How Our Emotions Can Make Us Or Break US

What’s in a Word?

Brad and Ryan…What Now?

Get ready to feel the difference, What Now? When publisher Ryan Bruce and author Brad Cullen share with others the magic of asking the Universe (by whatever other title or name) “What Now,” those who refuse to realize that “now what” sets up a whole different emotional response within the other-than-conscious parts of the mind, and sabotage the wonderful magic that could have been.

When we ask I AM that, I AM “what now,” we expect to get instruction from beyond the conscious part of our minds; whether that comes strictly from within or from our external connection doesn’t matter to us – we KNOW that somehow or in some way seemingly supernatural guidance is on the way.

Before you answer ask…What Now?

Now think about a relative or neighbor who never calls except to complain or deliver bad news; the phone rings …and on the caller I.D. you recognize their number have you ever said, “Now what,” with a whole different expectation than “supernatural guidance.”

What now, or now what, it’s your choice along with carefully choosing your words with emotional wisdom in any number of other situations, capice? – Personal Guidance with a difference






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