What IS SO Good, About What Seems SO Bad?

Brad duck...another bombardment of your mind....!!!

A welcome interruption to the current work of preparing a draft of a new book for the publisher – is the idea that wouldn’t let me alone for the last several minutes …I’m currently driving myself to get the editing job done and the above title just kept bombarding me.

Also what was bombarding my conscious mind – and instead of dealing with them were unwanted feelings of fear, guilt, embarrassment and confusion about whether I might be on the “wrong” path about a couple of issues going on in my life at the moment.

Finally, I took to my new double-pronged attack about such intrusions “Tapping Plus – that is, “tapping” …accompanied by “the great white light exercise.”

What’s this all about, I asked my Best Friend/SPIRIT-PARENT about the above referenced title?

What’s so good about what seems so bad – is that it practically forced me to take my new regimen of instant access to my Daddy/Mommy/Spirit and instead of going through the crazy world of denial and battle with the unseen, but deeply felt “enemies” of emotions – I tapped and relaxed and experienced the presence of our SPIRIT-PARENT.

Light in the Darkness, just enough to guide you.


What now?


What was so good about being bombarded by “negative” thoughts and emotions is the reminder that I have been given an excellent tool by which to live and work. “Tapping Plus.”

Ryan Bruce sent me the following link yesterday and I urge everyone who is still hesitant about going to our Perfect SPIRIT-PARENT to see if they shouldn’t get their own version of “tapping,” specifically adapted for them by the Creator of the universe; that’s what “Tapping Plus” is …Brad Cullen’s version.

Free for the taking, but, again, I found that the 10:13 minute u-tube, just NOW, for the third time, no less, was EXTREMELY beneficial, for me. Is it for you? I don’t know, but isn’t it worth a try?


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