The Insidious Enemy and How to Defeat it

Can you love your insidious enemy?

Insidious has come to mean something that is harmful, but proceeds in such a slow manner that it is not detected until it is too late. Therefore it also has the connotation of being sneaky; an undetected, but very real enemy …and insidiously so.

If I can take a clue from the first five letters (i-n-s-i-d), add an “e” and let that be a reminder to me that my biggest enemy hides within me, perhaps I can make progress by bringing it closer to my FRIEND’S LOVE rather than treating it as an enemy.

I awakened to the following thought at 2:26 a.m. and knew I had better write it down immediately: “Overcoming one flaw in me is far more effective than concentrating on the many flaws of everyone else.”

I immediately headed for the computer keyboard, typed it and headed back for bed.

5:09 – a flash of lightning with an immediate clap of thunder awakened me. Now, Almost 2½ hours later, after much fiddling around, I felt nagged to get back to work on the project I had intended to finish yesterday, but knew it didn’t have the punch I wanted. So I quit earlier than usual, acknowledging to my FRIEND that I was caught in the conscious part of the mind and I would just have to trust that HE/IT/SHE would deliver me.

Do you have one of these in your eye?

Asking, “What now” I finally return to the keyboard and here, staring me in the face, are the words I wrote and had forgotten all about.

“Overcoming one flaw in me is far more effective than concentrating on the many flaws of everyone else.”

Now over six hours after writing it, I see the utter truth of this thought and what consumes me, of course, is thinking about those around me who should take it to heart and benefit from it. More of the same crap from the same insidious enemy, CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

The insidious enemy, what it is and where it is hiding and what to do about it. I’m sharing it honestly and hopefully so that anyone else who identifies with the foregoing will be willing to come along for what hopes to be an interesting ride and we can share together our individual progress of converting to a true friend who does serve our better, eternal, good.

The universe revolves around ego.

If you’re still with me, it could mean you suffer from the same flaw OR, of course, you are just here to watch me examine mine. I hope, as I expose some of my innards, you don’t mind offering suggestions.

Meanwhile, I’ll share how I’m dealing with the insidious enemy within ME called the ego, which tries to remain undetected in the conscious part of the mind. The so-called self-aware part that has to be shaken every now and then to get me awake to what it is up to that is not all that much of a contributor to my better good.

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