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All miracles, start in your imagination.

One reason some folks refuse to believe in miracles, that is, events some expert or another says are impossible, is only because they look at things the way they have always looked at things –the way they were trained to look at them– or as some say today, aptly, the way they were programmed to look at them.

Today, this very day, you can begin to believe that anything is possible and once you believe that, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be impossible for you. I’d love to have some dialogue about the immediately foregoing remark with anyone just dying to take issue with it.

I saw something recently that exceeds what is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, what I saw, therefore, must be impossible, correct? WRONG! It simply hasn’t been recorded – YET.

We needn’t gather up every existing copy of Guinness for burning purposes, because people will eventually see that it doesn’t matter anyway.

This perhaps should remind us of the quote, “Even if someone were raised from the dead they still wouldn’t believe.”

Can health be conjured up?

I’m currently under contract to write a series of 25 articles that will be the basis for repackaging what to me is an extremely valuable method of healthcare. It is an online audio course in which an expert, a highly qualified physician, makes a statement of fact that simply isn’t true, in ALL cases.

The statement is absolutely true, however, for those who are stuck looking at things in one particular way.

In the article which introduces that particular segment, I’m not going to refute what this expert says, because literally less than one person out of every 100,000 people, who are very knowledgeable, sophisticated and, who will be taking the course (some for the purpose of working toward earning a degree, no less) already believe the statement to be true and won’t change their views, no matter what is written.

“Even if someone were raised from the dead they wouldn’t believe” (remember) …and I don’t want to take away from the power and value of the course, even though I want to SCREAM!

So why am I writing this little piece? I just want to be on record so anyone who wants to have a little dialogue about it, may be brought to the possibility of believing what they currently refuse to believe, conversely, because they’ve always believed something else.




PS: If you haven’t had enough of my wild ideas, try this on for size;



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