A Problem with some Fundamentals and

Two views, one object/subject…both are correct.

SOME Fundamentalists…

 Is that some fundamentals are inescapable in one system and wholly not applicable in other systems.

For example, basic math, that is, 2+2 = 4 and gravity are essential in the 3rd dimension, and within classic or Newtonian physics, but often inapplicable in the new physics referred to as Quantum Mechanics and other dimensions.

If we can equate the physical universe with the 3rd dimension and spiritual as being within the 4th, 5th and beyond dimensions we begin to see the reason for the communication disconnect between those who call themselves conservative or fundamentalists in the religious sense and those outside that particular camp.

Both are perfect from some point of view…can you see it?

Neither that camp nor others outside it are “wrong,” it’s simply a matter of both trying to apply principles that are true and absolute in one system, but don’t work elsewhere.

This could explain the reason for the polarized politics bearing labels such as “conservative” and “liberal.”

Neither is “wrong,” they both simply live in different dimensions attempting to apply principles that work in their separate worlds, but don’t compute for both, however, each side insists that the other live and work by principles that work just fine in their system of believing and thinking.

Is there a simple solution for those wanting one? Yes, but one primary key is wanting it and it may be important to remember that somebody who came along and taught one solution as “loving your enemies, because anybody can love their friends,” was killed for that kind of talk, of course, that’s only one point of view about what happened to him.

As long as we each insist upon the limits of our individual belief systems we remain stuck in them, there is a way, however, to dialogue beyond and thus become unlimited. www.youwithoutlimits.life


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