Integration of the Mind – Part Thirty

-Brad Cullen Admits His Own Conflict!-

Are you ever wrong? Are you sure?

The subtitle for this could have just as easily been, “Brad Cullen Admits He Was Wrong!” I’ll come back to the reason for that thought in just a moment. First, let’s deal with the conflict that was uncovered and what I did about it, which may create all kinds of conflicts for the publisher and some readers.

I am about to expose my underbelly here, big time: I’m in the middle of developing a pilot project for the business association, as a service for its members and which I referenced in #29.

The person I have chosen to collaborate, in the development of the project, currently lives near Austin, Texas; she shares the same reluctance to taking money for coaching and healing that I have.

Among other things she’s a “remote healer” of the Reiki variety and charging for that, she has written, makes her want to “vomit.”

She has been providing valued input to my writing for almost fifteen years, starting with e-mailing me comments to articles I ran on the old website, … which, that website, was discontinued in 2004.

At the time the idea came to me, for naming the project, YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, Business and Personal Coaching, I hadn’t heard from Deb for several weeks, if not longer. “Out of the blue” …you, know, a “coincidence,” correct? …she e-mailed a comment about one of the segments of Integration of the Mind.

You Without Limits straight ahead.

An idea flashed through my mind and I wrote her that there might be an opportunity with a project I was working on if she was interested and I sent her some background information.

She wrote back indicating considerable interest and I shared one of the ideas that had come to me regarding her possible involvement, that is, she becoming a business and personal LIFE coach in the Austin area, under the auspices and umbrella of the nationwide association, as part of the pilot project.

She became excited until I mentioned how she might charge her clients for her services as a coach. She started “vomiting” almost immediately.

This was creating all kinds of conflicts for her, which, in turn, began creating all kinds of conflicts in me. I was also in the middle of writing #29 …when the story popped up in my memory bank about the “dry-cleaning couple” –something I don’t think I have ever shared before.

So and, now then, Ryan is thinking (I feel the vibrations), “WILL YOU GET, ALREADY, TO THE POINT!??!”

You can overcome blindness, just remove the blindfold.

Obscured in the initial information about the program which I sent to Deb, is how to obtain the coaching for free, always …about which I think Deb has put on emotional blinders …perception blindness, I think is what they call it, a whole different twist put on “perception reality” by psychologists.

That is NOT the point, however …the point is that I had assumed, when I got the idea that the memory of the incident in Sacramento, that the story was my means of justifying charging individual coaching clients, and that the exhortation about using the story to justify charging had come from SPIRIT.

What I got when I asked SPIRIT was that the idea was from what was deeply implanted in my subconscious as my own rule and further that it would be a useful example of how the subconscious needs to be brought into the equation, but reminded that it can also be brought into fully cooperating with SPIRIT.

I took the whole mishmash, including my feelings of chaos, confusion and fear through all my mental clearing processes for getting rid of judgment and conclusions, but with no peace obtained.

Finally I did what I often get as instruction from SPIRIT for people who come to me for healing; both for those who are deeply religious and those who are even further south of the anti-religious sentiments that often show up in me.

Brad's antics got the attention of the local paper.

I went outside and practically yelled, “I want God’s will unto death – including the death of this project and my involvement in it!” As I have written many times and even told business clients who claim not to believe in any variation of a Supreme Being, by whatever other title or name, “I don’t know why this works, but it does.”

I had already tentatively planned on writing Deb and telling her the project was off and going to the Directors of the association and telling them I was discontinuing the project and I knew that now I willing to be totally free from it.

I came back into the house and decided to look at #29 where I had stopped in my tracks …I stopped short of going to the keyboard and instead asked, “What now?”

Peace flowed over and through me and I saw exactly what to do and how to do it! I met with my Board of Advisors and they had a great time laughing at me – even Jere who rarely does anything but scowl. In the end they encouraged me and told me I was on the right track …and our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT confirmed to me, directly, that I, indeed, was on the right track.

When you know that your on track, peace just flows.

Now then, do you remember back at the top of this segment when I said that the subtitle for this could have just as easily been “Brad Cullen Admits He Was Wrong” (?) I said I would come back to the reason for that thought later …later, is NOW.

When the peace I referenced above, came flowing over and through me, I felt compelled to scribble the following: “It is what it is – until we do something with it to make it far more than what it, at first, seemed to be.”

Not quite understanding what the dickens I had just scribbled, I jotted down these words: Breaking through into being/creating YOU.

I wonder what that is all about, I asked. Then I got a picture in my mind of the cover of my book published in 2010, a book which people all over the world have claimed was responsible for dramatically changing their lives and even that it had been the catalyst for some to have received healing.

Haven't read it in a the blue link. --->

I began laughing along with my group of advisors because I saw where I have been wrong. There were several things “right on” in that little book, I guess we could add, obviously, from the widespread, positive feedback, but the main part of the title is what was wrong.

For years I have taken great comfort in the fact that some pretty famous authors such as Scott Peck, A Road Less Travelled, and Wayne Dyer have recanted earlier positions that they had taken and, in fact, part of their fame and popularity.

Two primary points of my book The Unrecognized You, Discovered …What Now? I am not yet prepared to recant …that is, that we are spirits that have deliberately decided to occupy what I refer to as “human body-bags” and what Ryan Bruce dubbed as the pattern interrupt, “What Now,” question.

What I am recanting is what the main part of the title implies and, without realizing it specifically, what I believed at a far deeper level than I was aware of until, just now, when wondering about the meaning of my two scribbled notes:

“It is what it is – until we do something with it to make it far more than what it, at first, seemed to be” …and “Breaking through into being/creating YOU.” What I am seeing, here and now, fully, is that I have felt and held on tightly to the concept that recognizing we were spirit beings, occupying these body-bags and, therefore, part of the Infinite, from the beginning …and that was the ultimate breakthrough into self-discovery.

New life is waiting inside of you.

What I’m being overwhelmed with, this moment …and to the point of “holy” laughter, is that the breakthrough is realizing that this “discovery” means that we have the ability to create a brand new life, anytime we come face to face with the awareness that we want something NEW!

Further, laughter comes from the fact that, here the “idea came to me” for the name, YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, as a theme for coaching others – when I had been entertaining such a limited view of myself.

One of the things we’ll get to before we come to the ending of this series/book is some of the other tools for use by the integrated mind to access that part of the individual human mind that is connected to something outside itself and that so many people insist is religious; perhaps, but I prefer to call it spiritual.

That’s it for now, what else is possible, on this wonderful journey and how does it get any better than this? My answer is, I don’t know, but it always does.

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