Worldly Wisdom Focuses on Balance

Hold onto that feeling…for sustained success.

Sustained success in business, sports and life on this planet, in general, depends upon managing our activity by balancing between short term and long term objectives – which involves TIME.

Time is an essential ingredient of 3rd dimension reality, which according at least one physicist, who meanders, on occasion, into the philosophical, also insists is NOT reality, but rather an illusion.

Another point of view about time is that it is a construct for measuring and describing what we, who are trapped on this planet, are forced to deal with as “reality” – spinning, as it does on its own axis and thereby causing the illusion of the sun rising, setting and rising again, which somebody referred to as one day.

Somehow this doesn’t make things simpler for me.

Later, somebody devised mathematics and thereby we came to dividing a day into segments of hours, which segments are further divided into minutes and seconds; and conversely multiplied them into weeks, months and years.

The statement by some physicists that this reality is an illusion is based upon knowledge awakened by the relatively new physics referred to as Quantum Mechanics; which renders both time and math, as measured in the 3rd dimension, as non-existent.

We regular-type earthlings can easily also understand one part of the illusion because we now know that the sun doesn’t rise or set, but that the phenomena is merely the result of the particular point upon which we are standing on this world has come around to the place where the sun becomes visible.

We came up with terms such as trajectory and transit to describe the sun’s movement across another illusion which we refer to as the “sky.” Such modes of expression keep us trapped in our thinking.

Chang your point of view.

Oh what perspective can do…!

This brings us to the place of having a dialogue about the evolution of human intelligence (and lack thereof, when you consider the silly things we tend to argue about simply because our observation points are different). Don’t forget our favorite pet cat named:


When we think in terms of the broad expanse of the known universe called “space” we are still trapped in concepts such as 2+2 = 4 and measuring time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

In other words, folks, getting off this planet and going to Mars and beyond seems like a huge step, until we stop to realize that the farthest reaches of even the known universe is measured in billions of light years.

Space…here we come! Wooohoooo!!!

Before we get all excited about such grand knowledge, we pause to reflect on the fact that those whose minds are capable of estimating this expanse which measurement requires both time and distance are the same ones who tell us that the “reality” of time and distance is an illusion, which we must remember, is only one point of view.

Some physicists came to this conclusion on the basis that they also have proven that a single particle in quantum can be in two places, millions of miles apart, at the same time! What makes this somewhat easy to understand for us mortals is light; you know, the source shines there, but is seen here or vice-versa.

Now that we are so smart, how come we still can’t see around corners? Here kitty-kitty-kitty . . . (putting the bowl of food down for Perspective).


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The foregoing is an excerpt from a section of the online, interactive course, Believing 101, released by the College of Believing Nothing is Impossible; where we look at things from a spiritual perspective that takes us beyond the limits of human knowledge and wisdom – we are all co-learners, there are no human teachers and leaders as we delve, together, into the arena in which all individual human wisdom is seen simply and only as one very narrow point of view, what else is possible?

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