Why I’m Not a Christian…

I’m not a Christian because I don’t want to be eaten by a lion.

The simple reason I’m not a Christian and Jesus is giving me permission to say this, is that Christians believe Jesus is God and therefore he was all-powerful and we, because there can be only one God, are not.

This is a contradiction to what he said and is saying this very moment – which is, any individual who believes enough will do the same things he did, in context, which is to heal all sorts of disease, raise the dead, turn water into wine and so on, but wait a minute, he said (is saying) that any individual who believes enough can even do greater things than he did!

Does this one act make him greater than you…not according to Jesus.

Hear this, if he is saying you can do greater things than he did, this means you have more power at your disposal than he did. There’s a reason for this, but you’ll never discover it if you hang onto the religious belief system that he is greater than you.

What we don’t understand about ourselves, is that we each individually are potentially greater than Jesus (according to Jesus), but we’ve had our heads buried in the sand and then we adopted a religious system that buried the truth.

This is all clearly spelled out in the Christian Bible, but I don’t know of one single Christian who teaches it or exposes this truth, to the light of your awareness. Therefore it becomes purposeful obfuscation; the secret of the ages is hidden by a religion that purports to be founded by Jesus,with the intent of setting you free, but he says, “What’s the point of calling me Lord if you don’t do what I tell you to do?”

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