A Long Spiral Downward

Could defining it make it worse?

Hmmm…better or worse?

Everyone has it …to some degree; getting caught up in finding, examining and defining the degree to which a person is affected may only serve to worsen the condition!

Could the way of escaping simply be stepping outside of the intense focus on it? How about denying that the condition even exists?

If it is true that everyone has “it” – we can all look in the mirror and confess, “I have it!”

Is the act of admitting we have “it” the first step toward getting caught in the downward spiral that leads to “it” worsening?

Is the precursor to that precipitous first step toward being trapped in what could be described as a “black hole,” asking the question, do I have “it?”

Just ask the question?

Back to the moment of truth, I do have “it” …a statement of fact. What if “it” actually leads to a vortex that takes us upward rather than down?

What just happened, was rather than looking at “it” as a negative or something “bad,” we just found the answer to “it” without ever finding out what “it” is. Now that we are willing to explore the possibility that “it” may actually be “good” we are now less afraid of examining “it.”

What if the act of examining “it” makes “it” lose whatever its power, either “good” or “bad” over us?

What if the lesson to be learned here is to be careful about the WAY we look at anything, because it is possible that our preconceptions and perceptions about “it” determine the ultimate effect that “it” will have on our lives?





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