The Sword with Two Edges

Which is:

The Conscious Part of the Human Mind

Consciously gifted...

Consciously gifted…Unconciously influenced.

It comes gorgeously wrapped as a gift with a huge ribbon and, as all little children do; we rapidly tore off the wrapping, oblivious to and missing its seeming beauty, to get to the gift.

Our human parents, with their own swords dulled by inappropriate use, think the wrapping is important and decide to instill us with civility. They begin by impressing us with what they have come to believe, in their dullness, is the importance of the wrapping. It all goes downhill from there.

The conscious part of our minds is a beautiful tool, a gift, inappropriately programmed by well-meaning human parents and teachers whose minds have been, in similar fashion, programmed to use it improperly and thereby perpetuate the dullness.

The tool thusly programmed has become the father/mother, child and the essence of the father/mother of lies.

How many stories does the father of lies tell you?

How many stories does the father of lies tell you?

Let us stop here for a moment. In a text written about 2,000 years ago to quote the teacher of a concept that has been mistranslated in most languages as (here in English), the “FATHER OF LIES,” in human terms which, after all, is our dilemma; it takes two, not just a male, but a male AND a female conjoined for the purpose of producing offspring and, in one way of imperfectly looking at it, when such conjoining is used for other purposes it, perhaps, is the reason for less than perfect offspring, but that perspective cannot be viewed properly by a dulled sword.

All the foregoing mishmash aside and, in other words, in the original language the “FATHER OF LIES” can just as easily and accurately be translated (in dualistic singularity) as “PARENTS OF LIES.”

Moving right along, is there a way out, an escape, to restore this marvelous tool to its original purpose? The simple answer is yes, BUT IT CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED BY USING THE GIFT IN ITS PRESENT, DULLED CONDITION. It must be restored to its original purpose and use, which is as a tool to be used in connection with and at the behest of the superior part of the other-than-conscious parts of the mind, the superconscious.

One lie can lead you in a different direction.

One lie can lead you in a different direction.

Not the subconscious or the unconscious parts of the mind, but the part of the mind we call SUPERCONSCIOUS. This is NOT another term for “God” by whatever other title or name, but rather for that part of the mind which can, by pure intent of the conscious part, be connected to whatever “God” in which you choose to believe; and to be purposely sardonic, may “God” help you if you are misled into choosing the “Parents of Lies” to lead and guide you.

-Brad Cullen

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Let’s see if this helps make any sense . . .

This is the psychiatrist Brad worked's OK she's accredited.

This is the psychiatrist Brad worked with…it’s OK she’s accredited.

In the 1980s, while working closely with a psychiatrist and some of his patients he stated that some of what I was saying to them bordered on hypnosis. I was somewhat defensive about it; and he said something that was startling at the time, that is, that we are all in hypnotic trances, somewhat continually and what I was doing could be construed as breaking one trance and replacing it with another.

He also said that I was one of the few people he trusted to use hypnosis because I had no agenda. I didn’t understand completely what he was saying at the time, particularly when he had explained that he no longer used hypnosis in therapy because it had proved dangerous for some patients with emotional/mental disturbances.

His reasoning about my use of hypnosis (if that’s what it was) was both technical and theological and which is far too involved to get into in this, hopefully, brief article. However, along the lines of self-hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion AND understanding that, according to studies at Vanderbilt and other institutions, all of us are continually (intermittently) in a state of hypnosis.

You can't play if you can't see them.

You can’t play if you can’t see them.

I often tell a story that was presented to me as a true experience by a clinical psychologist who became involved with the psychiatrist and me, during putting together a specific project:

A client of his had been hypnotized in a stage presentation, during which the demonstration included the suggestion that all the aces in a brand new deck of playing cards were removed. The hypnotist instructed her to break the seal and open five brand-new decks, one by one and, sure enough, she could see no aces!

He then had volunteers come up out of the audience and look through each deck and challenged them to try to persuade her that the aces were indeed in each deck. She, of course, argued intensely that there were no aces and this was part of the trick and the volunteers were part of his deception.

Later, in his office, the client insisted that she could still not see any aces in any deck of cards and it eventually caused a total mental breakdown he told me.

You can write your own story.

You can write your own story.

Is the story true? I only know that it was told to me with a seeming complete sincerity and this psychologist also affirmed that hypnosis can be dangerous for certain people.

I was just reflecting on an e-mail received a few days ago about the HIDDEN secret behind the box in the movie The Secret in the scene where one of the people sat crying after opening a box and finding a picture he had put away in it.

When his son asked him why he was sad, the father explained he was crying in happiness because the picture was very close in detail to the house they actually lived in.

That e-mail opened the door for me to see a phenomenal tool for those who believe that The Law of Attraction and The Secret have some validity, but can’t seem to make either work for them in positive ways.

I want Your will, even unto death.

I want Your will, even unto death.

The “transformational coach” sending the e-mail has a world-wide following, so I feel no compulsion to credit him with the idea, other than to insist that it didn’t originate with me. Instead of a box, he suggested that pictures or affirmations be sealed in an envelope and presto all sorts of good things come to pass. Hundreds of testimonials accompanied the video linked to his e-mail.

How I’m suggesting the tool be used is all in your mind AFTER making a “safety declaration” that my publisher and I both practice; my application of which is, “I want God’s will unto the death of every other desire and ambition.”

The reason I do this is because my declared purpose, while in this body I occupy and which body, I insist, is not “me” – is to carry out the will and purposes of I AM of which I AM a part or “particle” with the authorization to say, “Before there was a ‘Brad Cullen’ or anything else, I AM.”

Spiritual Healing Source

Just try it, ask questions later.

Before you adjudge me as having lost my bearings I contend that is your true identity as well and this suggestion is just one way of discovering it! How I came to this is also too involved to include in this already longer-than-I’d-hoped-to-be article.

Back to how I AM already using this new tool. Every desire (after what could be called, “the blessing,” the above referenced “safety declaration”), goes into an imagined envelope which I also imagine that I seal. After doing this just two days ago and, for the first time, with something I had given up and rationalized that it would be too much work to carry out anyway – I received a telephone call last night with not only what I had sealed in the envelope, but the way to do it with almost NO effort!

I just asked what else needed to be added – and I AM laughing happily – there is a secret HIDDEN in my shared and suggested use of this tool which I hadn’t realized until just this moment – which adds additional power – I had totally released all thought of wanting it and had even logically rationalized that it would be too much work anyway!

After the phone call, which referenced an e-mail with more details, I realized, further, how much better this was coming to fruition than my original idea! It was as if I had sealed and mailed the envelope to the universe which had removed all the imagined work and effort – which has been replaced with the trust that I will be led step-by-step through the process. What now?


Visit, click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail address and in the comments box type in: HANDBOOK and you will receive your own FREE PDF copy of the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups (we are all facilitators and co-learners), the group you facilitate can even be all in your own mind helping you remove the limits created by preconceived ideas of hard work and effort (at least that’s how it just worked for me)!


– Brad Cullen


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How to Forgive and Forget

Is it as simple as steps 1, 2, 3?

Is it as simple as following steps 1, 2, 3?

If You Don’t Do This, You Can’t Have That


          The title is in plain English and so is what follows and the only challenge to plain English is that too many different English words mean too many different things to too many different people, to convey anything meaningful to anybody.

Take the word forgive – what does this word mean to you? One night I had been called by a psychiatrist friend of mine asking if I would come to his office and bring my Bible. He’d been providing his brand of psycho-therapy for this particular patient for twelve years. She was in her sixties, the Dean of Women at a college campus in the Pacific Northwest; she had started to remember some things and he thought she was ready to hear what “this kook friend,” as he referred to me, had to say.

That night she was rid not only of her dependence upon the psychiatrist, but of an acute hearing impairment and she was taken off all meds. It was also the first step to the doctor retiring from his psychiatric practice.


Can something be lost in translation?

Can something be lost in translation?

Both the doctor and I learned, that night, the importance of understanding what it means to “forgive” in the original language. It actually comes from two distinctly separate words which the translators of the King James Version, KJV, of the Bible translated into English in the 1600s and every modern English version still uses the same word, as forgive, still giving a message in plain English that does nothing and the reason for that is, even if you understand the two words, you need to understand HOW to apply them.

Two hints here, if you cannot forget, you haven’t forgiven. But we’re back to the same issue, what does forgive mean to you? As you are about to see, it doesn’t matter what the word forgive means to you, because the two separate words in the original mean significantly MORE!

The first term in the original means to let go, or release. The second, again, completely separate term, means to send away violently! What is interesting to me, at least, is that the, “if you don’t forgive, God won’t forgive you” stated in perfectly plain English is NOT what is being said in the original language either.

Careful how you use your finger, it might hurt you.

Careful how you use your finger, it might hurt you.

What is being said is, “if you are standing praying while blaming somebody for anything, then you can just forget all about praying because it won’t get you anywhere; AND, in context, the whole thing has to do with the sidekicks of Jesus being amazed because the fig tree he had cursed the previous day was withered;  it was totally dead, from top to bottom and he was telling them they didn’t have to be amazed, they could do it as well, but first they had to acquire what he called (again) in the original language, “the faith of God” or, more accurately, “God-faith” and they could go around killing trees as well! Then he provided the “formula” for acquiring this God-faith.

Can we presume that in the 1600s forgive covered all that ground and the translators of the king jimmy version knew what they were doing?

The provided formula for acquiring God-faith and living in the peace and power of the forgiveness that God has already provided, IF you also forgive is actually quite simple, again, in the original language.

Killing trees because your hungry is not cool Jesus.

Killing trees because your hungry is not cool Jesus and Brad. Stop it!

The way to pray to acquire all this promised POWER (with which to kill fig trees by the way) is to release anyone you identify as being the cause to your problem from all blame, which means you taking the responsibility for all the crap in your life – while getting a picture in your mind of lifting all blame over your head and casting it violently down off a cliff into the sea UNTIL you no longer blame anyone else for anything. That’s it, how to forgive AND forget.

Forgiving AND forgetting is one way of getting into the awareness of being a part, a particle of, I AM that, I AM and having your own burning bush experience of being introduced to being guided by the creative force of everything – you may want to begin the journey by simply saying “before there was ever [insert your given name] I AM.”

Say it violently and in this way you will be removing all the blame you tend to lay at the feet of your parents for everything, including naming you and thus leading you to the delusion that the name they gave you is YOU.

It's time...

It’s time…

The referenced patient had been waking up to the fact that all her emotional and physical problems were caused by her grandmother. When it came to me that she needed to forgive her grandmother and take personal responsibility for what happened, she reacted, “ME!” It was my grandmother who abused me!”

Her breakthrough began about thirty minutes later after she understood and accepted the original meaning of forgive and that what she had been teaching others forever, that is, “If you don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive you” wasn’t in the original version either.

It was also quite exciting to watch her, with tears of joy, tell her grandmother, who had been dead for forty years,  that she loved her and forgave her because she didn’t know what she was doing.

Is it time to rid yourself of feeling powerless?

Is it time to rid yourself of feeling powerless?

Some people, after learning to stop blaming anyone else need additional help and that is to stop blaming themselves – taking responsibility does not mean putting the blame on yourself which is just another way of living in guilt, which produces the same powerlessness that blaming others does. Once you’ve released and violently sent away all blame of others, you simply need to do the same thing for YOU. Live in forgiveness for others AND for you. It has already been provided, change the title from, If You Don’t Do This, You Can’t Have That to IF you do this, you will have that, which is living in the presence and power of I AM that, I AM.

A story you may have heard before, but is an important anecdote is about a young man having a conversation with his father about the difference between two words; commitment and contribution. The father sagely said, remember we had ham and eggs for breakfast. The chicken made a contribution, but the pig made a commitment.

As one sage has said, the sacrifice has already been made, you don’t have to die, but if you really want to live, the sacrifice has to be accepted, not repeated. Commit to practicing forgiveness (releasing and sending away violently) for you and others; live in power without the limits imposed by blame.


– Brad Cullen


Visit, click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail address and in the comments box type in: HANDBOOK and you will receive your own FREE PDF copy of the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups (we are all facilitators and co-learners), the group you facilitate can even be all in your own mind helping you remove the limits created by blame and guilt.

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