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Leapfrog Beyond Brad Cullen 

Leap over Brad.

I just had the privilege of watching three brief videos – a total of about 25 minutes which encapsulate and confirm everything I’ve been trying to say for over 30 years, since I first heard the call to come away from organized religion and the past 20 years after I finally “obeyed” the call and found joy coupled with a few “dark” periods during which I was still armed with unspeakable joy and which enabled me to get through the hard times relatively easily.

It is utterly humbling to watch a sweet man with more hair than me (whiter than mine and a beard just as white), say things which, IF YOU’RE READY to hear them, will catapult you far beyond what you can possibly glean from what I’ve been saying and writing for fifty years. Yeah, I’m a guy chronologically “going on ninety,” as I tell people who are startled by what I can do physically and because of it ask my age.

Presence and Power are everywhere.

I’ve been sharing many experiences, lo these many years, none of which will be repeated here, about people who were healed and delivered from all sorts of emotional, mental and physical challenges beginning with their religious expression, “I believe in God” and which I challenged with, “that’s nice, but are you willing to experience the presence and power OF God, by whatever other title or name, and get beyond believing in whatever you believe ABOUT God?”

As I have said over and over they didn’t get healed by me. They woke up to the HEALER within them.

I would add, NOW, “Because that is what it takes to be READY to watch the 25 minutes of video, because unless you are willing to apply the simple things this sweet “old” man in the videos is saying, you’ll still be stuck believing things ABOUT God and getting no results toward how you want to experience LIFE abundantly and prosperously as promised BY God.”

How do you get these videos? Simply write me brad@spiritualhealingsource.com, on the subject line type in or copy and paste READY – you’ll receive the links as an attachment to the reply.



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