How to Escape One Mental Trap

If you seek the same way you have been seeking…it’s a trap.

Imagine a cage designed for humans and you can easily fit into it. The cage has two doors on opposite sides both marked “entry.” Both doors are easily opened into the cage simply by pushing them, but they only go inward, once you are inside there is no apparent escape because they are designed in a way that you cannot open them from the inside.

The reason you want to enter this particular cage is because it is marked “scientific truth.” Now imagine that you have just come to realize a particular point of view about just what science is: The systematic understanding of how various parts of the physical universe operate.

There are two sections to this particular cage, one is called Newtonian or Classic Physics and the other is called Quantum Mechanics. Both contain partial or limited truth and we know this because every so often a new scientific discovery comes along which proves that previously understood truth is no longer valid.

The way by which anyone enters this cage, from which there is no apparent way out, is a part of the human mind which is sometimes labeled as Reason or Logic and it is all in the same part of the mind which controls us and why the trap is so inviting.

Can truth be allowed to stand alone?

We believe we can know the truth by understanding the physical universe. If we judge the cage harshly, by taking an historical view, we will come to the conclusion that it is a series of lies that lead nowhere.

If we look at it lovingly we can soften our view to realize that both sides of the cage have partial truth that have proven to be useful in myriad ways and have led to a series of new understandings each replacing the old – you can now enter the cage because you have the secret that will allow you to escape anytime you want to be free.

Just don’t enter it until you are able to view it lovingly as partial truth, not ultimate truth.

When we make science our god, we fail to realize that we’ve made human Reason and Logic god. In other words, we’re worshiping a false god. The real God or Ultimate Truth cannot be accessed by Reason and Logic.

Truth leaving the well…can you see your escape?

The reason we are in a trance that has us believing that Reason and Logic lead us to truth is that Reason and Logic have also invented religion and systems of education which are just more false gods. If this is hard to believe just imagine another cage called truth, only this cage has thousands of sections and wonder of wonder you easily walk from one section to another, but with no apparent way out.

The secret of escape is the same as the secret to escape the cage of scientific truth; view it lovingly before you enter and simply KNOW that it is only partial truth which has all sorts of value in the physical realm, so don’t judge it harshly, because this is just another trap which we all are already in: Reason and Logic; a trance that has us believing we know the truth, when we don’t know squat.

Another part of the human mind does know ultimate truth, but Logic and Reason continually interfere with it just like some insidious enemy. This other part is I AM that, I AM which is ONE with the ultimate I AM that, I AM in you.

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