What Does It Mean To You Brad?

Frankly Brad, your words are beginning to bother me too!

“Your website was recommended to me by somebody I tend to trust. I find, however, that you throw around a number of the same terms that others use and they bother me, frankly.

“I am trying to keep an open mind, which is an admission that you frankly scare me and I wonder what I’m doing continuing to read what you write? I just threw out a wild prayer of sorts and asked if I should even be browsing around – and the strangest feeling of peace came over me; which made me wonder even more! Is this man an “Angel of light?” (meaning an Impersonator).

“I just called my friend and he suggested I write and ask you directly. So here’s the question: How is it you can say “I AM” without being guilty of blasphemy?”

I just wrote back thanking her for her e-mail and the question and here was my response:

Your e-mail was timely for two reasons. First, I just received a correction from three different readers saying that I was using the term (I AM) incorrectly and that the Hebrew actually means “I will be who I will be.” Secondly I just finished proof-reading the finished draft of a book about to be published called The 4th Dimension and made a correction to a section that now reads:

It seems this BWOTON thing is catching on, perhaps we should start a religion!

“…phooey on any methodology, no matter how effective it is – because, when I get hung up on method, I lose sight of my “true identify” which is I AM …and, which so many miss the point and think Brad Cullen is being blasphemous.

“It is you who call me blasphemous who are engaging in blasphemy.  Brad isn’t saying it …the same I AM who spoke through Jesus is speaking through Brad. Stop missing the point and start letting “BWOTON” speak through YOU.”

“BWOTON,” by the way, Marilyn, is merely an acronym for By Whatever Other Title Or Name …if you do feel led by “God,” by whatever other title or name you prefer, this most likely won’t be the last time you want to know what I meant. I never cease to be amazed how the same article evokes opposite responses in different people. One article will produce a comment that “it was very clear” and in my inbox will be another using a term such as “muddy.” Go figure, right?

Now then, here’s a long-winded, but direct answer to your question:

Assuming, for a minute, that the Hebrew actually means “I will be what I will be” – which is okay – I’m not going to change any more than I’m going to change my referring to Jesus as “Yeshua” which is the Hebraic equivalent in English symbols (see how silly this can get?) that so many people try to convince me I should use rather than Jesus.

You don't need a soap box to speak for God, just a predicate. I AM...

Jesus, by whatever other title or name, said very clearly, in the original language, that any individual who believes enough, that means me, that means you, if we believe enough, WILL perform the very same miracles that he performed.

The trick here, Marilyn, is to understand something else Jesus said: He said he didn’t perform any miracles – that all the “works” he did and the words he spoke were not his doing or speaking, but our SPIRIT-PARENT doing and speaking through him.

If we put the foregoing two paragraphs together and begin to follow what I refer to as Jesus’ formula for being, doing and speaking what he was as a man, we will be, do and say the same things because “i” didn’t do or be …our SPIRIT-PARENT is being, doing and speaking them THROUGH me, not “i” – Jesus said, “before there was an Abraham, I AM.”

You too Marilyn, it’s just uncomfortable saying it until you believe it enough to get past all the unconscious religious claptrap that keeps us in bondage to traditions that keep us from being who, and doing what, Jesus said would happen when we believe enough.

Oh yes, just one more thing about being an “Angel of Light.” The last time I heard that term was when I felt led to put my hand on the abdomen of a young man who was very sick. He immediately felt better and asked me, if I was supposed to do that.

"Stand back now kids, that angel could be Satan."

I laughed and asked him why he asked.

“I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life …and it’s kinda weird because I felt so sick …made me wonder if you were some kind of Angel of Light or something.”

Isn’t it amazing that when we do what we were meant to do, that we make those who say they believe IN Jesus, nervous? …when it was Jesus who urged us to get “God-faith,” his term (accurately translated from the original language), the very same kind of faith that he used in order to do the very same things we’re supposed to be doing if we are following him, instead of giving lip-service to believing IN him?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spout off. I felt the need to write something today, and just asked if this was it. I got that it was – I hope it worked for you. Thanks for writing …much appreciated!

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