You Can Believe This

What trance are you in?

Because it is True

Pain and addictions are the result of being in a trance – a believing trance. While you may find this hard to believe, right now (together we can change that), BECAUSE it is true.

I never understood the reason six psychiatric patients, all of whom had been in therapy for several years, were released by the doctor who also took them off the medication he had prescribed for them.

He had referred the patients and their spouses to me and within six weeks the “miracle” happened. The “miracle” happened because I failed miserably and reached “beyond myself” in utter desperation crying out, albeit silently, for help.

The psychiatrist upon releasing them as a group exclaimed, “This guy is going to put me out of business, hallelujah!”

Six severely troubled patients and six severely troubled marriages healed. It’s a long, true story, backed by the testimony of the doctor, which I tell elsewhere, but not important for YOU, right now.

What’s causing your back pain?

This occurred over twenty-five years ago and I never understood why until now, after reading a single paragraph from a book by a medical doctor, just yesterday, he wrote:

“Reading Healing Back Pain by John Sarno seemed to take me from one trance – believing in the power of traditional medicine and put me into another trance – believing in the power of the unconscious mind.”

This doctor also referred to another book about how to stop smoking which some of his patients, just by reading the book, were cured!

That’s as far as I’m going to go for now, but if you’ve been trying to quit smoking or overcome pain and failing, I may be able to help you, but not if you don’t contact me. Why? Because I can help you and I charge nothing.

No promises, but you won’t find out how somebody without a license or certification to do anything on any kind of a professional level may be able to help, when nothing else has worked, unless you contact me. This is your opportunity, contact me today.

Imagine getting beyond whatever it is you want to get beyond effortlessly, simply by switching from an unbelieving trance to a believing one – it is oh, so simple, and you can do it.


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