A Pipeline of Abundance

(And two things which stop the FLOW)

Keep the flow going…stay open.

Surely you’ve heard the old saw, “confession is good for the soul,” so let’s start with mine. The two things that are known to create poor mental and physical health are stress and tension. My hand is raised, guilty as charged, your honor.

Imagine a water hose with a kink, the flow of water stops (period). “All that water and not a drop to drink just because of the kink,” so it’s a corny rhyme, but it gives a perfect picture of you when you are tense or stressed over anything, BECAUSE IT STOPS THE FLOW! I confess to often putting a kink in my own hose and shutting off the flow, that’s why I AM an expert!

Tranquilizers and alcohol provide temporary relief (been there, done that) but both are lousy long term solutions.

Wonderful techniques that help us relax, including, but not limited to deep breathing, meditation and prayer, (being an advocate, teacher and even a creator of variations of these techniques, I confess I’ve also been there and done that), but will not permanently deal with the problem of tension and stress if we don’t get rid of the cause …CONFLICT.

Is this just a tired old ritual or a requirement for peace?

Let me be very clear, confession, just as an example of one excellent method of relief, is a great first step, but if it doesn’t lead to stopping whatever I’m confessing to, the stress and tension will just come back to bite me and I’ve never known anyone, YOU, that the same thing doesn’t apply.

The only permanent fix to conflict is to get rid of the cause. Before you can do that you have to dig down deeply enough to find it. Alcohol and drug addiction are relatively easy to fix once the conflict is erased. Tension and stress are fixed automatically once the conflict is resolved.

We’re talking here about inner conflict resolution. Once we get in touch with our own inner conflicts, we are free to help others, if your purpose in life is to be an aid to helping others, perhaps this message is for you . . .












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