Still Believing What You See?

When the horse is pulling the cart…anything is possible.

In our most recent post, we talked about not putting the cart in front of the horse; the point of the article is to put the superconscious part of the mind, intentionally in position of primary control and not forgetting that intention is the function of the conscious part of the mind; admittedly, putting the superconscious part of the mind in control, rather than the conscious part of the mind goes against everything we’ve been programmed to do since our human birth!

Ryan Bruce, CEO of the publishing company that produces Brad Cullen books and articles, sent me a link with an e-mail in which he said, this takes a lot of work to watch, but it explains some of our previous failures and the difference in what we offer than anything else available currently.

He was correct from two perspectives; it did take a lot of work to watch AND it explains the human dynamics of how Ryan and I have evolved over the past 18 months from a psychological and historical perspective and certainly explains our own “ups” and “downs” in just about every aspect of living in this 3rd Dimension “reality.”

Look inside for answers; “what now?”

Simply put, however, the primary difference between what we have been experiencing and sharing and anything else we’ve seen and/or tried in a variety of personal development programs, which emphasize taking “inspired action” and which we can call the “horse” pulling the ”cart” which is the point of using this particular metaphor.

In that sense we have turned the metaphor around, but that’s figuring it out with the conscious part of the mind. After watching what I took as an imperative (after all, he is the publisher) I was left with the basic question I was given while writing what to me is one of the most powerful books I ever “transcribed.” That question is, “what now?” which is directed at the superconscious part of the mind.

For me, it is important to understand a basic belief that incorporates the fact, again, FOR ME, that the superconscious is connected 24/7 unconsciously by intent and declaration with the conscious part of the mind to the I AM that, I AM which introduced HER/HIM/IT-self by voice from the midst of a bright flame in a burning bush in the middle of a desert as the prime force that controls the universe and which you and I were a part of at the “beginning” and explains the famous quote many years later, “Before there was an Abraham (or anything else) I AM.”

I AM That and so much more.

Ryan says it a little differently so that it works for anyone who isn’t of the same “whacko religious” ilk of Brad Cullen as Ryan is wont to say or anyone else.

I don’t disagree with Ryan one bit, I just asked, again, the all important question, and was given that I needed to point out my own belief system that basically comes from a passage out of the Torah (I’m not a Jew), confirmed in the Qur’an (I’m not a Muslim), with parallels in the Bhagavad Gita (I’m not a Hindu), and the Tao (I’m not a Taoist) and lastly, with respect to the quote above out of the Christian New Testament (I’m not a Christian) or, put another way, I’m all the above, to expand a bit on what Mohandas Gandhi said.

At the ripe old age of 27, close to sixty years ago, I took a passage as to what would guide me for life: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding and in all your ways he will direct your paths.”

That has led me to this point and it incorporates my history, my purpose and gets to the core, metaphorically, psychologically, allegorically and spiritually.

What is real beyond your perceptions.

It incorporates all four parts of the mind as we see it: Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious AND most importantly Superconscious.

Taking inspired action, to me is simply and intentionally using the conscious part of the mind to cry out for help from the superconscious part of the mind so that everything works together, automatically, after receiving INSPIRED GOALS.

I feel inspired to make this addition: One of things learned in psychology 101, is NOT to believe what you see because everything you see is a perception.

Physical evidence even if or perhaps especially if, “seen with my own eyes,” is a grand tool for criminologists until messed up with the perceptions of defense attorneys and prosecutors. Believing what we are seeing which is processed by the conscious part of the mind is always, to some degree misleading. If we are willing to accept this at least as partial truth, we’ve come a long way.



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