Why Run, When You Can Fly?

This is a much faster way...really...

Not only is flying quicker, it’s effortless. I woke up to feeling full of energy, yet relaxed with virtually nothing of any import on my mind. I couldn’t think of a thing to write – there were three e-mails in my inbox all chiding me about not having written anything for several days.

Then a fourth one popped up? “You are loved and missed when you don’t write” …this latter one from Greg Gregory who runs a website from some obscure (to me) spot  in the middle of Mindanao in the Philippines, “Treasure Chest Fellowships.” Since Greg posts just about anything and everything I write, including those things which Ryan Bruce feels he is supposed to “pass” on; I asked SPIRIT, “Am I supposed to be writing something?

Most days, I confess that I awaken with an almost urgent to write something …what’s wrong? I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, came the answer. What is the “right frame of mind?”

From the Heart of "God".

Then I realized something from a different perspective than I had ever before seen. For me there can be ONLY “one right frame of mind,” that is, when I am sensing that whatever is coming to me is directly from the heart of “God” …by whatever other term or name (acronym: BWOTON).

It is always my choice, but now it is ESPECIALLY my choice. Righteousness – a new definition for me: RIGHT, DIRECTLY FROM THE HEART OF “GOD” (BWOTON) in this perfect moment of NOW …that is righteousness.

The “zone” in which I get, that is, for me, the only place from which I should ever write and no matter the topic, is righteousness; universal righteousness, for me, directly from the SOURCE!

Is what I AM writing this moment for you? That is not for me to judge, it is for me and it is flowing like a mighty river …and “let those who have ears hear it.”

I AM at home with SPIRIT and there are three things I am compelled to write, which may or may not be for you.

Hard not to do...harder to be judged.

  1. “Walking (or writing) in spiritual righteousness means walking in the presence and power of I AM SPIRIT” who lives in me and;
  2. To make no ultimate judgment upon who is or who is not sharing in that presence and power.
  3. The only thing I am able to share is what I experience of SPIRIT.

The Bible makes reference to those being “spiritual” as who will be judging angels at some point in the future. That language is obscure and can easily mean several things. Jesus said those who judge are subject to judgment — I have found that to be true in a very practical sense – and, therefore, avoid judging on a conscious level as I would the plague!

Because I have the fortune/misfortune to attract people who are being confronted by and attacked by those entities whom they identify as being “demonic” I have heard some of them speak the words “I AM” which may be  meaningless or openly rebellious and/or blasphemous depending upon perspective …I do not claim to know.

I AM, even now, being assured that in order to manifest I AM – that is have I AM living in me so that I am reflecting the LIGHT of I AM  and that I AM flows through me in word and deed; I have to generate such by an inner discipline of going “outside” myself in order to manifest I AM from within.

Not all others choose to express it in that manner and disagree from myriad angles. I have written what I’ve been given to write and it is not open to dispute. You do have a choice. You can access the same SOURCE I have accessed and who assures me is always available to anyone who pursues UNTIL they connect, or they can argue; but it will not be with me. I have all authority given me to “overcome all works of the enemy”  …I am not authorized to argue with anyone.

Only one I AM Spirit that presents in many I AM's.

I am not to even attempt to explain this phenomenon, BUT I AM being instructed to share it. There is only one I AM SPIRIT and is available to anyone who will pursue UNTIL they connect. Some insist that they are already connected and, indeed have always been. It is not how I AM is giving me to say it.

For me, this righteousness is not “i,” therefore, but I AM. When I speak I AM it is not “i,” but I AM within, speaking.

Is/does I AM speak through the above referenced “entities,” or are they operating on their own? I’m not the one to ask – I would caution anyone that, since there is only one I AM SPIRIT – be careful what you judge. Jesus’ words that there is only one sin that shall never be forgiven is weighing heavily on me at the moment.

Is the insistence that such entities don’t exist, or exist only in the minds of those who create them, “judging?”

Is the insistence that such entities do exist and are actually external forces sent to “attack” or “challenge,” likewise, “judging?”

The answer I AM given to share is “BOTH.” We are confronted by a conundrum, are we not? Another answer could be NEITHER, it just isn’t the answer I have for the moment.

That’s it, thanks for writing.

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