How to get there from here, NOW

Before you leave... do you know where you're going?

Before you leave… do you know where you’re going?

Surely, there must be an old saying that the only way to get where you want to go is to know where you’re going. If we want to give our lives a whole lot of meaning, we need to know the reason we came here.

If you spend a few moments analyzing the foregoing paragraph without first taking apart the word and collapsing in laughter, as I just did; I mean, think about it: ANAL- what part of the anatomy is the focal point of all analysis?

We talk quite a bit about how the conscious part of the mind continually gets in the way of creativity, is it any wonder? Proper analysis requires the use of the conscious part of the mind. So that’s what is meant by “being anal!”

Coming here can be trying sometimes.

Coming here can be trying sometimes.

Back to looking at the opening paragraph, it struck me that the words “the reason we came here” presuppose we came from somewhere else. If that’s true then from where did I come?

It is interesting, to me at least, that the English word “salvation” is translated from a Greek word that means joined together again; and a case can easily be made (this from a Greek business owner in South San Francisco) that the word ALSO means that the repair is completed. Re-paired – “joined together again,” with what or whom?

Salvation, therefore, means, “as you were in the beginning,” NOT AT birth that’s the beginning we’ve been programmed to accept and keeps us trapped in thinking these human bodies we occupy are all there is to LIFE.

“Well, if that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing, bring on the booze” (or to whatever else you might be addicted, such as dope, food, work, sex, religion, shopping, being a victim of whatever – any and all, which are human solutions to the problems and pain of living a life without REAL meaning.

What if your “beginning” was being an integral part of “in the beginning, God created . . .” (?) In other words a Godicle or particle of the Elohiym-US, (“Let Us create) I AM.

I AM Limitless when I see it...NOW.

I AM Limitless when I see it…NOW.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS a small group approach to helping one another overcome obstacles including, but not limited to, limiting beliefs and other blocks to living in the presence and power of I AM – authorized and empowered to say, “Before there was [insert your name and ‘everything else’] I AM.”

Get your FREE copy of the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups (we are all facilitators and co-learners).

Visit click on the tab “contact” and in the comment box type in HANDBOOK. That’s all there is to it, no muss, no fuss and no strings attached. You’ll receive your PDF copy as an e-mail attachment, our gift.


YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, an unregistered non-profit organization supported wholly by private gifting.


It might be a bold move for you, but you may not need anything or anyone else to help you find your purpose. Therefore, our free gift to you right now is to find the magic in saying: “Before there ever was a [insert your name and ‘everything else’] I AM.” If you’re worried that saying such a thing might be wrong, ask I AM, “should I do this?” and wait until you get HER/HIS/ITS answer that will be just right for YOU (without limits, a particle of the eternal I AM presence).

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“Inspire” from the Greek root means: “God-Breathed”

Overcome misguided judgment by applying this truth

Breath in God's Spirit, breath out anything less.

Breath in God’s Spirit, breath out anything less.


Some people mistakenly have prejudices (what prejudices are NOT mistaken?) against a variety of practices derived from ancient practices/systems such as Yoga and Reiki because they are “religions.”


I’m not getting into that argument, but the Greek root of the English “inspire” refers to deep-breathing …and forgetting the aspect of religion, I like to tell a true story about a woman who was healed of a very serious ailment, simply by taking in a deep breath and then steadily improved as she began to practice it as a daily exercise; she overcame, totally, a malady diagnosed and treated as asthma by her physician and the specialist to whom she was referred, both with M.D. following their names.


I’m not denigrating the medical system or attacking doctors here, either, I’m just pointing out how one woman was healed a medical “problem” that had plagued her for fifteen years and told that it was incurable.


Take the breath of life.

Take the breath of life.

I’m not going to get into the story, if you want it I’ll send it to you, but I’ve found in my own life that deep-breathing while focusing on what/whom I refer to as our SPIRIT-PARENT, by whatever other title or name, has been extremely beneficial in meditation (another practice judged as being a “false religion” by some.


What I AM saying here is, the next time you are praying to overcome whatever ails you, and you may want to breathe deeply as an accompaniment to your praying …you may be amazed by the result. It sure works for me!



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Getting Free of Guilt

Where did you learn to withhold forgiveness from yourself.

Where did you learn to withhold forgiveness from yourself.

A profound and completely missed teaching, because it is misinterpreted and mistranslated by religious teachers; the teaching in the original language is quite simple. If you want to live in the presence and power of I AM and realize you are a part, a particle of I AM, with the authority to speak, “Before there was a [insert your name] I AM!”

This is blasphemy to those whose minds have been clouded over by well-meaning, but ignorant teachers and translators. We all have reason to feel guilty because we have all harmed others; whether real or imagined by them or by you is immaterial. Whether slight or severe, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

In order to understand the steps to becoming totally guilt-free, no matter what you’ve done or who you’ve harmed in the past, you need to see how the teaching has been mistranslated. Here’s the English version that has enslaved millions in the insidious prison of guilt, most often deeply suppressed or repressed beyond any conscious recognition:

 “If you do not forgive others, God will not forgive you.” The truth is that you’ve already been forgiven, but you cannot live in the presence and power of it as long as you are holding anyone else in the captivity of your judgment for what they’ve done to you or others, either “real” or imagined. It does not matter.

Victims of abuse have the biggest problem with this until they are shown what to do to rid them of the judgment of whoever abused them so that they can live in the presence and power of being forgiven.

When first introduced to the concept their initial response is, “but he (or she) abused me!” What is the concept that makes continually reliving the horror of the abuse go away? That’s what this is all about. If you want to live in the presence and power of I AM, you can. If you want more, write and we’ll begin a dialogue that will set you free! Guilt-free and completely forgiven, no hocus pocus, just the truth.

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