21 Day Challenge – Day 17, How to Enter the Garden of Eternal Life

How to Enter the Garden of Eternal Life …and Stay There

If you can accept the possibility that the “Garden of Eden” is a real place, albeit in the spirit or unseen realm; and further that, in the original language, the term translated in English as eternal life literally means the place in which there is no “beginning or ending” and which can be accessed or entered into NOW, in this moment, then you can start living with an entirely different view of things.

Your Garden of Eden is Waiting.

One of the things the religious have done to us in their argument that there is an afterlife, which they refer to as heaven, is to build a tradition which is basically understood as that heaven can be entered into only at the death of these physical body bags we occupy.

It is important to realize that my argument here is limited to the word “only.” You see, there is a passage in the Bible which clearly reveals an alternative.

Let’s help those of you who already believe that heaven is a real place [the place where God (by whatever other title or name) has Her/His/Its (Jesus clearly indicated that God is without gender …a SPIRIT to be worshipped in spirit and in truth) but has a perfect parent Daddy/Mommy element and, therefore, the reference to “He” and “She” is not out of line here] and, who also already believe that the Bible is a resource for truth, expand your view to include something written in it.

Read the following aloud and hear, really hear, it: The above referenced passage clearly reveals that there is a kind of “faith” that is not only available, but that without which there is no pleasing God. This “faith” is a never ending, close personal relationship with God beginning this moment and never ending …and further, avoids physical death altogether! I didn’t say it, the writer of the book, Hebrews, said it and it is quite clear that is what is being said, even in a rather poor English translation.

There you have it; the entrance to the “Garden of Eden” is being rejoined with your perfect SPIRIT-PARENT and it means having constant fellowship with Her/Him/It beginning right now. As with any relationship, it has to have a beginning.

Help me Daddy

The way this relationship starts is by calling out to your SPIRIT-PARENT right now, and saying “help!” I want this kind of “faith.”

Now the way to stay in the Garden of Eden is by avoiding the mistake made by the original couple. Don’t eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What this means is when you are confronted by a religious/education snake telling you how to be wise …don’t buy it. Instead, immediately say: “Daddy I don’t know beans …HELP!”

In Freedom,


Think you now know how to get there?  Time to go deeper, listen: Podcast 22 August 25 2010 21 day challenge day 17

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