How to Tap Into the Power Within (Part 4)

…For Outward Abundance

The latest picture of Brad...he's such a screw up. Get it, "screw up"!

STEP FOUR (for Part II) It’s over!

You may find this hard to believe, but I’m going to retell an old, but true story to illustrate a point.

The story will also illustrate (not the point) the fact that the guy (“moi”) who “hides behind” Brad Cullen is a screw up of colossal proportions.

When I first began hiding behind “Brad Cullen,” after having written “anonymously” for quite some time, I was totally “up front” and still am. It is a pen name …a pseudonym – there are now issues overriding, which are both serious and problematic; legal and political issues that impact my reasons for continuing to stay publicly hidden behind Brad – issues which I will bluntly say are just none of your business.

Nonetheless, these issues have made me seriously consider changing “my” name, legally, to Brad Cullen.

How could I say such a thing as crusty as, “it is none of your business” to my brothers and sisters? My answer is, I can say it easily and THIS IS THE POINT, SO PAY ATTENTION:

My philosophical/spiritual underpinnings for doing anything stem from Jesus’ words, reported by a sidekick, John, who, in one of our earlier podcasts, Ryan Bruce practically insisted had to be on some drug-induced “trip” when he wrote some of his (again, John’s) stuff. . .

Anyway, to complete the thought, Jesus said, (and, again, according to John) to one of his more loud-mouthed, impetuous side-kicks, Peter: “What does it matter to you what I said to Johnny about anything, you dim-witted idiot!”

Well, the foregoing is one of my more liberal jobs of paraphrasing, but again, continuing on, “What I said to John,” Jesus continued, “doesn’t concern you one bit, listen up, Peter, You come and follow me!”

Judgement comes from fear. Check your feelings, are you afraid or judgmental?

I can …and sometimes do, make stupid excuses for some of the more stupid mistakes …and I mean, folks, really stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life, but the main reason I’ve been able to glide through a maze of (what I consider to be) my relatively easy lessons in later life – is through learning to listen carefully to our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT for instructions that are tailored for me and not, necessarily for you.

The story (old, but true, remember) has to do with some judgment a man “of the cloth” levied in my direction and through which, apparently, precipitated his own downfall.

Here it is: When I left my first wife – on the day of our 25th anniversary, no less, I sat in my motel room and balled my eyes out. I later told my much heralded psychiatrist/close-buddy of many years that our SPIRIT-PARENT did not tell me to leave, but was telling me, and definitively so, NOT to go back!

My friend spent no little time in seeking his own clarity about my decision and became totally supportive of it and which he also claimed came from the same SOURCE.

Jim related my conversation to a preacher friend of his who responded: “I don’t know what spirit he’s listening to, but it isn’t the Holy Spirit.”

Can you see Christ in this photo? He is the one eating. Mathew 18:20

Jim and I were on our way to our favorite restaurant for lunch when Jim told me what the preacher had said – I pulled over to the curb and told him that the guy had just spelled his own doom. Jim quickly agreed – we never did get to the restaurant, but instead drove to an isolated area out in the countryside and walked and talked for hours.

I pointed out that there was only once that Jesus was quoted as saying anything about a sin that would never be forgiven (this has nothing to do with “loss of salvation” or “legalism vs. grace” or any other such stuff – and I make no claim to understand fully the implication – but if we take the quote at face value, the “sin” is simply a screw-up for which there is a spiritual loss that cannot be regained – that’s a Brad Cullenism …you are free to make up your own ism.

What is the “sin?” Saying something had emanated from an evil spirit when, in fact, it had come from the “Holy Spirit.” That is essentially what Jesus said.

I am not going to take pot shots at all the convoluted theories and doctrines that have come about as a result of these words about the “unforgivable sin” reported in the Gospel of Matthew …and I say that they don’t matter.

This man left his wife for another woman. He said she fulfilled his needs.

I am just following the instruction I received this morning, to relate this story, which reiterates a spiritual truth that says be careful about what and who you judge – the implications are there, so shut up and take heed!

So, about two weeks later I had just picked Jim up from his office, again, and on the way, again, to our favorite restaurant and, again, we never got there.

Just before he left his office, Jim’s wife called him telling him that the wife of the guy who had said that he didn’t know what spirit I had been listening to when I heard not to go back to my wife, but it wasn’t the Holy Spirit, had just called her in a tearful panic saying that her husband of thirty years and the pastor of the little community “Bible Church” for the past twenty-five years had run off to another state, apparently with another woman.

Okay, Daddy/Mommy/Spirit, what now …and how does this story fit into the Brad Cullen “Tapping Plus” technology?

The point of “Tapping Plus” is to more quickly get into the realm where I can get guidance directly from our SPIRIT-PARENT …and the point of my sharing it is so that you will go directly to the SOURCE to get instructions for your own application or, perhaps, to leave it strictly alone. That is between you and our SOURCE.

What’s it to you what our Daddy/Mommy/Spirit tells crazy Brad Cullen — GET YOUR OWN for you – and be careful not to judge what somebody else gets for them (period) …that’s the Brad Cullen Doctrine, B.G. (by golly).

I do know three things from instruction:

1. This series, “How to Tap into the Power Within,” is to be carefully modified by our SPIRIT-PARENT and converted into a two-part appendix to the forthcoming book The 4th Dimension …to which Gary Sigler has written a fine, “stand-alone” Foreword.

2. Ryan Bruce is the publisher and he may get something different from our SPIRIT-PARENT and our SPIRIT-PARENT will lead us into agreement about whatever.

3. This entire book, appendix included, was inspired by our SPIRIT-PARENT – but I have the privilege of taking full responsibility for the mistakes therein – they are mine alone. AND I AM COMPLETELY FORGIVEN, so watch it!

Now then, dear reader, you get to take the full responsibility of going to our/your SPIRIT-PARENT, BWOTON, to see if you are inspired to read it – careful now, one universal truth is, “Judge not, so judgment is not heaped upon you” – the foregoing is another Brad Cullen paraphrase …I kinda like it.

THE END(ing).

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