Is this for me? Ask!

Is it for YOU?

 Starting out with the appropriate question is the better way for US. When looking for better approaches to life rather than or, at least BEFORE listening to or buying personal development programs from success gurus or other external expert advice, take several DEEP breaths, get calm and ASK: IS THIS FOR ME?

I’m going to share what simply asking before I went to bed one night brought me upon awakening, which was BOTH the appropriate question AND the appropriate answer, FOR ME!

What is the right question, is another question.

Is it for you? That is for you to determine, but here goes:

What is the number one priority? That, for me, IS the appropriate question! Followed by the appropriate answer, FOR ME, which was and is, seek first, listen, hear and follow; getting then follows automatically.

When I put my focus on getting and come seeking, listening and hearing to that end (getting) the answers will always be accompanied by interference, static and a garbled message.

Effort and discipline with the conscious part of the mind, when focused only upon the number one priority, creates the setup to get what is the better good for me, AUTOMATICALLY.

This may not be the best method.

I heard, “Stop putting the cart in front of the horse.” Focus, INSTEAD, on the priority of putting the superconscious part of the mind of this body I occupy in the position of control. The reason, again, for me, is that for me it is confirmed that the superconscious part is ALWAYS receiving from I AM that, I AM. What anyone else gets is for them, I’m merely sharing.

I’m hearing, “Let your discipline and effort be applied only after receiving instructions from the Leader, not the conscious part of the mind. Use the conscious part of the mind to focus on putting the superconscious in charge, then listen, hear and follow with the conscious part with whatever effort and discipline is required to follow the Leader’s instructions and things are set up to flow automatically.

This all came as a result of my asking, “What is the appropriate question for me?” The appropriate question AND answer came AUTOMATICALLY! That’s the better way for me.


Before there was a Brad Cullen, I AM that, I AM



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