One (of the many) Thing(s) Missed by Science

and Why

Science is defined by scientists. How do you define what you do?

Science, by definition is the study of things that have their existence in the physical realm. Scientists by definition are, therefore, trapped in the part of the mind that understands only what they can measure by physical means which include, of course, instruments that take them far beyond the five limited senses of humans.

Physics, a branch of science, requires of its practitioners a far greater imagination, has brought us beyond the limitations of the kind of science which says that 2+2=4 and what goes up must come down …a simplified form of some of what Isaac Newton proposed.

In the reality opened up to us through Quantum Mechanics things are still understood by the measurement of physical properties that exist within that dimension, referred to many as the 4th dimension – but the conception of both math and gravity are modified greatly.

All this swallowed up time…

What is missed by many is that BOTH space AND time simply doesn’t exist in the way the conscious “scientific” part of our minds are programmed to think. In fact, the so-called space time continuum and also defined as unification can, therefore, also be termed that time was swallowed up by space.

What makes that easy to understand and proved by scientific measurement, a particle can exist in two different places separated by millions of miles and simultaneously or, “at the same time.”

Rather than go any further I suggest you go back several years to the comments I made both in writing and in podcast(s) and see why I have so much confidence in my ignorance; because when all is said and done, I still don’t know squat, however – well, just have a look and a listen:

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