The Ultimate Choice

The Ultimate Choice for You?

Do you know which way to turn? Ask for directions, ask Source.

A seemingly silly question might be, “Which is the better choice for you, that which is for your ultimate better good or something you think may be the best for you?”

If we believe in God (By Whatever Other Title Or Name …HER/HIM/IT) – and if we also believe that God has nothing but the best intentions in mind related to YOU and that you also have direct access to God, then the ultimate choice has become simple …quite simple.

After all, if we maintain such a system of belief, how can we not expect to get the best there is out of life in all its aspects?

All of us, however, have a bit of a challenge related to the appropriate procedure to effectively make contact with God.

There are the “tried and true” modalities of prayer and meditation we are bombarded with no little regularity. Then there are those who say; what we really need to do is to get the electronic vibrations that these body bags we inhabit emit continually and get our vibrations aligned with the vibrations of the universe – whatever that might mean.

Is it easy to align your vibrations with Source or are you already?

If we are willing to assume, for just a moment that, from at least one perspective, this vibrational approach is at least partially true because, after all, there is sufficient scientific data along with scientific instruments that measure these vibrational emissions and, therefore, at least seem to prove the thesis then, perhaps, we need to pay a bit of attention to it (?)

There is also the fact that it is assumed by a great number of people that God is actually resident in the unconscious or subconscious parts of our human minds and that we are all connected in some mysterious way. Yet others believe there is no Supreme Being outside of ourselves and therefore any attempts at connecting with that which is “beyond” or “outside” us is an exercise in futility.

I retold a story recently about a group of twelve people, comprised of six psychiatric patients and their six spouses along with yours truly, who met together once a week for several weeks and all six of the patients were transformed to the point that each no longer required either the medication or the visits to the prescribing physician nor required the therapy he provided.

The changes in the marriages of each of the six couples were also transformed from admittedly being dysfunctional or troubled, at best, into honest-to-goodness working relationships. My life underwent a significant transformation as well.

Does the butterfly have to do something to transform?

Since each of these patients had been seeing the psychiatrist involved  for periods measured in from a few to several years …and since I am a layman, without any professional training or licensing in the mental health arena, how on earth did I achieve such a seeming miracle?

That was the point …”I” didn’t achieve anything. In fact it was a desperate act of silent, but urgent cry for HELP which attracted the idea of what to do and which idea transformed the thirteen of us into a cohesive group all searching for answers in the NOW of those sessions together that ultimately produced the rather phenomenal result.

I muddied up the water of the story by explaining how and why I had missed the significance of what had happened and continued to miss it because of my own religious background and thus had set a false standard subconsciously – and the awareness of that false and thus misleading standard didn’t dawn on me until in the middle of writing the story eighteen years after the incident. How is that for slow?

We saved everything for you, it's just not that easy to find.

If you care to review the story go back in the archives to eight weeks ago (December 5th 2013) – my point, right now, is that there is a simple method to connect directly with BWOTON and Ryan and I have decided to produce a short “how to” course online, FREE, about just how to make the connection.

We’ll reiterate the steps that I use and the steps that Ryan uses and the differences between our approaches – which will provide a rather wide spectrum of choices – that should work for many of you regardless of your religious proclivities.

To get the FREE program simply write and it will come to you in your e-mail inbox. It will probably include podcasts (recorded phone calls) between Ryan and me discussing some of our own backgrounds and why we see the need for different approaches for different people.

Answers you can expect to glean from the course:

  • How important is believing and do I have to change my basic beliefs to more effectively interact with God?
  • Are there ways to increase my faith so that I can more readily receive physical and emotional healing for myself and others
  • I’m just not comfortable in any church setting; will I need to go to some church or another to make the course more effective?

LET’S ANSWER THAT LAST ONE AHEAD OF TIME: Absolutely not, we interface with people by e-mail daily who are church goers and with those who are not – we honestly won’t try to influence you one way or the other – in our view it doesn’t matter and that’s a decision you will make that works best for YOU.

There is more to your genius than 3 pounds of meat.

It is our hope that this course will prove meaningful to you as a means to get in touch with your own resident (live-in) genius.

What follows is just a bit of logic to help you bridge any gap in communication due to different ways of looking at things called “spiritual” –

If you tend to pay any attention to the quotes of Jesus found in the Christian Bible please consider these two: 1) “The things you have heard me say are not my words; the things you have seen me do are not my works, but the words and works of Spirit who lives within me” and 2) “any individual who believes enough will do the very same things you have seen me do and even greater things.”

In other words, this course is designed to help you get out of whatever religious box of limited beliefs and into some methods that have helped thousands around the world enter into a brand new dynamic far beyond mere “believing” about or in God, but rather getting in touch directly with BWOTON no matter what intellectual belief system you have as to BWOTON’S location (within, beyond or both).

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