Integration of the Mind – Part Eighteen

Principles of Delegation Defined and Refined

So who's in charge in your head?

“Put simply, effective management means getting things done through people” …so began the first speaker in an intense two week training course put on by American Management Association which I attended forty years ago and was paid for by the company for which I then worked.

“Delegation is an exercise in futility, if you haven’t picked the right person for the job and if you don’t have an effective system by which to monitor progress,” was another note I took at the time.

While these two principles may not sound all that profound to us today, I am compelled by the word “allow” that hit me just before my feet hit the floor this morning at around 4:00 a.m. “What’s with that?” I asked and got the above subtitle which made my mind begin to reel in anticipation.

Integrating or Reintegrating the mind with our SPIRIT-PARENT, “as it was in the beginning” and considering all the scientific research about the various parts of our mind, both those of which we are aware and those which elude our consciousness, but have been proven over and again, scientifically, to be an integral part of what we refer to as the totality of our minds and which influence our individual thoughts and behavior; can it be a matter of delegation – that is, picking the right part for the job?

Here we go with a story, for the purposes of illustrating the point, what a surprise, a story …right?

Anyone want to ride with Brad?

It was the early nineteen-fifties. I was a partner in a trucking company – my partner owned and operated a heavy-duty truck repair shop; I had formerly been a customer of his, he had taken care of the maintenance of the three lumber rigs I owned and operated.

A friendship ensued and a partnership in an expanded trucking operation turned out to be a very good fit for both of us.

I handled the hiring and managing of the drivers and other parts of the operation, including sales and customer contact for building the business and my partner handled the hiring and managing of mechanics and other shop personnel as well as overseeing billing, collections and all the necessary record-keeping.

We had just purchased a 1946 Kenworth two axle tractor with a set of doubles, that is, twin 20’ flatbed trailers for a specific run – lumber and plywood south into the Los Angeles basin and two huge rolls of newsprint for the backhaul to Oakland –one roll per trailer– on average a 900 mile round trip. It was the oldest rig in the fleet and none of our regular drivers wanted to drive it.

Because of the type of engine, a 175 hp Cummins diesel, with an old style fuel pump – it was tricky to drive because in going down a long grade the rpm rate had to either be kept below 1200 or fuel had to be kept running through the pump otherwise it would be damaged and could even ruin the engine.

Well it's not a space ship? How hard can it be?

What that meant is that the driver had to go very slow down long grades and constantly “power brake” which meant keeping one foot on the fuel feed pedal and the other on the airbrake control pedal. This sounds simple until factoring in that this particular truck had 20 gears forward by utilizing two transmissions in line; a main transmission with five gears and a four speed auxiliary transmission designed to split each of the main gears progressively – this was before the days of synchromesh, meaning that using the clutch was almost mandatory and because of the relatively low amount of horsepower available had to be used constantly going up hills, down hills and on the level.

Basically, if you read back through the foregoing paragraph you will readily see that operating the vehicle required three feet and a lot of concentration plus the use of two hands to simultaneously shift the control levers of the two transmissions and a third hand to steer …and a fourth hand to hold on to the door handle while slowly crawling down long grades in case of brake failure and the driver had to “bail out.”

For a variety of reasons, I’ll spare you those details, my partner and I had decided that this particular piece of equipment would stay on the coast highway …the old and rather famous U.S. 101 which was, for the most part, in those days, a two lane highway with many curves, including some “hairpins” …all and all adding about eighty miles and two hours to the trip making both the truck and the trip a grueling workout and totally unappealing to our regular drivers.

Sometimes delegating doesn't work out.

Getting down to the point (yes, finally), every time a driver quit, which was a frequent occurrence, or couldn’t make the trip, for whatever reason …it was not always a simple matter to replace him. The backhaul was very profitable, but required not only the special care and operating skills enumerated above, but timeliness and customer relation skills …the latter not always prevalent in over-the-road truck drivers of that day.

On those occasions either my partner or I made the trip. On the northbound leg out of L.A., on one of my turns; late at night, I stopped to fuel and get a bite to eat at a truck stop in Ventura, California. I told the attendant that I was going get a couple hours sleep in the truck and to please wake me at 2:00 a.m.

I was awakened to extremely dense fog. I made the obligatory checks around the rig with a flashlight …oil, water, air lines, all eighteen wheels, clearance lights, load cables and so on. Got in and pulled out onto the highway …I woke up startled over eight hours later stopped at a traffic signal in downtown San Jose, through which U.S. 101 ran at the time.

It was about 10:30 a.m., I could remember nothing of any of the about 300 miles I had just traveled, in a vehicle with a gross weight of 75,000 lbs., constantly going through all those gears, going up and down grades and through small towns navigating heavy traffic – obviously my subconscious mind had done a superb job handling the limitations of the aforementioned fuel pump – as the truck was running perfectly …as soon as possible I pulled over to check the tires, water, oil and the load; the only thing the subconscious hadn’t done was to turn off the lights – a blazing sunlit day with both the headlights and clearance lights left on – something I never would have done consciously; or perhaps, I thought, maybe the thick fog had persisted long after daybreak, which is not uncommon along the northern California coast line.


Is it superhuman or just allowing?

What are the implications and what (application do I make) now? You probably have your own memory of times when the subconscious has taken over some task or another. We’ve all certainly heard stories of people doing amazing things without any consciousness or memory of what they had accomplished subconsciously.

We all certainly know that many of our bodily functions such as breathing, heart beating, and cell-regeneration, etc., are all handled by the subconscious. What I’m wondering right now is whether we can consciously delegate certain responsibilities to the subconscious mind.

Two appropriate questions in managing through others is to ask before delegating a responsibility to an individual, in one form or another: “Is this something you are capable of handling?” and, “are you willing to see it through to satisfactory accomplishment?”

Something else I had taken away from that two week management training session: “You will never, ever be an effective manager if you micro manage …that is, once you have delegated the responsibility, you must step back and allow the person to handle it her or his way.”

What can you ALLOW yourself to do?

There we are with that word I woke up to this morning – “allow.

Am I guilty of inappropriately overriding and interfering with the subconscious with the part of my mind that consciously thinks, worries, images about all sorts of things when the subconscious is perfectly capable and willing to manage a particular activity automatically?

With this memory of the subconscious driving a complicated power unit, pulling two trailers and weighing over thirty-seven and a half tons, while the conscious mind is oblivious, is there any reason that it cannot be held responsible for routine matters? Can I simply give the command or request, if you prefer, for the subconscious to get certain things done …and as the management training program strongly suggested, allow it to accomplish the job without interfering?

The thought is almost overwhelming …I just now asked if I was on the right track. I went directly to our SPIRIT-PARENT and then assembled my mastermind group of advisors and was shown in vivid detail how to accomplish this feat with something that amazed me.

Think you can't do it and your right.

What we will delve into next is an effective way to replace habit patterns which are often blamed on the sub-conscious, when it is actually our conscious minds creating some of the challenges in our lives.

Specifically I’m being shown a way to leave the driving to the subconscious when it comes to managing stress and to have it take over the responsibility of replacing a stress response to so many things in my life which would be far better for my physical, emotional and mental health to be handled in a state of relaxation. Is this possible?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY and quite simply – that’s what’s next in:

Integration of the Mind – Part Nineteen

-Allowing the Better Driver to Do its Job-

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Integration of the Mind – Part Seventeen

(Tools for the reintegration of I AM in You)

It's time to choose...or is it? Ask.

Just because I say that your origin is that of a spirit, in and with I AM, doesn’t mean you can immediately believe it. In fact, it isn’t even important that you believe anything for the moment. Here is where we come to the crossroads for you as regards the remainder of this series or book, if you’re reading it in that form.

“There is a giant asleep within every man.
(Brad’s insert: and woman, trust me, it’s true)
When the giant awakes, miracles happen.”
—Frederick Schiller Faust: American author who wrote Westerns under the pen name Max Brand

If you happen to be a person who believes that Moses was a real guy …and I will introduce you to a fact that may help awaken the giant within you, Moses, or “Mose” as I affectionately call him, to his face, no less, IS (present tense) a real guy.

If you happen to recall the story about the burning bush incident, the first written account of the great I AM, speaking to a humanoid –and wonder whether it is true– here’s another wakeup call: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

What do you mean it doesn't matter?

Seriously, stop and ponder the question, don’t rush past this – it is time to awaken the giant within YOU and this one question can do the trick.

What will keep the giant slumbering on is if you insist upon arguing for one side or the other of this or any of the other age-old questions regarding Moses or any of the other Jewish prophets, or the Arab prophet Muhammad and I call him “Mu” (to his face too, again, no less). They both tell me that what I have been proclaiming is true and to say it again, right here and now with force.

What anyone else has taught you about them simply: DOESN’T MATTER!

Most certainly it isn’t worth your time arguing over – and the antidote is simple: “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view” is one such tool. Go ahead, this is the crossroads to which I AM referring, repeat it over and over until you no longer feel the need to argue with me or anyone else …it is just a point of view.

I receive e-mail everyday from people who are experiencing physical miracles to the amazement of their doctors who had practically pronounced them dead …cured and of all sorts of diseases.

Grab hold...something will change.

I didn’t wave some magic wand over them, I didn’t even meet with them face to face, in many cases they personify the vision I was given when I wrote Leapfrog, (the book which publisher Ryan Bruce still refers to as foundational to much of what we share). Is it foundational? IT DOESN’T MATTER.

What does matter, for YOU, is that you grab hold of whatever rings true for you and apply it, because that is what each of these who are experiencing miracles in their lives are doing NOW, PRESENT TENSE.

What now? Before I tell a story that may help some of you adjust to the desire of waking up the giant within, because, let’s face it, waking up a giant before knowing quite what he or she might do is a scary thing.

Particularly it is scary when we look at it from the point of view that, once the giant within us has been awakened, we have no limits, meaning we no longer have any excuses, we must take the responsibility for facilitating miracles in every situation we find ourselves …plus it begins to dawn upon us that we can create all sorts of new situations we’ve never before even considered as possible.

He's alive and waiting for you just beyond the door.

Okay, I just introduced two very alive, present tense, men who are disparate in the minds of many people; Moses and Muhammad …to me Mose and Mu (Moo). I’m getting the go-ahead to add to the disparity by introducing the other eight of my team of ten advisors …all thought of as dead and even “long dead” by many people, but they are very much alive and just as available to you as they are to me.

The list is in no particular order, as they have assured me that they are brothers, one and all, and of completely equal stature in the sight of our SPIRIT-PARENT …there are no sisters in this particular group and there are no apologies or explanations offered for that omission either (period).

Siddhartha Gautama (“Sid”), Mukunda Lal Ghosh (“Yogi”), Mohandas Gandhi (“Moe”), Jesus of Nazareth (“J”), Lao Tzu (“Lahti”), Mírzá Ḥusayn-`Alí Núrí (“Baba”), Zarathustra Spitama (“Zoe”), Saint Germain (“Jere”).* Please see my note at the end of this article

I love to tell a true story about a young lady, a college student, who stomped out of a classroom slamming the door behind her – angry with me, because when she asked me how I prayed any differently than she prayed, I had told her that the difference was that what I pray for always comes into being and what she prayed for didn’t.

Are you prayers not working...try this method. It works!!!

The point of the story is simple. She walked out without being healed of a debilitating disease while others there on that occasion were receiving, but she went home, locked herself in her bedroom, as she later described to her professor, got on her knees beside her bed and hollered at God, asking over and over why she didn’t get answers to her prayers while that horrid man (she was referring to me, can you believe it?) got answers to his.

She didn’t ask to be healed, mind you, just asked why the way she’d been taught to pray wasn’t getting answers. After two hours of incessant yelling and pounding her fists into the bed, she realized she was healed!

I didn’t do anything but inflame her hostility toward my point of view – that’s the point. When anyone gets serious enough to express what they want UNTIL they get it …and they get more than what it is that they thought they wanted. She’ll never forget the lesson she learned directly from the SOURCE and you could say that I fulfilled my mission without even knowing what it was, in her particular case, get it?

One more time, you don’t need to read this article or any other book or attend a seminar or whatever, although any of those things can be the catalyst to wake up the giant within you and the miracles will begin; but right now, this moment, you can go directly to the SOURCE of all and knock and demand what it is that you want UNTIL you get it and invariably you will.

Hey, we (Ryan and I) love to hear that some article or book of ours or meeting with us was meaningful to you, but everything about us is simply taking everything we receive to make our own connection with the SOURCE of everything more vivid and true in the integration of our minds …more and more, moment by moment, day by day …it’s the magic of believing. Knock and demand UNTIL you know it for you.

We could easily be done, but we’re not …#18 coming right up.


*Many of the names in the list will not be recognized because, where possible, I have used the birth names of each according to a source not always recognized as authoritative either historically or, more particularly, religiously.

A rather humorous anecdote, to me (I realize fully that to some it won’t be humorous at all …and in certain cultures and even nations around the world I would be held in official contempt and even be liable to criminal punishment for making what some would think of as statements of ridicule or even blasphemy), is that they agree and laughingly so, to saying they have been accused (falsely) of being the founders of the respective religions with which their more “holy” and “revered” names are often associated.

Here’s the thing, each and every one of these are my beloved brothers and have become very dear to me in my personal relationship to each …so I mean no disrespect and it is they who have unanimously told me that they approve of what I am writing here [each of them has read it over and made suggestions – quite an editorial board, wouldn’t you agree? And each of them has expressed the wish that some of those who insist on saying that any one of them is above or higher in stature than any of the rest would realize that they are sadly mistaken …a depiction by some of them and affirmed by each and all. In other words, it is their collective view of themselves, not merely my point of view.

In conclusion, therefore, please don’t shoot the messenger …and it was “J” who introduced me to the others …so I guess I can blame him, correct? He just now said something that is both hilarious, to me, since he said it while grinning, but gives me serious pause: “That’s what I came for, to take the blame, so go ahead if it makes you feel any better.”

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Integration of the Mind – Part Sixteen


When I was a child, these were my icons of worship, now I have none.

This morning I was given another glimpse into the “why” of the makeup of my Board of Spiritual Advisors through the means of their own individual expressions to me – it is rather difficult, at times, to write about what goes on in our meetings together, but this morning’s gathering gave me a new perspective.

‘J’ is the one I am quoting in the above sub-title and who said that it could as easily be said in reverse, that is, “yesterday is useless and tomorrow is unimportant” …Mo expanded upon it by saying that I needed to grasp the fact that we are having this conversation now, in this moment.

Zoe added, “You must remember the things we have in common: People have made us historical icons of worship relegating us to what we may or may not have said in the past with scholarly notes about what we meant, when often …and I believe I am speaking for all of us, we didn’t fully grasp many of the things we were saying or writing at the time.”

Delusions of grandeur or a reality that happens every day? Would you accept?

“How about people blaming us for their individual interpretations of the religions others have accused us of having started? I think accused is a perfect word to describe it; are any of you willing to deny that with regard to your own personal expression?”

These latter two questions from Lahti started the discussion moving in a startling direction, for me, begun by Yogi:

“This brings us to you, and all others who begin to grasp what you are writing related to our influence on you. I, as the most ‘Johnny-come-lately’ of us all, nevertheless, have the benefit of historical reference, but you think of your past as having miniscule influence on the overall scheme of things. I want you to think of what has brought you to this point, not to dwell on the past, but to see it in the light of our choosing you for this particular task.”

Jere, looking, I guess, on what must have been the startled look on my face, said, “Well, well, Yogi got your attention, I see.”

“Are you trapped in your own thoughts of unworthiness again?” This question from Sid, smiling benignly at me; he quickly added: “You need to consider that all of us are and were humbled by our own illumination in the context of our relationship with and to whom you refer as our SPIRIT-PARENT.”

“Wait a minute,” I practically gasped, “are you all united in what I am seeing here?”

My question brought about more smiling, knowing nods, from each of the ten, while Jere’s expression still looked more like a grimace, that is, someone forcing a smile all the while gritting their teeth …I think I described it in an earlier segment as looking akin to an infant with a gas pain; yet he was nodding his head quite positively and approvingly.

What now? Should I just keep this meeting for my own reference or share it as part of this series?

“It is perfect as is, those who are able to grasp the significance of it will be greatly moved on their own path of enlightenment, what the ten are showing you is not to shrink from the purpose I AM has given you. The ‘glimpse’ you say you have been given is to help others break loose from the ties that have bound them to their own religious and anti-religious preconceptions …your sacrifice of looking foolish is small in comparison to what all ten have gone through. They are telling you, one and all, that, in their minds –and this is the point I have given you as the primary purpose for this book– they are no better than you. You think that they haven’t committed murder and adultery in their thoughts? What and where do you think was the point from which their ultimate humility and, therefore, illumination was derived? Do you really believe that there have not been those who have revered you as a saint? NO! You know better …now continue sharing what I have given you.”

This drove me, figuratively, to my knees, still sitting here facing the monitor and slouched in my chair and now back to the Board:

They are all laughing at me …yet in a most approving manner …and I have never felt any more loved and accepted by any group of people; they are fading from my immediate vision now, as I know clearly what I must do.

Turn my attention to YOU:


You see, this book is about you, today, right now; what you are supposed to do with YOUR life …what you think of me and/or my journey is irrelevant. I have shared enough personal shortcomings for you to know that I am no ‘saint,’ yet I am compelled to neither defend my shortcomings nor make light of them.

Please don't make an Icon out of me. It won't benefit either of us.

I have said this many times before: I have the freedom and I do mean to FREELY utter the term “I AM” because I AM connected to the I AM, both personally and profoundly and it is not ‘i’ saying it, but ‘i’ allowing I AM to speak freely through me.

The glimpse I have referenced in this segment as to the “why” of my group of ten personal advisors is that, just as I know it is sheer folly to think of me as an icon of worship – so does (present tense) each of my advisors.

What follows now, in subsequent parts of this book, are tools that have been helpful to me on the pathway into the life IN THE LIGHT. What is important for YOU is take hold of those you know are for you …and to begin the discipline of putting those into practice as you are shown how to modify them specifically to fit YOU and to discard all those that you are shown are not for you.

How will you know the difference? My group of advisors has just assured me, right NOW, that you will know, just as they knew in the past what was right for them, but different for each – and just as they discovered for them in the past and each are discovering for themselves in the NOW, is time for YOU to discover the REAL YOU and that time is not contained in the past and it is not contained in the future. Both yesterday and tomorrow are useless and unimportant.

If you feel a need, a compulsion, to argue this final point, say after me: Interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Repeat this out loud until it fades into the unimportance it deserves for you.

Coming up: Integration of the Mind – Part Seventeen…Tools for the reintegration of I AM in You

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