A Three Letter Word to

 …Absolute Transformation

Transform into who you really are…

The word is yes. There you have it, quick and easy and the opposite to the word that was the key component to the phrase that was the original impetus for the war on drugs, you remember, “just say no” – that phrase proved effective only for those who didn’t have a problem in the first place.

How can “yes” be transformative, it cannot UNLESS you say yes to the power that can transform. Here’s the challenge – it is a proven fact that we humans HATE change and the word transformation means exactly that.

Just about all of us defend, in thousands of ways and mostly unconsciously, the way we are. Transformation, therefore, is not something in which we are even remotely interested. Those of us who are addicted to constant changes that we consider are making improvements in our lives are a case in point; think about it.

A key bit of introspection as to my own resistance to transformation is another word, responsibility. If I am transformed into something that will make me a better person according to my own values, it means I must take responsibility for helping others, because now I’m able – I didn’t even realize that was a value in which I believe, it’s no wonder I resist being transformed, even or perhaps especially since another belief is that real transformation would come about without any real effort, if I would merely stop resisting it so mightily.

You are as old as you do.

Over the holidays, I kept hearing the word “elderly” and wondered what/why the word kept intruding into my consciousness. Since I like to say, “I’m going on ninety,” as a defense mechanism against birthdays being troublesome; being in my eighties qualifies me as being among those with the label “elderly.”

My thirtieth birthday was a terrible shock to me and I began saying to myself and others that, “I was going on” and projecting my age out five years, so that I would never again worry about waking up to the shock that came over me when I realized I could no longer say, or think, “I’m only such and such,” as an excuse for not having attained whatever greatness I had dreamed of becoming by the time whatever age smacked me in the face.

I finally asked about “elderly” and why the word was bouncing around from cell to cell in my mind and realized I needed to be active in helping the elderly who want to transform their focus from heading toward senility, dementia and encroaching physical weakness into living and operating in the awesome POWER of I AM that, I AM within and beyond all understanding, yet is available to anyone who will say yes and stop allowing age to be an excuse for powerlessness.

What are you Chosen for?

If you have ever wondered about the meaning in the ancient text, “Many are called, but few are chosen” and how it is possible to be transformed into being one of the “chosen” few, I have a secret which I’ll share with you.

Visit: http://www.youwithoutlimits.life/?page_id=287 if you know an elderly person that may be ready to explore being transformed into living in power rather than being a victim of old age, direct them my way – I can help.

If you like the idea of helping the elderly in such a manner, perhaps it’s time to answer the call and be one of the “chosen” few, empowered to help, join me.

If you feel called to help younger people, you can be transformed into being one of the “chosen” few to answer that call. Let me know, I can help.

In Freedom,


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