“Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen”

Brad Cullen...Chosen

It sounds more than a bit audacious to say that “I am chosen” (to do such and such). When we begin to understand, however, that a PACT of such enormity exists between God and humanity, our finite religious murmurings must stop so that we can take on the mantle of what Jesus came to do and said we were to do likewise …and that is, reunite us, as in the beginning, with the SOURCE of everything.

As the purpose for “manifesting on this physical plane” –I realize such terminology sounds esoteric, at best, and plain crazy on the other end of the scale– became clear to me, I saw that such audacity, “I AM one of the chosen” was available to anyone who wanted to attain such heights (and the basis for attainment), is the purpose for which I was called – and now the metamorphosis from being one of the many who are “called” into that inner circle of the “chosen few.”

Some are chosen by man and God, or so it seems.

In other words, there is no self-aggrandizement implied because the only way the attainment can come about is through the abject humility of knowing I am nothing and have nothing to offer anyone in my own power. Operating, however, in the presence and power of the SOURCE, I can say “I AM before this body bag existed and I AM now” with complete impunity because, in that presence and power, I AM no longer this finite being with the name tagged on me by earthly parents; neither am I the persona in which I have wrapped myself to present “me” to the world around this body bag.

Here is how the moment arrived in my consciousness: There was a small group of people with whom I had been invited to share a favorite topic of mine: “How to acquire what Jesus referred to as ‘God-faith’ or the ‘faith OF God …the very same faith with which he did something just a bit “off the wall” – until we come to an understanding of the incident through a variety of perspectives – he killed a fig tree.

I had been given the “secret” as to HOW to acquire this kind of faith and another kind of faith I have labeled EXTREME faith which is a whole different thing, but emanates from the same SOURCE and is available to any individual who pursues it. I am always careful to say, that I am not trying to get anyone to believe in the way I believe …my purpose is to simply alert people who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see that what I have experienced is available to ANY individual who desires it.

What is made in secret, kept in secret...is not secret for you. Ask!

So, about an hour before the scheduled time of sharing, I sensed an enormous surge of energy and knew I was being prepared for it and that several people would have their own break-through into God-faith and EXTREME faith …and take their focus off me or any other human being – whom, at best, are only beggars sharing where they got bread.

I popped the question: What is the difference between those many whom are the “called” and the few whom are “chosen?” I won’t tell you that it was like a deep booming voice, but what I heard was audible enough that it startled me: “I CHOOSE THOSE WHO WANT TO BE CHOSEN.”

I’ve never looked back. I understand my two-fold purpose to which I have been chosen, because I choose it in the NOW in this “manifestation” (there’s that term again) …first to be intimately connected to what I have been given to call our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT, the very same SPIRIT-PARENT which Jesus introduced and said was his SPIRIT-PARENT and that he said was available to any individual for which he provided the formula for accessing same; second, to share how I have experienced that – which experience may or may not be the route or means by which you choose to have your own break-through.

Jesus introducing his new earthly spokesman. Just so you don't have to go to Source directly...nice.

In my first published book, “The Treasure Chest of God’s Gifts” the author’s foreword explained the reason for writing it anonymously – I didn’t want to sully the contents of the book by having the name my earthly parents had tagged on this body-bag. Too many failures and short-comings which many people cannot seem to get past – only because they don’t understand the edict “don’t judge, because it leads to being judged” (my lame paraphrase). That book achieved a degree of popularity around the world – paltry by today’s publishing standards of millions – nonetheless, Treasure Chest is still pointed to by some as the beacon by which they first “saw the light” and received physical and/or spiritual healing. You can get a free digital copy here on the website …just click on the top menu at the “Books” tab or I will send you a shelf copy also free (as long as funds permit) simply send an e-mail to brad@spiritualhealingsource.com with your address  and it is yours – just the same as being “chosen” – it is FREE!


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