Do You Have the Key?

Perhaps it’s time you read it again…

In the most recently published version of a book I originally “transcribed” circa 1999, anonymously, I added, “So, what’s new in 2010?” as the beginning of the final eight pages of the new edition.

Today, in the latter stages or March, 2018 something else is new and maybe needs to be added to the forthcoming translations of the same book in Malay, Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Some, for me, momentous “coincidences” and “revelations” as well as a startling vision, have occurred to leave me somewhat “shaken” in a positive sense of anticipation.

Because of the extremely personal nature, of what happened to me today, which I will share only with those who specifically request it and only after they have visited and listened to the podcast by clicking on the link at the bottom of that article.

I will only say as a precursor, that the referenced book is still having a huge spiritual impact upon hundreds of people all around the world, who feel the need for such a thing.

I will also share the statement of gratitude I made on the first of those final eight pages referenced above only to those who request it.


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