A Simple Secret to:

End Slavery to Limits

Do you want the key to get out?

The key to unlocking the steel door that keeps an individual caged in a prison cell of limitations: Know this one key, insert it into the lock (apply the secret) and presto, YOU WITHOUT LIMITS.

Here’s the key: Nothing is what it appears to be.

One way of looking at it is that this means your eyes have been lying to you because you have been programmed to believe that only what you see is real.

Have we been sitting in a prison cell with the key in our pockets the whole time? Let’s complicate it just a little bit so that some LIGHT begins to shine on us.

Here is a fact proved by scientific instruments: The other than conscious parts of the human mind which incorporate what we’ll call the GREATER MIND or BWOTON, BWOTON is an acronym for By Whatever Other Title Or Name and is somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000 times faster at processing information than the conscious part of the mind; that’s ½ to ¾ million times faster, the difference is in the varying capacities of the individual minds measured by the instruments.

It’s not in your hand…it’s in your conscious.

It is with the conscious part of the mind by which we draw conclusions from our perceptions about what we see and adjudge it to be real because we see it.

So the metaphor of the KEY, put in simpler terms, is the GREATER MIND and the prison cell is the conscious part of the mind. What complicates it just a bit further is a limited belief in EITHER duality OR singularity. This is BOTH an internal AND an external raging argument.

The branch of science called theoretical physics long ago ended the argument between scientists about whether light is comprised of waves or particles. It is BOTH – now that’s a bit of duality that is impossible for the human mind to grasp because it just makes no sense. Scientific instruments prove that light is made up of particles in one experiment. Scientific instruments prove that light is comprised of waves in another experiment. It is BOTH, live with it!

If the uncovered SECRET KEY, “nothing is what it appears to be,” is really true then what has been proved by science is what appears to be, and that is consumed by the GREATER MIND as NOT being what it appears, that’s simple.

You’re not some of the light, you’re all of the light.

Further complication is a result of the difference in belief about the GREATER MIND. Some believe that God, by whatever other title or name, is all contained in the mind, others believe that God is external to the human mind. Just as light is BOTH particles AND waves, from a scientific perspective and, therefore, ONE in the same (end of duality from one point of view) so is God BOTH within the minds of humans AND beyond (end of duality from one point of view).

Freedom releases us from having to think (believe) one way or the other, what if it doesn’t matter to God, BWOTON, which way you believe? If that’s possible then you can just continue believing whatever you want, IT DOESN’T MATTER and it is just a limited point of view (either way) anyway.

So the KEY simplified is whenever you become aware that you are locked in one point of view as being the truth, just ask the GREATER MIND – BWOTON, “Is this point of view serving me or do you have a way that will serve me better.” We could say that simple request is inserting the key into the lock and now you are free to turn it and open the door so that LIGHT shines in.

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