How to Tap Into the Power Within (Step 3)

…For Outward Abundance

Conversations take place in my head, with or without my permission.

STEP THREE (for Part II)

Several days ago I felt a strong nudge to send newly published “shelf” copies of Being Jesus to several people in the U.S. mainland – sorry, but shipping costs outside the U.S. are just too exorbitant for me to handle personally.

“Stop it! You cannot experience outward abundance if you argue for your own limits. Do not neglect giving and it shall be given to you.”

Oops, hearing voices again …Okay, what now? So I just felt the nudge to go into my inbox –

Brad, I’ve been a fan of yours since way back in the days you first started writing for the website. I can still remember Gary posting Treasure Chest and Leapfrog right on the front page of “Kingdom Resources” saying that they were important books. (It proved true for Edie & me).

Being Jesus is your overwhelming best yet! Powerful, brother, keep up the good work.

Don & Edie

Okay Daddy/Mommy/Spirit, what now?

“Repeat the offer. Just tell them to be fair about it.”

Which offer …and I immediately knew – it is scary – so tap, tap, tap, releasing all fear and resistance – it is safe to let it go …then the bright white light exercise; and now knowing, with clarity and with utter and complete gratitude that I’m being led in this and to just (relax) and do it!

There are actually two offers I’m s’posed to repeat – one to a fellow who is into hosting small group discussions – I told him that if he wanted a bunch of gift copies for small groups to just send the number he wanted and I would order the gift copies for him.

Right now, it can be true, for you and

The other offer was to a guy who has a penchant for giving away books to others he meets in his travels. He is a cross-country driver of big rigs. He gave me my first copy of Richard Bach’s “Illusions” by the side of the road one day and which I read over and over until it literally fell apart. He had also given me his business card – with “Freelance Philosopher” printed just beneath his name.

I copied him in my thank you reply to Don’s “fan mail,” referenced above, saying that I had ordered him a copy and that if he was so inclined to read it …AND if he happened to like it …AND wanted to give copies away, to send me the number he felt like he wanted and I’d order them for him.

If Don’s assessment is correct, that is, Being Jesus is the “overwhelming best yet” …a vision was being birthed in me.

So yesterday I took an hour rereading my copy – it had the same kind of effect that Treasure Chest and Leapfrog both still have on me, whenever I re-read them – that is, seeing things in both that I have no memory of even thinking EVER, let alone writing!

It ain’t Alzheimer’s, folks, I have an excellent memory – short and long-term, evidenced by all the old stories I love to tell, right?

I called “my” publisher, Ryan Bruce, and urged him to read Being Jesus again, telling him that it was indeed POWERFUL! It is – at least for me …a powerful experience.

Certainly not self-aggrandizement …I am totally humbled by it.

Humility for all who are open to it.

Here’s the offer: You want copies? I’ll order ‘em – no strings attached as long as finances permit … oh yeah and I’m supposed to say “just be fair about it” – whatever that means to you. Huh?

Okay, so what have I learned in this, “Step Three,” that I’m supposed to share with you? Oh yeah, well duh! (I see it, did you?)

See you right back here for Step Four — if you want to be here, no chains around you. Ask Daddy/Mommy/Spirit  …that really is the point of all this, but you already knew that . . .

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