Reversing the process of aging.

Brad Cullen

Part Ten…the alternatives

The Series Moves Forward

Before I begin, I am supposed to make this declaration for 2011. To all who will dare to expect more healing power and spiritual healing from Dad, you will receive more, in abundance …Dare to expect great things from our SPIRIT-PARENT and you will receive more of Him than ever before. Cry out to Him: “I want more” and you will have more …more of Creative Spirit directly from the SOURCE of everything. What I am given to say to you is to keep telling HER/HIM/IT that you want the ability to expect more until you have a breakthrough into excessive expectancy.

I don’t know if Ryan recorded this part of our most recent conversation, let’s see, I should probably let you in on how we do things here …I upload my latest article to him via E-mail and he never reads it, well at least usually he doesn’t, not until he calls me on the phone to talk about it.

We chit chat a bit while he prints out my article and puts a yellow highlighter to whatever jumps out at him which is the trigger, basically, for him to tell me what he is going to ask me or make some comment about what I have written. With regard to the previous section (part nine), during this preliminary chat, Ryan asked me what was next and I told him I didn’t have a clue.

He said something to the effect that perhaps one dramatic way to call everyone’s attention to just how serious we are about reversing the aging process would be if I would run a marathon in under four hours. I promised I would ask Dad and promptly forgot all about it. A marathon, for those of you who have yet to be initiated, is 26 miles plus 385 yards.

For some it's the most grueling physical and mental challenge of their life.

When I was in my early forties I began dabbling at distance running, five to fifteen miles daily, taking a day off only once in every seven to ten days and sometimes it would be three weeks before I finally took one day off; this after having never taken any exercise regimen seriously ever before, let alone run even a quarter of a mile.

I began working to get my five-mile runs finished in less than forty minutes and my best time ever, for five miles, was 34 minutes and 37 seconds. Once that milestone was reached I never again took longer than forty minutes for almost twenty years. When I ran ten miles my second five was always around 45 minutes and on the days which I ran fifteen miles, the final five was completed in 45 to 55 minutes. Best time ever, for ten miles, was 81 minutes, for fifteen miles the best time ever was two hours and eight minutes. That’s somewhere between an eight and a nine minute mile.

I had never intended to ever run in a marathon let alone in any race. Running for me had become a time of solitude during which I practiced what Jesus taught about praying.

Somebody talked me into entering a marathon. I started training for the one held annually in Seaside, Oregon. On Sunday, one week before the race, as a “tune-up” I ran a very hilly course in the Beaverton, Oregon area. At 22 miles I decided that I was not really interested in running a marathon and quit. Total elapsed time was three hours and eleven minutes. My goal had been to run the “Seaside” in under four hours, so I was sure I could do it, the question that awakened me out of this bizarre intent was: to whom am I trying to prove what? Mind you this was at age 43 and thirty-five years ago.

The realization that I was not interested in proving that I could run a marathon stopped me in my tracks and I resolved to never again run more than fifteen miles and stick to the purpose I had chosen for doing so.

Chronologically, it can be safely stated that I am going on eighty. However, if you have been following the recent series, Ryan and I are getting younger every day. So, anyway, I am trying to do the math in my head while I was working out in the 60 foot long, community pool this afternoon. I did forty laps. Two weeks ago it was a struggle to do ten laps. I am obviously in better physical condition today than I was just two weeks ago …is this a clue to something important?

Since we’ve moved back to Florida this past September, I’ve traded my daily jog for a workout in the pool for an hour or more. In addition to the forty laps today, I also ran in the water at the shallow end of the pool for fifteen minutes twice …at the beginning and at the end of the workout …a total, today of one hour and 37 minutes. Are you bored with all these details yet?

I’m having this big argument in my head about why I do not want to run a marathon while I’m jogging around in the pool, surprised at how good I feel and about the speed at which I am able to slog through the water …when it dawned on me that I had not yet done what I had promised Ryan I would do …ask Dad about it.

It turns out the point is moot, this fellow is 75 years old. His marathon time: 3 hours 8 minutes. Maybe he's already figured out how to reverse the aging process.

I “heard” what I so often hear in these kinds of situations, that it was my choice. Would it really get people’s attention to the possibility of reversing the process of aging as Ryan argued it would?

Well, my logical argument is to throw out what Jesus said rhetorically about the fact that somebody could be raised from the dead and people of a particular religious ilk still wouldn’t believe …running 26 plus miles in less, even than five hours, is somewhat akin to my being raised from the dead.

Am I called to run a marathon? Let’s see, how is this for a bit of insight? Our webmaster and publisher, Ryan Bruce, has called me to do so. Perhaps we can call this the call of a man, rather than the call of God? How many church pastors have been called by a group of men and women, often referred to as a pulpit committee, to do something they have not been called or anointed by God to do?

Well, the last time I ran five miles, 3½ months ago, back in Maine, it took me almost an hour and twenty minutes – granted it was up and down some steep terrain, but still …26.2 miles, even in the flat, in under four hours? In less than five hours, at this particular time, sounds extremely difficult. But that’s not the point. Wait a minute, perhaps to Ryan, that is the point.

Well, Mr. Publisher, this will give us a talking point. What would be the purpose? I am called, even chosen to share the ways I’ve been shown to experience results garnering faith. I’m seeing this call you are making to do, what for me at this juncture, could be construed by me as a miracle but I believe in miracles, my life is one of continual miracles.

Here’s a challenge to you, Ryan. Since, ostensibly this call of yours is to impress our audience that I really am getting younger and running a marathon would be proof – who cares? Let’s put it to the test. Is all this stuff I am writing about what I do for exercise, both spiritual and physical, of real interest? Cast your vote. Send an E-mail to Ryan ( just write on the subject line “yes” (if my running a marathon seems good to you and would be a faith builder) “no” (if you could care less). If the yeses outweigh the no’s I’ll consider it. Of course, Jesus was recorded as saying if somebody asks you to run a mile, run two! Dad says it’s my choice – I say, if it will make somebody open their minds to what we’re doing and that is encouraging everyone to get their own direction from the SOURCE of everything, directly and for whatever is their SOURCE-given purpose.

Vote YES! Brad must run a marathon!

Back to one integral part of my purpose, that is, what I have been chosen to be and do …I have said this many times before: Jesus said any individual who believes enough will find that nothing is impossible – my purpose is to direct you to the SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE directly to get connected so that you can see, really see that nothing is impossible for YOU.

Not to be sidetracked onto what I do or say, but to go to the SOURCE directly.…and not to get sidetracked onto who Jesus was or is, as ultimately important as that question may be for you, but to get into the arena that he said was possible for you, if you believe enough …and that is, being who Jesus was as a man and doing the very same things he did and more. Jesus died so that you can live, get on with it …and the way to do that is to get connected to the same SOURCE that was in him – the one Jesus said who performed the miracles – get this and move on. Jesus was an example of what you can be and do.

The Lie is that you have to be here to have a relationship with God.

The lie of Christianity is that only Jesus could be and do what he clearly said you could be and do. The snare is to sit and listen to the same message over and over, including my message.

GET CONNECTED! How? Say it! Daddy I am connected to you and I want to reflect YOU more and more.

Here is the beginning of you living in the garden of eternal life, the garden of unlimited possibilities – do it NOW, because being connected directly to the SOURCE is eternal life, and it is NOW.

Will my running a marathon spur you on to get connected? Let’s listen in to see if Ryan will repeat what he said to me just yesterday, or at least what I got out of it and the reason why he is hung up on this idea: The basis of it was our difference, he said, “You think we’re talking to the religious and I want a much larger platform your message being broadcast to everyone, religious or not, because it changes the focus from dying and getting old to living eternal life NOW and getting younger every day, and you running a marathon at eighty will do that.”

Just get connected and spare me all of this work …yet running a marathon in the presence and power of our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE would be pure joy. But then, so is writing this right now.

This thought just came roaring into my conscious and when I asked Dad if I should include it right here and now, the answer was a resounding “YES!” It is a thought that brought about the novel I wrote called Leapfrog (available right here to download free. “I have met people in situations…mostly business, who are practically atheists and who are getting past the brain of the body we occupy by demanding and knocking and keeping on demanding and knocking for more of SPIRIT to guide them to whatever.”
Okay, back to listening in to what Ryan has to say to my resisting running a marathon, or am I?  Podcast 54 Jan 21 2011 Reversing the aging process pt 10

In Freedom,


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