Replacing the Junk in the Sub-Conscious

Brad Cullen

The CEO of the publishing company, who personally sponsors this website and oversees the publishing of Brad Cullen books, generally calls several times a week. In our last conversation he said some interesting things about which I have clarity that they need to be shared.

We have discussed on podcasts (the telephone interviews he sometimes conducts of yours truly and records) that there are all sorts of modalities that are effective tools for reprogramming the “tapes” that run continually in our subconscious minds …and that they all work.

What started me on that path of reprogramming the subconscious mind of the body-bag I occupy, was what I sometimes refer to as the “Jesus method” and  which is merely a number of things I extrapolated from a variety of different “red- letter” (the purported words that came through the mouth of Jesus) passages found in the New Testament.

I say, “through the mouth of Jesus,” because, according to what he said, the words he spoke were not “his,” but rather the words of his and our SPIRIT-PARENT and the reason I frame it as “SPIRIT-PARENT,” rather than the traditional “Father” is because the words that also issued forth through Jesus’ mouth, said that this one-and-only (the meaning of the word in the original language translated into English as “Holy” and “Hallowed” …simply means “unique”) and is genderless; although seeming to possess all the attributes of a perfect, albeit, over-indulgent, Daddy/Mommy/Spirit without all the emotional ego tendencies of either female or male).

Arguments about whether to correctly refer to this “Holy Presence” as a  “Him” or “Her” is just plain silly – this SPIRIT is just that, spirit, and again, the words coming through Jesus’ mouth were that there is no female or male in the spirit realm.  Moving right along . . .

Find two rocks that are the same, after you find them, find two people that are the same.

What Ryan suggested, is that the most recent article of mine which he posted, that is, “Dying” to That Which Seems Good – be the kickoff article for a new series about reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Several readers have written saying what their specific challenges are related to health and other issues and about which Ryan raised the issue which he would like me to focus on in this article.  The phone call was valuable because several of our comments revolved around the fact that everyone is different and the spectrum of these differences is broad.

These differences are the primary reason Ryan and I both insist that everyone should have their own breakthrough into that parallel existence, which some insist upon referring to as the “kingdom of heaven” or “The 4th Dimension”  (the latter is the  title of the soon-to-be-published Brad Cullen book, with a foreword by Gary Sigler).

To underscore that point, Ryan stated the fact that the reason some people don’t make any headway in making the changes, they see as necessary to improve their lives, is because they refuse to discipline themselves to make the necessary commitment to follow-through with whatever plan they’ve chosen which would bring about those desired changes.

Ryan is in his early fifties and I am going on 85; neither of us are the men we were two years ago when we started this website! Both of us have made enormous changes in our health and habits; and we both agreed that the catalyst for seeing some of the “tapes” that were running in the subconscious and holding us back from what we wanted to achieve, both as partners and individuals, reprogrammed …was a series Ryan had urged me to write that he had dubbed The 21 Day Challenge to Powerful Faith.

When your coach is the Source of all that is, you can just do...without question.

The reason Ryan wanted to call it that came from his training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in which the originators of that program insist that it takes 21 days to change a physical or mental habit (a Brad Cullen oversimplification to be sure). Quite frankly I have never been all that favorably disposed to NLP, simply because it is too complicated, for me, to put the puny brain contained in this body-bag I occupy, around it, again,  for me.

However, I do know several people for whom it has produced enormous improvement and power. HERE’S THE THING: PAY ATTENTION! Ryan said to me that the reason we had made such huge strides in the desired changes in “powerful faith” was because we followed the direction of our “Coach,” SPIRIT-PARENT the SOURCE of everything.

In our discussion, just yesterday, we quickly realized that the essence and the key factor in the 21 Day Challenge is that we made a commitment to each other, that each day, for 21 days, we would use the “Jesus method” of demanding, commanding, while  knocking or “tapping” for an ever growing measure of “God’s own Spirit (by whatever other title or name) and both of us were overcome by a personal breakthrough into being able to “tune into” and “hear” our SPIRIT-PARENT (one of the other names with which I am comfortable) …and at the end of 21 days our new habit was, indeed, formed and we’ve never stopped!

There is the foundation, for us, which produced an enormous boost in the faith necessary to start every day and continue throughout every day of “hearing the voice” of our “Coach” and carefully following HER/HIS/ITS instructions for us individually and it continues to this day!

I just have to add, "In Jesus name" to make my prayer work...right?

The reason some people don’t see the significant increase in faith necessary for healing and breaking through, as we’ve been able to do is the religious, fast-food attitude of so many …parroting “in Jesus name,” and expecting changes that Jesus didn’t see in his own life until he adopted the “method” which he subsequently taught and which comes through so clearly in the original language.

Let’s review some important stuff: First, Ryan Bruce and Brad Cullen use different modalities for reprogramming the subconscious …neither of us use each other’s modality or anyone else’s. We follow the instructions that fit us individually.

One of the important things that Ryan said during that phone call, that I wish he had recorded, was the reason we have both found effective ways to reprogram our subconscious minds is that we both know how to listen to our SPIRIT-PARENT for direction so that we are each “led” to that which serves us best individually.

I made the statement to Ryan that we both believed in our own personal “reprogramming modality” to the point of making a commitment to continue exercising it UNTIL the evidence of the changes began to take place. Ryan pointed out that we really didn’t believe it until after the fact. Upon reflection I have to agree that is true!

This foregoing point of Ryan’s is really interesting, to me, in light of my using (over and over) Roger Bannister as an example of believing …he told a reporter for Sports Illustrated Magazine, in an interview, just after his historical record breaking feat of being the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, that he didn’t really believe he could do it until after the fact either.

Intellectually believing really isn’t important …but faithfully pursuing what will work specifically for each individual is. So how do you do that?

Ryan’s primary point, again, is getting direction from the SOURCE. For that you have to break through.

I just asked, “What now” and I have clarity that this particular article is supposed to end right here with a hint about what is coming next. Several people have written to both Ryan and me with some very significant, even dramatic challenges, that I’ve promised to address personally and it has been weighing on me –

The rich man needs release from guilt, the poor man gives it freely.

If you are one of these …please don’t take this as a brush off …I’m convinced, more than ever, that all of us need to be getting our “coaching” DIRECTLY from our SPIRIT-PARENT and the training for some of us begins right now with the 21 Day Challenge – in some form or another.

Some of you will, just as Ryan and I have done, be led directly by the SOURCE of everything as you begin to be put on the path which is just right for you.

We are here to help, but just as fellow beggars telling other beggars where we found a SOURCE that gives out bread and it is FREE. One caveat – One of the glimpses I was just given is that some of you will be led to using modalities that are best not explored or employed until you know WITH CLARITY from your “Coach” that they are right for you, that is, consistent with the purpose you discover is uniquely for YOU. Otherwise, those “old tapes” will simply continue to run, meaning your subconscious will continue to resist the changes you begin to see as necessary and foil every attempt.

Being consistent with the purpose we know is uniquely ours is an imperative to rid our lives of the conflicts that keep us from moving toward resolving them.

Both Ryan and I can share, from experience, that each modality that we personally continue to employ has been modified by our (and your) personal “Coach” for each of us as individuals.

What’s next, I’m not quite sure, but I do believe that it will be a “doozy” and that you will learn exactly whether to incorporate it for you and how …coming right up.

Editors note: to access all the 21 Day Challenge articles, scroll back up the page. On the right side you will find a list of “Categories”. Click on “21 Day Challenge” and all the articles are there.  You will have to click on older entries to go back to the beginning of the series.  Remember to listen to the podcasts too.

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