what we believe” was seen as somehow dangerous.

I want more of Your Presence.

I want more of Your Presence.

What changed all that for me was to begin declaring to the Universe at large that I wanted to sense the presence of what I now refer to as our SPIRIT-PARENT …but willing to allow everyone else to refer to HER/HIM/IT in any way or by whatever other title or name they prefer without upsetting me in the least!

In other words by saying I want to sense YOUR presence continually I finally came into alignment with the vibration of HER/HIS/ITS vibration or frequency, if you prefer.

I don’t believe that such a declaration, (demand, request or “prayer”) is the only way to get into that alignment, but I was shown that was the beginning for me. Maybe it is something you want to try …after all, it is quite simple.

The guy with whom I’ve been in a “spiritual partnership” and I don’t think or process things similarly …and language is a barrier to our understanding one another at times. I insist, for example, that I have to get into a zone where I can “connect with what is beyond me.”

Connect to the Source

Do you have to plug in or are you aware?

He doesn’t see it that way; he sees it that all of us (what I describe as occupying these human body-bags) have always been connected and, therefore, have no need to get connected.

The guy I’m making reference to is the CEO of the publishing company that publishes all my Brad Cullen books and articles when he feels so guided …by the same SOURCE from Which/Whom I was guided to write.

These two different points of view don’t harm our relationship; they just sometimes cause a blip on the radar screen of our communication system.

What is important to understand is that it is merely a different point of view of the very same thing; isn’t it amazing that different points of view of the same thing are the very things that cause wars between people who aren’t committed to being ONE in a loving relationship with all others who see things from a different point of view?

It is a challenge to be ONE with those who are committed to kill you, is it not? Is it merely a communication challenge, or something far deeper?

I don’t know squat…what now?

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Missing Your Destiny?

         I’m in the middle of writing a new Brad Cullen book called, “The Little Book (with a HUGE title),” …which I’m sure publisher Mark Kennedy, erstwhile Ryan Bruce, will surely make shorter. Things are quickly coming into a very different era for the Brad Cullen/Ryan Bruce–Mark Kennedy/Doug Ferguson–Spiritual Healing Source/ YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, et al, enterprise.

Today I feel driven, compelled to talk about a crazy little book I wrote in 2010 called Being Jesus …I call it “crazy” because it wound up getting published minus page numbers, publisher’s page and several (to me) horrific bits of misspelling on the back cover – all in all, from my egoistic leanings, quite embarrassing!

The book has been magical for some folks all around the world who got the message – for the vast majority of those who got the book, they, like me, couldn’t get past all the seeming imperfections. That crazy little book changed the lives of those who did “get it” and, per usual, almost five years later, the fullness of the message is finally (slowly, but surely) sinking-in to the author as well.

Connect to the Source

Nothing spectacular happens unless you’re connected.

The message is clearly spelled out in the introduction (quote): “What I mean, all I mean by Being Jesus is you and I being connected to the SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE in the same way as Jesus was connected to HER/HIM/IT. How can that be possible? Ah hah! …the purpose of this little book and let’s just continue, right now, into chapter one.”

That book was based on what Jesus, himself, told me to write! Was/is that the real Jesus? Well, again a great big AH HAH! That all depends upon perspective does it not? Who/what is the real Jesus to you?

What “my” Jesus told me to write back then was in the first chapter:

The burning question here is...

The burning question here is…

(quote): You see, when Jesus literally said that anyone (you and I) who believe enough will perform the same supernatural-seeming “works” (and even more of them than he performed), he also said that it wasn’t “him” that did them, but rather the “Father” in him (an interpretation of the word in the original language by King James Version -a.k.a. KJV- of the Bible translators, and then carried over in almost all other translations and the traditions that the KJV engendered).

This “Father” (as we will see, a non-gender-specific entity, Who/Which created the universe and everything in it) and who not only performed the miracles, but, according to Jesus, also spoke the words that came out of his (Jesus’) mouth.

Not a cage for facts...a switching station for information.

Not a cage for facts…a switching station for information.

That connection is, again, all I am talking about so, yes, that certainly means “going beyond discipleship,” but to the average believer who has a ton of intellectual baggage related to the word “disciple,” as well as to the mere mention of Jesus’ name, Being Jesus is rather startling.

Let’s be clear: I am challenging YOU to open your mind to the fact that this is to what Jesus is calling anyone who is willing to say: “I want to believe enough to BE Jesus.”

If you are willing to begin saying it, that is, declaring that willingness to believe enough, to the universe at large, the transformation of you from a pew-warming spectator observing the biggest deception of all time, to nothing less than a miracle working dynamo – not because “you” will do anything.

No! The transformation is that you will know that you are intimately connected to the same SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE and you wouldn’t dare to take personal credit for doing any of the things HE/IT/SHE living vibrantly in you is doing through you – because it is HER/HIM/SPIRIT doing the “works” and speaking the words …just as this SPIRIT-PARENT did through Jesus.

You see only what you want to see.

You see only what you want to see.

But wait, this takes an entirely different view of Jesus than the religious world is capable of seeing. Something has to happen that will remove the veil from their eyes.

Just who/what is this Jesus? One of my favorite passages in the Bible describes him to a “t.” Look it up in your favorite Bible Version:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8-

Wait a minute! That means Jesus is special and if that’s true, how can “I” BE Jesus?

Here’s the deal, my dear brothers and sisters, YOU begin Being Jesus when YOU understand that YOU are the same yesterday, today and forever, because YOU are no longer “you.”

Can be found at your local religious organization.

Can be found at your local religious organization.

Now then, back to the religious-spirit incident referenced earlier. I’m being nudged to save this for a later chapter …an important chapter that explains my comment above and let’s repeat it: “But wait, this takes an entirely different view of Jesus than the religious world is capable of seeing. Something has to happen that will remove the veil from their eyes” …and my hope is that it will be the beginning of the veil being removed for millions.

Those of you who have been reading “my” stuff for the last several years know that the above referenced “religious-spirit incident” is a repeat. Can’t I bring up some other episode? Yes, I can and many of them! But I gravitate to this one over and over – because it graphically illustrates something that needs to be understood and why …but, again, later.

Be Without Limits

Be Without Limits

Chapter one ends abruptly here – leaving several things for you to only imagine what on earth I was talking about then or now …they will remain a mystery unless you take a leap into the unknown by engaging the LIVING Jesus by demanding to know what you might be missing …not what I know, but what he will reveal to you for YOU …and the reason YOU WITHOUT LIMITS came into being.

What he is confirming that I tell you right NOW is that you don’t need him, but an encounter with the same SPIRIT-PARENT who is and always has been speaking through him and oh, so many others. Jesus said that, not I.

CLUE: YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is not about us or what we believe, although we do share our experiences of getting beyond our limitations …but only as an encouragement for you to have your own experiences of getting past whatever is holding you back from your destiny …without whatever limitations are holding you back.

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Simplicity in Relaxation

Find out what a difference it can make.

Find out what a difference it can make.

“If only it were that simple” …well, it actually is that simple. The kind of stress that ultimately breaks down the body and is the open door for almost all the ills known to those who treat both physical and mental challenges is relatively easily overcome automatically and naturally; in other words without the use of chemicals …prescribed or otherwise.

The primary side effect not often mentioned in all those long disclaimers, designed by the lawyers of pharmaceutical manufacturers on TV, is dependence. That is, taking anything that tends to make us dependent upon the chemicals and those who prescribe them! In fact, the ads reinforce the root of the dependency problem, “Ask your doctor.”

Meditation brings "self discipline".

Meditation brings “self discipline”.

The antidote is relaxation …as your body relaxes; you automatically decrease production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and increase production of DHEA, which regulates your body’s ability to heal and repair itself!

Of course, any method of effective relaxation takes something that creates even more stress in some personalities …the term SELF-DISCIPLINE. What if there is a simple way to get into a state of relaxation that makes you feel exceptionally good and you can get into the habit with just a little practice? There is such a way and it is FUN. I have so much fun doing it that it often causes euphoria!


Here are the four simple steps I use:


  1. I Close my eyes and take several slow deep breaths …four seconds to inhale – hesitate, five seconds to exhale – hesitate. I do this until I can simply “let myself go limp” after each exhale …with my eyelids still closed I turn my eyes upward and imagine (“pretend” is a better word for how I had to start practicing this) that I can see a bright point of light in the distance …and I can capture it and bring it down to surround me.


  1. Now, surrounded by this light, I begin imagining that I’m breathing in and out through my heart so that I’m focusing on the central part of my chest area and imagining that my heart is surrounded by this bright light.


  1. After a few breaths with that focus I smile into my heart with acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, and love – that’s when I am almost overcome by laughing because it seems like such a ridiculous exercise – yet it feels so good that I cannot deny the benefits – go figure, eh?


  1. Now I imagine and feel the light and my smile expanding from my heart to infuse every cell in my body from head to toe and out to the tips of my fingers with the smile and the bright light.

    The final ingredient, gratitude.

    The final ingredient, gratitude.

After several minutes this brings about a sense of almost overwhelming gratitude that, at first, I didn’t understand …then I was shown by our SPIRIT-PARENT that I was engaging in enlightenment …for me it has been a phenomenal way to start the day and to take breaks from stressful activity and worry and to get the conscious part of my mind to get out of the way so that the other-than-conscious parts of the mind can do their work, naturally and automatically.

Note: check out the scientific viewpoint here: Click to read about the Harvard MRI study.

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