Forgiveness …The Healer

Brad Cullen

One of the most potent factors in receiving healing power for others and spiritual healing for ourselves is forgiving someone for real or imagined wrongs done against us.

I felt compelled this morning to write two of the many true stories I have shared over the years about healings that have come about as a result of FORGIVING.

They are related below – but just as I was about to send this article to Ryan this morning, he called me on the phone to tell me that he had just forwarded  something written by Tapas Fleming, the founder of yet another healing system that utilizes “meridian tapping points” with a method she refers to as TAT.”

Talk about timing – and someone saying something so perfectly fitting! It resonates so beautifully with my current understanding, I just had to insert these two paragraphs (the immediate foregoing and this one – plus what Ms. Fleming has written) then we’ll go back to the stories I was about to tell.

“Please understand that when you forgive someone, it does not mean that you condone what they did or that you want to be in a current or close relationship with them. You may find that you choose to renew relationships with people after you heal the incidents from the past and have forgiven them for whatever they did, or you may not. There are some people with whom it would not be safe for you physically, mentally, or emotionally to be in contact.

“It is important that you take care of yourself. It is also important that you dissolve your negative connection with those people, and forgiving them will help you do that. There may be times when you forgive someone else purely for your own sake and not for theirs.”

Is this what you say?

Forgiveness: I have long been sharing true stories about how healing came to people when they forgave someone who abused them – for example a 37 year old woman who worked as a paralegal, when I told her that she needed to forgive her father, replied irritably, “I can’t, he’s dead!” When I silently asked our SPIRIT-PARENT what to do, I was instructed to tell her to say the following after me: “Daddy, I forgive you, you didn’t know what you were doing when you would get angry and yell at me. You were messed up just like I’m messed up. I release you from all the blame I’ve placed on you for so many things. It wasn’t your fault because you just didn’t know any better. You yelled at me because you wanted me to be better because you loved me. Thank you for loving me.”

Tears were flowing down her face long before we got to the end. She exclaimed, “I never, before this minute, ever realized he really did love me …he did. She later reported that she was completely healed of an ulcer in her intestinal tract that was creating almost constant pain.

The desire is built in, the strength to over ride it must be worked on.

I shared the foregoing story with another young woman who was taking several prescription medications for depression and migraine headaches which she attributed to her father’s sexual abuse when she was in her pre-teen years. She became angry at me for likening her problem to somebody whose father “merely” yelled at her.

I, again, asked silently what to do and was given this question: “Who is being harmed by your hatred, anger and bitterness toward your father for failing you so badly?”

“I am, but I can’t help it.”

“Neither could your father, he was a weak man. What he did was despicable, but what is harming you now is holding onto what he did thirty years ago; and the fact is that you are the only one who can help it now. Forgiving him isn’t for him, it’s for you.”

Again, I was given to ask her if she would be willing to say something after me, even if she didn’t believe it or understand it. I had to repeat the request three times before she finally agreed: “Daddy, I need to get over hating you for letting me down by using me sexually when you should have been protecting me. I forgive you for being weak; I love you and want the best for you even though what you did caused me so much pain.”

As with the paralegal, not long after she started speaking the words, she started sobbing, but determinedly kept on. When she finished, her eyes were opened wide with amazement.

“I’ve been blaming myself for whatever I may have done to encourage him! I really do love him, I still don’t want anything to do with him, but I do forgive him and realize the only thing I need to blame myself for is carrying all this garbage around one minute longer.”

Now the relationship is restored.

She then continued by closing her eyes and saying emphatically: “Daddy, I do love you and forgive you and I sure hope you find a way to get help for whatever you need.”

She seemed transformed and we started talking and laughing about how crazy life is when we hang onto things even when we know they are harming us. She even joked about the fact that she had dismissed angry yelling as “mere” when compared with what her father had done and then she said, “I guess abuse is abuse, especially when you are doing it to yourself as I’ve been doing. Thanks so much.”

Per usual I told her I was merely being the messenger and our SPIRIT-PARENT had led us to the truth.

About six weeks later, a mutual friend reported to me that the woman had told her what had happened and that she hadn’t had one bout of depression since that session or one single headache – and, if our mutual friend happened to be talking with me to share that; including that she had stopped taking medication for migraines and depression.

Forgiveness – a too often over-looked remedy that we can easily do by speaking into existence in the here and now.

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