Which Expert?

This has to be on everyone's pet peeve list.

Does anyone else have pet peeves? I feel lonely out here having so many of them and keeping these little critters around makes me kind of uneasy when I begin thinking that, just perhaps, nobody else indulges in such mental masturbatory nonsense.

There are valid reasons for pet peeves in my own expert opinion …that is, an opinion that I believe serves me well, at least today. Tomorrow may produce a different story because just as everyone has an anal orifice, everyone has a pet belief – whether that converts into a pet peeve or other fixed opinion doesn’t really matter …any more than the opinion.

I have ten imaginary men that serve me quite well in this regard. This is especially true when they laugh at me and with me when I come to a point of awareness about how ridiculous some dearly held opinion is and that it is time to rid myself of its hold over me.

When you let go of your opinion, awareness can come.

“My expert says,” and whether this expert is a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, pastor or any number of myriad other experts, each has a point of view that differs from the expert to whom somebody else prefers to listen.

These “mine is better than yours” comparisons begin at a young age and grow into the monsters we create as experienced adults. My expert opinion is no better than your expert opinion except that your opinion is better for you, at this stage in your progress, than mine; and my expert opinion is better for me than yours at this stage in my in my progress (period) and end of all argument.

What this means is that BOTH are valid until replaced by whatever we choose, eventually, which we deem as better …more comparisons with what I use to believe in the past – which leads me to another pet peeve, which is simply another comparison, that is, my religious belief system is better than yours. NOT FOR YOU, it isn’t and again, PERIOD, end of argument.

Fly or Fall, depends on how much you can let go.

Duality vs. singularity …that comparison is on a grand scale. Here’s a simple one: Lease vs. purchase. Which is better? They both have their place and one works quite well for a person or business in one circumstance and the other works better under a different set of circumstances for another person. BOTH have their place in the scheme of things.

Releasing my pet peeve, another word for “forgiveness” is important for me, my ten advisers tell me, because hanging onto pet peeves is counter-productive for me, in fact, they are laughing with me at the ridiculousness of this entire exercise, except for one very important factor …sharing this might help you to release your pets as well, but that’s your choice.

My ten guys are laughing and telling me to tell you that it’s all good, no matter what you believe. Oh yeah, they also told me to let you know that they are willing to be your advisers as well, but they wouldn’t dream of forcing themselves on you – we’re all laughing about that latter remark.


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