Introducing you to the REAL YOU…

The Light of the World Within

The light of the world is inside you.

”Before there was a Universe, I AM” …if we’re willing to peel back the layers of darkness and see the LIGHT we will, WITHIN.


When the above thought, Introducing you to the REAL YOU, The Light of the World Within,” hit me upon waking this morning, I was curious about where it would lead. Now almost eight hours later I understand where it goes and chills are running up and down my spine.

I wrote something the other day entitled “All questions are NOT empowering; In fact, some questions are disempowering” …I felt guided to file it away for future use.

I think the article will have a big impact upon anyone who reads it because, in addition to providing a simple and effective way to avoid asking questions that have the potential to bring about results which have the power to bring about what you do NOT want, it also will provide a couple of examples of questions which are empowering and engender the kind of faith that produces seemingly supernatural results.

So far, it’s all free…

It has long been the practice of Author Brad Cullen aka Doug (my “given” name) Ferguson and Ryan Bruce, aka known as Mark Kennedy, to make gifts of everything written and/or published by

We have been admonished by many people that we would have had far better results with our mission had we charged something or, at the very least, made a simple way of donating so that people could participate in furthering the outreach while placing value on the gifts.

As always, we believe in freely giving what we have freely received. On the other hand, just like everything else in this 3rd dimension reality, it does take considerable time and money to produce books, articles, training programs and other items of value; and to maintain our administration center in Nevis, W.I.

Please see and rest in the fact that we can help you accomplish many things!

Because of this suggestion about asking for donations, we have recently made donating simpler via Pay Pal and other credit card processing mechanisms.

Every time…

This is the first time, after years and years of giving out free copies of books, courses and articles, that we’ve ever requested a donation for a single publication.

Here is how this will work, if you would like to receive your own PDF copy of The Secret of Asking Appropriate Questions for Maximum Results, simply ask if you should give and how much (we’re not going to check, that’s between you and whom you direct your prayer/meditation) then go to: Then click on either of the Pay Pal donate buttons and follow instructions.

Then click on the “Contact” tab on the menu bar and fill in the information, then in the comments box simply type in QUESTION ARTICLE and you’ll receive it as a virus free attachment to an e-mail.


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