21 Day Challenge Day 14 -The False System and Where it Leads

The False System and Where it Leads

In order for there to be a “false” doesn’t there also have to be a “real” with which to compare it? What I’m being shown is that a false system will only take us to a particular place, but not all the way to where we ultimately want to be. It looks “good” to us because we’ve been conditioned to accept that which “looks good” (but isn’t).

The first thing we must look at is the foundation; what is the beginning principle? Ah, now I begin to see it …false is opposed to truth. In fact, false is anti-truth. Good grief! It is so simple, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and, in fact the Word was God.” Everything was created by Him.”

Created by whom? By the “Word” …we can easily see that, if John knew what he was talking about in the opening words of his “Gospel of Jesus Christ according to John,” we have a beginning principle which clearly demonstrates that which is false.

This is what they did to John for his WORD.

What John is saying and the false system misses, intentionally, is that the SPIRIT-WORD who was the instrument by which everything, at the beginning, was created and who later became the man we refer to as Jesus the Christ. In other words, again, if John knew what he was talking about, Jesus the man didn’t create anything, but the SPIRIT-WORD who did create everything became the man we refer to as Jesus the Christ.

Why this is such an important distinction is that if we don’t see it, we miss what the false system is and what the false system is saying. What if John didn’t know what he was talking about? Is that a fair question?

Now, I happen to believe that John knew exactly what he was talking about (which doesn’t make it so), but it is interesting that what I dare to call “the false system” also insists that John’s Gospel is part of the “written Word of God” has convoluted the truth if, again, it is truth and, again, I believe it to be and, yet again, which doesn’t make it so. Sound like gobbledygook? I’m trying to get your attention. Listen up!

What John so clearly said in the original language and gets messed up in translation to English, Spanish, French, Italian and a host of other languages and, interestingly enough, because of the cultural understanding of the Greek word which is equivalent to “God,” …Greek being the language that John wrote it in we have some huge translational challenges.

How can some ding-bat, going on eighty year old man, know this and very few others, including Christian leaders and teachers, don’t …is that a fair question? I think it is, and the answer might just knock your sox off!

Here is where I tell you in simple English and, in no uncertain terms, just what John clearly said: The Creator of the universe and everything in it was the SPIRIT that hovered over the waters in Genesis and spoke everything into existence …the WORD, get it(?) and later became the man we refer to as Jesus the Christ. Jesus the man did NOT create the universe. But, according to John, again, the SPIRIT-WORD who did create the universe became the man Jesus.

Now get this, because it is important: John then said that if you get this truth and receive who Jesus really is, you will become a joint heir with Jesus, he being the only begotten Son of God and YOUR elder brother. This stuff is all in the Bible. Why has it been so convoluted and why am I making such a big issue of it? Trust me, when you see it you will make a big issue of it as well.

Am I demeaning Jesus the Christ? Not hardly and anyone who knows me and what I really believe (instead of what they think and assume I believe) knows I believe exactly what I have just written. Further, I believe what I have just written is the key, the essence of living in the power and presence of the SPIRIT-WORD- Creator and wielding His healing power and being instruments of His spiritual healing, not humanly trying to follow the instructions of Jesus, but having the same SPIRIT-WORD in you doing the very same things Jesus did. That’s all in the Bible folks and clearly reveals the false system and who is its ultimate leader …and further reveals YOUR true destiny.

Can you figure it out? Need Help Ask Source!

Now then, how do you know whether this is true or false? Get off your pew and knock and demand that you get the truth from SPIRIT-WORD-CREATOR, who we refer to as The SOURCE. Keep knocking and demanding to get truth from the giver of it UNTIL you know what the truth is. No man, including this writer, has a corner on the truth, you may even hear it differently than what I have just presented …share what you get, we don’t need to agree, because human agreement just leads to another false system. Go direct, keep going direct and don’t stop going direct.

That’s what Jesus instructed, isn’t it about time to pay attention to the instructions provided by the one who said, “what is the point of calling me ‘Lord’ if you don’t do what I tell you to do?”

In Freedom,


If this challenged you like it challenged Ryan and Brad, listen to this to get clearer on what is important; Podcast 21 Aug 20 – 21 day challenge day 14

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