If We Can Accept Just This One Thing

The Whole Universe Will Open Up to Us

Miracle Universe, Universal Intelligence, Intelligent Design

The whole Universe, how about just the galaxy being open.

I hope the above title has caught our attention because reading the following can create that “a-ha” moment for each of us. Let’s get real, we all have different experiences, backgrounds, education, beliefs and aspirations …and, again, those aspirations and everything else on the list is different for each of us.

So then what, “just one thing,” do I need to accept and the whole universe will open up to me?

…oops let’s stop right there! I just now asked if the “universe” was the term that would be most appropriate to use in this article and it was abruptly brought to my attention that something in my own religious background has been extremely limiting. That background includes a prodigious amount of time spent in memorizing various Bible passages that seemed to jump out at me at the time.

Jesus and Ice Cream go together like...like...well they go together.

One of these I found in three different Gospel accounts: Jesus was recorded as saying, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, if he loses his soul” and, again, I committed it to memory.

In the early 1970s, I met a guy who was extremely wealthy. He had founded two fast food restaurants, both of which went on to be giant national franchises and were later purchased by world-wide conglomerates.

The words he said to me were simple, but profound, on several different levels: Since he was openly and avowedly a “Bible believing Christian,” I felt comfortable in asking him how he dealt with the passage quoted above about gaining the whole world and losing one’s soul.

“From the time I was a little kid,” he told me easily, “I dreamed of owning a restaurant that was centered on an ice cream parlor. When I found out I could have Jesus in my life and an ice cream parlor, both the dream and Jesus became real.”

That statement sowed seeds in me that grew and enabled me to watch several Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Muslims (in alphabetical order) and many people, involved in other religions, realize that they didn’t have to stop being attached to any particular religion to know Jesus and have him become real in their lives.

Jesus Real, Jesus Christ, God, powerful prayer, prayer

Is Jesus real or illusion? You decide.

By the way, Jesus is so alive and real in my life that I call him (with his permission) Jay. As long as I’m writing in this vein, Jay has also introduced me to the guy, the world thinks of as “The Buddha” …also alive right now and eight others known by purported followers of each to have started “religious movements” and who are all alive at this moment, sitting with me around a conference table, all with intimate or “pet” names we use when talking with one another, including Jay.

The foregoing sounds a bit weird, I realize, but quite true for me …which in, no way, do I insist that it has to be real for you.

This, finally, with publisher Ryan Bruce, sighing impatiently, brings us to the point of asking, just what is “real” anyway? While realizing that we still haven’t reached the point of addressing the question related to the above title – meandering has a tendency to drive him nuts (in my view, a short trip – grinning, Mr. Publisher, no disrespect intended).

Since I’ve been writing about my ten advisors, also referred to as “my mental mastermind” and equal members of the “Board of Directors of my life,” Ryan has become a bit more open about engaging in the same imaginary/mental gymnastics with the same basic results as I’ve experienced …that is, his “team,” as he refers to it, has taken on a life and a group personality all of its own, while revealing rather interesting individual personalities of each member as well.

Can you live outside your comfort zone? Ask.

If the direction of this piece is making you a bit uncomfortable, I should share something that came into my inbox earlier this week: “In order to grow, we must expand our comfort zones. It is important to remember that we must stretch the comfort zone without breaking it. Welcome the uncomfortable!”

For me, the safety valve that keeps my comfort zone from exploding is simply to ask my (and your) SPIRIT-PARENT or Source or, perhaps, “the Force” or “God” …if one of those terms is more comfortable for you, if what I am thinking or imagining is for my better good; and putting a hold on whatever it is that is troubling me to consider, until I get a green light to proceed.

Ryan introduced me to another factor that has been a life changer for me, that is, also asking the Master Mental Processor (MMP), the term he coined and we now use in place of the “subconscious,” if it has any input in the process …WE HAVE NOW ARRIVED AT THE POINT OF ADDRESSING THE QUESTION ABOUT THE ABOVE TITLE … “what is this …just one thing?”

Ask and it is given, Law of Attraction, Knock and the door is open

Do whatever you have to to ask the question!

This one thing is acquiring the willingness to identify both those values we need to keep in order to maintain our individual personal integrity and dismiss those perceived values that are limiting and need to be removed. Both are stored in the MMP …and the MMP, along with whatever “Infinite Being” you acknowledge as Supreme Ruler of your life, hold the key to the door of self examination and self actualization that allow each of us to maintain our individual personal identity while stretching our individual comfort zones without breaking them.

Ryan believes that a Virtual Reality Workshop under the auspices of www.lightchoiceworks.com is a valuable tool in helping individuals make the determination of which values need to stay intact and which need to go, again, for our individual better good.

How will you know if this is an appropriate tool for you to acquire this, “just one thing,” of willingness to identify those things safely and deeply stored in the MMP? As Ryan and I have maintained, lo these many years together, go directly and ask …is this for me?

The only recommendation we make and have always made, is to go now and do so – in fact we prefer participants who have already gone directly and asked, in that way, we can be assured that we are all fellow sojourners and co-learners, with one purpose: The total Integration of the Mind.


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