What is TRUTH, What is REALITY?

“Bring Every Thought Captive”

Should we create a thought trap? Captive to Light and Love…

There are a number of ways to look at this ancient quote, but I suggest, if you’ve been brought here right now, perhaps it’s so you can see the quote from my point of view, which can be summed up by this edict:

Stop relying on the thought processes of the conscious part of the mind as the only way to arrive at what is YOUR ultimate truth and reality!

The following is in a code that can only be deciphered by those who have the capability to access the unconscious flow of their own mind AND beyond, by whatever means which works best for them personally and individually.

If you can bring yourself to the point of awareness that using ONLY the logical/skeptical conscious part of the mind is what puts limits on you and, if you are willing to acknowledge that there is another part of your mind that is vastly more creative, and to which the following ancient quote makes reference, “Bring every thought captive to the mind of Christ,” and now use the conscious part of your mind to breathe in deeply what that unconscious flow is saying to you (and of which you are unaware “consciously”) and, in other words, allow creative inspiration to take over so that you are open-mindedly skeptical which is the Integration of the Mind.


Truth is just a perspective.

Another way of expressing the foregoing is that I AM that, I AM can be captured in the sense of experiencing without fully understanding; some might prefer, I AM that, I AM can be apprehended, but not comprehended.

What follows is a zone that can be referred to as dangerous. The reason is because of what I have to share about apprehending I AM that, I AM is from the point of view of my own personal perception about what is ultimate truth and reality, for me, but not necessarily for you.


My point of view, if understood and accepted by you, as “only a point of view, can be a beacon of light to expand your own point of view to the point where you are able to share it with me and so we can have pure dialogue in an atmosphere of love and non-judgment.

The reason I throw the word “dangerous” into the mix is that, according to my admitted point of view, above, everyone’s personal experiences are different and, therefore, your point of view, by that very fact, cannot help but be different.

Be careful where some truth takes you…

Therefore, for you to be swayed, one way or the other, by anyone else’s point of view may lead you into seeing something you are not adequately prepared to see and thus could end up in a dead-end place of darkness for you.

Proceed with caution may well, therefore, be appropriate advice, because our individual beliefs are based on our individual perceptions of our individual experiences, according to our five senses during the years between conception and to a point at approximately age 5-6 years after being born into these human vehicles AND are vastly different than our perceptions of the myriad experiences which are unique to each of us and which happen in the years that follow after age 6.

If, however, there is a place to which we can both go, safely, together, to explore truth, as equals, with different perceptions and beliefs, calmly and openly expecting that your and my perceptions related to this place of perceived safety will be at least somewhat different, we will have some interesting common ground.

Are you ready to proceed? Click on doug@youwithoutlimits.life and simply type READY FOR MORE in the subject line and send.  Need hints to decipher the code?  Help is on the way.


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