Stop Resisting — Ready, Set Go! (continued)

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life . . .”

Maybe it's time you read it again.

Note: The following is an excerpt from the book Leapfrog and e-mailed to me with a note saying it would be the perfect follow up to the most recent post …I agree.

I’ve often been asked if Leapfrog was “purely fiction.” As I have shared previously, everything in Leapfrog has a basis in actual – factual experience, hidden in a novel.

This excerpt is a perfect example: In Leapfrog, “Emmanuel” and his wife were depicted as immigrants from Ireland and I did my best to build the story around his Irish brogue. He was actually a fellow with a different name who I met in Seattle and the words in the story are verbatim from a tape of some things he said at a gathering.

He was actually an immigrant from South Africa and had been born in Amsterdam, Holland – he spoke with a pronounced Dutch accent. I wove what he said into some memories of other actual experiences. Everything other than these kinds of details actually happened. The names and geography are all changed, but the book is essentially true in essence.

“I heard a noise,” Emmanuel began again. “It was like a click when somebody turns on the switch to an electronic amplifier or speaker. I was in a kind of fog so that I had difficulty seeing anything in the physical realm, and I was straining to see through the fog. I heard a gentle but firm voice say to me, ‘physically being able to see anything doesn’t matter. Just come to Me and I will show you how to see in the unseen realm which is far more beautiful. For to see, in that realm, requires not eyes to register images and a brain to process them, no. It requires understanding the very nature of who and what you are.’”

Emmanuel had our attention. He had the attention of every one of us. I knew that what I was about to hear would give me understanding on a whole new level. As I glanced about at everyone I noticed that their faces registered what I felt; it was like we were all transfixed into some hypnotic state.

Emmanuel continued, “That stopped me. I had to ask, ‘who am I?’ I heard the words you folks use…I AM. Then it dawned on me that when you say I AM you all say it with an unconscious consciousness of what you are saying related to being in union. Ah…that word is correct, but it connotes a kind of togetherness whereas I AM…just is…and transcends the ability of the English language to convey this identity. Don’t you see—now, you must know that I understand perfectly what I am saying, but I don’t see how the rest of you can follow it. Not for a minute!”

“That is not true, Emmanuel,” Debbie quickly corrected him. “I am the youngest one here and I understand totally what you are expressing; you are expressing what cannot be explained, but everyone in this room at this very moment is in and with you. You are in the same process we learned about in a science class once, what a caterpillar goes through when being changed into a butterfly—metamorphosis. It cannot be explained and that’s the point. Spirit is using me right now to tell you to relax and realize that we all are understanding in Spirit not with mind. Please go on so Spirit can show us all.”

“Yes, yes, that is perfect, child,” Emmanuel said with his eyes dancing yet unseeing. “Transcending into I AM consciousness is metamorphosis. Oh my, yes. Not only can it not be explained, it cannot be duplicated or even manipulated. It cannot—it must not be approached mechanistically. I now understand Jesus’ instructions and why—as each of you has followed them in this demanding and knocking business—and how it results in an individual metamorphosis into I AM.

“In a sense you are announcing to the universe—”  Emmanuel dropped to his knees to demonstrate what he was saying and began to vigorously pound the floor with both fists simultaneously, “I want only what You want, God, that is, to have Your Spirit.” Getting back into his chair he continued, “When you have done that, you have—just as the caterpillar has done—” at this Emmanuel raised his right hand with his index finger extended upward for emphasis, “gone into the cocoon where metamorphosis can take place.

“I was shown how science has refused to see some of the things of the spirit realm; yet amazingly enough, much of the realm of nuclear physics, for example, is unseen. And get this…” Emmanuel seemed to struggle for a moment to articulate exactly what he had experienced. “I was shown that the words unseen and spiritual are synonyms. This whole thing of the atom, don’t you see,” Emmanuel began to move both hands around each other in a circular motion to illustrate what he was saying. “The picture of the parts of an atom revolving around itself is theoretical and not seen by the physical eye—yet the concept is proven by experiment and nuclear experience.”

Emmanuel paused here, looking up at the ceiling. The rest of us were held in rapt attention and I saw that everyone else, just as I did, felt we were hearing exactly what God wanted us to hear and were waiting with great anticipation for him to continue this fascinating discourse.

“This picture of the atom,” Emmanuel continued, “is the very nature of the creation; much of evangelical religion has refused to see the truth of this part of science. Just as it has for the most part refused to acknowledge other spiritual phenomena such as tongues and healing. Science and religion are both imperfect mediums, but both contain truths. Einstein, for example, did not use mathematics in the usual sense of the term to arrive at the theory of relativity. He described the process as going ‘inside.’ From going inside he saw the formula.

“In a sense both Teilhard de Chardin and Einstein got beyond the enmity between religion and science. Both saw physical and spiritual as one; not in a dualistic sense, but in the sense of union. Science in the past 30 years has virtually proven the thesis that if you leave hydrogen gas alone long enough you will have plants and animals. Christians reject evolution and most scientists reject the theism represented by so-called Christianity. I was shown that these two men with whom I am only vaguely familiar—and there are others—see the truth of Spirit at work in evolution and in unity.

“I was shown that these bodies we occupy contain hydrogen. I was shown that Spirit works through and uses hydrogen. To a large degree, the creative process demonstrated in the use of what Einstein saw was misused in part for destruction rather than creation. Then I was shown that creation requires both timing and destruction. Jesus’s words, ‘unless a seed fall into the ground and die’ is illustrative of this as a fact. Transcending is nothing more and nothing less than moving from the explainable to the inexplicable—the metamorphosis example my young new friend here gave us,” at that he gestured toward Debbie, “and not worshiping either the beginning state or the ending state as ends in themselves.” Emmanuel folded his hands in his lap and was obviously finished, satisfied that what he had said was somehow truth. Ann and Debbie both summed it up perfectly for me.

Ann said, “I understood what Emmanuel just said. I could not repeat it, I could not explain it and therefore the word ‘understand’ is totally inadequate. But I know that I have transcended into equality and unity not with just all of you, but with everything. I AM.”

“See, Emmanuel?” Debbie agreed. “We really did follow what you were saying; even though I am clueless about much of it, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to know much science to understand that a rainbow is a result of what happens when sunlight hits rain in a certain way. I also know that chasing rainbows to achieve anything physically is a waste of time. But what Spirit just said through you is just like seeing a rainbow. There are things that are caused by two forces, and the result is an illusion. Attempting to explain it adds no value and may in fact diminish its value.” Debbie stopped abruptly. “Wow! I couldn’t even repeat what I just said because it wasn’t I that said it.”

Ryan Bruce chimes in.

The metamorphosis of transcending into the consciousness of I AM and the ability to say, “I AM the resurrection and the life.” GET IT!

I just read the foregoing to Ryan over the phone and he wanted to add an editorial of sorts. He is enormously busy – so this is the essence through the filter of Brad Cullen:

When I say “I am the resurrection and the life” I feel directed to speak it into a specific situation where I AM has been removed through unbelief. For example any kind of lack, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, lack of success at anything, etc., etc., I AM here, I AM there, I AM  in all consciousness acting. The reasons for manifesting those kinds of things rather than pure Divine Love and I AM presence is focusing on the physical and believing in the separation of dualism. We can restore Spirit (I AM Presence), intent-fully into any situation or circumstance with, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”.

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