I Still Don’t Know Squat! How About You?

Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and Spiritual Healing      – Volume 3

Should Brad's writing be burned for Heresy?

There it is …for those of you who have thought of Brad Cullen as a heretic, and worse …an admission of absolute ignorance. So why would you want to argue with me, even though the argument is only in your own mind? It will take a bit of time to bring all of the following to an understanding of how it all fits into “Quantum Mechanics, Newtonian Physics …and spiritual healing,” but we will get there.

The answer to that question (why would you want to argue with me?) is quite simple …ignorance and fear. Yes, I realize that sounds arrogant. Before I attempt to prove that your negative reaction to me is brought about by fear and ignorance, let me first prove that the statement was based in humility and not arrogance.          Now then, how do I know that the internal disagreement some of you go through with some of the things I say is caused by fear and ignorance? By the same way I write everything, by going to the SOURCE of everything and saying HELP! In other words, dear friends, I write out of total ignorance.

You need to grasp this …sounds condescending as well as arrogant, does it not? But if you are calling me arrogant you are missing the same point that the religious of Jesus’ time missed… if I get from the SOURCE that some of you are calling me arrogant out of your own ignorance and fear, then WHOM are you calling arrogant. Remember, I fully admit that: I DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

Why is it, then, that some people receive healing through me? …I ask our SPIRIT-PARENT what to do and I am shown, step by step what the process will be and follow it. I neither claim to be a healer nor do I lay hands on people or pray for their healing and I never claim to have healed anyone. The SOURCE of everything did it and the SOURCE deserves and gets all the credit (or if you prefer, “glory”) for it. But a fact is that if they don’t believe it is possible they won’t come and if they don’t come they remain in the grip of whatever malady to which they have become a “victim.”

Now then, another claim to being humble is demonstrated by the desperation I often feel in order to break through into a state of faith and believing and of hearing our SPIRIT-PARENT is to literally and figuratively beat on my chest and cry out honestly for, whom I call Dad, to have mercy on me for being such a sinner! My “faith” always flows out from that heartfelt, totally honest “confession.” The place of total ignorance …I don’t know squat and that is the beginning of true knowledge and wisdom …the righteousness of and from the SOURCE.

I just had a thought come crashing into my consciousness …when I was still actively involved in organized Christianity, I recognized a man in the group of people gathered to hear me speak and afterward I went up to him and told him that I had heard so much about him and was glad, finally, for the opportunity to meet him.

Humility, is it divine?

He fended off my compliments about him being highly spiritual by saying simply, “Hey, I’m just a sinner saved by grace, period.”

Well, who is not?

I realized at the time that it was his genuine, heartfelt humility that was the basis for his reputation of being what I had been told about him …that he was a “dynamic Christian.” Another statement that struck me, during the same time period, as one of humility was that of a psychiatrist who said, “I have only one thing to offer anyone, Christ died for me, period.” The similarity of the statements was interesting, to say the least!

I have much more to offer anyone than saying either that “I am a sinner saved by grace, period” or that “I only have one thing to offer anyone and that is, Christ died for me, period.” Those statements lead nowhere! What I have to say can lead to healing power and spiritual healing. It comes from the basis of my using a pseudonym …I don’t tell about my beating on my chest and crying out for mercy just as a figure of speech …I do it because I am desperate for an infusion of SPIRIT in that particular moment and it always comes with a huge boost of faith as a result. Don’t ask me why, because I am clueless …I don’t know squat. I started doing it after stumbling onto the story Jesus told about the two men who went up to the Temple to pray.

According to the Luke’s version of the story, one of the men prayed: “I thank you, God, for making me better than other men. For I don’t lie, steal or cheat and twice each week I don’t even eat. I especially thank You that You made me better than that guy over there” (as I have said many times before, a picture of the “perfect” Evangelical Christian, that is, being thankful that they are “born again” and thus miles ahead of all the sinners.

The guy to whom the “good Christian” was making reference was standing on the other side of the Temple, beating on his chest and crying for mercy because he recognized how far short of being acceptable to God he was …the man was a Roman tax collector; a breed known for being cheaters and adulterers and apparently was the comparison that made the first guy so thankful about how good God had made him.

The end of the story startled me because Jesus said it was the tax collector, the guy who beat on his chest who went home righteous in God’s sight, rather than the other one who was giving God all the gratitude for having been made better than other men …especially the tax collector.

Now then, what does this have to do with quantum mechanics?  …perhaps nothing, perhaps everything – and what does it have to do with my outlandish statement that I have something far better than “Christ died for me,” or “I’m just a sinner saved by grace” (both ending with an emphatic, parenthetical “period”)?

Here is what is better: Both of those quotes embody limits. Jesus said that nothing is impossible if you believe enough. Both of those statements imply that there are limits when there are none. What I have to offer you is this: I may know only squat, but I am connected to the ONE who knows everything …and so are you, and all you need to do is go to Her/Him/It to receive your very own mechanism that works for you.

Suggestion: Before reading any further, hear how publisher Ryan Bruce argued with me over this issue – click here and listen to how the discussion evolved from one of friendliness to Ryan demonstrating a bit of skepticism and then to some rather heated discussion between us: Podcast 5 June 23 2010 Seven Secrets Pt 2 …oops, hold on a second, after hearing Ryan accept my challenge, come back and click here: Podcast 6 June 27 2010 Seven Secrets Pt 3 to hear Ryan’s amazing report about what happened to him by applying one simple secret.

Welcome back, now we’ll begin to tie in how this all relates to quantum mechanics and why it is important. So, who is Brad Cullen an admitted ignoramus (the Latin equivalent to the Greek Agnostic …meaning, simply, one who doesn’t know) both terms have come to have additional meanings in western culture, but that’s what both meant originally), to talk about Quantum Mechanics? a legitimate question, who am I, to broach the subject (a branch of the science physics), indeed?

I asked the SOURCE of all knowledge about it and I got the answer, “Neutrinos.”

What are neutrinos? The Italian-American physicist, Enrico Fermi, known primarily for his work of the development of the first nuclear reactor, dubbed this elementary sub-atomic particle “neutrino” because it carries no electronic charge unlike its cousins protons… it’s Italian meaning the little neutral one.

The Neutrino Event.

Here is one bit of information I lifted off the Internet: “Since neutrinos rarely interact with matter, they pass through the sun and the earth (and us) virtually unhindered. Other sources of neutrinos include exploding stars (supernovae), relic neutrinos (from the birth of the universe) and nuclear power plants. For example, the sun produces over two hundred trillion, trillion, trillion neutrinos every second, and a supernova blast can unleash 1000 times more neutrinos than our sun will produce in its 10-billion year lifetime. About 65-billion neutrinos from the sun stream through every square centimeter on the Earth every second, yet we are oblivious to their passage in our every-day lives.”

Now, folks, doesn’t that sound just about like something “spiritual?” All of a sudden I understand one of the reasons Dad gave me this. At the end of Podcast #33 which accompanies Volume 2 of this series, Ryan Bruce requested that I continue on with this topic …why, only he knows, except he did express a deep interest after he admitted knowing nothing about quantum mechanics and to which I stated that it (knowing nothing) “never stopped me.”

The parallel which I am drawing between quantum mechanics and spirituality is that we don’t need to know anything. You see, Ryan and I admit to not holding ourselves out as authorities on anything, but the fact is, we have seen “miracles” and we know how to be vessels of the ONE who does the miracles, particularly related to healing power and spiritual healing.

We not only don’t claim to perform any miracles, we don’t claim to know anything about how the SOURCE does them either …we do claim that if you will avail yourself, you can also not only receive healing for yourself, but you can be the instrument of healing for others. We don’t know squat and that’s the beauty of it …what, after all, does it take to not know squat? Now then, back to the subject at hand:

Rather than read my stuff copy this and paste it into your URL… and do see/hear some real authorities on the topic — sciencestage.com/v/928/hunting-for-neutrinos.html

Or, if you prefer to listen to a couple of guys who don’t know squat have fun talking any way, join us:Podcast 34 Oct 18 2010 You don’t know squat

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