What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 5

-The Secret to Changing Any Situation-

Well not really a secret, just something no one wants to hear out loud.

What is that secret? Stop blaming it on anyone else. Believe it or not, people who live in abusive situations learn that as soon as they take the responsibility for their part in attracting abuses in the past, they stop attracting abuses in the future.

Think about it, if there is an enemy causing a problem, to deny its existence is foolishness. If the enemy’s only power is to lie to the mind, then blaming the enemy for the situation I caused, by making a poor choice of listening to the lie in the first place, is just more foolishness.

“I came so that your life could be full of abundance; the enemy comes for the purpose of stealing that abundance.”

In other words I am to acknowledge the enemy’s existence and then tell it to get lost. We all have this authority and it is by the use of this authority that we are over-comers how? By telling the enemy and whatever it brought along with it to get lost and refuse to listen to the lies – including the one that there is no enemy.

All the worlds problems are her fault. I don't need to go in to again do I?

Acceptance of a situation is the first step to changing it. Blaming it on something or somebody else is keeping the situation cemented in place.

Firmly established behavioral psychology has demonstrated over and over that when we act as though we can overcome anything long enough, that act soon becomes our new reality.

There we have it …Jay’s lesson for today – short, sweet and POWERFUL!


Jay suggested I do a bit of research on William James and what he believed. I understood the nudge immediately. William James is considered to be the father of behavioral psychology at least in the U.S. I was excited about what I might find and I was rewarded beyond my expectation:

Believe that God has a purpose for your life, and it''s true.

“The Will to Believe” is a lecture by William James, first published in 1896, which defends, in certain cases, the adoption of a belief without prior evidence of its truth. In particular, James is concerned in this lecture about defending the rationality of religious faith even lacking sufficient evidence of religious truth. James states in his introduction: “I have brought with me tonight an essay in justification of faith, a defense of our right to adopt a believing attitude in religious matters, in spite of the fact that our merely logical intellect may not have been coerced. ‘The Will to Believe,’ accordingly, is the title of my paper.”

James’ central argument in, “The Will to Believe,” hinges on the idea that access to the evidence for whether or not certain beliefs are true depends crucially upon first adopting those beliefs without evidence. As an example, James argues that it can be rational to have unsupported faith in one’s own ability to accomplish tasks that require confidence. Importantly, James points out that this is the case even for pursuing scientific inquiry. James then argues that like belief in one’s own ability to accomplish a difficult task, religious faith can also be rational even if one at the time lacks evidence for the truth of one’s religious belief.

The foregoing is merely an introduction I found that reading the entire lecture was delightfully enlightening. See it at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Will_to_Believe

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What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 4

Get Aligned With NOW, Which is Eternal Life

When do you begin? When do you not begin?

“You have spent an inordinate amount of time teaching about the words translated into English as “Eternal Life” as meaning that arena which has no beginning and no ending, without always aligning yourself with it.

“In yesterday’s lesson you witnessed our brother Mose (thought of as a great prophet of Israel by many Jews and Christians), demonstrating affection and approval toward our brother Moo (thought of as a great prophet of Islam by many Muslims and others outside that system of belief), for the words he (Moo) had just spoken to you – let’s review them:

“Since you have cited Jay as your primary resource for your adaptation of knocking and demanding and there will be many who blame Brad Cullen from however they have interpreted your writings – don’t forget that there are those who blame me for their silly interpretations of what I wrote in the Qur’an fifteen hundred years ago …it simply is unimportant what any of us has said in the past. The point for all of us, regardless of the dimension in which we currently find ourselves is, as Zoe said, to desire our connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT in this moment, right now, and which you have so aptly referred to as eternal life, SPIRIT will do the rest.

What? You have to do this all the time!!!!

“You have correctly interpreted being connected with our SPIRIT-PARENT, as you put it, 24/7, as being not only your primary purpose in your human manifestation in the physical plane, but as ‘eternal life’ or ‘living in the kingdom of heaven’ right now.

“What you will want to see clearly so that you help others see clearly and not as a blind man leading other blind men who both fall into a ditch, is that all creation which means your own creativity takes place in the NOW, right NOW. Not only is worrying about what might happen in the future a distraction from NOW …but so is continually referring to the past.

“The reason I am helping you review yesterday’s lesson is so that you will see the power of LOVE expressed through a purported Jew toward a purported Muslim – let’s bring everyone back to the table right now so that you can hear something clearly and share it succinctly – because you won’t be sharing it, our SPIRIT-PARENT will be broadcasting it through US.”


I am wishing right now that Ryan would ramp up his movie/video-making technology so that everyone could see what I’m seeing; all ten of my advisors, Baba, Jay, Jere, Lahti, Moe, Moo, Mose, Sid, Yogi and Zoe, sitting here at the conference table with me, with expressions of intensity of purpose and love – so that you could also witness the evident unity, the brotherhood of all ten.

Do you have a label? What do you use it for?

It is mind-blowing, to say the least, to consider that we think of and identify with each of these individuals in ways that tend to separate us when here they sit in total unity!

Speaking of movies, I’m having a flashback to the scene in the epic film Gandhi depicting Moe practically yelling at a group of Hindus who thought they were being supportive of him, to stop their criticism and threats toward Muslims and to, “cut to the chase,” he basically said that he was going up to see his “brother,” the leader of the Muslim faction in the separation of what would become Pakistan from the rest of India; I’m not sure I’m quoting the exact words, but what Moe was saying was “I’m going to tell him that I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and that we are one!”

Jay was the first one at the table to speak, “will you begin to understand, Brother Brad, why I said earlier that Moe was an incarnation of me? Will you stop trying to compartmentalize everything into disparate belief systems? You express the same thing in a negative manner, that is that you are not a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or Muslim and that is all right, as far as it goes, but it stops short of the inclusivity and love our SPIRIT-PARENT was demonstrating through our brother Moe.”

Does enlightenment create a new religion every time?

I’m sitting here at my monitor reeling over remembering what I witnessed earlier at this meeting; and here is where Yogi’s words are so meaningful:

“Yesterday, our brother Baba, here, shared that Jay had to straighten him out on what he had both written and understood about the meaning of Jay’s physical appearance in the third dimension and that, basically, because of what he had said and written, a whole new religious movement had been thrust on the planet; we are here to provide the same kind of help for you and those who hold your writings in such high esteem and for those who hate you for what you write; as you so often have put it, opposite sides of the very same coin.

Yogi continued, “if you will begin to see that, right now, we are communicating with you from a parallel dimension, and that you are experiencing as your imagination, but …and don’t miss this point, brother, we are real and the reason we have appeared to you is so that you will also see clearly what our brother Moo said yesterday, that our SPIRIT-PARENT will bring about a break through into the realm of creation, automatically, when anyone focuses on her or his desire to be connected …our presence in your mind as a visual-aid originated with SPIRIT from the spark of your desire.

“None of us here at this table pay any attention to what we formerly thought, wrote or spoke. The reason you just had the flashback to the movie depicting Moe’s words and you really need to see this to completely break through into love and understanding and the reason for Jay giving you the subtitle at the top.”

Have you died before? Why start now? Let it go, live eternally now.

Lahti sat there with a knowing smile and asked: “Don’t you think, Brother Jay, this would be a perfect time to tell our brother Brad to go and not to sin anymore?”

To put it in modern vernacular, we all cracked up together.


“Let’s just summarize this for you,” Jay concluded, “Eternal life is NOW …only in the now and the reason people look to it as a future event is because they are stuck in the linear thinking of the physical plane, which you refer to as the third dimension. Align your vision, that is, your purpose, of being/staying connected with our SPIRIT-PARENT 24/7 with right NOW …you have been learning to return continually to the bright light of SPIRIT’s presence continually – it is there, in the light, that you not only are creative, but that you experience eternal life. This is living in heaven NOW. End with this.”

…and so, folks, #4 is history, but #5 will be revealed shortly, so I’m told.

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What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 3

Suspend all Judgment UNTIL You See as a Child Sees

If you can imitate this face, you will suspend all judgement.

After hearing the word “authenticity” first thing this a.m. and realizing immediately that I had to engage Jay as part of asking our (Jay’s, my and your) SPIRIT-PARENT, “what now” (…and did so) – and then I received the subtitle to “suspend all judgment” – I was a bit bewildered.

Jay asked me, “How else do you expect to enter the better dimension where there is no beginning and no ending, where death as you think of it, and that is your major obstacle” [how I think of it] “cannot exist? Remember that only the childlike find the way.”

Then Jay shocked me further …he said, “let’s bring everyone to the table.”

“You mean,” I asked, “the other nine you’ve invited to help run my life currently?”

Pick your idols carefully. This one belongs to Ego, let him have it.

“That’s exactly what I mean, because you need to understand what this is all about …you have written about imagination and visualization, but you’ve done it from your adult mind, which you hold on a pedestal. All ten of us understood that the only way we could possibly hear directly from our SPIRIT-PARENT is to break through, out of conscious analysis, into what our brother Sid referred to as enlightenment when he had his breakthrough.”

They are sitting around me smiling lovingly and understanding completely what I’m going through at this moment. Jere, I swear, has the widest grin of all – “We are a product of your childlike, playful imagination, allowing us to visit with you,” he said, his mouth then  returning to that intensely sober pursed look as if he had just sucked on a lemon.

Wait a minute! I’m remembering something that happened to me while I was transcribing Leapfrog …the novel “I” wrote – a question that comes up repeatedly, is if the book is, as one lady asked, “Fanciful or real.”

My stock answer to that is everything in Leapfrog was based on actual events and actual people; I just changed the names, the geography and the sequences of events around.

Sorry Brad, "Novi" is a place...your girlfriend is just a place in Michigan. Oops spoiler alert.

In the last part of the book which I labeled an “appendix” is a purely imaginary e-mail interview between a fictional freelance author (based also on a real person) by the name of “Jeanne Stockwell” and me. All the content is factual …including my spirit name of “Sunno,” which SPIRIT informed me, means to be simultaneously frivolous and fierce – a “playful warrior” and Jeanne’s “Novi” means “seeker of meaning and ultimate truth” these names came to a woman and me in Anchorage, Alaska while she was interviewing me over a period of about four weeks around the year 1989 – all the stories in the Appendix are my own personal experiences and, again, only the names and places have been changed, everything happened exactly as reported.

We asked SPIRIT together, about what the names meant and were provided the above answers.

We were also told that, in my conscious “adult” mind, I tended to be deliberate and calculating and in bondage to my conscious theological and Bible training. This is only one of the many reasons Ryan Bruce refers to Leapfrog as foundational reading to what it is we have been given to share.

Can you Jump over Yourself? Leap...frog...leap!

It is also the reason that the “pattern interrupt” question of “what now” is so important for me. There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about my being deliberate and calculating …it is what I tend to be both as an author and as a business person – I love and honor that about me – you could call it my “natural energy” in this third dimensional physical plane and it is a useful talent, BUT it inhibits me from hearing/experiencing SPIRIT for emotional and physical healing and spiritual insight.

I’m finding that I am feeling hopeful, right now, that what I’m saying here makes sense to readers and encourages those who have not read it to take advantage of downloading a free digital copy of Leapfrog, so they know what the dickens I’m talking about. It’s easy, just go to the SHS website and click on the tab “Books” on the top menu bar then scroll down and click on the blue LEAPFROG link just beneath the picture of the cover.

Ryan insists that there are two “leapfrog” experiences …the one I talk about, which is when people learn how to begin interacting with our SPIRIT-PARENT directly and they leap way over my head …the other “leapfrog” experience is when they begin hearing directly and get beyond all sorts of religious belief systems that limit them, depending on past experience, no matter how valid.

Can you eat? Not without maturity, growth comes direct from Source.

“This,” he said in a recent phone conversation, “is when they can begin to understand what you are saying – not to get hung up on what you are saying, but to shift their dependence from reading you or going to anyone else for so-called spiritual food …which is strained baby food in comparison to what can be obtained directly from the SOURCE.”

“I think I speak, somewhat, for all of us,” Baba said, looking around the table for confirmation, “each of us wrote and spoke what we heard directly from SPIRIT and for people to make a code of beliefs out of what I wrote, when, for me, I was interpreting what I was hearing as to how anyone could hear the voice of the SOURCE for them and not to get hung up, as Ryan said to you, on what I was writing. Jay has had to correct me about my interpretation of his appearance on the physical scene and which people who have made a religion out of what I wrote and insisting that I was a special prophet – well,” he hesitated for moment, “all of us at this table were prophets in that we were simply saying what we were getting directly from SPIRIT.”

“Yes and in that you are engaging in prophecy as well – as anyone can if they simply want God to speak to them and through them, that’s where it starts …with the desire.” Zoe chimed in.

You have to pound hard to break your rock of beliefs.

“Well, that’s certainly how it started with me,” I agreed, “I also have seen so many people, just as I related in Leapfrog, who continually knocked UNTIL they experienced a breakthrough …I hesitate to make a formula out of knocking and demanding, but is that what your experience was as well?”

All ten nodded their assent thoughtfully, and then Moo said something that was overwhelmingly significant: “Since you have cited Jay as your primary resource for your adaptation of knocking and demanding and there will be many who blame Brad Cullen from however they have interpreted your writings – don’t forget that there are those who blame me for their silly interpretations of what I wrote in the Qur’an fifteen hundred years ago …it simply is unimportant what any of us has said in the past. The point for all of us, regardless of the dimension in which we currently find ourselves is, as Zoe said, to desire our connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT in this moment, right now, and which you have so aptly referred to as eternal life, SPIRIT will do the rest.”

Mose settled it for all of us as he stood over Moo from behind him and placed his hands on his shoulders – “perfectly stated, my brother,” he said, to which several around the table, including Jay, said, “Hear-hear!”

What is this? it is "I AM".

Since Mose is reputed to have written the first five books in the Bible, I’d say this is a great way to finish this chapter, wouldn’t you agree?

Think about it, it was Mose’s story about the burning incident in which we first hear the words, “I AM” spoken by the voice purporting to be the God of Israel, saying this term was to be a “memorial to all generations” and Jay many hundreds of years later getting the revelation that before there ever was a Mose or an Abraham …I AM. Many of us in this age are getting the same revelation …realizing that we are ONE with the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE …yes, joined together again, the meaning in the original language, of the word translated in English often as “saved” or “salvation.” Pretty exciting wouldn’t you say?

I’m getting a vote of approval for this segment from all around the table …see you next time in What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 4 …I’m wondering, how does it get any better than this? Ryan will say, “I don’t know, but it does because the SOURCE is in charge.”

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