Take The 21 Day Challenge to Powerful Faith!

Are You Ready for the 21 Day Challenge

Destination: A Country Called Faith

Goal: Citizenship

Fortress for a Citizen Ageless

“Whatever it takes” is the operative term …and, in other words, 21 days is purely symbolic. Traditionally, the number 21 is the three-fold 7, an equation which signifies a divine multiplication of perfection and thus spiritual completeness.

If twenty-one is approached legalistically, that which is truly important gets lost in a systemic maze. Burn this into your mind: Whatever it takes, not stopping short. Simplicity is just that: simply whatever it takes; not Stopping Short (Going On UNTIL) these, then, are the essence of the 21 day challenge. This is what is important: Continuing on UNTIL citizenship in the kingdom, the country called Faith, is accomplished. Twenty-one days may either be only a good start … or it may be twenty days, twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds longer than necessary to accomplish.

Having a breakthrough into I AM consciousness, what we will refer to here as the connection is what is important. Getting permanently connected to and with I AM transcends (goes beyond) numbers or their supposed significance. As a citizen of the country called Faith you are automatically chosen to call others into the equality of citizenship.

There is only one Leader, one Teacher, one PERFECT-PARENT, and SPIRIT-SOURCE of the country called Faith. You may refer to the SOURCE as “Her” … “He” or “It,” there is no significance to gender here in the country called Faith. There is no male or female in this kingdom …it is purely spiritual and, therefore, no humanly contrived concepts can possibly encompass the meaning or bring intellectual understanding about this country called Faith.

Are you a Citizen yet?

Being connected to and with I AM means citizenship; who or what is I AM begins in Jewish history and the significance gets lost immediately if ethnicity or anti-ethnicity becomes a focus.

Suffice it to say, Moses heard a voice which emanated from a burning bush and who/which gave him instructions …part of which have been missed by those who insist on calling I AM Her-Him-It or by whatever name or gender. Moses was told to instruct the children of Israel to memorialize, that is, to remember forever the name I AM Who I AM or, as some scholars point out, “I AM whatever I will be,” is a more accurate translation and we get lost in yet one more attempt to define the indefinable. Supplanting the term with the English word “God” only complicates things further.

The 21 day challenge is a call to citizenship …we are chosen to call you, but only the one SOURCE, the I AM, can certify whether you have achieved citizenship and only you and the SOURCE know the basis of your citizenship.

If your desire is to walk in fellowship with others in this country called Faith then, as far as we’re concerned, you have already been invited by the SOURCE to be with us as fellow citizens, with full equality and we put no further restrictions on you. To what extent you may want to affiliate closely with us is strictly up to you.

We have been given parameters of entitlement to walk with us in equality, which have nothing to do with certification, by the SOURCE, of your ultimate citizenship. The first step is whether you feel called to accept the 21 day challenge. Before you can do that, of course, you will have to find out of just what, exactly, the 21 day challenge consists.

Send an e-mail to Brad or Ryan to get the particulars.

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Take the challenge! but first listen to the podcast to be sure you are ready! Are you ready? Podcast 17 August 6 2010

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