Tell the World What You Believe Part 15

A Bit of History is in Order

History is written from one perspective, there are billions of perspectives.

What keeps me stuck in any state that I consider undesirable? It is the underlying assumption that I don’t have what I need. It is the idea that I’m missing something; that I need more of everything – more time, more money, more energy, more information and, most certainly, more financial resources. Without all these, I thought, I can’t do what I want to do. I was about to get out of this thinking trap and how it came about was a shocker.

This perception that there was something missing or that I didn’t have what I needed to create what I wanted had been the biggest source of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in my life. It had also been the biggest lie that kept forming in my mind. It caused me to continually think and believe that I had to have the list of things in the foregoing paragraph, BEFORE I COULD DO WHAT I WANTED TO DO.

This began to change for me several years ago while jogging on a beach near my home on the island of Maui; the following words formed in my mind along with what I certainly felt was an instruction to put these words to memory:

Brad, I'm getting tired of your blasphemy!

“I am in and of the will of God. YOUR presence and YOUR power are upon me; I want and have nothing else and no other thought or feeling shall have a permanent place in me. I AM.”

As I began to speak these words several times each day, I began to wonder if I was engaging in blasphemy. I asked …and the answer came as clear as a bell:

“No, what is blasphemy is if you refuse to recite these words over and over and share them with others who have the ears to hear them.”

Up to this time I had traveled my entire life, believing I would find true happiness when I finally had enough of the aforementioned list to get somewhere; the words I’d been given and the clear “instruction” that followed was the catalyst that began a profound change in me.

The reason I found myself stuck is because I didn’t think I was enough; that is, enough to attract everything I needed to live in the presence and power of the ONE who created the universe and everything in it. These words and the instructions which followed set me on a path of new beginnings.

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Before I could have the future I deeply desired which, again, was (as I thought and expressed at the time) to sense the presence of God in a continuum and live and operate in God’s presence and power …I had to be shown that I had just been given the combination to the treasure chest of all of God’s gifts.

I began to see that these words and the instructions which followed were my connection to everything I wanted and I began to understand some words that came directly from SPIRIT through the mouth of Jay and others: Whenever we put the “kingdom of God” (by whatever other title or name) in the position of number one priority, everything else, INCLUDING what I thought I “needed” in the temporal plane including, but not limited to; food, clothing, shelter and financial resources to do what I wanted to do, would come automatically and in abundance.

Somebody forwarded to me a 12 minute video clip by Bob Proctor about changing paradigms that I’ve watched three times …I sent the link to Ryan suggesting that he watch it and to ask if it should be posted. He did and he did and was instructed that he should. By now many of you have already seen it.

The timing of the arrival of the clip was amazing. I had just finished Part 14 of this series in which I referenced my group applauding and “egging me on” while writing it …including sharing the interaction between the group and me.

What makes the clip amazing to me is that Bob references studying the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, and to which he ascribes that continual study over the past fifty plus years and the words of Earl Nightingale as being how he amassed his personal fortune and what his life’s work became.

Why is this book used by so many to mislead people?

Back when I was 24, shortly after I began professing that I had become a Christian, I bought a copy of Think and Grow Rich and promptly threw it away because it was a contradiction to my newly adopted paradigm, which Jay had been quoted as saying:

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

By contradiction I do NOT mean I believe that a wealthy person, ipso facto (by that very fact), “loses his soul.” The man known for “Godly wisdom,” more than any other man in history, was Solomon who is also still regarded as the richest man in all of known history.

At the time I first began reading Think and Grow Rich I wasn’t ready to “connect the dots” between some of what Napoleon Hill was saying and the Christian teaching to which I was being exposed.

I most certainly was not ready for Hill’s personal application of an “internal, mental mastermind group,” or some of the members he included in it.

Perhaps change feels a little like this.

Two things human beings strongly resist initially and with which many psychologists, both past and present, agree as fact, with very few exceptions, are 1) being told what to do and 2) change.

The exceptions exist universally when any of us become uncomfortable enough that we want to change and will listen to almost anybody who seems to have a suitable answer.

What I’m saying here is that I had reached a point in my life, at the ripe old age of 24, that I was uncomfortable enough to want change and as I have shared many times previously, since I didn’t know what else to do I cried out, “Jesus, if you’re real, take over my life.”

The next two weeks I experienced peace for the first time I could remember. Then, because I thought I ought to learn more about Jesus, I began attending church and willingly allowed people who I felt had more expertise in living with Jesus to tell me what to do.

It would be years before I escaped the fallacy of that second decision and the pain it was to inflict. But once caught in a system, this human being strongly resisted change. The system of Christianity was my master instead of Jesus who could have and ultimately did lead me to “the Christ.”

We’re getting in deep here and the question I am compelled to ask is: So, what do you do if you don’t believe in a personal God that gives one good hoot what you do or think, let alone from whom you are just as disinterested in “hearing” or being in tune with or feeling vibrations, frequencies or whatever?

I’ll give you my answer …next – it may surprise you …in Part 16.

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