Reversing the Process of Aging

Brad Cullen

Part Nine…the alternatives

A challenge and a question

…if you listened to the podcast which accompanied the immediately preceding article (Part Eight) you heard Ryan and I say we are serious, very serious about this series on reversing the process of aging. In the article and the podcast both Ryan and I treated what we were doing lightly …and I hope it was as much fun for those of you who are taking this journey with us, as it is for us.

Taking us and this series seriously does not mean we can’t have a bit of child-like fun along the way; after all, Jesus did say you cannot enter into the kingdom of God unless you approach it as a little child – and I take that very seriously.

Now then, I promised we’d get back to the spiritual causes of aging and other stuff and how to get on the path of spiritually and mentally overcoming them.

To transition ourselves to looking at the possibility that there actually are spiritual causes for aging and ways of overcoming them, I’m going to make a challenge to you and ask a question: Since you believe that we who occupy these body-bags have been granted free will or, as some would refer to it, free agency, HOW ABOUT EXERCISING IT?

Is your exercise equipment locked away, have you exercised your free will recently?

Frankly I get frustrated and tired of the same old hackneyed arguments about whether salvation is all-inclusive and, along with it, whether we have a free will – and let me be very clear, Ryan (since he often chides me for being less than clear), where I stand on these two issues: It doesn’t matter where I stand, Brad Cullen does not determine either issue for you …you do, if you choose to!

Now here this, if you choose not to determine your own destiny and outcome you are choosing not to. Where does that leave you, my friend, with regard to free agency?

Don’t believe it? Well, to put it in simplistic terms, if “eternal life” is a gift and if you have a free will, are you forced to accept it? See what I mean, Vern? It is a silly argument! It doesn’t matter …if you want it you can have it (period) with whatever conditions YOU decide to place on it and even to the conditions as to how you go about receiving the gift. That’s the Brad Cullen version of “universalism” or whatever other label you prefer to place on it. I think it is ludicrous for me to make any definitive declaration on a choice that is up to you.

Speaking of hackneyed – a phrase that came out of my mouth recently was that “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” – this said in reference to all it would take for a particular individual to be healed of a life-long disease that he wears like a badge, was to be willing to look at how he was blocking the healing to which he was oh, so close – which were that some changes would have to be made and he needed to get over his preconceived ideas about what those changes would mean.

I’m not sure he knew that he admitted it, since he basically refused to discuss it – hey, he is free in that as well …but he did admit it and clearly so. He’d been led to the place of healing …led to water, so to speak, but wouldn’t drink.

So, why am I going down this little path? As a means to get you to look at some choices you have and to get you to believe there are some fabulous possibilities that are waiting for you to actualize and only one of which is to reverse the aging process as part of your path of walking in healing power and spiritual healing.

Please hold your applause until the song is over. We're not done yet!

The spiritual cause of aging is the masterpiece artwork of the one whom Jesus referred to as the “Father of Lies” …the “god” or chief ruling spirit of this physical plane, he also tagged this entity with a few other choice names, such as Mammon, Lucifer, Satan, the enemy, and so on.

Jesus talked about our destiny, which includes overcoming physical as well as spiritual death. This promised destiny includes also being who Jesus was as a man and doing the very same things he did and more.

Instead of moving into this destiny, we listen to all the religious teachers tell us that only he, Jesus, was able to do these things and only he was the Son of God, when (for those of you who say the Bible is your authoritive word) Jesus’ self proclaimed, “most beloved disciple,” John, clearly wrote that we are joint heirs with our Elder Brother, if we latch on to the fact, “believe” that our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE who was there at the beginning and created everything, became the man Jesus. I’ll bet you’ve never heard it quite that way before. It is an inescapable conclusion, but in order for you to begin to have the truth dawn on you, you have to get free from being in bondage to the system of lies perpetrated and perpetuated by the god of this world and his spirit agents.

Hold on this just in: Regular exercise, even initiated late in life, can help fight the effects of aging. Healthy older individuals can substantially increase both strength and endurance with exercise. Some of the physical declines associated with aging, including a gradual decrease in the number of muscle fibers, are thought to be genetic in origin and irreversible. However, others — including reductions in muscle fiber size due to inactivity – are reversible through exercise. The above was sent to me off the website – along with this comment by Dr. Mercola:

“A good reminder to get out there and start walking or jogging in the warmer weather that most of us are starting to get now. I have been exercising vigorously for the last thirty years and can personally testify that it is one of the best health activities one can do.

However, if one must choose between exercising and eating well due to one’s schedule, I would advise to pursue the diet choices as they are generally much more beneficial to health than exercise.

“Actually, the converse may be more true. The effects of a bad diet are not compensated for by exercise and may actually be worsened as exercise places certain demands on the body for detoxification. And if one does not have those nutrients to perform detox, certain cancers can develop and/or the aging process can actually be accelerated.”

If it could be said that Eve follows anything religiously, many of Dr. Mercola’s recommendations represent nutritional gospel. However, it is more than fair to also say that she does her own research and sometimes thinks that Mercola is either being self-serving to sell his own products, or simply a bit off base.

Why did I include this in an article that, ostensibly, is about the spiritual causes of aging and how to overcome them? This is an excellent digression (in my mind) for two very good reasons.

I'm not gonna jump unless you go first...WHAT?

1. To underscore a religious fallacy held by some fundamentalist Christians due to a New Testament passage mistranslated by the translators of the King James Version of the Bible (KJV). The fallacy is that physical exercise has little or no benefit …when the original language renders the truth, which is that physical exercise has some benefit. The point the author was making was not to neglect spiritual exercise.

2. As the same author points out, a little over two thousand years ago; the body-bags we occupy are “temples of the Holy Spirit” and that quote (just for the fun of it) is from the KJV.

I’m supposed to leave it that …we’ll see what the publisher, Ryan Bruce, wants to make out of the digression in the recorded phone conversation with me regarding this article.

However, I am back to the point made earlier about exercising the free will you have been given …and, yes, the lame pun is intended. What fool would jump off the Empire State Building? What fool would take excesses with the body-bag we occupy? It really is the same thing and there is a spiritual cause. Again, I am going to be very clear and exact (and redundant) about what I mean by “spiritual cause.”

Many of you would prefer I wouldn’t say it, but I get the green light from our SPIRIT-PARENT whom I affectionately refer to as “Daddy” to do so. Please follow this carefully so you don’t miss what I am saying:

According to some (not all) Hebrew scholars, the Biblical “God created man in his own image” is not referring to the human species who were “formed” later, but is referring to spirit or angelic beings who were given dominion over the physical plane …”earth,” among which was Satan. Those beings still control things behind the scenes, physically, to those who allow themselves to be susceptible.

How does anyone allow herself or himself to be susceptible to spirit agents? Why am I convinced that this is true? I’ve written about it extensively, and from personal experience I can come to no other conclusion.

It's Ok, it not contagious it's spiritual.

Those of you who have followed my writings over the years and have read Treasure Chest and Leapfrog realize that I have several years of consulting with psychiatrists who also have come to believe the phenomena of spirit-agents influencing the behavior of some of their patients. Enough said, just to give some of you who think that everything can be explained psychologically pause …and I hasten to say that it can, but it helps to factor in some well-founded research and experience by psychiatrists who understand and employ their spiritual authority over spirit-agents.

So, what’s up next? Not a clue at the moment, but please, now, listen to Ryan Bruce say whatever he is going to say to me about this article …Podcast 53 Jan 15 2011 Reversomg the aging process pt 9

In Freedom,


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