What Jesus Is Teaching (Me) Today – 18

Moving on to Step 3: Be in the Light of SOURCE

Are you ready for the next step?

I felt free to end #17 with a note that seemed horribly arrogant to me, at the time, but I received a green light from SPIRIT and a “thumbs up” response from Jay and the rest of the “group of ten.” I also went back directly to our SPIRIT-PARENT to make sure I wasn’t getting something “off-base.”

The pattern interrupt what now “tool,” as Ryan Bruce refers to it, brought about this response: “Let go of your judgment and move on to Step 3.”

That note said: And precept upon precept built on it by misinformed Bible teachers and commentaries! Which I had keyed off my assertion that the part of the 8th chapter of Acts that relates to the identity shift that happens when SPIRIT overtakes a human willing to be changed was mistranslated in most, if not all, English versions and was convoluted further by Bible teachers and commentaries based on a religious perception of what I dared to refer to as mistranslation.

How dare I, correct, who am I to know such a thing? I have no degree or certificate that would allow me to make any such claim related to Biblical sources.

My revelation about mistranslation comes from the same SOURCE that just told me to quit judging what came through me as arrogance and that, because it didn’t come from “reason.” …but as a flash, again, of revelation from our SPIRIT-PARENT.

Come on Brad...Speak Up!

Jay just got my attention that the group of ten wants to meet with me. Mose was speaking authoritatively: “You have been given the ability to help those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear understand what you have also been given to understand. Your Boss is our Boss, don’t shrink from saying what you’ve been given.”

My next question was directed to the group, “excuse me, but each of you weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms when you started receiving revelation from the Boss, as you are now referring to HER/HIM/IT. The people in your own religious persuasions resisted what you understood at the time and, in some cases rather violently; am I wrong about my perception of this?”

“That’s the point, Mose is making, none of us shrank from what we had to say,” Zoe pointed out.

I told them, somewhat defensively, something to the effect that I begged to differ with them. Based on my perception of the historical record, all ten of them developed into speaking much more strongly as they matured in the message they were given, but not at first.


When you finally cry out for help, in that moment of desperation...the answer always comes.

If we go back to how this message of ten advisors began in me, we have to go all the way back to my own religious experience that started when I yelled out in desperation at the ripe old age of 24 …badly hung over from a night of little sleep and the consumption of a large quantity of alcohol …then attempting to come out of it with a lot of coffee and some Benzedrine tablets – and getting so goofy that I was terrified that I might be going insane and finally yelling, “Jesus if you are real, take over my life.”

From that beginning, I thought I had become a Christian and even declared that is what I was …until I became increasingly aware that the Jesus with whom I had an experience was different from the Jesus upon which many Christians base their beliefs. Not that I didn’t adopt many of the beliefs of Christianity, because I did. It was 1957 when I began to call myself a Christian. It wasn’t until almost thirty-five years later, after having gone through the requisite training so that I was acceptable for ordination by a worldwide independent missionary organization and was licensed to preach, teach, baptize, officiate at weddings and funerals (so said my certificate) that I finally obeyed the call from “The Boss” to come out of it and all its trappings and, thereafter, refused the label of Christian.

If we asked Jesus to wear bandages and clothes...everyone could see him.

Once out I began to easily talk with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Muslims about Jesus …the only people that (with few exceptions) didn’t want to hear what I had to say about the living Jesus were Christians.

It was Jesus, whom I refer to now as Jay, I hope not only for shock value, but as a means to share the intimacy with him and the other nine in the group that he assembled – IN MY IMAGINATION!

He and I first began our relationship after I stumbled onto the words n the New Testament, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever” and thus began having conversations with him.

Almost everything I had learned about Jay in what I refer to as his physical manifestation as a man – was based upon the words that were attributed to him in the first five books of the New Testament and the last book as he revealed himself to John in what is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Go Brad Go...the light is GREEN!!!!

Many of those quotes didn’t make complete sense to me until after I refused to any longer identify myself as a Christian; which didn’t happen until sometime in the early 1990s sometime after I had already began refusing to be called “pastor” or have anything to do with organized Christianity – this later expanded to not accepting invitations to share with any group that insisted upon referring to itself as Christian whether of the unorganized or disorganized variety as well.

Now then, those of you who are troubled by continued references to “my ten advisors” and their equality with Jay need to understand three vital ingredients to what I’ve been saying: Vital ingredient #1- It was Jay that introduced me to the concept of equality with the others and me. #2= All of us (Baba, Jay, Jere, Lahti, Moe, Moo, Mose, Sid, Yogi, Zoe and I) took it to our (your and our) SPIRIT-PARENT for confirmation to continue writing in this vein. #3- That I was sufficiently troubled by the almost violent reactions of the few Evangelical Christians left in “my” audience – that I wrote nothing for almost three days until I was given the reason and given the “green light” to continue.

The reason I was troubled was because I had the very same view related to the uniqueness of Jay and had initially referred to him as the “Chairman of the Group,” until he instructed me to stop.

Are both sides of the equation balanced?

I am permitted to share this little bit of additional information. The writer of the Gospel of John, the 4th book in the New Testament made two things quite clear (to me), in the original language, that the Creative Spirit part of Elohiym who created everything, became the human being the world refers to as Jesus or by one of the Hebraic equivalents, such as Y’shua. This same writer said that any individual who received this information as truth would have the same identity as Jesus, in fact be joint heirs as beloved children of God …the aforementioned EQUALITY.   This revolves around another truth which the writer of the Gospel Luke and the book of Acts (third and fifth books, respectively) of the New Testament to which I referred earlier as mistranslated in the English versions.

That truth stated clearly is that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will no longer have your own identity but people will see only Jesus in you …and as another New Testament writer, the Jew, Saul-become-Paul put it: “It is no longer I but Christ.”

I’m being encouraged by all ten, including Jay, to “sit down and shut up” …my little paraphrase. I’m no longer troubled, but excited about the unlimitlessness available to any individual who can get beyond his or her beliefs about Jay/Jesus/Y’shua and his uniqueness to getting overwhelmed by the Creator of the Universe to give them their own virgin birth – crazy what? The other nine and I have received that and Jay has declared us equals.

Is that you Brad?

One more thing …and with this I close. If this concept is still troublesome for you, you can simply write it off as being only a point of view, which you don’t feel like adopting – nobody will hold it against you especially I – or you can remember that this is all in my IMAGINATION so why let it bother you?

Step 3, by the way: Visualizing (IMAGINATION) is being in the cone (the way I see it) of the bright white (and therefore encompassing all colors) light that is 60’ in diameter and which extends out into space all the way to the SOURCE from Whom it emanates …the “Light of the World.”

There are myriad other possibilities, just one of which is to ask if you too can be an only begotten child of the SPIRIT-PARENT Whom Jay insists and insisted was the one who spoke/speaks through him and performed all the miracles he was noted for performing – or you can choose to believe they’re just a figment of the writers’ imaginations who wrote about them.

Okay, okay …guys this chapter is finished – #19 is coming up.

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