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Ever since I wrote my only published novel, Leapfrog, which basically put into fiction many parts of a true story, and the title was meant to emphasize the amazing, to me, fact that every time I share a revelation I have received, for me, several among those with whom I’ve shared it leap far over my head and take it to places I have yet to go; and which makes me believe ever more strongly in the power of interacting with small groups of fellow truth seekers.

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One such revelation was that I was not a body with a spirit, but rather I was a spirit occupying a human body. How I arrived at that awareness seems, now, to be totally irrelevant to anyone else; particularly when so many spirits also occupying one of these human bodies became aware of what and who they were long before I did.

Where do you stop and the infinite begins?

As I began sharing my personal experience, though, it was exciting to watch other individuals become aware of whom they really are …infinite beings who were part of the US “in the beginning” which brought everything into existence.

Someone e-mailed me a link to a brief video of a person reminding everyone of their true identity – infinite beings. “Always Be Connected” was the ABC of the presentation.

There was not a single reference used that could possibly be called “religious” and you may have noticed that I have not mentioned the name of the presenter of the video. Just grab the essence of the ABC and use it as a reminder that the infinite has been referred to as LIGHT, LOVE and SPIRIT across the spectrum of myriad religious belief systems.

Many who are corresponding and co-creating, Believing 101, as we go through the process of co-learning from one another’s individual points of view, are very advanced along this path of understanding their identity as ONE in and with the INFINITE; others are obviously struggling with the concept as baby chicks pecking their way out of and through the “protective” shell of the religious egg in which they were enculturated.

You KNOW this is impossible so you’ll never see it…until you believe enough.

We’ve received more comment about the 4th segment (Seeing the LIGHT of Creation) than any other segment of the course, as having been the catalyst for major breakthroughs and, as one co-learner/creator put it, “practicing this meditation has been the greatest reminder of I AM that, I AM within me.”

Therefore, wherever you are on the path of enlightenment and, from whatever perspective, this was a good reminder that practice rather than just reading it may be the antidote to any number of ills.

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