Making it Simple

To Get Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Riches

It’s time to move into your birthright.


  1. Find the part of the mind which is connected 24/7 to the Universal Mind (by whatever other title or name) and everything else comes to you automatically.


  1. Don’t listen to those who say it has a physical location outside yourself because it is BOTH within you (and them) and beyond either your or their ability to understand.


  1. Now that you know where it is, ask your Teacher within, “What now?”


  1. Follow instructions for NOW; don’t make up silly rules about tomorrow.


  1. What the Teacher within tells anyone else is for them.


The same five principles in a nutshell, translated from an ancient text:


Sometimes it’s simple.

“Don’t have anxiety over what you should eat or drink, for this is what people who are caught up in the physical realm worry about. Your teacher within knows what is better for you; so go to where he or she is and ask; and whatever else is good for you to have will be added as well.”


The latest neurobiological research suggests: Self-defeating thinking patterns can all be attributed to an ego controlled by the conscious part of the mind rather than the subconscious, as has been believed for over a century. This is a truth which cannot be readily understood because the part of the mind that understands, the conscious part, is the part in which the ego resides, and the conscious part of the mind is always vying for control of the human psyche.

If you have any habit that you want to overcome here’s a simple exercise: Simply declare, “I” (the conscious part of my mind) “cannot overcome this, but YOU” (the other-than-conscious-part of the mind) “can overcome it, get it done please.”

You don’t have to do it alone.

This bit of wisdom comes from an ancient text married to the latest research into the mind.

If you need to understand all the foregoing before you are willing to attempt the exercise it is simple proof that your ego is what is causing your problems, ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.

If you happen to be religious, I can help you incorporate your religious belief system into making the above work for you, without disturbing your religious sensibilities. Click here for my bio.

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