Breaking the Law of Physics?

Is it just another dimension? How can we get there?

In the physical realm (3rd dimension) which is governed by Newtonian Physics, often referred to as the “Law of Physics,” things must be in sequence, in the order dictated by this “law of nature.”

In the higher or alternate dimensions, which are often labeled by some as “spiritual,” or even the “kingdom of heaven,” a whole different set of rules apply.

When these different sets of rules work their way into the physical realm, the same folks who label alternate dimensions as spiritual refer to these occurrences as supernatural or miraculous.

What makes attempts to communicate about the foregoing is that those who readily accept nuclear age phenomena which took going outside or beyond this same law of physics, throw out the term “you can’t break the law of physics” to support their skepticism about things which they refuse to accept.

Split a few of these and see what happens…

Even pictures of the flash of the “bomb” and its ensuing mushroom cloud or of the devastation of Hiroshima don’t make a dent in their resolve to believe the way they’ve always believed.

To even suggest that they may want to change their points of view, even just a little seems only to bring on an avalanche of scorn.

At times, this brings me almost to a point of thinking and even saying, “what’s the use,” and then along comes a few acknowledgments from those who have shifted position enough to be able to see additional LIGHT and it makes my day brighter.

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