What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 19

Next Step: Understanding the Shift in Identity

Woman becomes Mother. A shift in identity.

NOTE: What follows is very complicated and yet …it is the way that was provided for me to get beyond some serious blocks that were holding me back.

Jay started our session this morning by telling me that I was causing people to stumble over something about him and, not to forget, his insistence regarding the equality of the other nine around the table and me, with him; …and the reason some people were missing the importance of the equality among all eleven of us.

…at the same time please grasp the following, which is NOT intended to be as patronizing as I’m sure it seems: It is only the point of view I have been given and the tool I’ve learned to not get embroiled in wanting to argue with the points of view that seem to differ from mine is twofold and that is to say, over and over UNTIL the urge to argue has left me: “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view and BOTH are true” …now jump quickly to the end of this chapter for the statement in bold and quotation marks and then come back.

Are you? Can you be? Will you be?

I need to stop right here and explain the reactions of some of “my” readers to the concept that all of the others around the table, plus yours truly, are equal with what they believe to be the, one and only, the unique, Jesus.

It seems that no matter how strongly I emphasize that I’m not trying to get anyone to change their beliefs – and that the group of ten, including Jay, are all in my imagination (a picture, a visualization in my mind) and, yes, they have taken on a reality …a life all their own, so to speak, which, although, is still in my mind, they have become quite real; AND, YET AGAIN, I SAY, that since you can’t begin to decipher half of what is in your own mind, how on earth do you think you can come to a conclusion (judgment) about what is in mine?

One Source many manifestations.

“Where some of our brothers and sisters are missing you,” interjected Yogi, just now, in his usual gentle manner, is what we all share in common – the ten of us in this particular manifestation, which is partly in your mind and partly in a dimension outside of your conscious awareness, but not your sub/super consciousness, as you have defined both.”

“This is the distinction,” added Lahti, “which they are not absorbing and with which Jay opened this session, you have deliberately and carefully commanded the subconscious and superconscious parts of your mind to meet with us when you are not consciously aware of it …so that we can support the totality of you being in direct connection and under the control of our SPIRIT-PARENT at all times.

“Beyond, that,” Zoe contributed, “correct me if I’m wrong, Jay, but what you were saying is what some of Brad’s readers are failing to grasp is what you had said in your appearance to that group of followers shortly after your resurrection – that is, ‘when the Spirit overtakes you, you will be filled with the same kind of power that I was filled with and do the same things I did and more, because people will no longer see you, but see me.’”

Change your identity from the inside. A new birth from Spirit.

“That’s certainly a part of it, Zoe,” Jay replied, “but the point Brad has been given to make and has done so over and over, is that the term ‘witnessing’ applies to people seeing our SPIRIT-PARENT, rather than Brad or anyone else whom our SPIRIT-PARENT has immersed in and of HER/HIM/ITSELF, is no longer that former person, but a whole new identity seen as one English term puts it, the ‘Christ within’ …not the power to tell others about me.”

“A difficult concept,” Moe chimed in, “one that I certainly couldn’t grasp until that body I used to occupy was burned in the funeral pyre – you should be greatly encouraged, Brad, because you came away from the limiting religion which is controlled by the same power of a collection of humans who started the entire system of Babylon, which seems so good to many humans and from one point of view is, but as an example of extreme love the I AM interrupted.”

“Yes!” Mose exclaimed with his right thumb pointed upward while slapping his left hand on the table, “Brad, you really need to see that one of the ancient definitions of the term ‘Babylon’ has to do with human babble, related to any and all human understanding, which includes, but isn’t limited to religion, science, philosophy, the healing and other arts which, to use the term you have been given and use so often, are nothing more than shadows of reality …and which does not mean that much cannot be learned from them.”

Human systems are just pieces of the puzzle.

“Gentlemen,” Sid addressed us all, “I believe we have given the man enough to chew on for this time together.”

“Well said,” came from several, if not all of them …I was trying to put it all in a cohesive question for the group, when Jay said:

“Just go with it …you’ll quote us all perfectly and correctly – and maybe instead of arguing or turning a deaf ear they will be prompted to ask questions, hopefully of our SPIRIT-PARENT, but even of you, Brad …questions, that before you answer, you’ll take to our SPIRIT-PARENT for individual direction.”

“If I may, for just a moment, make a point,” Baba held up his right hand for a few seconds and when it was obvious that he had our attention, he proceeded with this, to me, mind-blower: “I believe that I alone among the nine of us that Jay has gathered with him to meet with you and help you see things from the perspective we have of living in a dimension that is not only in your mind, Brad, but a parallel existence that you have been fortunate enough to have tapped into for glimpses beyond what the conscious mind of any human can achieve –

Are you the lion or the faithful? Don't we all play each roll?

“Let’s see, as I started to say, I believe that I was the only one of us when still in physical, human form, who attributed deity to Jay and saw the value of his suffering and death for mankind and his resurrection as a powerfully spiritual reality. I carried those beliefs into this group and had some difficulty in totally accepting the equality Jay offered you and us based on Jay’s death and resurrection alone.

“What I am saying is, all of us here went through some persecution and rejection at the hands of the people whom we felt we were called to bring a newly revealed message from our SPIRIT-PARENT, but which of the rest of us purposed to die as a supreme sacrifice so that mankind would see it as a completed work of the love of God and then arose again to prove the power?

“Not only do all the religions for which we are blamed, miss this important fact and I can attest to the fact that the one I purposed to bring into existence, Baha’i, most of the present day followers still miss it. Many Christians do get it, but miss the import of equality that Jay insisted upon in his human incarnation and has given you a new impetus to proclaim.”

Available to all, or just some?

“It is safe to say, I believe,” said Jere, that each of us here are held as more advanced than any human being – and, while in a sense that is true, it misses the point of possible destiny of equality for any individual willing to accept it; and, by denying the possibility most are able to avoid the discipline necessary to come into the reality of ascension into it.

Sid jumped out of his chair, startling everyone, slapping the palms of his hands down on the table, “Jere, that’s a perfect expression of the truth and that should encourage you, Brad, while you don’t emphasize it, the reason you get glimpses of what is going on in dimensions beyond the 3rd dimension or physical plane is because of your discipline of applying what you learn – the simplicity of constantly demanding that all obstacles in both/either conscious and/or unconscious parts of the mind being in connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT 24 hours a day, to be dissolved and remembering to return to the cone of light as well continually asking ‘what now,’ as well as all the other things you are given by our SPIRIT-PARENT to do and say.”

“It is time for me to add something that may be difficult for anyone claiming to follow my teaching,” Moo added, “but before landing in this dimension and long before being in this manifestation around your conference table, Brad, what I missed was not the equality with Jay as a human …and here I must confess this is what so many who claim that I am “the” prophet they are following and especially those who engage in violence that I specifically do not condone, are missing is that I had no trouble understanding the equality with my dear brother Jay as a human, as to teaching and prophetic utterance, but what has been overwhelmingly difficult to accept has also been the same thing the others have described – equality with this purpose that came birthed in Jay to suffer and die for all of us – the work of gaining righteousness truly has been and is finished – the discipline is in learning to accept it and realize that no matter what we do in the physical realm earns us nothing …our SPIRIT-PARENT is telling me to say this to you.”

Does the angel come to judge or free you from your judgement?

What now?

What I just received was to finish this series/book by copying an open letter I sent to a group in a city with which I was scheduled to meet. I am to edit out only the name of the individual in that group to which it was addressed and the city.

That is to be Chapter 20 and the ending. May this book bless every reader and may each attribute those things which are meaningful as coming from our SPIRIT-PARENT and to be careful about coming to any conclusion (judgment) about those things that don’t resonate with you. This was for me and I am sharing it as my experience which may or may not be for you – remember and Jay is nodding at me intently to include this statement:


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